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Full text of "Catalogue of the library of the Boston Athenaeum. 1807-1871"

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Reprinted from the original 

G. K. HALL CO., 70 Lincoln Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 021 1 1 


Jfote. Typographical errors are not mentioned in the 
following list when the correct reading Is obvious. 
14 Adams, J., Pret. For PHOCION, pseud, read SMITH, 

W. L. 
16 Adams, J. Q. Speech on his resolution. For June 

22 read Jan. 22. 

20 Adorno. For Cattarina read Caterina. 
86 Alabama, steamer. Before SOME casual papers 

read NYE, G. 

88 Albret, J. d . For See Jeanne read See Joanna. 
47 Alison. Sir A. Add Several articles.] (In Black- 
wood s mag., v. 32, 33.) 

62 Allgemeines Reperlorium. For 1800 read 1819. 
69 Ambulance*, for GWILT read GURLT. 
00 America. LECLERC, C. For 1847 read 1807. 
101 Amiros, Sir E. for MATHER, I. Revolution read 
RAWSON, E., and SEWALL, 8. Revolution. 
MATHER, I. Same. (In Force.) for 1830 read 

106 Animalcules. MANTELL, G. A. For 1857 read 1840. 
123 Arago, D. F. J. Notices eel. for 1337 read 1837. 

140 Artols, R. d . Add Eng. (In Paris. Inat. 

Ace. of ms., v. 2. 1789.) 
174 Austria. Hist. Before AusTRO-HuKOARiAN empire 

insert WORM*, Baron H. de. 

181 Backus, Rev. I. Letter. For 1810 read 1794. 
187 Baily, F. Journal. For 1810 read 1850. 
202 Bannatyne Club. Publ. Namely. After 1807 insert 
Knox. J. Works, ed. by D. Lamg. 1840-04. 

209 Barclay, J. The last Same belongs to the Satyr icon 

not to the Icon aulmorum ; the date of the latter it 
1014 instead of 1714. 
207 Barbary. LA MOTTE, P. de. For 1703 read 1730. 

210 Baring, D. E. Contents. Insert Strove, B. G. be 

fore Dlss. de crkeriU manuscrlptorum. 
210 Barrell, Hiss. For 1800 read 1800. 
210 Barrell, J. Before Statement invert BARRELL. C., 

and others. Before True statement insert JOT, B. 
217 Barrow, Sir J. TV. Life and correspondence, etc., to 

Barrow, John, Jr. (p. 218). 

222 Baruffaldi, G. De poelis. For 1099 read 1723. 
225 Bate, J. Essay. For 1732 read 1752. 
227 Battle of Dorking. For Cbeeney read Chesney. 
230 Bayley. Ren. Klab. Transfer title to Bailey, Rev. 


236 Beaavoir, R. de. For 1849 read 1859. 

237 Beet ford, Wra. Descriptive account of Jamaica and 

Parliamentary opinions are by Wm. Beckford, the 

alderman; the rest are by his son Wra. Beckford. 
248 Belaham, T. for WILLS, W. read LOWELL, J. 
171 Bible. Commentaries. LUTHER, M. For 1829-44. 

8 v. read 1829-01. 23 v. 
277 Genesis. Commentaries BuNYAN, J. For v. 20 

read v. 2. 
290 Peter. LEIGHTON. R. Expository works. For 

1748 read 1798. 

806 Biot. E. C. TV. Zodraque clrculolre de Denderah to 

Blot, J. B. 

807 For Bismarck-Schoenhaasen, Carl Eduard Leopold 

Otto read BUmarck-Schoenhausen, Otto Eduard 


809 Bixio, C. L. Before. 1840 insert v. 3. 
310 Blackmore, Sir R. Dissertation. For 1772 read 

814 Blakey, R. History of moral science. For Zv. read 

2 v. 
816 Blatchford. Samuel, />./>., b. 1820. The Reports are by 

BLatchford, Samuel, judge. 
310 Bleaburn. for [by Mrs. E. C. Gaskell ?] read [by 

H. Martineau]. 
319 Blunt, E. M. An appendix, for Camb. read New- 

822 Boeder, J. EL De comparanda. For Schaffor read 


843 Boston. (Massacre.) For LOWELL read LOVELL. 
353 Botany. LINN.ECS, C. For 1049-09 read 1749-09. 

MARTYN, T. For n.p., [179-] read London, 

1792. 2 v. In 1. 
355 Botany Bay. See also. After Australia insert New 

South Wales. 
855 Botta, C. G. G. The History of Italy is a translation 

of the Btoria d ltalia, not of the Histoire des 


850 Boucheroni, C. For Doniano read Damlano. 
359 For Bourquelot, Felix read Bourqnelot, Louis Felix. 
303 Bowyer, G. fur statistics read statutes. 
300 Boy s own book. After diversions insert ; [by W. 


300 Bracebridge Hall. Insert ; [by W. Irving], and add 
Same. (In Irving, W. Works, v. 0. 1860.) 

373 Brattle, Wm. For Boston read Boston!. 

374 Bray, T. Papal usurpation. For 1712 read 1712, 11. 

2 pu. 
&80 Bridgeman, T. For 1857 rtad 1800. 


V i > 

383 Brisson, B. For Dictlonarium lurldlcura ; eura read 

De verborum qu ad jus civile pertinent slgnlHca- L/1 - 

tlone opera. 
884 Brissot de Warville, J. P. Eng. Discourse. For 

1781 read 1791. 
380 Brit. Col. in Amer. History. OLDMIXON, J. Dutch. 

For 2*. read 2 v. 4*. 

387 British Columbia, for BARRETT.LENMAKD read 


388 British for 1800-07 read 1837, 30. 

307 Brown, G. W. Origin. For Med. Hist, read Mary- 

land Hist. 

402 Brownlows. The. After 1808 insert 3 v. 
410 Banker Hill battle. For PUTNAM, D. read DEAR. 

BORN, H. ; insert by D. Putnam after Israel Putnnrn . 
421 Burgundy. MONSTKKI.ET, E. de. Same. For 1807- 

00 read 1857-00. Eng. For Johns read Johnes. 
427 Burnet, T.. Master. For Sacred theory of the earth, 

etc., rtad 

Answer to the late exceptions made by E. Warron 

ayalnst the Theory of the earth. London, 1090. f*. 

Review of the Theory of the earth and of Its proofs 

especially In ref. to Scripture. London, 1090. f*. 

Short consideration of E. Warren * defence of hi* ex 

ceptions against the Theory of the earth. London, 
1091. r. 

Theory of the earth : books 1, 2, cone, the deluge and 

Paradise; books 3, 4, cone, the burning of the world 

and the new heavens and new earth. London, 

1091, 90. 3 v. f*. 
435 Buxtorf, J. B. TV. the Lexicon Chaldnicum to Bux- 

torf, J. B., d. 1004 (p. 430). 
430 Byles, M., d. 1788. Death of the Queen. For 1721 

read 1737? 

430 Byrne, J. Influence, for 1830 read 1803. 
466, 460 Camden Soc. Pub. 8. For Marco read Macro. 

21. for Jordan read Jerdan. 25, 54, 89. for 

2 v. read 3 v. 87. Fur Long read Leng. 90. 

for Gardiner, S. W. read Gardiner, S. R. 
458 Campaigns of the armies. For 1804 read 1808. 
400 Campbell, John, b. 1779. Contents. Put the 3 befort 

Ld. Kenyon. 

473 Capital punishment. For MORI read MOIR. 
488 Casanova, Jacopo is the same at Casanova, G. J. 
610 Celts. Language. DAVIES, J. For 1860-01 read 

612 Central Soc. of Educ. Oontentt. S. For O Brian 

read O Brien. 

614 For Cevallas read Cevalloa. 
619 Champlain. 8. de. Voyages to Canada. For T. 1 

read v. 2. 
619 Champollion-Figeac, A. L. TV. Etat actnel to Cham- 

pollion-Figeac, J. J. 
619 Champollion-Figeac, J. J. Lettri-s des rots. For 

1839 read 1839-47. 2 v. 
642 Chemistry. LAVOISIER, A. L. CEuvres. For 1804- 

OS read 1864, 02-68. 

658 Chinese repository. For [1838-48] read [1832-48]. 
673 Church. T. Same. Withintrod. For v. 2 read no. 


014 After Cochran, J. insert STINCHFIELD, E. 
025 Collier, J. P. Misc. tracts. For London, 1803 read 

[London, 1807-08.] 8 v. 
033 Colvin, 8. For ATKINSON, J. B. (In his read 

Criticism on E. B. Jones. (In Atkinson, J. B. 
040 Compleat geographer. For London, 1709. f*. read 

London, 1709. 2 v. f*. 
002 Contagion. For DISCOURSE read MEAD, R. Short 

070 Corinne. For Works read OJuvres. 

087 Countess Gitela. For Wlstar read Winter. 

088 Conrcelles, J. B. P. J. For 1832-33 read 1822-33. 

092 Cox. Rev. G. W. Diet, of science, for Brand read 


093 Coyle, J. For Lain read McLain. 

094 for Cradock, R. Z. read Cradock. Samuel. TV. 

Sermon before the King to Cradock, Zacbary. 

708 Crowe, J. A., and Cavalcasselle, G. B. After Hist. 

of painting In Italy insert 2d-16th cent.; for 5 v. 
read 3 v. 

709 Crown Point. Be/ore SECOXD letter to a friend in 

sert CHAUMCY, C. 

T10 Cunningham, A. Lives. Same. Contents. After 
previous ed. insert 5 same as 6 of pret. ed. 

710 Cunningham, P. Two years. For 1825 read 1828. 
731 Dancing. For KATFUS read KATTFUSS. 

730 Dare, Jeanne. SCHILLER, J. C. F. For v. 5 read 

741 D Avenant, C. New dialogues. For Vol. 2 read 

Vol. I. 
745 Davis, N. M. For Memoir of N. Mitchell read 

Memoir by N. MITCHELL. 
758 Delavigne. J. F. C. Discours. For 1820-29 read 



T59 Delignieres, E. For 1860 react 1867. 

759 Dellon, M. D. i> the tame an Dellon. C. 

760 Delisle. . (Lettre) is the tame at Delisle, G uilhiume. 
704 Denmark. ffintory. For DITIIEIL, L. read LA 


7M Depping, O. B. Hfslolre den expedition*. Insert 
2 T. a/ter 1826. 

776 Diary of a late physician, for 1832 read 1862-63. 

777 Dibdin, C. The deserter, for v. 4 read v. 1. 
777 Dick. J. for 1863 rend 1836. 

797 For Dolomica*rca(/ Doloraiea. 

799 Dominican artist, for Farrar, IT. 8. read Lear, Mr. 


803 for Doubeux read Dubeux. 
823 Dumas, A. D. Lea morta vont vile. Contents. 2. 

for Lefevre. Dtumler read Lefevre-Deumler. 
833 Dutch literature, for MIELLER, J. rtarfMuLLER. J. 
860 Edwards, J/rt. A. Ought we to visit her? for (In 

Sharpe s mag. read (In Temple Bar. 
802 Edwards, Jonathan, Pret. of College of X. J. For 

WEST, 8. Read WEST, Samuel. Before Essay on 

moral agency intert WEST, Stephen. 
MS EATi. for Aoi [1837] read .Ao*^ [1737]. 
873 Ella Rosenberg, for v. 6 read v. 37. 
886 Encyclopedias. NICHOLSON, W. Same, After 

1818 add 12 T. S*. 
921 Erchempertus. for De postumis read De postre- 

mls; /or Langobardum read Langobardorum. 

Hiatorla. After Langobardorum rtad Beneventi. 

After The*, antlq. Ital. read v. 9, pt. 1. 
928 Essex Co. Before WATSON, W. C. intert Essex 

County, JV: F. 
930 Estienne, R. Fragments. After Latlnornm read 

; ed. ab H. Stephano; for Par., 1564 read [Gene- 

v,J 1564. 
933 Etomana ancient and modern. After Eton intert : 

by W. L. Collins. 

933 Etruria. LANZI, L. for 1824 read 1824-25. 3 v. 
948 Evesham. for MAYO, G. read MAY. G. 

948 Evidence. O ABKIEI,, M. for V. H. Tolon read 

[V. H.] Solon. 

949 Examination of the British doctrine. After peace 

rtad ; by J. Madison. 
961 Experience* of R. Taylor. for 8. Warren read 

[Mrs. J. Johnstone]. 
961 Exposition of the weakness, etc. After States read 

; [by C. F. Mercerl. 

961 Expression. Before WEBSTER, D. interl Expunging. 
963 Farmer, H. Christ s temptations, for E. s Inquiry 
read F. s Inquiry. Thii it about, not by. Fanner. 
963 Farmer s letters, A. After people insert ; [by L. Lin 

981 Fiacchi, L. for brattl read trattl. 
989 Fifiher, J. Be/ore Conference intert LAUD, W. 
1002 Florian, J. P. C. de. CEuvres. Dela (v. 3 w.). 
1007 Fonseca, G. L. da. for Mousanto rta<l Monsanto. 
1009 Forbes, J. D. Tour. For 1845 read 1855. 
1015 Fortification, for COKMONTAI.NGNE, L. de read 


1018 Fothergill, J. Rules. For 1762 read [177-]. 

1043 France. Route of Bourbon. LAFAYETTE.M. M. P. 

After 1828 Insert and Michaud v. 32. 1854. LA- 

CHETELLK, J. D. For 1819 read 1819-26. 
1063 (Lang.) Protody. OLIVET, J. T. de. for 1787 

read 1737. 
1066 Literature. HERICACLT, C. d . for Pesprlt 

avr. read 1 esprit franc-; after Mondes, read avr. 
10n For Fredst. P. read Fredet, P. 

1098 Galleries. After Castle Howard intert ; Pap- 

worth. J. W. and W. 

1099 Gallipoli, . Read Gallipoli. FERRARI, A. 

1100 Gambler, J. Be/ore MALTE.BRUN, V. intert Gam- 

bier Islands. 
1109 for Gatoube read Gatonbe; for v. 3. 1745 read v. 6. 

1111 Gayangos, P. de. Escrltoreo. Content*. For Tancho 

rear! Sancho. 

1114 for Gendyin, A. X. read Gendrin, A. N. 
1116 Genlis, 8. F. D. de St. A. for Lindane et Talmire 

read Lindane et Valrnire. 
1131 for Gerarde read Gerade. 

1131 Germany. Architecture, for Moeller read Holler. 
1153 Gillies, R. P. for Pierce read Pearse. 
1183 Goyer, P. von. for NF.CHOF read NIEUHOFF. 
1196 Gray, F. T. Before LETTER to the friends intert 

PRAY, L. G. 
1207 Or. Brit. Gen. Bd. of Health. Rept. on the supply. 

for 2 v. read 5 v. Home Office. Education in 
quiry. After 1835 insert 1 v. 
1226 Gen. and mite. biog. BcRKE, Sir J. B. for 

p. 1235 read p. 1236. 
1276 Greenland. O REILLY, B. For N. E. passage read 

N. W. pasRage. 

1281 Grenville, G. Before Conference insert MAUDUIT, I. 


1289 Grosart, A. B. Miscellanies. Content!. Effort A 

cruciflxe read Lever, C. 
1307 For Hachert, read Hackert. 
1309 Haendel, G. F. Transfer all the littet to Handel, 

G. F. (p. 1330). 
1314 Hale, Sir M. Contemplations. Afttr divine read 

(Vol. 2, 4th ed.) ; for 1746 read 1763, 46. 

1316 Hall. Jfrt. A. M. F. Ireland. For Hall, 8. R. read 

Hall, 8. C. 

1317 Hall, J. P. for Precott read Patten. 

1320 Ballet, Joseph. The Letter to the Moral philosopher 1 

it not by Hallet but to Mm. 
1327 Hampden, Co., Matt. Before Sketches iniert DAVIS, 

E., and othert. 
1332 Hargrave, F. For Judicial arguments read Juridical 

arguments; for 1797 read 17(<7-99. 

1334 Hardships. After government intert; [by T. Rey 
1340 Harleian miscellany. Content!. 12. Before Nine 

worthies insert Johnson, K. 
1348 Hartford Convention. OTIS, H. G. Before SHORT 

account intert LYMAN, T. 

1360 Hansrath, A. For Koflcr s read Eofler g. 
1371 Hazlitt, W. C. Shakespeare jest-book*. Contentt. 

2. for George Pule read George Peele. 
1382 For Hellwald, Friedrlch von read Heller von Hell- 

wald, Friedrich. 

1385. For Henniken, Sir Frederick read Henniker. 
1388 Henry, W. Omit by J. R. McDowell. 
1392 Hercules, thip. Before Narrative read STOUT, B. 
1397 Herodotus. LARCHER, P. H. Easai. for Buchan 

read Bucbon. 
1401 Hetzel, P. J. Contentt. 1. For Lemoine, C. read 

Lemoine, E. ; 2, before Histolre d un merle blano 

intert Musset, A. de. 
1416 Hirsch, T. Script. Contentt. 4. J. Lindau s. for 

SOjahr. read ISjnhr. 

1437 Homans, J. Obituary. ?*orv.4. 1869 read v. 11.1868. 
1441 Homo tr. Darwin. After man read ; [by W. P. 


1450 for Homer, T. read Hornor, T. 
1474 Hunt,J.H.L. Attempt. For 1869 read 1809. 
1481 Hntchinson, T. for 1674 rtad 1765. 
1488 Hymns. Biblioa. For BUCHANAN, C. read PEAR 
SON, C. B. 
1490 Indian. JONES, P.. For genungumouat read 

1494 Idolatry. MOSES BEN MAIMON. For Hebnea read 


1519 Inquisition. For DELLON. M. DELLON, C. 
1531 Ireland, fed. Hint. Inttrt MASON, H. J. M. before 

1563 Jackson, P. T. For HCNT, F. Life of J. (fn Mt 

Lives read Same (In Hunt, F. Lives. 
1562 For Jannson read Jansson. 
1586 Johns, H. T. For 1844 read 1864. 
1592 Joliet. Voyage, for Marqnette, P. read Har- 

qnette, J. 
1613 For Kathchen reatl Kaethchen. 

1615 Keen, for CROCKER read CROKER. 

1616 Kelly, J. For 1861-66 read 1861-71. 

1621 Keppel, Maj. G. it the tame person as Keppel, Geo. 

1629 King s own. For 1845 read 1854. 

1631 Kinne, A. Laws of the different States and Ques 
tions and answer are by Asa Kinne. 

1660 Latnbton, J. G. Letter. For Dunham read Durham. 

1662 Lancaster Co., Pa. Before NARRATIVE intert 

1669 Landscape gardening, for TAYLOR, I. read TAY 
LOR, J. 

1669 for Lannan read Lanman. 

1685 Lauzun, A. L. de G., due de. for v. 2 read v. 25. 

1724 for Lev6e Le Monnier, Jerome Balthazar Guillaume 
Antoine read Levee, Jerome Balthazar, and Le 
Monnier, Guillaume Antoine. 

1744 For Linnsan read Linnean. 

1768 Lockwood, J. The tears, for Woodbridge read 

1789 for Lothrop read Lathrop. 

1795 Louisiana. History. ORR, G. For 1830 rend 1803. 

1852 Manchester, Mass. CANDID enquiries. For 1819 
read [1825]. 

1907 Mass. Hist. Soc. Col. 88. For Asplnwall papers. 
Pt. 1. read Mather papers. 39. for Winthrop 
papers read Aspinwall papers. Pt. 1. 

1948 Mellen, P. For See Gray, H. G. read See Otis, 

2037 For Morean, Georges read Moreau, Jenn Victor. 

2080 Narraganset Country. The titles COFFIN and. at 
the end, FARMER thould be under Narraganset 

2108 New Gloucester, Me. For 1793 read 1847. 

2167 For O., Y. read O., T. 



L- J. Barney. (In Longacre, J. B. Nt. portr. gal., T. 4. 


L, H. N. O. See Hickman, H. 
I., R. Nova Britannia ; offering most excellent 

fruitcrt by planting la Virginia. (In Force, P. 

Cul. of tracts, v. 1. 1836.) 

Same. With a pref. note by F. L. Hawks. 

London, 1609, reprinted New York, 1867. 4. 

New life of Virginia ; second part of Nova 

Britannia. London, 1612. 4. 

Stimf. (In Mas*. Hist. Soc. Col., T. 18. 1819; 

and in Korea, P. Cut. of tract*, v. 1. ISoO.) 
L, 8. R. N. Sre Scot, T. 
I am afraid there I* a God! [by L. M. Sargent]. Boston, 

1833. A*. (D 18) 
I-Klng. PIPER. O. O. Ueber das I-King. (In- Zeitschrifl 

d. D. morgvnl. Ges., v. 3. 7. 184, 53.) 
I m not mesilf Ht uil; by C. A. Maltby. (So. 116 o/ Da 

Witt s actinic plays.) 
I will be a gentleman ; by Mrs. Tuthill. Boston, 

1844. 18". 

I wish you a happy new year. nJ.p. 1842. 12*. (C 246) 
lamblichua. De mysteriis ; priemittitur epiatola 

Porphyrii ; ed n Lat. vertit, etc., T. Gale. Ox- 

onii, 1678. f. 

Drama. See Eroticl scriptures (p. 923). 

De vita Pythagorica, Gr. et Lat. notis illust. a 

L. Kustero ; vers. Lat. confccit U. Obrechtus; 
ace. Male bus sive Porphyrius de vita Pyth- 
agone itemque anonymus apud Photium de 
Tita Pythagone. Amst., 1707. 4. 

De vita Pythagune. (/> Diogenes Laertius. De clar. 

phllo*. vitis. 1850.) 

Emj. Life of Pythagoras ; [also] fragments of 

the writings of Pythagoreans and a collection 
of Pythagoric sentences ; tr. by F. Taylor. 
London. 1818. 8. 

I&mbnlas. Sre Diodorus Sicrtlut. 

latrcliptic remedies. CHRESTIEX, A. J. De la 
methode iatroliptice, ou Obs. pratiques sur 
1 administration des reinedes u 1 exterieur, 
dans le traitement de maladies internes. 
Montpellicr, [1804]. 8. 

IbbeUon, James. Pleu for the subscription of the clergy 
to the 3D articles. 5th ed. Loud.. 1772. 8*. (B 1965) 

LETTEK to J. I. ou the 3d ed. of his plea for the sub 

scription of the clergy to the 39 articles. London, 

1771. 8*. (B125, 905) 

Ibbetson; Juliu*. Drawings of quadrupeds. See Church, J. 
Ibbot, Benjamin. L>.1>. Nature of the office of the civil 

magistrate; sermon, St. Liiwrence Jewry, Hept. 2U. 

London. 1720. 4 . (B 93, 1250) 

Same. (In Baron, R. 1 illnrs of priestcraft, v.l. 1768.) 

Sermon before Sir O. Thorold, Lord Mayor, etc., Bept, 

29. London. 1720. 4*. ( B 1250) 

True notion of free-thinking. (In Boyle lecture ser- 

mons, v. 2. 173U.) 

Iboriada, La: puemu epico. See Valvidarea y T.ongo, R. 
Iberville, P. Leinoyne d . See Lemoyne d Iberville. 
Ibn. For Arabic names beginning thus tee alxo Bin. 
Iba-Abi-al-Hakam. History of the conquest of 

Spain ; tr. and ed. by J. H. Jones. Goett., 

1858. 8. 
Ibn Abi ffayuldt. Traite sur I amour. (In Bibl. univ. des 

ronians, Nouv., v. 1. 1798.) 
Ibn-ad-Dm al-Ayfiic<iti. Journey into the Interior of 

Northern Africa. (In Oriental Trans. Fund. 

Misc. tr., v. 1. 1831.) 
Ibn al-Maqriz. Taqi ad-Din Bin Ali, called. LANCLES, L. 

M. Le livre des avis et sujets de reflexion*, ur la 

descrlpt. hist, des divisions lerritor. et des vestiges, 

Urea des annales de I Kifyptc-. (In Paris. Int. Ac. 

</. /n*tr. Not., v. 6. ISol.) 
Ibn-Batuta, Abu-Abdallah Muhammad, called. 

Travels of Ibn Batuta ; tr. with notes by S. 

Lee. London, 1829. 4. 

Ibn Butiita s travels in Bengal and China. (In Yule, 

H. Cathay. ISM.) 

ST. JOHN. J. A. (In AM Lives of ccl. trav.. v. 1. 1844.) 
Ibn Foazlan. KKAEIIN. C. M. Die Ultc-ten nrabiirchen 

Nachrichten ilbc-r die Wolaa-Bulglmren. ans Ibn- 
Foszlan s Koisebcrichte. (/ St. Petersburg. Ac. 
ScL Mem., 6e scr.. v. 1. 1832.) 
187. (2. 6. 78.) 

Ibn Hankal, Muhammad Abu-1 Kasim, calleil. Aliklij- 
hitad or The Kitaliu-l miisalik w:i-l tnnmnlik. (In 
Elliot, H. Nf. Ill-t. of India, v. 1. is.,7.) 

Ibn-Khaldun, Abd ar-Rabman Bin Muhammad al.fHi,lli 
ul-IIatttiraml. lallnl. Prolt-giuiu-neH ; lexte rnl>f, 
pub. par K. Qnatn-mere. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. 
In*cr. Not. des ins*., v. 16-19, part 1 of each. 

Onanr.Rc. AT ITrMso, J. Account of the great histor 
ical works of K. (In ROT. Asiatic Soc. Trans., 
T. 1. 1827.) 

Ibn Khnrdadba, Abu-1 Kaaim TTbaidu-llah Bin Abdh-llah 
Bin Khurdadba. culled. Kit iKn-l mn-uhk wu-l mam. 
Ilk. ELMOT, U. M. (In nit History of India, v. 1. 

Ibn Malik, Jamal-ad-Din Muhammad, called. Aln- 

yyaou la quintessence de la grammaire arabe ; 

pub. par Silvestre de Sacy. Paris, Oriental 

Trans. Fund, 1833. 8. 
Ibn Muhallib Bin Mohammad Bin Shadi. Mujmahi-tTaw- 

arikh. ELMOT, II. M. (In hit Uiu of India, 

v. 1. 1887.) 

Ibn Roshd. Sre Averroea. 
Ibn Sina. Set Avicenna. 

Ibn Wahshih, Ahmad Bin Abnbakr pseud, t An 
cient alphabets and hieroglyphic characters ; 
with an account of the Egyptian priests, etc. ; 
in English by J. Hammer. London, 1806. 4. 

A ote. On the authorship tec Graeise s Allgem. 
Llt.gench. , u. I. 1. p. 804. 

Ibn Zafar, Ibn Abi Muhammad. Solcvan el 
mota ; ossiano Conforti politic!, versione ital. 
de M. Amari. Firenze, 1851. 12. 

Iburg. ANNA LEU Yburgensm, 817-841. 1072-1085. (In 
Pertz, O. H. Mon. Germ., 8cr., v. 10. 185.) 

Ibycus. Knigm. (In Bergk, T. Poet lyr. Gr. 1863.) 

Icarie, Voyage en. k sVc C.ibet, E. 

Icazbalceta, Joaquin Garcia. Colleccion de docu- 
mentos para la historia de Mexico. Mexico, 
1858-66. 2 v. 8. 

Conttntt. Vol. 1. Notlcla de la plozas. Ramirez, 
J. F. Vidn de T. de Benavente d Motollnlti. Moto- 
linia, T. illstoria de los Indios de Nnvva EspnBa. 
Carta al crop. Carlos V. \ urio* doctimentot i/el alylo 
XVI. Diaz, J. llinerario de la anna. hi del Rey Cto- 
lico a la isla de Yucatan, en la India, I"il8, en la que Cue 
por <-omaiidanie J. de Urijaiva. Texto ital. y trad. 
Vida dc H. Cort6s; fi Mgni. anon. Texto ital. v trad. 
Zuazo, A. Carta ul Fray L. de Figueroa. hi conquis-- 
tador anonimo; relaclou de algunus cosas de la Xneva 
Kspatia y de Teinevtiian Mexico: por un cnmpanero de 
Corte. Tezlo ital. y trad. Velasquez, D. Carta al 
lie. Kigueroa, para que htclese relation d S. S. M. M. de 
lo que lo habia (echo K. Cortes. Kl proceso y pesqulsa 
hecho por la Real Audiencia de la Espanola. Ochoa 
de JLejalde, J. 1 rubanza hecha en Svgnra dc la bVon- 
tera, a notnbre dc U. Cortes. Probanza fee ha eu la 
Nucva Espaiia, a pedirnento de J. Uehoa dc Lejalde. en 
noinbre de U. Cortes, sobre las diligenclns que el dlcho 
capital! liizo para que no se perdiese el oro e joy us de 8. 
H. M. M. que esUtban en la ciudad de Temei-titdn. 
Carta del ejercito de Cortes al emperador. Ceballoa, 
H. de. Demandu en nombre de 1*. de Nnrvaez. contra 
II. Cortes y sus corapaHerus. Cortes. H. Urdenanzas 
militares y civile* mandadus pregonar en Tlazrala. al 
tiempo de partirse para poner curco a Mexico. Lo quo 
paso con C. de Tapia, acerca de no iidmitlrle por K" er- 
uador, con los proctiradores de Mexico y demas pobla- 
clones y los de Hernan Cort^o. Cortes, H. IiiHtrnc- 
clon civil y militar a F. Corte<, para la expedicion de la 
costa de Collma; Carta inuilita. Albornoz, 
Carta al emperador. Memoria de lo acaecido en est 
ciudad [de TemixUtan] dt-pties que el goberna.lor H. 
Cortes .ilio dellit. 12 de oct. de lii>. Ocana. I), de. 
Carta- 2. Noticia de las prezas. Real ejetutoria de 
8. M. sobre liernm y reservns de pechos y paifa. pcr- 
teneciente a los caciques de Axapusco, de lajuridlcfluB 
de Utumba. Memorial. Cardenas, L. de. Memo 
rial contra Cortes. Charles v. Merced a Ilernan 
Corles de tlerras Inmedliitas d Mexico y olares en In 
ciudad. Isabella, <Ju<en. Orden u Cortes p:ni que se 
deten^.i a diez Icguas de Mexico hasta que Ili-gue la ce- 
gunda aiidienciu. Real provision sobre diiMJubrl- 
mlentos en el Mar del Sur, y respuc-.ta deCortCi a la no- 
tilieacion que Be le hizo de ella. Valle, tiiiinjiitt de. 
li. lacion de los nervicio* del mnrques (jiu- de sn ordell 
prtsento el lie. Nunez a 8. M. Cortes. II. l tni..n 
contra D. Antonio de Mcndozn, vlre> , pidieiido re^i.len- 
clu contra el. Fragtnento de la vinila heeha a 1>. An- 




tonlo de Mendoza; intorrogatorio per cl cunl hnn do nor 
cxiiinliirtilos lo* tccii^.u. que prr.-i-nte por MI parte D. A. 
de Mendozu. Lopez, C. Carta nl einperudor. Va 
lencia, M. de. Carta (!< V. y otro* mi.-iom r* nl em- 
porador. Ceynos, F. Cartn nl vmperador. Fuen- 
leal, s. PMVe.erdeR.. obUpodeSantuDomliiyiiy 
pre*ldenle de la real atidiencia de Xneva K*paiia. Be- 
ianzos, D. dc. Parecer; Carta. Castillo, A. del. I a- 
reeer. Charles v. I.eye* y ordciuinza* nuevamente 
hecha* para lu ^olieiiiacinii de la* India*, y btien trata- 
mienlo y conrcrvncion do Ion IndloK. Casas, B. d<- la*. 
Mem. en favor de lo* Indto*dc X. Ei>p:ifla. Casas, 
Ian. a ml San to Tom is, D. de. Manorial en nombredelos 
Indlos del I eru. contra la pcrpvtuldad; y ofrectn *ervir 
con lo niisnid qiic |<>8 Ki*pnfiolca. y cien mil dorados 
ma*; y si no oviere compuracion de lo de lo* Ki*piiflolen, 
erviriii con do* mlllune*, pagndos en cuatro atlon, con 
U* condiclones qne ponen. Ceynos, I>r. Segundn 
cartu. Michoacan, ciudad de. Carta. Filar, G. 
del. Kelnclon dc la entrnda de X. de Guzman. 
Saraano, J. de. Uelaclon de la conqniMa de lo* Teules 
chichimecaa. la. 2a relacion anon, do la Jornada rjuc 
hlzo X. de Guzman a la Xueva Galicia. Acazitli. 
F. de Sandoval. Kelncion de la Jornada con cl viso- 
ri-y A. de Mcndoza, cuando fue a la c-onquiNta y 

faciftVaclon de log Indio* chichlmecaa dc Xuchlpila. 
urita, A. de. Memorial. Tello, A. Fra^mento* de 
una hUtoria de la Xueva Galicia, ecrita hacia. l:.<i. 
3a, 4 relaciou nnon. dc lu Jornada que hiz> X. de Guz 
man a l Xueva Galicia. Informe al Key por el ca- 
bildo eck xiastico de Guadalajara, acerca de la* co*as de 
aquel relno. Casas, B. de las. Clauiula del tcfta- 
mento. Mendieta, G. de. Carta. Aguilar, M. dc. 
Carta y do<-. atiexo*. Tania, A. de. Helm-ion nohra la 
con(,iiKt:i de Mexico. Casas, B. de la. Memorial al 
consejo de India*: I etlcion & I io V. 

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on Zoology; altn the division Ii-fith ;/nfn(j>t or .\ntH~ 
ral hintnry under various rountrles, as Great Britain ; 

Guiana; Illinois ; Lonz Island ; Massachu 
setts ; New Jersey ; New York ; Superior, Lake. 

Icon bnsllike. $rr Charles I. 

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dll In prlociB artrs operlhn* efflctl snnt. (In Goet- 

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Iconography, Christian. See Christian art ; Idolatry ; 


Iconology. Ser Symbols. 
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Note. On the authorship of the De imltatione (now 
generally attributed to Thorium a Kempla, also as 
cribed to Jean Ocrson or to a probably fictitious Jean 
Geraen) tee Qraesae. Tresor, HI. 412. 
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(B 1292) 

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Immigration. See Emigration. 

Imminent dangers to the free Instlt. of U. 8. through foreign 
immigration and the present state of the naturaliza 
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Immoral Hterature. (fn Shipley, O. Church. 1868.) 

Immorality of the Moral philosopher; answer to [T. Mor 
gan s] -Morul philosopher ; [by J. Ualletl], 2d ed. 
London. 1740. 8". (B40) 

Immortal mentor. See Cornaro, L. 


g- Works on the question whether man U Immortal 
re placed here; for works on the character of a future 
life < Fatare life (p. loui). 

Bibliography and History. 

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future life. Phila., [186-]. 3. 
-Sum*. (App. to AJger, W. R. Critical hist. [1864.] ) 

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v//i nit Religion of the universe. 1836.) 

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Impartial account of the late exped. against St. 

Augustine under Oglethorjie. Lond., 1742. 8. 
Impartial enquiry Into the cause of our present national 

trouble*. London, 1746. 8. (B 113) 
Impartial enquiry into the can -es of the present fean of the 

government. London, 1002. 4*. (B4) 
Impartial enquiry into the rights of the French King 

to the territory west of the Mississippi. 

London, [171. 8. 

Another copy. (B 603) 

Impartial enquiry into the state and utility of the 

Province of Georgia. London, 1741. 8. 
Jfntf. In the Georgia Hit. Soc. s Coll. ascribed to 
Benj Martyn; but I bvlieve. from pretty good authority, 
that It was written by John Lord Viscount Perceval. 
T. M. /farri. 

Impartial Inquirer; cnndld examination of the conduct of 

the President of the U. 8. n.r... 1811. 8*. (B 439) 

Impartial philosopher. See Argens, J. B. de B., mart], d . 

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Salem, 1800. f. 

For continuation net Salem register. 

Impartial sketch of the various Indulgences granted by Or. 
Brit., to her colonies, etc.; by an officer. London, 

1778. 8. (B 463) 

Impartial survey of such as are and are not qualified for 

candidates for Part, n.t p. [1679?] f. (A 54) 
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for his letters of friend-hip. Hartford, 1781. 8*. (B80) 
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shire", [n.p., 1804.1 8*. (8424,971) 
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an Impeachment determined by a dissolution of 

Parl. London. 1791. 8 . (B 1403) 
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Imperial dictionary of untv. blogrnphy. See Dove, P. E. 
Imperial!, Giuseppe Renato. FONTANISI, G. Bib- 

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1711. f. 
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of King s Bench. 3d ed. London, 1786. 8. 
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Import duties in relation to the happiness of the people and 

prosperity of the Union. 1 hila.. 1832. 8*. (B 1512) 
Importance of gaining the friendship of the Indians ; 

[by A.Kennedy]. New York, 1751. 8*. 
Importance of Jamaica to Or. Brit. Lond ,[1741]. 8. (C314) 
Importance of the British plantations in America 

to this kingdom. London, 1731. 8. 
Important case. An, argued In four dialogues between Dr. 

Opium. Mr. Oullio, and Discipulu*. Boston, 1810. 

12. (C109) 
Important disclosures; also, Invitation ton convention of 

the republican Protestants apiinst Papist*, etc. : [by 

A. H. Smolnikar]. Pittsburgh. 18.W. X. (B 1504) 
Important state papers. I8oy. See United States. Pieti- 

tlent. (B 474. 1490. C 109) 
Important truths in simple verse ; [by S. W. P.], 

London. 1841. 18. 
Important truths relating to Christianity, selected 

from spiritual writers; with extracts from 

The way to Christ", by J. Behrnen. London, 

1769. 12. 

Impostore, L ; commcdia. S t Ooldoni, C. 

Impostors, Imposture. SKETCHES of imposture, 

deception, and credulity. London, 1837. 16. 

(Family lib., v. 63.) 

EVELTN. J. History of the three late fnmons Impos 

tors : Padre Oltomano. Mahomed Bel, nnd Sabatal 

Sevl. 1669. (fn hi* Miscel. writing. 18i >.) 

8 e nlo Balaamo, G. ; Southcote, J. ; alto 

Imposture, The; a tragi-eomcdy. See Shirley, J. 
Impresario delle Smlrne, L ; commedia. Set Ooldoni. C- 
Impresario In angiislte, L ; burleltn, [nell 1 italiano 

francese]. Paris. 1789. S. (B1625) 
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Impressions litteraires. See Dudevaat, A. L. A. D. 
Impressment. ALL impressments unlawful and 

Inadmissible. Boston, [181- ?]. 8. (B 524) 

Bl TLF.R, C. Essay on the legality of impressing sea 

men. 2d ed. London. 1778. 8". (B 524> 
Same. 3d ed. (In Pamphleteer. 1*24; v.ZJof B 833) 

CORRESPONDENCE between D. Webster and Lord Ash- 

burton on McLeod s cne; the Creole case and Im- 
preosment. n.p., [1842]. 8". (B 1499) 

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1813. 8". (B 1491) 

MASS. Gen. Assembly. Ho. of Representatives. 

Report of the com. [J. Pickering, chairman] 
on impressed seamen. Boston, 1813. 8. 
Other copie*. (B 624, 1491) 

RIGHT and practice of Impressment as concerning Or. 

Brit, and America. (In Pamphleteer, 1819; v. 14 
of B 838) 

BAILOR S advocate; first printed In 1727-28; [with] 

strictures rel. to the pretended right of taking away 
men by force. 8th ed., with add. London, 1787. 8*. 
(B 762) 

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[1S13.] V. (B 453) 

CRQCFIART, T. Letter to W. VTilberforce on Impress 

ment. (In Pamphleteer, 1824; v. 24 of B 838) 
Sff alto Davis, J. 

Imprisonment for debt. See Debt. 

Impromptu de campagne, L ; come dle. See Poisson, P. 

Improvement of medicine In London, on the basis of pub 
lic good. London, 1775. 8". (B 813) 

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Andersen ; tr. by M. Howitt. London, 
1845. 2 v. 12. 

Impulsos del placer. Los; com. Set Cruz y Cano, R. de la. 

Imrie, David. Letter to a gentleman In Edinburgh, pre 
dicting the events of the latter times. Boston, 1756. 
V. (C25) 

In exile ; by W. von St. ; tr. from the German. 
Phila., 1871. 8. 

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In Gebirg und Thai; Novellenvon R. Schweichel. 
Berlin, 1864. 8. 

In lodgings at Knightsbridge. Witch Hampton 
Hall. Boston, [18 ]. 8. 

In lodgings at Knightabridge. (In Littell s living age, 
v/88. 1866 ) 

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1869. 8. 

In the world ; by M. G. Darling. Boston, 1871. 8. 

In the year "13 ; a tale of Mecklenburg life, by F. 
Renter ; tr. by C. L. Lewes. Lpz., Taiichnitz, 
1867. 16. 

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Douglas. Boston and New York. 1871. 8. 

Inama-Sternegg, Karl Theodor von. Die volkswirtlischaft- 
Hchen Kolgcu des 30 jahri^en Kreig* filr DeuUch- 
land inabes. filr Lnndwlrthschnfl. Oewerbe. und 
Handel. (In Hiatorisches Taschc-nbuch, 1S64.) 

Incarville, Pi-re d . De la maniure do frtbriquer le sal- 
petre en Chine. (In Recueil de mem. sur la forma 
tion dn salputre. 1776. ) 

Incao. See Peru. 

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186.5. 16. 

Inceste suppose, L : par F. le Metel de Boisrohert. (In 
Biblioth. univ. dca roraans, Nouv., v. 3. 1798.) 




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ring; a simple story. New York, 1822. 12^ 

ft-rm-h. Simple bUtotrc; Ladl Mathllde; I angl. 

par Devchr.mps. (In Biblioth. univ. de* romnnt. 
Nouv , v. 2. 1790 > 

Midnight hour. Such thing* are. (In London tnirc, 

T. 1.) Child of nature; rx dramii. Every one hn* 
hi* fault*; a comedy. Wedding dny; a fnrcc. 
Wive* s they were nnd maid* as they are: a com 
edy. (In T. 2.) Lover * vow*, altered from the 
German of Kotzebue. (In T. 3.) Animal magnet 
ism ; a farce. (In v. 4.) 

The (In Sargent, . Mod. stand. 

dr., T. 20.) 

BOADEX, J. Memoirs of I. Lond., 1833. 2 v. 8. 
Inches, Henderson. Letter to E. Payne and IT. Inches, 

referee* In the cause between 8. Gardiner and J. 

KlHKK. [London.] n.d. 8*. (B 1447) 
Inchiqnin the Jesuit * letter*. Ste Ingersoll, C. J. 
Inchofer, Melchlor. De eunuchinmo. ({n Allacci. Sym- 

mlcta. 1733: andin Byzant. hist., T. 23. 1T33.) 

NICEROX. J. P. (In hit Mem., T. 35. 17S6; and, 

Vtrrn., v. 22. 1782.) 
Inchofer, Melchlor. p*eucU La monarchic de* Solipscs. 

Ste Scott i, O. C. 
Incidents of social life amid the European Alps. 

New York. 1844. 12. 
Incognita, L ; commedla. See Qoldoni, C. 
Incognito; TOO A. T. Kotrebue. (/ hit Theater, v. 16.) 
Income, Public. Kef Finance. 
InconuQ. L ; cometlle. See Corneille, T. 
Inconstant, L : come. lie. Stf Collin d Harleville, F. J. 
Inconstant, The; by O. Fnrqunhnr. (In hit Works, v. 2. 
1772; in Bell s Brit, theatre, T. 32. 1797; and in 
Sargent. E. Mod. stand, dr. v. 28.) 
Incorporation. See Corporation. 

Incredulity of St. Thomas ; the Scryvenera play ; 
ed. by J. P. Collier. London, 1859. 4. 
(Camden Soc. Miscel., T. 4.) 

Increments. EMERSON, W. Method of I. Lon 
don, 1763. 4. 

Incuhns. WALLER, J. Treatise. Lond., 1816. 12. 
Incunabula- See Printing. 

Independence absolue de* Americnlns des Etats-Unis. L , 
prouvee pitr I emt actuel de lenr commerce; [par T. 
W. Griffith?]. Paris, an vi, 1798. 8*. (B 423) 
Independance beige, L ; ed. du soir ; 1838-67 ; 
juli-dec. 1868; juli-dec. 1869; 1870; 
1872. Brux., 1858-72. 26 T. f. 
Independence Hall, Pkila. BELISLE, D. W. 

History of I. H. Phila., 1859. 12. 
Independency the object of the Congress ID America. Lon 
don, 1776. 8*. (B 382) 

Independent, The, 1855-75. N.Y.,1855-71. 16 v. f. 
Independent American and Columbian advertiser, 
July 11 - Dec. 30. Georgetown, 1809. f. 

2foU. From Oct. 3 called Independent American*. 

Independent chronicle; Sept. 19, 1776 -Dec. 28, 

1815. Boston, 1776-1815. 29 v. (wanting 

Dec. 26, 1797 - July 22, 1798, and some single 

nos.). f*. 

Note. Previously The New England chronicle ; from 
Nov. 7, 1778 called Independent chronicle and univer 
sal advertiser*; from Dec. 21, 18>t, Indep. chronicle . 
Independent ledger and American advertiser ; 
June 15. 1778 - Dec. 31, 1781 ; Jan. 7, 1782 - 
Dec. 26. 1785. Boston, 1778-85. f. 
Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Sfe Odd Fellows. 
Independent reflector. The. Ju>s. 2-52. Dec. 7. 1752 - Nov. 

22, 1753. New York, 1752-53. P. (A 24) 
Independent statesman and Maine republican, Apr. 12. 

Portland. 1822. f 9 . (E 181) 

Independent Whig, The; by T. Gordon and J. 
Trent-hard. (Vol. 1, 2, 6th ed.) London, 
1735. 3 v. 12. 

Independents, Eng. BAYLIE, R. Dissuasive from 
the erroura of the time ; the tenets of the 
pruicipall sects, espcc. of the Independents, 
drawn together. London, 1645. 4. 
FERGCSSON, J. Refutation of the errors of 
Independency, etc. Ediii., 1692. 12". 

FLETCHKR, J. History of the revival and prog 

ress of Independency in England. London, 
1862. 4 v. 12. 

OOODWIM, T., ami other*. Apologetic*!! nnrr*t!on of 

come ministers formerly exiles In the Netherlands, 
now member* of the A**embly of Divine*, submitted 
to the Ho. of Part. London, 1643. 12*. (B 654) 

HAMU-UY, B. Historical memoirs rcl. to the 

Independents. London, 1839-44. 3 v. 8. 

LAMB, . Fresh suit against Independency. 

London, 1677. 8. 

PRINCE, T. The silken Independents snare broken. 

London, 1649. 4*. (B 647) 


sons presented by the dissenting brethren 
against certain propositions cone, presbyte- 
riall government, and proofs of them voted 
by the Assembly ; with Answer of the As 
sembly. London, 1648. 4*. 

Kotr. Includes the Paper* irfven in to the committee 
of Lords and Commons, etc., for accommodation. 1644, 
by a sub-committee of divines of the Assembly and dis 
senting brethren , nnd Papers and answers of dissent- 
Ing brethren and committee of Assembly, 1645*. 
Independents. V. S. ADDRESS to the minister* and con- 
gregation* of the Pre*byterln and Independent 
persuasion* in U. S. by a member of the Episcopal 
Church, np., 1790. 12*. (D 12) 

Index, The; a weekly journal of politics, literature, 
and news. Vol. 1-5. May 1862 - Aug. 12, 
1865. London, 1862-65. 6 v. f. 
Index, The ; weekly paper devoted to free religion ; 
[F. E. Abbot, ed.]. Vol. 1-5. Toledo, Bos 
ton, 1870-74. 5v. P*. 

Index ad *peclmen geographic-urn. Set An ville, J. B. dc B. 
Index [dos] 6 tomes das Acad. dos Humildes e Ig- 

norantes. Lisboa, 1764. 4. 
Index expurgatnrlus. Index Ilbrorum prohibitorum. Set 

Congregatio Indicia. 

Index geographicus ; a list of places [on] R. John 
ston s atlas, with latitudes and longitudes. , 
Edin., 1864. 8". 
Index of date*. See Rosse, J. W. 
Index rhetorieu* et orntorlu*. See Faraaby, T. 
Index to the [London] Time*. Set Times. 
Indexes. There ore Indexes In the Library to the following 


Annalen der Chemle nnd Phnrmaclc, v. 1-100, 1832-56. 
Annales d hyirlene puhliqtie, v. 1-50, 1829-53. 
Annales dc c-himie. v. 1-30, 1789-99; v. 30-60, 1799-1807; 

v. 60-90. 1807-14; 3e ser., v. 31-69, 1851-63. 
Annnaire dc I economle politique. v. 1-24. 1844-67. 
Archiv fUr do* Studium der neuercn Sprachen, v. 1-50. 

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Bibliotheque rnlnonnee, v. 1-25, 172R-40. 
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61-80, 1R.TO-44; v. 81-110, 1845-59; v. 111-140. 18M-74. 
Gentleman * mnenzlne, v. 1, 2, 1731-86; v. 3-5, 1787-1818; 

v. 1, 2i). 1731-1850. 

Harper** new monthly mngarine. v. 1-40. 1850-70. 
Historiache Zeitschri ft, v. 1-20, 1859-6^. 
Hunt s merchant* mngnzlnc. v. 1-10. 18.19-44. 
Journal de In physloloxie, T. 1-6. 18.">S-fl">. 
Journal of the Geographical 8oc., v. 1-10, 1830- 

41; v. 10-20. 1841-51. 
Journal of the Statistical Society of London, v. 1-15, 1834- 

52: 16-25, 1853-63; 26-35. lR6:l-72. 
London journnl of art*, v. 1-23, 1820-30. 
London medical and physicul journnl. v. 110. 
Medico chirurgical transaction*, v. 1-33, 1809-50; v. 1-53, 


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New Englander, v. 1-19, 1843-61. 
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5% 182-1-37; v. 61-79, 1838-47; v. 81-99, 1847-06; v. 101- 

120, 1857-6. 




Repertory of arU.v. 1-16, 1802-10; v. 1-8, 2dscr., 1810-14. 

Repertory of patent Invention*, 1815-45. 

Silliman i journal of clrncc. v. 1-49, 1S20-45. 

Time*. [London,] 1S62-63, 1S67-75. 

Westminnter review, v. 1-13. 1824-30. 

Zeitschrift der DeuUchea raorgenliindUchen GeselUchaft, 

v. 1-10. 1847-5. 
POOLE, W. F. Index to [English mod Araer.] reviews, 

elf., [to 1848]. 

- Index to [Bug. and Araer.] periodical literature [to 
Jan. 1802]. 

India. Council of India. 

Report of the committee on prison discipline 

[in] India. Calcutta, 1838. P. 


MALCOLM, Kir J. The government of India, 

[1827-30]. London, 1833. 8. 

COLF.BROOK. Sir T. E. Letter to T. Baring on the 

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and ed. by L. Velly. 2d ed. Lond., 1858. 8. 
Cmtrnt*. Civil administration. Military matter*. 
North-west frontier. Persian war. Present con 
dition of IndU and reorganization of iu civil and mili 
tary administration. 

MILLS, A. India in 1858 ; a summary of the 

existing administration. London, 1858. 8. 

CHESNBY, G. Indian polity ; a view of the 

system of admin, in I. London, 1868. 8. 
See alto Bombay ; Eaat India Co. 

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INDIA (Commerce) 


INDIA (Description) 

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Detcription and Travels. 
jry- The following are chronologically arranged. 

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INDIA (Description) 


INDIA (Description) 

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v. 5 16-8) 

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lVri>l:i through i-v-r.>l countries of tin- ludie*, 
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- View of Ulndoatan. (Vol. 1, 2 of Ai Outlines. 


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INDIA (Description) 


INDIA (History) 

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INDIA (History) 


INDIA (Missions) 

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The ; Oade; Punjab ; - Sikhs ; Sinde ; Thugs ; 

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See alto Gen too laws. 


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JfJ- The following arc chronologically arranged. 

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LETTER to J. S. Waring in n-f itntloti of hi* Olu erva- 

UOIIB . London, isu,. 8 . (U 679, 1844) 

INDIA (Missions) 


INDIA (Politics) 

- VINDICATION of the Hindoo* from the anerion of C. 

duchnnan. rtr. London, ISoS. s (B 679, 1845) 

- Samr. Pi. 2, in reply to the Christian observer, Mr. 

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Srf alo Madura mission ; Portuguese ; 
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* Natural history. 

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. I. (In Harris, J. Col. of voy.. v. 1. 1764.) 
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INDIA (Railroads) 


INDIA (Statistics) 


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the U. 8. and Indiana; [also a memorial and peti 
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Gotfrtior. Letter from W. H. Harrison, Gov., Incl. 

certain resolution.* by the Legislative Council and 
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state* north-west of the Ohio, made July 13, 1787. 
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SM alto Cannelton ; Vigo County ; Wabaah. 



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History, Politics, etc. 

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INDIANS (History) 


INDIANS (History) 

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lid diatom* of the Indian natives who once inhab 
ited IV- iimy Ivimiii mirl the ntlghbouriiig State*. (In 
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Sole. The following articles relate to the Indians in 
general, or to never*! tribt-n ; those which relate to single 
tribes will be found under the name of the tribe: 

Buckley. J. Inquiry into the right of the aboriginal 
natives to the lan.UIn America. (In v. 4.) Porter, E. 
Account of several nation* of southern I. (In v. It).) 
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(Biblioth amer.) 

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47* The following are chronologically arranged. 
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dian expedition nguingt the province of New York, 
which surprised and (>urned ticheneclmly, Feb. U, 
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field, 1703, advising hunting Indians with dog?]. (In 
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- Same. 2d ed. Greenfield, 1834. 12 rt . 

INDIANS (History) 


INDIANS (History) 

INDIAN treaty, 1717, Georgetown, (In New Hamp 

shire. 1 rov. papers, v. 3. 1S69.) 

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nouveau parmi lea eauvages de 1 Amerique, 
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America between the French and English, 
followed by details cone, the manners and 
customs of the Indians ; tr. by F. B. Hough. 
Roxbury, 1866. 2 v. 8. 

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ties bet-ween Sir W. Johnson and the Indian nations 
at Fort Johnson, [1755-56]. London, 1756. 8". (B 
603, 742, 922) 

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governor of Penn. to the Indians on the Ohio, [1758- 
69]. London, 1759. 8". (B 603) 

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8, 1761, and ending at Montreal, Aug. 13. 1763, cont. 
an account of several councils held with the Indiana. 
(In Wisconsin State Hist. Soc. Col., v. 4. 1865.) 

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Indian wars of W. Virginia and Pennsvl- 
vania, 1763-83. Wellsburgh, 1824. 12. 

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met Sir W. Johnson at Niagara, July 1764, to make 
peace In behalf of their tribes. (In Mass. Hiat. 
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interpreter, [1768-86]. London, 1791. 4. 
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vages de 1 Amerique Septent. ; tr., avec notes 
et add., par J. B. L. J. Billecocq. Paris, 
an ii [1794]. 8. 

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among the Indians during the Revolutionary 
war ; with memoirs of Col. Crawford and J. 
8., etc., [1773-81]. Cincin., 1867. 8. 

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olina and among the Indians, [1773-78]. 
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- Same. Dublin, 1793. 8. 

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Paris, 1799. 2 v. 8. 

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rect list of the different nations and tribes of In 
dians, with the number of fighting men, etr.. [1773]. 
(fn Hutchina, T. Topographical descr. of Virginia. 

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with the Scanyawtuuragahrooote Indians 
eleven years, [1776-87], Exeter, 1800. 12. 

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the British in the revolutionary war, with the num 
ber of warriors annexed to each nation. (In Mass. 
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190. (15. 6. 76.) 

AFFECTING history of the distresses of F. if anhclm s 
family [and oilier Indian adventure*], with nn no- 
count of the* destruction of Wyoming, [1779-921. 
Phila., 1800. 8 . (B 966, 1606) 

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[1789-1819]. New York, 1830. 8". 

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- French. Des Indiens. (In AM Mem., v. 2. 1797.) 

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tribes northwest of the Ohio. (In Mas. Hist. Soc. 
Col., v. 25. 1836.) ESTIMATE of the number of I. 
in the battle of Miami. 1794. (In v. 10. 1809.) 

FRIENDS. Brief account of the proceedings of the 
committee, appointed 1795 by the Yearly Meeting of 

Friends of Penn., New Jersey, <<c., for promoting 
the Improvement of the Indian ntive. Phila., 
1805. 8". (B 471) 

KIRKLAND, J. T. Answers to queries rcsp. the 
Western I. (In MEM. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 4. 1795.) 
RAMSAY, Dr. Obs. on 1. in the southern parts 
of the U. 8. (In v. 4.) LINCOLN, Gen. Obs. on 
the I. of N. Amer. (In v. 5. 1798.) 

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16]. Phila., 1823. 8. 

- Same with add., entitled Memoirs of captivity 
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dians, Aug. 3, 1813, Mar. 8, 1814, at Halifax. Lon 
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boundaries of British North America, and 
the Indian rights and territories. London, 
[1814.] f. 

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with sketches of travels among the Indians, 
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21]. New Haven, 1822. 8. 

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8". (B978) 

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Prairie du Chicn, thence to Wash. City, 

1829. Columbus, 1831. 12. 
PEN.V, W., p/tntd. Essay* on the prencnt crisis in the 

condition of the Indians. Boston, 182U. 8. (B 978) 

INDIANS (History) 


INDIANS (Missions) 

HUMPH RET, IT. Indian right* and our duties ; addre*s 

t Anih-rt. Hartford, fir.. Dec. 1829. n.p., 1S31. 
12*. (B MS, 1068, 1115, C 171) 

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N. W. territory, 1830. Lond., 1833. 2 v. 12. 

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dian* from the east to the west xicie of the Mi*i.. Ho. 
of Kop., May 19. Bonton, 1830. 8*. (B 1761, 1792) 
- FftELiMiiiiTsEX, T. Sp*.-ech In the Senate, Apr. 6, on 
the bill for an exchange of land* with the Indians. 
Wiuth., 1830. 8". (B 1761) 

SPEECHES on the bill for the removal of the 

Indians [to the west of the Mississippi] in 
Congress, 1830. Boston, 1830. 12. 
Kott. By Frcllnghuysen, Sprague, Robblns, Storrs, 

Ellsworth, Evans, Uuutiogton, Johus, Bates, Crockett, 

Everett, Test. 

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1835. 2 v. 8. 

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66]. Chicago, 1867. 8. 

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Wash.. 1834. S-. (Doc. 47. B 1089) 

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Wash., 1836. 8". (B 1113) 

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the Indian race in the U. 8., Oct. 24. before the Soc. 
tor commemorating the landing of W. Penn. Phila,, 

1836. 8*. (B 1171) 

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Indian Dept., Feb. 1. Wa*b.. 1837. 8". (B 1124, 
1718, 1791) 

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1837.1 8*. (25th Cong., 2d scss. Ex doc., no. 3. 

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June 12. Wash., 1852. 8. (B 1606) 

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Washington. (In. U. S. War Dep t. Report of ex 
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(In T. 3, 4.) 

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against the northern Indians, 1858. New 
.Xork, 1859. 12. 

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eoce between the Sec. of State for the Colonies and 
the Governor Gen. reap, the organization of the In 
dian Dept. in Canada. [London.] 1860. f*. (E 244) 

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the Sioux Indians, [1863]. Philn., 1864. 8. 

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tion of the Indian tribes; report of the joint 
special committee [J. R. Doolittle, chairman]. 
Wash., 1867. 8. 

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on the Indian tribes of Kansas, Indian Terri- 
itory, New Mexico, Arizona, and Alaska. 
Wash., 1870. 8. 

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with Indian tribes. [Wash., 1870.] 8. (Ex. 
doc., no. 240.) 

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tribe of Brule Sioux Indians, the Yankton 
and Santee Sioux, Ponkas wid the Chippe- 
was of Minnesota, in Sept. Phila., 1870. 8. 

Intermarriage . 

COOPER, T. Strictures on the celebrated report of W. 
H. Crawford on Intermarriage with Indians. Phila., 
1824. 8*. (B 1492) 



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iginal language* ; with additions by W. W. 
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General and mitcellantovi. 

- ADDITIONAL Inquiries resp. the Indian languages. 

n.t.p. 16*. (E 32) 

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mots cntre les langues du Nouvean Monde rt celles 
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Sff. al*o Chinook language; Chippeway or Ojib- 
way Indians. Languayr ; Choctaw Indians, /.an- 
gunye; Creeks or Muskokees ; Dakota* or Sioux ; 

loways ; Massachusetts Indians ; Mexico In 
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nais language; Mnhhekaneew language ; Mntsnn 
Indians ; Nusklaujun Indians ; Onondaga Indians ; 

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INDIANS (Treaties) 

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See alto Abnakis ; Canada. Hint, (etpec. BRESSANI, 
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See alto many of the works enumerated under 


(Seealno History under the dates 1717,55,61,04,93, 

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Soc. Col., v. 2. 18-27.) 
Sff alto Abnakis ; Alaska Indians ; Algonkins ; 

Apaches ; Araucaniuns ; Athapascans ; Ay- 
mara Inds. ; Blackfeet ; Brotherton Inds. ; Cal 
ifornia Inds. ; Central American Inds. ; Changes ; 

Chepewyans; Cherokees; Chinook; Chip- 
peways ; Choctaws ; Comanches ; Conestoga 
Inds. ; Connecticut Inds. ; Connecticut River 
Inds. ; Creeks ; Crees ; Crows ; Dakotahs ; 
Dartmouth Inds. ; Deecoodah ; Deguinos ; East 
ern Indians ; Eskimos ; Florida Indians ; Geor 
gia Indians; Housatonic Indians ; Hudson River 
Indians ; Horons ; Illinois Indians; loways; 

Iroquois ; Kennebec ; Knistenos ; Kutchin ; 

Lenni Lenape ; Loucheur ; Louisiana Indians ; 
Mandans ; Marshpees ; Massachusetts In 
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Mosquito Inds. ; Muhhekaneen ; Muskokees ; Mut- 
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Natick ; Navajos ; New Jersey Inds. ; New York 
Inds. ; Niantic ; Nova Scotia Inds. ; Nukhlum- 
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das ; Onondagas ; Opatas ; Osages ; Othomi ; 
Ottawas; Pawtucket; Penacook; Pennsylva 
nia Inda. ; Penobscots ; Pequawkets ; Pequot 




war ; Piankeshan ; Pimas ; Potawatomis ; 
Rhode bland Inds. ; Saconet ; Sac* and Foxes ; 
St. John Inda. ; Scanyawtauragahrooote; Semi- 
nolea ; Senecos ; Shapaptans ; Shawanoei ; 
Shawnees ; Stockbridge Inds. ; Tinneh ; Tote do 
Boole ; Yamacraw ; Wappinger ; Welsh Indians 
in America; Winnebagoes; Wisconsin Inds. ; 
alto Aborigines ; Cannibalism ; Caribee Isl. ; 
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Mnskingum; New Eng. I Hit.; N. America. Anti- 
nruitif,; Philip, King, War of; Philips* patent; 
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Indies, West. See West Indies. 

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See alto Tripod*. 

Industrial arts. See Arts, Useful. 
Industrial biography. Set Smiles, 8. 
Industrial drawing. See Geometrical drawing. 
Industrial economy. See Political economy. 
Industrial exhibitions. See London ; New York ; 


Industrial history of free nations. See. HcCnllagh, W. T. 
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Industrial schools. DCPPA, B. F. Industrial schools for 

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alto Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans. 
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See alto Factories ; France. 
Industry and frugality the surest means to make a 

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Another copy. (B662) 
Inebriates. Sfe Temperance. 

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Ines de la Cruz. See. Jnana Ines de la Cruz. 

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See a! no Light Infantry; Military science : 

Infatuation ; poem. See Park, B. (B 1733) 

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febrile disease*. 1803-04.) 
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pertinentc*. Boston, 1803. 8*. (B 643, 736, 820) 

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Pocsia. (In Gamba, B. 1 oesie in diall. ven. 1845.) 
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Studies for stories. Boston, 1865. 12. 

Conttnl*. The cumberers. My great-aunt s picture. 
Dr. Dcane s governess. The stolen treasure. 
Emily s ambition. 

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sur la propriete qu ils possedent soit d ame- 
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Bevolkerang st. petersburgischen Gouvernements 
nnd Ober den Ursprung des Namens Ingermannlnnd. 
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Another copy. (B 434) 

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1830. 8*. (B 1543) 

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View of the rights and wrongs, power and policy of 

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8 . (B1260) 

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1851. 8. (B 1544) 




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Note. Said to be by 8. Sitgreaves. 

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ceeding the capture of Washington by the 

British, 1814. Phila., 1849. 8*. 

CATALOGUE of his library, sold March 1855. 

Phila.. 1855. 8. 

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Another coj>y. (B1G04) 

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of Methodism and dissension ; sermon. -Lon 
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1867-68.) DELA HORDE, H. Los desslns d lngres 
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leau d lngres, Jenus au milieu des dor.trur*. (hi v. 
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d lngres au Salon des Arts-Unls. (In v. 9. 1861.) 
Dcssins d lngres. (In v. 11. 1861.) 

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LA FORCE, A. (In hia Pelnture contcmp. 1856.) 

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catalogue des ouuvres par E. Bellier de Cha- 
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etc.; tr. by H. T. Riley. London, Bohn, 
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(In hit Six lectures on the uses of the lungs. 1847.) 
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ab intcntato ex jure Romano antiquo et novo. Got- 
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women married abroad ; foreign treaties of 
the U. S. in conflict with state laws rel. to 
the transmission of real estate to aliens. 
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au Moyen Age. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Sci. J/or. 
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itages et I influcnce qu ullc exerce sur la distribution 
des richesscs. (In v. 2. 1839.) 

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the U. S. New York, 1825. 8. 

See nlxo Representation (in French lain); 
alto Hickey c.i. Eggleston. 
Inheritance, by [Miss S. Ferrier], Phila., 1824. 

2 v. 12. 
Iniquity of the slave trade; a talc founded upon fact. 

Birmingham, n.d. 10. (C 257) 
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1819-21 ; Experiments and obs. on the communication 

between the stomach and urinary organs, and the 

propriety of administering medicine by injection 

into the reins. BoBton, 1821. 8. (B 830) 
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[I860]. 16. 

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York, 1836. 2 v. 12". 
Inland navigation. See Canals ; Internal navigation ; 

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practice of medicine. London, 1861. 12. 




Myalgia ; its nature, causes, and treatment. 

2d ed. London, 1860. 8". 

fi ote. Th IB i aid ed. of his 1 henom. of spinal irrl- 
UUon. 1858 , which was an extension of hU Certain 
painful muscular affections, 1856". 
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Innamorato al turmentu, L ; farsa. 6> Giraud, O. 
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Introduction. (In Scotland. Lord Clerk Reyialrar. 

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and Ireland In answer to I. WADDEL, A. Re. 
mark* on !. Critical essay on the ancient inhabi 
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Toledo. (In Florez.II. Lspafia sugrnda, v. 6. 1751.) 
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hlstonens qni ont parlu du different survenu 1 an 

1141, entre Louis-le-Jeune et Innocent II. (/ 

Paris. lost. Ac. d. Inter. Mom., v. 0. 1822.) 
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Innozenz III. (In hit Kirclie ChrisU, lir Bd., 2e 

Abth. 1854.) 

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Age. (In Geneva- Union Chretienne. Seance* 

hUt., V. 3. 1859.) 

See alto Frederic II. 
Innocent IV. [Slnibaldo du Fieschi], Pope. SPOTORNO, 

Q. B. l/n Grillo, L. Elogi, v. 1. 1846.) 
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marriage of Henry vii. with Elizabeth of York; 

com. by J. P. Collier. (In Camden Soc. Miscellany, 

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tra M. de Molinod et ejus seclam. (In Molinos, M. 
de. Manuductlo splr. 1687.) 

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- ASGLlCts, ttteud. Answer to the Pope s letter to the 

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defended from the wicked aspersions of uncharitable 

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Innocent* abroad. Kef Clemens, 8. L. 
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Ino c TemiHio. Set Niccolini, G. B. 
Inocencia perdida, La; por A. LUta y Aragon. (In Resell, 

C. Poenias cplcos, v. 2. 1864 ; v. 29 of Aribau. Bibl.) 
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de. Tes. de los poeman eon., 1840; and in Resell, 

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vindication of his sermon against inoculation. 

London, 1754. 8. 

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between Academlcus and Sawny and Mundungus. 
[Boston, 1722.] 8". (C147) 

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(/n hit (Euvrt-H, v. 4. 1S05.) 

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oculated lu N. Eug. 2d ed. Boat., 1730. 8". (C 76) 

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ceiving the *mall-pox. Boston, 1721. 8. (C 70) 

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1759. (In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., T. 17. 1818.) 

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1761, to build an inoculating hospital. (In Ma**. 
Hi*t. Soc. Proc., 1S58-60.) 

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dendi, v. 1. 1761.) 

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814, 821) 
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pox, with obs. on I. Boston, 1752. 8". (C 70) 
See alto Vaccination. 

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of inorganic bodies ; tr. by G. O. Rees. 
London, 1833. 12. 

In-promptu de Versailles, L ; corned !e. See Moliere, J. B. 
P. de. 

Inquietudini di Zcllndn, Le; commedia. See Goldoni, C. 

Inquirer s guide. See Fitch, C. 

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Hampshire on the doctrine of the trinity. Boston, 
1812. 8*. (B 664) 

Inquiries respecting the history, present condition, 
and future prospects of the Indian tribes of 
the U. S. nJ.p. 4. 

Inquiries respecting the Indians. Detroit, 1823. 24. 

Inquiry into Remarks on the Brunonian system ; [by G. 
C. Bbattuck]. Boston, [18101. 8*. (B 436) 

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by an American citizen. Phila., 1844. 8. (B 1476) 

Inquiry into the causes of the insurrection of the 
negro in St. Domingo ; [with] obs. of Garran- 
Coulon ; before the National Assembly, Feb. 
29. London, 1792. 8. 

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Catholic*, in five letter* to a Roman Catholic; by a 
Protestant. Wash., 1822. 8. (B 1384) 

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corpus. 2d ed. London, 1758. 8. (B 578) 

Inquiry into the nature and use* of money, etc. Boston, 
1740. 8. (B 759) 

Inquiry into the present state of the British navy, 
with reflections on the late war with Amer 
ica, by an Englishman. Lend., 1815. 8. 

Inquiry Into the present state of the foreign relations of 
the Union. Boston, 1806. 8". (B 430) 

Inquiry into the state of our commercial relations with the 
northern powers with ref. to our trade with them 
under the regulation of licence, etc. London, 1811. 
8. (B787) 

Inquiry Into the state of the nation ; [by W. Hunter]. Lon 
don, 1806. 8 . (B 718) 

Same. 3d ed. London, 1806. 8. (B 1415) 

Same. 6th ed. London, 1806. 8. (B 1526) 
Inquiry into the tendency of the separation of con 
victs to produce disease, etc., by a citizen of 
Penn. [F. A. Packard]. Phila., 1849. 8. 

Inquiry reap, the authenticity of those parts of Matthew and 
Luke which narrate the miraculous conception. 
n.p., 1827. 8. (C 223) 

Inquiry, what is the one true faith? with an expo 
sition of the whole scheme of the Christian 
covenant. London, 1840. 8. 

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[reply to] C. Rockman. Boston, 1768. 8". (B 520) 

Inquiry whether the study of the ancient languages be a 
necessary branch of modern education. Edin., 
1769. 8". (B 22) 

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Sf alto Brain; Ore it Britain ; Hallucination* ; 
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bia. Litrrniurf ; Cuneiform ; Dighton ; Eng 
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Note. In v. 3 Is an Index to v. 1-3. 
Onntent*. Vol. 1. Timperlev, . Ace. of hnrbour 
and docks at Klngston-upon-llull. Provis, W. A. 
Locks used for river and uiiniil navigation. Field, J. 
Improved canal lock. Barlow, P. \V. Strain to which 
lock gates are subjected; Hydraulic pressure In a 
brainah press. Neilson, J. B. Hot air blast. 
Farey, J. Temperature and elastic force of steam; 
Velocity of steam vessel-". Walker, J. Ventilating 
and lighting tunnels. Rendel, J. M. Particulars of 
construction of Lary bridge, near Plymouth. Cubitt, 
W. Account of coals used in coke ovens and retorts, 
etc. Wicksteed, T. Effective power of high-pressure 
expansive condensing steam engines. Cooper, J. Re 
storing nrchstones. Tredgold, T. Experiments on ex 
pansion of water by heat; Principles of tension. 
Seaward, J. Procuring water by boring. Qravatt, 
W. Account of sections for water through London 
clay. Donkin, J. Ace. of borings for water In Lon 
don. Outram, F. Method of rooting In use In South 
ern Concan. Palmer, II. II. Experiments of resist- 
anco of barges moving on canals. Albano, B. Ace. 
of stone bridge over the Dora Uiparia. near Turin. 
Borthwick. M. A. Memoir on Iron piling. Account 
of Grosvenor bridge over Ulver Dee at Chester. Don- 
kin, B. Experiments on the discharge of water through 
orifices. Webster, T. Relative temperature and den 
sity of elastic fluids. Waterston, J. J. Scales for 
representing and estimating earthwork. Lukis, K. C. 
Herm granite. Freeman, W. Experiments on force 
required to fracture and crush stones; made under di 
rection of Brainah & Sons. Macnaill, J. New canal 
boat experiments. 

2. Mackenzie, W. Account of Tewkesbury bridge 
over the Severn. Danison, W. Experiments on different 
kinds of American timber. Palmer, O. II. Su-am HS 
a moving power. Donkin, B. Description of II. Ony s 
method of making perfect spheres. Henwood, W. J. 
Cornish pumping-enginea. Wickateed, T. Effective 
pow<T of high pressure expansive condensing engines. 

Harrison, T. E. Drops of the Stanhope & Tytie 
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tinuoux bearing. Bull, W. Wooden bridge over the 
river Calder. Willis, R. Teeth of wheels. Bramah, 
F. Experiments on strength of cast iron. Woods, E. 
Form* of locomotive engines. Jones, J. E. Descrip 
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Hays, W. B. Ace. of a machine for cleaning and 
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for partHing boats on canals. Smith. J. T. Reciprocat 
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3. Parkes, J. Steam boilers and steam engines. 
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Power of locomotive engines t different velocities. 
Olynn, J. Sawing machine for cutting railway bars. 
Kennie, O. Expansion of arches. P.isley. C. W. 
Suspension bridge at Montrose. Mylne, R. \V. Sup 
ply of water from welU In London basin; with ace. of 
the well at the flampstead road reservoir. Clark. W. 
T. Account of Uravesend pier. Parkes, J. Action 
of steam In Cornish single pumping engines; Action 
of steam and other aeriform fluids. Bourns, C. Set- 






ting. out railway curves. Bnry. E. Locomotive en 
gine* of the London ami Birminglmm railway. Red- 
nan, J. P. Account of the bridge over the Lea nt Strat- 
ford-le-Bow. Provis, W. A. Effect* of wind on the 
Wt-nnl bridge. Maude, T. J. Repair* of the Menai 
bridge. Stevenson, D. Cofferdam ii.-ed forczcnvating 
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C. Explosion* of steam boiler*. Enys, J. S. Duty 
of Meam engines employed in mines of Cornwall al dif 
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actions. Glasgow, 1858-68. 11 v. in 9. 8 
Conttntt. Vol. 1. Office bearers, 1857-58. Ran 
kine, \V. J. M. Introductory add re**. Discussion 
on Mr. Whltworth * proposed system of decimal divi 
sions of the inch. On M. Beaufume s system of 
hentlng tcam-lM>iler furnaces. Downie, J.. and 
Rankine, W. J. M. Blowing-fans. Mackain, D. 
Description of a stenm pumping engine at the res 
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M Cormick, 8. Screwing machine. Robson, N. 
Navigation of canals by screw steamers. Johnstons, 
W. Joint chair for railways. Lawrie. J. (K Point- 
Ing flre arms; Stability of locomotive*. Morton, A. 
Employing steam expansively. Robertson, J. Wind 
ing apparatus including mining hoit*. Napier, J. K. 
Descrip. of the Great West of Scotland Fishery Com 
pany * steamer Woman . Abstract of trcatturer s 

2. Office bearem, 1858-59. Thomson, J. Centrifu- 
,il pump with exterior whirpool constructed fordn.ln- 
ng land. More, D. Friction*! engaging and disen 
gaging gear. Marine engine*. Bell, R. B. Patent 
lip docks. Carmichael, P. Account of xome practi 
cal experiment* on the economic ui>e of steam In steam 
engine*. Memoir of D. Tod and D. Mackain. Stir 
ling, P. Coal burning locomotive engines. Gorman, 
W. Combustion of coal. Lawrie, J. Q. Combustion 
of fuel; Effect of a third cylinder In the Clyde screw 
engine. Rankine. W. J. M. Working of certain fur 
nace* at Me**. C. Tennant & Co. * Chemicnl work*, St. 
Rollox ; Method of estimating the probable evapora 
tive power of fuel. Combustion of coal, plans of 
Messrs. Clark & Yarrow. Hunt, E. Patent-law re 
form. Appointment of committee to report as to In 
dicator connection*. Presentation to the Instil, of the 
model of the American river steamer Plymouth rock. 
Neilson, W. American river steamer*. Napier and 
Sons, Mr**r*. Experiment* on steel and wrought iron; 

Tabulated result* of the experiment*. 

3. Office bearers, 1S59-$0. Neilson. W. M. In 
troductory addrei-s ; Locomotive piston*. Rankine, 
W. J. M. Descrip. of Mein s Improved machine for 
making glass bottle*. Braidwood, ,T. Descrip. of a 
edlment collector and a furnace grate for steam boilers. 

Lawrie, J. O. Treatment of steam for the develop 
ment of power; Form of ships. Milne, J. Enlarge 
ment of the junction basin at Grangemouth, etc. 
Simons, W. Improvements requisite in iron chip-build- 
Ing; Construction of hattle-tshlps. More, D. Hy 
draulic pressures and gome improvements in their con 
struction. Morrison, W. Dcscrip. of arrangements 
for applying a hot-bhu-t to locomotive furnace*. Addi 
tional experiment* with Mr. Morrison * hot-blast in 
locomotive furnace*. Moffat, J. Improved smoke 
consuming furnace. List of works presented to the 
Institution during the session. Abstract of treasurer * 
account. Conversazione of the institution. Smyth, 
Prof. C. P. Distance measuring in Russia. 

4. Officebearers, 1860-61. Rankine, W. J.M. In 
troductory address; Application of transversals to 
engineering fk-ld work. American alr.englne. 
Froude, W. Junction of railway curves and transitions 
of curvature. Mr. Gravatt a method of applying the 
curve of sines . Stirling, P. Notes on Stirling s air 
engine. Bell, W. Descrip. of diagram showing n, 
reversal of curvature on the So. Devon railway. Simp- 
ton, G. Pumps: Ventilation of mines; Canal locks. 
Davison, T. Necessity for surface condensation. 
Laidlaw, D. Gas engineering. Bartholomew, II. 
Descrip. of the large pas holder and tank recently 
erected by the Glasgow citv and euburban gas Co. 
Ferguson, J. Underground mineral transit. Descrip. 
of Mr. Lnwrie s condenser. Alteration of regula 
tions. Milne, J. Removal of the junction lock at 
Grangemouth harbour and its replacement by an en- 
larged lock. Exhibition of Mr. Jvirkaldy s picture ol 
the Persia. 




6. Office bearer*. 1861-62. Announcement ** to 
rize medal. Firrt vote for book*. Johnstone. W. 
.introductory addref*. Weir, G. Improved governor 
for screw propeller engine*. Simpson, G. Ventila 
tion of mine* : Machinery for boring rock*. Allan, 
A. Improved duplex spring buffer* mid draw springs 
for railway plant: Improved roof lamp for rwilwwy 
carriages, etc. Descrip. of a German veneer cutting 
machine. Norman, J. Wood planing machinery. 
Rankine. W. J. M. Frictional oil ten: Remarks on 
experiment* on the liquefaction of stenm in the cylinder 
of an engine working expansively. Communication 
* to proposed Royal Instil, buildings. Coradine s 
sheet metal splitting machine. Spencer, J. F. Me 
chanical and economical advantages and disadvantages 
of surface condensation. Whitesmith, J. Veneer 
cutting machinery. M Call, D. Movable bridge*. 
Alexander. W. Mining by Lnngwall. Pnrnell s hot 
water circulating apparatus. Stirling, P. Lubricating 
apparatus for locomotive and other stenm engine*. 

6. Office bearer*, l6C-63. Johnstone, W. Intro 
ductory address. Kirkaldy, D. Results of an cxperi- 
mental Inquiry Into the comparative tensile strength 
and other properties of various kinds of wrought iron 
and teel. Committee for conversazione jointly 
*vith the Philosophical Society. Dr. Rankine s ex 
periment* on railway axles. Russell, G. Obtain 
ing fresh wnter by evaporation. Warner, J. Stereo, 
metric tablet for the computation of earthwork. Na 
pier, J. It. Instrument for extracting nails from timber; 

Useful addition to a steamer * bilge pumps. Gil- 
Christ, A. Corrosion of a screw propeller shaft. Bar 
clay. A. Exhibition of model* of cranes. Communi 
cation from the Glasgow chamber of commerce ns to 
patent laws. Patent law reform. Fyfe, ,T. Exhibi 
tion of safety apparatus for stenm boilers. Downie, J. 
Machine for testing cast iron. Admiral Robinson s 
statement relating to the advantage* of iron and wood. 

7. Office bearers, 1863-64. Napier, J. R. Intro 
ductory address ; Effect* of superheated steam and 
oscillating paddle* on the *peed and economy of stenm- 
er* ; Incrustations of marine boiler*. Rankine, W. 
J. M. Expansive energy of heated water; Trials of 
the speed of steam vessel* in a tideway. Downie, J. 
Turned and bored joints for gas and water main pipe*: 

Renewing the substructures of railway bridges and 
viaducts without stopping the traffic. Gale, J. M. 
Glasgow water-works. Descrip. of a hydraulic enpino 
for working organ bellows. Inglia, W". Valve* and 
valve gearing for steam engines. Minutes of pro 

8. Office bearers, 186-J-flo. Napier, J. R. Intro 
ductory addres*; Formula for finding the size of a 
cylindrical segment balance weight. Maqnet, O. Bitu- 
menlzed paper pipe*. Kirk, A. C. Machine for pro 
ducing cold by the expansion of air. Moffat, J. New 
method of building under water. Lander, G. Certain 
recent improvement* In the manufacture of cast iron 

Sipe*. Yule, J. Improved boiler carriage. Joule, 
. P. Self-acting apparatus for steering ships. Fitz- 
williams, C. II. L. New water engine. Downie, J. 
On Low s machinery for quarrying, ftr. Leeds, W. E. 
C. Self-acting hydraulic coal cutting machine. Car 
michael, P. Factory chimneys. 

9. Office bearer*. 1S65-66. Lawrie, J. G. Intro 
ductory address. Carmichael, P. Canvas for the 
*ail* of ships. Rankine. W. J. M. Tenacity of some 
fibrous substances. Robertson, J. Frictional screw- 
motions and applications. Rig{T< A., Jr. Patent 
duplex screw-propeller. Smith, G. W. Method of 
propelling ships In a calm by the action of the swell or 
wave*. Napier, J. R. Balancing of a Bteam saw ; 
Demonstration of a rule for calculating the displacement 
of *hip* with trochoid water line* and certain forms of 
midship sections; Memoir of D. Elder. Hannan, J. 
Description of an Improved steam engine indicator. 
Lyall. J., Jr. Construction of iron vessels. Clapper- 
ton, W. M Dowall * corkcutting machine. Ferguson, 
J. Safety and seaworthiness of vessels. Discnssion 
on the measurement of registration tonnage of ships ns 
regards crew space and spar decks. Ltter from J. 
Page as to the advantage of turned and bored joints for 
cast iron pipe*. Neilson. W. Application of iron to 
pit-head framing and engine seats. Barnaby, X. 
Connection of plates of iron and steel in ship building 
Proposed rules for the construction nd classification of 
composite ships. 

10. Office bearer*. 1866-fi7. Lawrie. J. O. Introd . 
address. Smith, W. Improved overhead traversing 
crane. Price, J. Comparative merit* of the rules of 
Lloyd s and the Liverpool underwriters for the construc 
tion of iron ships. Barber, G. Employment of steel 
In shipbuilding and marine engineering. Page, J. 




Railway carriages. Thomson, /Vo/. Sir W. Rate of 
a clock or chronometer influenced by the mode of 
uspennion. Skinner, J. Improved ireri nn apparatus. 

Drewsen. J. Improved stenm ferry-boat for pasien- 
get and cart traffic. Adams, T. Tlifory and practice 
of the nide valve. Hoel, T. Mode of collecting, rtc., 
town sewage and the saving of water. Graham, D. A. 
Method of utilising st-wage and preventing rivers from 
being polluted. Mac Callum, J. Comparative 
strength* of long and short strut*. Napier, J. R. 
Indicator for ascertaining the speed of ship*. 

11. Office bearer*. 1867-68. Gale, J. M. Introd. d- 
drt-oit: Port Glagow water work*. Duncan, R. 
Remarks on the proposed amendment* of the men-hunt 
hipping an. Napier, J. R. Remark* on the 3d, 13th, 
and 14th article* of admiralty regulation* for preventing 
collisions at sen. Day, St. J. V. Certain point* in the 
manufacture of malleable Iron. Page, J. Improved 
bar-tenting machine. Howden, J. Surface condenser*. 

Rankine, W. J. M. Dencr. of a chimney at the Wr*t 
Cumberland hs?mntile Iron work*. Lobnitz, II. C. 
Nature and progress of the work* of the Suez canal. 

Institution es theologicjc ad usum scholarum ; 

[a J. Valla]. Lugduni, 1780. 6 v. 12. 
Instruction de In polltlcn que se usa. Madrid, 1786. 8*. 


Instruction. 3< Education. 
Instruction HUX prince* *ur Je gonvernement des Jesoltes. 

(In Scotti G. C. Monarchic des Solipes. 1721.) 
Instructions chretiennes pour les jeuues gens. 

Quebec, 1807. 12. 

Same. Nouv. 6d. Avignon. 1808. 12. 
Instructions for a young lady. Edin., 1773. 12. 
Instructions for the relief of the sick poor In some dl*eaes 

of frequent occurrence. 2d cd. Gloucester, 1820. 
12". (C147) 

Instructions on the erection of four Catholic Epi*c. Sees In 
the U. 8 , and consecration of their first blfhops, 
Bait.. 28 Oct., 1, 4, Nov. Bait., 1810. 12. (C 29) 
Instructive part of the mat* ; moral reflections on the In- 

trolt, etc. np., [17-]. 12. (C 153) 
Instructor clerical!*. See G., R. 

Instruments. LISSAJOCS. . Instrument* d astronomle, 
d geodeBie. etc. (fn Trance. Com. Imp. d VExpo. 
de 1867. Rapports, v. 2. 1868.) 

Sf alo Astronomical instruments ; Mathemati 
cal instruments ; Musical instruments ; Optical 
Instruments ; Philosophical instruments ; Surgi 
cal instruments. 

Insurance. BAILY, F. Doctrine of life-annuities 
and assurances explained ; with tables. Lon 
don, 1810. 8. 

EAGER, W., r. ATLAS INS. Co. Opinion of the Su 

preme Judicial Court of Mass. Boston, 1833. 8*. 

OR. BRIT. Commissioners for the Reduction of 

the National Debt. Tables of the premiums 
for the insurance of lives or the grant of gov 
ernment annuities. London, 1865. 8. 

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Aasoc. Tran*., no. 2. 1870.) 

JONES, J. Tables of annuities and assurances. 

London, 1843. 8. 

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Hibl., v. 46, 50.) 

LAFOSD, G. Guide de 1 assureur et de 1 assure. 

Paris, 1837. 8. 

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life Insurance. (In hit History of banks, etc. 186-.) 
_ MARSHALL, S. Treatise on law of insurance. 

1st Amer. ed. Boston, 1805. 8. 
MASS. Commissionert of Insurance. Ist-llth, 

15th, 17th annual report, Dec. 1855-72. 

Boston, 18-56-72. 15 v. 8. 
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tion of tables of mortality, etc. London, 

1815. 2 v. 8. 

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ances on lives and survivorships, stated and 

explained. London, 1779. 8. 
Same. Principles and doctrine of assurances, 

annuities on lives, and contingent reversions. 

London, 1821. 8. 

- Address to the Society for Eqnltnblo Assurances on 

Live* and Survivorship*. Loiul.. 1800. 8. (B 14 JO) 

MORRIS, C. E*ny toward* deciding the question 

whether It be a national advantage to Britain to In 
sure the ship* of her enemle* ? Addressed to II. 
Pelham by the author of Letter from a bystander*. 
London, 1747. 8*. (B 1519, C 314) 


ence of the Co.; [by S. Romans]. N. Y., 
1859. 4. 

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REMARKS [on] the old and new rules In the adjustment 

of marine losses. Boston. 1833. 8*. (A 69) 

Rocco, F. Merkwaardige aanmerk : ir. orer 

assurantien, etc., als mede reglement dcr 
assurantien eu haveryen van de stad Ham 
burg; vert, door J.Feitama. Amst., 1737. 4. 


director*, n.t.p. 1843. V. (B 1179) 
Sre n *o American Mutual Life Ins. Co.; Annul- 
ties; Family Endowment Soc. ; Massachusetts ; 
New England Mutual Life Ins. Co. ; New Hamp 
shire ; Penn. Company for Insurances, etc. ; Scot 
tish Equitable Insurance Soc. 

Insurrection In the four western counties of Penn. Set 

Findley. W. 

Integral calculus. See Calculus. 
Intellect. ANCILLON, L. F. Sur le principe de la 

penseo. ou Ezamen dn passage de Locke snr ce suiel 
(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1705.) 

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CONVERSATIONS on intellectual philosophy. 

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facultes Intellectaelle*. (In Turin. Ac. d. Sci. 
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Sf nlo Psychology (where are given the works treat- 
Ing of the Intellect in connection with the emotions and 
the will) ; alto Belief; Brain ; Certainty ; Im - 




agination ; Intuition ; Knowledge ; Memory ; 
Perception; Psychology ; Reason ; Representa 
tion; Senses. 

Intellectual development of Europe. Set Draper, J. W. 
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Dec. 1867. London, 1863-67. 9 v. 8. 
Sole. Continued HO Student and intellectual observer. 
Intellectual system of the universe. See Cudworth, K. 
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the people. No. 5. Bcpl. S, 1663. London, ItkM. 

4*. (C2*J) 
Intelligent*. I/: poema. (Tn Oz.inam, A. F. Doc. pour 

crvir & I bUt. de I ltalle. 1*50.) 
Intemperance, Ste Temperance. 
Interest. .Src Usury. 
Interest of England in respect to Protestants dissenting 

from the established Oh. London, n.d. 4*. (B 654) 
Interest of (Jr. Brit, with regard to her colonies, and the 

acquisition* of Canada and Guadaloupe, etc., [by 

B. Franklin]. 2d ed. London, 1761. S". (B 920; 
Other edition*. (B 389, 517, 617} 
Interest uf the merchants and manufacturers of Or. Britain 

in the contest with the colonies. London, 1774. S". 


Interesting and important truth*, n.t.p. [1S34.] 12*. (C246) 
Interesting narratives of the sufferings and deliverance of 

the crew* of sundry shipwrecked vessels. Phila., 

1810. 8*. (W 13h) 
Interests of man in opposition to the right* of man. Edin., 

17U3. 8. (B776) 
Interference of British legislation In the West India Islands 

renp. slave* deprecated. London, 1816. 8". (B1482) 
Interiano, Giorgio. Delia vita de Zychi. (In Ramusio, 

U- B. Kac. delle navig., v. 2. 1573.) 
Interieur d un bureau, I. ; comedie; Int6rieur d une 

etude, I. ; coined ie; par E. Scribe. (In his CEuvres 

cholsies, v. 1. lS4. i.) 
Interlude. See Trlall of treasure. 
Interlude of the disobedient child, by T. Ingelend ; 

ed. by J. O. Halliwell. London, 1848. 8. 

(Percy Soc., v. 22.) 
Interlude of the four elements ; ed. by J. O. Halli- 

well. London, 1848. 8. (Percy Soc., v. 22.) 
Internieiiaire des chercheurs et curieux, L . Paris, 

Jan. 1864 -dec. 1869. 5 v. 8. 

Intermediate state (between death and the resurrec 
tion). BLACKBURN, F. Historical view of 

the controversy [on] an intermediate state. 

2d ed. London, 1772. 8. 
No proof in the Scriptures of an intermediate 

state ; answer to Mr. Goddard s sermon. 

London, 1756. 8. 
Another copy. (B 576) 

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ing the state of the soul on its separation 
from the body, with extracts from other 
writers. Camb.. 1765. 8. 

GODDARD, P. S. The intermediate state proved. 

London, 1756. 8. 

HODGES, \V. Sheol; a brief diss. cone, the place of 

departed souls between their dissolution and the 
general resurrection. (In hit Christian plan. 1755.) 

WIIITTLF.SEY, 8. Woful condition of impenitent souls 

In their separate slate; sermon. Boston, 1731. b. 

See alto Purgatory. 
Interment. See Burial. 
Intermezzo, Dan; von A. T. Kotzebue. (In hit Theater, 

v. 33. 1841.) 

Internal improvements. fife France. Public work* ; 
Great Britain. fnUrntl iiittrcotir*? ; United 
States. fntrriHit iinprvrfmniti ; alxo Ireland. 
Sfe alto Canals; H.irbor and River Convention ; 
Inland navigation ; Railroads ; River and har 
bor improvements. 

Internal intercourse. GRAHAME, T. Internal inter 
course and couim. [Part 1.] Loncl., 1834. 8. 
Internal navigation. GoCRT, G. Souvenirs poly- 
techniques cone, la navigation internale, etc. 
Paris, 1827-28. 3 v. 4 and Plates f. 
Stf alto Alabama River ; Canals ; Hudson 
Rivor; Mississippi River; Ohio River; Rail 
roads ; Tennessee River. 

Internal revenue. Ste United States. Treanvry Dtp l. ; 

U.S. f inttnre. 

International coinage. BROWN, 8. I* It desirable to have 
an international coinage, and If so, in what form? 
FIELD, A. I It de*4ral>le to have an international 
coinage, and if no, in what form ? (In. Nat. Assoc. 
Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 186S.) 

International Congress of Prehistoric Archae 
ology. Transactions of the 3d session which 
opened at Norwich, Aug. 20, and closed in 
London, Aug. 28, 1868. London, 1869. 8. 
Content*. Introduction: Origin and designation of 
the Congress, etc. President s address. Tylor, E. B. 
Condition of prehistoric races as Inferred from observa 
tions of modern tribe*. Stuart, J. Notice of n croup 
of cisu recently found at Broomcnd, near Invcrarle. 
Abprdeenshire. and of cysts at Bishopmlll. near Elgin, 
and at Kdderton in Itoss-shire; Stone circles and al- 
lignmenu; Note of engravings of sculptures on stone 
monuments In Scotland. Lewis, A. L. Certain Druidic 
monuments In Berkshire. Westropp, II. M. Ilock 
carving*. Lamprey, J. H. Certain antiquities in 
stone found In the islands of the Pacific nnd South Sens. 
Busk. O. Exhibition of stone implements from the 
Cape of Good Hope; Caves of Gibraltar in which 
human remains and works of art have been found. 
Dawkins, W. B. Early antiquities in Portugal; An 
tiquity of the iron mines of the weald; Prehistoric 
mammalia of Great Britain. Ellis, H. S. Flint flak*-* 
and mammalian remains in the submersed forest of 
Barnstaple, in North Devon. Huxley. T. II. DiMri- 
bution of the races of mankind and its bearing on the 
antiquity of man. Broca, P. Crania nnd bones of 
Lvs Eyzles, Dordogne. Rolleston, G. Modes of sep 
ulture observable in late Romano-British and early An 
glo-Saxon time* In this country. Evans, J. Manufac 
ture of stone Implement* In prehistoric times. Flower, 
J. W. Prehistoric sepulchres of Algeria. Lnkis, AVr. 
\V. C. Various forma of monuments, commonly called 
dolmens. In Brittany, pointing out a progress in their ar 
chitectural construction, with an attempt to reduce them 
to chronological order. Foote, R. 1$. Quartzite im 
plements of palaeolithic types from the lateritp forma 
tion of the east coast of Southern India. Elliot, Sir 
W. Ancient sepulchral remains in Southern India, nnd 
pnrtlc. of those In the Nilagiri Ml*. Franks, A. W. 
Notes on the discovery of stone implements in Japan. 

Brash, R. R. Oifham monument* of the Oaedhal 
(Gael). Ferry, H. de, nn-l Arcelin, A. L asfe du renne 
en M&connais; inemoire siir le eisement nreht -olotcique 
du clos du charnier & Solutre. deuartemont de Saone et 
Loire. Cartallbac, K. Monuments meif-ilithiques du 
departement de I Aveyron. Mog?ridge. M. The Me- 
rnvliflie . Kirwan, fttr. K. Memoir of the excavation 
of three tumuli on Broad Down, Farway, near Honlton, 
Devon. Vilanova, J. Prehistoric remains in Valencia. 

Clarke, II. Connection of the prehistoric and his 
toric ages in Western Asia. Fursa, P. Prehistoric 
monumenti in the islands of Malta and Gozo. 

International exhibitions of industry. See Dublin ; 
London; New York; Paris, 

International law. Bibliography. 

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CHAMUBICR D OLLIREM, baron de. Qut-rtion* de drolt 

drs Ken*, el ob*. aur le -Trait* du droll des gens de 

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in a popular manner. Phila., 1809. 8. 

- Another io/,y. (B 1750) 

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law of nation*, In an article in the N. Amer. rev. 

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by an abridged trans, by "NV. Whewell, with 

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A ote. For other editions *te Grotius (p. 1290). 
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J. li- 

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See alto Davenport. 

History . 

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Natural history. 

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- Wv-wv-Kv-hw e-ya e-tn n-na-b Pa-hu-cac e-cae fe-ta- 

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Set alto Bible (p. 2S8). 
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Iphicrates. Nr.pos, C. (/AiVitw.) 
Iphigenia. UHDEJJ, W. Uebor Iphigenia \n Aulia fund] 

In Taurii nach alten Werken dor bildenden Kunt. 

(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wisa. Abh., 1S12-13.) 
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Iphigenie auf Tauris. Ste Goethe, J. W. von. 
Ipbigenie en Aulide; tragedie. Set Racine, J. 
Iphigenie en Tauride; tragedie. See La Touche, C. G. de. 
Iphig6nie en Tauride; tragedie-lyrlque. See Guillaud, X. 

F. (B1622) 

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- The last sermon preached in the ancient meeting 

house of the 1st p; Ipswich, Feb. 22. Bos 
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Ch. in I. to the 1st in I. and the 2d Ch. in Kittery, 

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4*. (C-251) 

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Ipswich. South (or Third) Church. See Ipswich Council. 

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tion of delegates, Ipswich, to take into con 
sideration the constitution and form of gov 
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Another ropy. (B 133. 2517) 

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ing*] at a meeting of Federal delegates, faod ad- 
drr*]. .<-/>. [1817.] 8 . (B 445. 1492) 

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late Council. Newburyport. 1805. 12. (D 2) 

MAKCI. S, /)<-</. Reply to Vindication of the result 

of the late council at Ipuwich. Newburyport, 1805. 
8". (D2) 

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VINDICATION of the character of Mro E. Dana; the 

result of the Into Council, their Vindication*, with 

the publications of Dr. Dana and hi son considered. 

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Ircana in Ispnan; tragicommedia. fee GolJoni, C. 
Ircana in Julfa; commedia. See Goldoui, C. 
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Philanthropic Societies, at Chapel-Hill, June 25. 

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, G. J. Life and correspondence of I. 
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Lamb, and a chronological list of the works 
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Second solemn appeal to the Ch.; remarks on the pro 

ceedings of a pretended eccl. court against the 
author. Brooklyn, 1811. 8. (B 237) 

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seal of Shakspeare, including King Lear and 
part of Hamlet, from the original mss. in the 
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certain miscellaneous papers, etc. London, 

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with evidences proving that I., executed for high 

treason, wan In London, Aug. 19, 1678. London, 

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Law of diKtrocs. 2. Law- of dintrrsa [completed]; 
Laws of hostage, snrcties. fosterage. pacr-i>tock tenure, 
daer-stock tenure, and of social connexions. 3. Con 
clusion. Customary law, and Book of Aicill. 

Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland. 

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advances made by the Commits. 1st and 2d 
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IRELAND (Commissioners) 


IRELAND (Biography) 

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Commission*: to Take an Account of the Popu 
lation of Ireland. 

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- Same. Part 1 : Area, population, and num 

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2 T. in 14 nos. f. 

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Status of disease. Dublin, 1863. f. 

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pix>c*--<iliijfn In the High Court of Chancery. 12th 

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See alto Roil* Office of the Court of Chanctry. 

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House of Commons. 

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House of Lards. 

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Master of the Rolls of Ireland. 

See Court of Chancery; Roll* Office of the Court of 



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ed. by Sir R. Bolton. Dublin, 1621. f. 

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paring bill* of supply In Ireland, stated from record ; 
[with] annotations, [and] an address to George, 
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rix Hiberniae asservatarum repertorium. 
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Ste at*o Court of Chancery. 


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Set alto Loughash ; Peat. 

Antiquities . 

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covered in the Co. of Kildare. (lit Roy. Irish A cad. 
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and description by E. Ledwich]. London, 
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nlca Inter se comparator (In Goettingen. Ges. d. 
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Ste alto Celt*; Round towers; alto Na 
tional character (p. 1533). 


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Art, including Architecture. 

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ties, previous to the landing of the Anglo-Normans 
in Ireland. (In Roy. Irish Acad. Trans., v. 15. 

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Kot/e. First published in Roy. Irish Acad., 
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See alto Barrington, Sir J. ; Bedell, W.: 
Browne. G.; Burke. E.; Curran, .T.P.; Edge- 
worth, II. L.; Emmet. T. A.; Fitzgerald, K. : 
Goldsmith, O. ; OratUn, H. ; Hackot, .T. ; Big 
gins, F. ; Jebb, J. : Lawless, V. B. ; Moore. T. ; 
Patrick. St.; Plunket, I>. ; Shell, 1C. L.; 
Stewart. 1C., Vitc. C liUrreuyh; Swift, J.; Tone, 
W. T. W.; Whately. 1C, 

IRELAND (Climate) 


IRELAND (Description) 


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bill* relative to the trade of Ireland. London, 1778. 
8. (B 1537, E 163) 

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1763, 64 ; [with] Enquiry how far restrictions 
upon the trade of I., by acts of Parl., are a 
benefit to England ; with statutes. London, 
1766. 2 T. 8. 

- - Enquiry bow far, tic. Exeter, 1779. 8". (B 347) 

- COLLECTION of tracts cone, the present state of 

Ireland. London, 1729. 8. 

Content*. Seasonable rcmarkit on trade. Essay on 
trade In general, and on ttmt of Ireland In partlc. 
Considerations on Seasonable remark* and on Essay 
on trade . Appeal to Swift, by way of reply to [ Con 
siderations ]. Letter In answer to Appeal . 

- Fox, C. J. Head* of speech In opposition to the 4th 

Irish proportion. London. 1785. 8. (B 1240) 
Reply to Pitt on the 4th Irish proposition [on com 
merce], May 31, 178.J. London, n.rf. 8. (B 1241) 

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frel. to commerce, etc.,} May 12, 1785. London. 
1785. 8". (B 1240) 

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land. London, 1836. 8. 

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try (p. 153-2). 

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adjustment of the commercial cystem between Or. 
Brit, and Ireland. London, 17S5. 8. (B 765) 


Collection of reports and papers of the navi 
gation and trade of Gr. Brit., Ireland, and 
the Brit, colonies in Amer. Lond., 1807. 8. 

- SOME facts re!, to the fate of the Inte linen bill. Lon 

don, reprinted, 1753. 8". (B 784) 

See alto Peat; also Jmlustry (p. 1532); 
Inland navigation. 

Description and Travels. 

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charts, and plans [of] Ireland, etc. (In Roy. Irish 
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See also Connaught ; Cork Co.; Dublin; 
Kerry; Killarney; Meatb Co.; also Gr. Brit. 
Denrription (pp. 123:2-33); ami Ireland. Commit*, to 
Take an Account of the Population (p. lo ^O); Cli 
mate; Ethnnlnr/y; In/luttry; Inluiuf navigation , 
Land question , Natural history; Poor; Sta 
tistics (p. 1535). 


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IRELAND (Eccl. history) 


IRELAND (History) 

Ecclesiastical history. 

- MASON, H. J. M. Misstatements inT. Moore s 

history reap, the introd. of Christianity into 
I. London, 1845. 12. 

- - Primitive Christianity in Ireland ; a letter to 

T. Moore, [220-8151. 2d ed. London, 
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(In hi* Essays. 1868.) 

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life and death of Q. Browne, Archbp. of Dublin. 
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tant reformation in ! [1540-18301. Boston, 
1853. 12. 

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1645-49, (p. 1630). 

- CANDIDCS, pseud. Full display of late publi 

cations on tithes and the sufferings of the 
clergy in the south of I., [1778-861. Dub 
lin, 1788. 8. 
See alto Ballykelly ; Catholic Church in Or. Brit. 

(pp. 501-503) ; Church of Ireland (p. 581) ; Cloyne ; 

- Cork ( - killinchy. 


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IRELAND. 1 2th report. London, 1818. 8. (B1023) 

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change* In the syMom of Irinh national education. 
2d ed. London, 1853. 8. (E 3) 
See alto Dublin University ; -r May nooth College. 

Set Land question (p. 1532). 


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(In Hi* Etrnrla. 1842.) 

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tants of I., illustrated by Ptolemy s map. 
Cork, 1821. 8. 

Finance (Public). 

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the Dublin District, for the coll. of revenue, 
[Jan. 1806-] Jan. 1809, and 1815-18. [Lon 
don, 1819.] f. 

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report of a committee on the circulating paper, 
specie, elf., of Ireland. London, 1805. 8". (B 1414) 

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[on] revenue; [with] the Mate of thu distilling trade 
of Ireland. Dublin, 1782. 8. (W 29) 
For banking tee Commerce (p. 1530). 

Set Great Britain. IlrratJry (p. 1236). 


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General and mitcellanemut hlttory. 

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Iff The following are chronologically arranged. 

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(In Roy. Irish Acad. Trans., v. 4. 17!>2?) 

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Leg end . 

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IRELAND (Politics) 



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See alto Land yurttion (p. 1532); also Catholic 
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J., Diike of BHtkinijhainihire. For a list of articles iu 
the Revue dea D. Moudcs see. its Table gen., p. 336. 


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IRELAND (Prisons) 




BKI OOKF.X, v. d. Etudes sur Ic systfcme peni- 

tentiaire; rev. par F. de HoltzendortF. Berlin, 
1865. 8. 

Sre alto Innpectort. 

Public irorks. 
See Commits, of Public Work* (p. 1528). 


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public offices, and persons In office, from the earliest 
periods. (In Hit Political index, v. 3. 1806.) 


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com. Don. !. menos so nienmi salta la ll>br.zarzuela. 
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. de 1 Anglais par de R. Paris, 1803. 8. 

See also Drainage ; Hydraulics. 
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See alio Counter-irritation. 

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Sir D. Lindsay. J. Bellenden. Sir R. Maltland. 

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Homilies on baptism. Homilies on the Lord s supper. 
3. Prayer. Praise. Family and social religion. 
Discourses on public occasions. 4. Miscellaneous dis 
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7. Tales of a traveller. 8. Astoria. 9. Crayon 
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.S awie. With vocab. by E. Anthon. Lpz., 

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Legend of the subjugation of Spain. Legend of Count 
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Spain. Chronicle of Fcrnan Gonzales, Count of Cas 
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See alto Irving, E. 

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Eastern eclogues, written durlnga tour through Arabia, 

Egypt, etc., 1777. Ix>n.lon, 17KO. 4. (A 70) 




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London, [1782]. 4*. (A 47) 
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work.. Y. 2. 1864.) 
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erundio de Campazas, nliAs Zot g. Variot nciitox 
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ros de M. Marquina. Cnrtn [de] C. Criton al moromlo 
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vera. Romance contra Gerundio. por el marque* dc In 
Olmeda. Carta dc Suplno a Gerundio. Al cute sin 
auatnnciii, nl atomo bullicioso, al ornte de Inn tcrtulinc, 
etc.. y fingido A. de la Verdad. Un Hpanionndo dc la 
verdad. Endrchas del padre Marco contra Gerundio 
y su autor. Dccimoo dc un cocinero de ciertu rcllkfioii 
contra Gerundio. Mtmorial dc un Gerundio convcrco. 

Koticioso Gerundio dc que le bucca su autor, le pnr- 
ticjpa *u pnrodero. Decimas [dc] I*ln. geguidillna 

3uc iiccgiimn scr de un noviclo de la Ccnipafiiii dc 
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[17]- 8 

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Antonio Abort [por] 1*. Nolasco dc Ocejo. Cnrta, 
acomp. una niitirn. Batlra contra Ion malos <crltore 
de cste slglo, nor J. PUillns. [pteml.]. Carta nnolo- 
getica, sobr el K;u-go epico del D. J. Canst* y Xalo. 
Satira 4 las damas que usan de afoytee, y deomlcntcn 
n estaturn con lo dosmcsurado do log tacones, ttc. 
Otra a Ian que afectnn *er extrangcra*. Carta a L. O. 
Pulg, [sob re el] Triunfo del amor . Fabula en verso 
CMstcllano tomarfa de Fedro. Carta sobre el trata- 
mlento del Fray. Carta en verso escrita por un des- 
Usrrndo a an nmlgo suyo. 

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See alto Oceania ; Polynesia. 

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Isle of France. Ste Mauritius. 

Isla of Man. See Man. 

Isle of Wight. See Wight. 

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See Delisle de Sales. 
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Contents. Vol. 1. Pro!. Vida de I. Dionislo de 

HalicarnaAOftobrcI. Breve rnzon de la obras. Oral. 

admtm. A. IH-monlco. Sobre el modo de reynar a 

Nicock-B. Kicoclcs, dc como lot subdltos dvbcn ha- 
btTi>c con el jirini i[n>. Or. \uii*orini. El paticglrico. 

A Flllpo, sobrc reconciliar la* clu<ludfn gru-gu*. 2. 
Arehiduno. Artopacitlea. Ln oclnl o dc la pm. 
lo<ri>u y reprfniioii-n. Elog. dc Ev(fornH. DC Helena. 

Dc BuclrU. El panateniaco. Contra lo 8ofitn. 
3. Or. Jiitlicialei. Platalca. De la permuta. Del 

6ar de caballo*. La trapecitlcn. rur:i>frafica. 
glnOtfca. Ix>chites. La sin U-tleo*. Crtrttu. 

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10 T. 8. 

Content*. Vol.1. M. A. 8abollleo. 2. P. Bembo. 
S-4. P. Paruta. 8-7. A. Moronlnl. -9. B. Nani. 
10. M. Foacarinl. 

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See alto Sir Isumbrns. 

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It is never too late to mend; by C.Rcadc. .Boston, 

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in Sicilien^ [genormnen aus den Discorsi* von 
R. diGregono]. Stuttg., Lit. Verein, 1843. 8. 
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Content*. Ooldoni. C. An odd mistake; The mo- 
rose good man. Girand, G. Jealousy at fault: 
The mud prophet. Nota, A. Tho projector; The 
firm step* to folly. 
Italian merchants in London. Cne of the Italian mer- 

chantx. [London, 16.] f*. (A 52) 
Italy, Ancient. FABRETTI. A. Corpus inscrip- 
tionum Itnlicarum nntiquioris a;vi et Glossa- 
rium Italicum in quo omnin vocabula ex 
Umbricis, Sabinis, Oscis, Volscis, Etniscis, 
aliisq. monum. Aug. Taur., [18-58-67]. 4. 



ITALY, MOD. (Art) 

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HUt. of the kiOftffef Home. 1*6S.) 

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See alto Etruria ; Latin am ; TJmbria ; 
and upevially Rome. 

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Documenti diplomatic! presentati al parla- 
mento, 21 dec. 1866. Firenze, [1867?]. 4. 

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1862-64, 67-72. Roma, 1862-72. 9 T. 8. 

Italy, Modern. 
1852. 2 v. 8. 

Italian irrigation. 



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- fttt alto Bala ; Bosia ; Caste 1 Gondolfo ; Cora ; 

CumsB ; Etraria ; Faenia ; Falisci ; Fermo ; 

Florence ; Herculanenm ; Pompeii ; alto 

Classical antiquities ; Italy, (Ancient) ; Rome. 
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Art (chiefly painting and sculpture ; for Music 
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ITALY (Art) 


ITALY (Deacr.) 

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ITALY (Descr.) 


ITALY (Descr.) 

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ITALY (Descr.) 


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Set alto Abrnzzi ; Adlge ; Adriatic ; Albano ; 
Alps ; Ancona ; Baldo, Monte ; Bergamo ; Bo 
logna ; Brescia ; Calabria ; Campania ; Campi ; 

Capua; Ceius, Mont; Cesna; Chetumno 
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flee alo the lives of Alcuinus, F. A. ; Anchieta, J. ; 

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ITALY (History) 


ITALY (History 

Grnfral and rnifrellantf/vi wortt. 

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49" The following are chronologically arranged. 

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ITALY (History) 


ITALY (Language) 

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Bute* of Italy. 1669. (In Archwologla. v. 37. 1847.) 

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Set alio Adria ; Ancona ; Aosta; Aquileia ; 

Arezzo ; Bari ; Bassano; Benevento ; Ber 
gamo ; Bologna ; Brescia ; Calabria ; Campa 
nia; Capua; Caasino ; Cava; Cesena ; Chi- 
usi ; Como ; Corsica ; Cortona ; Cremona ; 
Cuneo ; Etruria ; Farfa ; Ferrara ; Florence ; 

Foglino; Fontanabona; Friuli ; Genoa ; 
Leghorn ; Lodi; Lombardy ; Lucca ; Magna 
Grecia ; Malta ; Milan ; Modena ; Monaco ; 

Naples; Nola; Padua; Palermo; Pied 
mont ; Pisa ; Pistoia ; Placentia , Pompeii ; 

Reggio ; Rome ; Salerno ; San Gerrnano ; 
San Marino ; Sardinia ; Savoy ; Sicily ; 
Sienna ; Subiaco ; Syracuse ; Taranto ; Ti- 
voli ; Turin ; Tuscany ; Two Sicilies ; Urn- 
bria: Venice ; Verona ; aluu Fieschi, G. L. ; 
alio France. //* *{. : fltoolation ; Ghibelinea ; alxo 
Iron Crown of Lombardy. For a list of articles In the 
Revue d. D. Mondca, see its Table gun., p. 44 J. 


See Latin inscriptions; Rome. Inscription*. 

MAXCTIO, A. Elcgnnzc, insicme con la copia 
della lingua toscana c latina. Vcn., 15.>8. 8". 

ITALY (Language) 


ITALY (Libraries) 

Con ffr lotion. 

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- Italian. Della volgare eloqnenza; tr. da G. O. Tris- 

oino. (In Dante, A. Opere, v. 4. 1830.) 
DEMXA, O. M. C. 8ur 1 originedelalangueltnllenne. 

(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wis*. Abh.. 1795.) Comment 

In Innguc epagnole et la portugalae different de 

Tltallenne. (In 1796.) 
GIAMBULLARI, P. F. II Gello ; [della prima 

engine della toscana, partic. della lingua fio- 

rentinn]. Fiorenza, 1546. 4. 
MUKATORI, L. A. Po origine llnguee Italica. (In hi* 

Antlq. Ital.. v. 2. 1739.) 
NANNCCCI, V. Voci.e locuzioni ital. derivate 

dalla lingua provenzale. Firenze, 1840. 8. 


FKRRARI, C. E. Vocabolario de* noml propri a*tan- 
tlvi tanto d oomlnl che dl femmlne. Mfzzi. L. 
Vocaholnrlo degll adlettlvl propri. (In Costa, P. 
Dlz. della ling, ital., v. 7. 1828.) 


GRACICH, D. Nuovo cornpendio di ortopraphia 
e specialm. delle voci che raddoppiano le 
lettere. Firenze, 1833. 16. 


MARENCO. V. Bopra la prosodln metrlra Itallann. (In 
Turin. Ac, d. 8cL Mem., v. 21. 1831.) 


TOMMAREO, N". Nuovo di/ionario dei sinonimi. 
4a ed. Milano, 1858-59. 2 v. 8. 

Minctllanrou* wort*. 

PAROLETTI, M. T-e caractere et 1 etode [de] 1 ltal. et 

la franc. (In Turin. Ac, d. Sci. Mem., v. 19. 1811.) 

SALVIATI, L. Degli avvertlmentl della lingua sopra l 

Decamerone. (In hit Opere, v. 2-4. 1809-10.) 
See alto Bible (p. 270, 283). 


BACDI DI VESME. C., and FOSSATI. 8. Vlcende della 

Sroprietainltnliadallacadutadell Imporio Romano 
no allo gtabilimento dei fcudi. (Jn Turin. Ac. d. 
Sci. Mem., v. 39. 1836.) 

BOWYER, G. Statutes of the cities of Italy ; 
with the pleading of Farinacio in defence of 
Beatrice Cenci. London, 1838. 8. 


BLCME, F. Bibliotheca librorum mss. Italica ; 
indices bibliothecarum in supl. Itineris . 
Gottir.gse, 1834. 8. 

- Iter Italicum ; Archive, Bibliotheken, und 

Inschriften. Berlin, 1824-30. 3 v. 8. 

ITALY (Literature) 


ITALY (Literature) 


- AROELLATI, F. Bibliotheca dcgli volgarizza- 

tori o sia notizia dall opere volgariz/ate 
d autore che scrissero in lingue morte primu 
del sec. xv. Miluno, 1767. 4 v. 4. 

- AUDIFFREDI, G. B. Specimen hist.-crit. edit. 

Ital. SJEC.XV. Romse, 1794. 4. 

- BANDINI, A. M. Catalogus codd. Italicorum 

bibhoth. Medicea; Laurentince, Gaddiana?, 
et Sane-tie Crucis. [Tom. v. Ital. scriptores 
continens.] Florentine, 1778. 8. 

- BARETTI, G. Italian library ; lives and works 

of Italian authors. London, 1757. 8. 

- BERTE, A. P. Catalogo de libri del fit mar- 

chese Capponi. Roma, 1747. 4. 

- BIHLIOTHEQUE italique, ou Hist. lit. de 1 Italie, 

1729-34. Tome 4-8, 10, 12, 14-18. Geneve, 
1729-34. 12 v. 8. 

- BLLME, F. See Libraries (p. 1546). 

- CIAMPI, S. Bibliographia critica delle antiche 

corrispondenze dell I. colla Russia, ed altre 
parti settentrionali. Firenze, 1834-42. 3 v. 8. 

- FONTANINI, G. Biblioteca dell eloquenza ital- 

iana. Parma, 1803-04. 2 v. 4. 

- Fusi, F. Bibliografia od elenco ragionato delle 

opere cont. nella coll. de class, ital. Milano, 
Soc. Tipog. de Class. Ital., 1814. 8. 

- GALLARINI, G. Catalogo delle opere antiche e 

modeme. Parte la. [Roma,] 1856. 8. 

- GAMU.V, B. Indice manuale tratto dal Serie de 

testi . Milano, 1812. 16. 

- - Serie del testi di lingua e di altre opere scritte 

dal sec. xiv al xix. 4a ed. Venezia, 1839. 8. 

- HATM N. F. Biblioteca ital. ossia notizia de 

libri ran ital. Ed. ampl. Milano, 1803. 4 v. 8. 

- INDICB delle ediz. citate dagli Accad. della 

Cruscanellorovocabulario. Lucca, 1835. 32. 

- MAZZUCHELLI. O. Set Literature : History. 

- MOHTAUA, conte A. Biblioteca italica, libri 

posseduti dal conte Mortara, ora [nella] Bib 
lioteca Bodleiana. Oxford, 1852. 8. 

- PIATTI, G. Catalogo dei libri latini. Firenze, 

1838. 8. 

- POOOIALI, G. Serie de testi di lingua. Li- 

vorno, 1813. 2 v. 8. 

(Anonyms and pseudonyms. ) 

- MEI.ZI, G. Dizionario di opere anonime e 

pseudonime. Milano, 1848-59. 3 T. 8. 
Bibliographical periodicals. 

- ANNUARIO bibliografico italiano, Anno 1, 2 ; 

1863-64. Torino, 1864-65. 2 v. 8. 

- GIORNALE arcadico di scienze, lettere, ed arti. 

Vol. 1-212. Gen. 1819- apr. 1868. Roma, 
1819-71. 212 v. 8. 

- GIORNALE de letterati d ltalia, [di A. e di P.C. 

Zeno]. Venezia, 1710-33. 38 v. in 42. 12. 

- GIORNALE generate della bibliografia ital., 1861- 

65 ; [di G. Molini]. Firenze, 1861-65. 5 v. 8. 

Set also Ati ; Bologna ; Ferrara ; Florence ; 

Milan ; Modena ; Naples; Nice; Parma ; 

Perugia; Piedmont ; Ravenna ; Rome ; 
Savoy ; Tuscany ; Venice ; also Ariosto ; 

History (including lives of authors and scientific men). 

- BOLTERWEK. F. Oesch. dcr Ital. I oesle und Beredearn- 

kelt. (In Mt Gesch. der Poeie. v. 1. 2. 1801-02.) 

- BCRCKHARDT, J. Die Cultur der Renaissance 

in Italien. Basel, 1860. 8. 

- CRESCIMBENI, G. M. Le vite degli Arcadi il- 

lustri. Roma, 1708-14. 3 v. 4. 

FABRONI, A. Vitac Italorum doctrina excellen- 
tium. Vol. 1-18. Pisis, 1778-99; v. 19, 20. 
LUCOD, 1804-05. 20 v. 8 8 . 

FORSYTH, J. Antiquities, arts, and letters in 
Italy. London, 1813. 8. 

RUtnurnzlnne delle sclenzu ll Uto seinilta In Italia 
circa le meti del seeolo [15071. (In Turin. Ac. d. 
Set. Mem., v. 35. 1831.) 

GIXOUENE, P. L. Hist. lit. d ltalie ; (v. 10) 
contin. par F. Salvi. Paris, 1812-23. 10 v. 8. 

GIOBERTI, V. Pensieri e giudizi ; rac. da F. 
Ugolini. Firenze, 1859. 16. 

- GRESWELL, \V. P. Memoirs [with] transla 

tions ; and notes and observations cone, lit 
erary characters of the 15th and 16th centu 
ries. 2d ed. Manchester. 180-5. 8. 

- HALLAM, A. H. Oration on the Influence of Italian 

works of Imagination on the name clan* of compo 
sitions in Eng. (In his Remains. 1862.) 

- LOMBARDI, A. Storia della lettcratura italiana 

nel sec. xvm. Modena, 1827-30. 4 v. 8. 

- MAZZIM.J. Ital. lit. since 1830. (In A> Life, v. 2. 1865.) 

- MAZZCCHELI.I, G. Scrittori d ltalia, [A-B]. 

Brescia, 1753-63. 2 v. in 6 pts. f. 

- MILLS, C. Travels [fictitious] of Theodore 

Ducas at the revival of letters and art. Part 
1. London, 1822. 2 v. 8. 

- MONTGOMERY, J., and others. Eminent liter 

ary and scientific men of Italy, etc. Lon 
don, 1835-37. 3 v. 16. (Lardner. Cab. eye.) 

- MUHATORI, L. A. De llternrum statu, neglpctu. ct 

cultura In Italia post barbaros In enm Invectos 
usqnp nd 1100. De literarum fortuna In luilla 
post 1100. et de academlarum give pymnnsiorum erec- 
tlone. (In his Antlq. Itnl.. v. 3, 1740.) 

- NANJIUCCI, V. See Collections. 

- OZANAM, A. F. Documens in6d. pour servir a 

1 hist. lit. del I., 7e-13e [siec.]. Par.,18oO. 8. 

- PERREJCS, F. T. [Various rticlen on modern Italian 

lit.] (In Revue d. D. Mondes. nov. 1854- Jan. 1S66.) 

- Roux, A. Histoire de la litterature italienne 

contemporaine. Paris, 1870. 16. 

- BIMOKDE DE BISMONDI, J. C. L. (In his Lit. du mldl 

de 1 Europe. 1829.) 

- TASSO. T. L cavaletta. owero della poesle toscana. 

(In his Opere, v. 7. 1822.) 

- VANNL CCI, A. Delia lotterature Italiana ncl corrente 

ecolo. (In Archivio ator. . n... v. 2. 18oo.) 

- VlEL SSEL X. A. Treatle on modern Italian literature. 

(In his Italy and the Italians. 1824.) 

- ZIRARDINI, G. L ltalia letteraria ed artistica ; 

100 ritratti, con cenni stor. Parigi, 1850. 8. 
See alia Alfleri, V. : Ariosto, L.; Azeglio. M. T.. 
marrh. d ; Balbo, C. ; Boccaccio, O. ; Bruno, G. ; 
Cardano, O. ; Cerutti. A. ; Chia>>rera, O. ; 
Colonna, V. ; Dante A) ighieri ; Davila. A. C. : 
Foscolo, N. U.; -Galilei. G.; Giuati. O.: Gol- 
doni, C. ; Macchiavelli, JC. ; Metantasio, P. ; Mez- 
zofanti. G. G.: Parini. G.; Pellico. S. ; Pe- 
trarca, F. ; Pico, G. ; Poggio-Bracctolini, G. F. ; 
Sannazaro, G. ; Socino, F. ; Tasso, T. ; Vico, G. ; 
also Lignria; Padna ; Piacenza; Rome. Ac- 
cad, degli Arcadi ; Sicily ; Venice ; Vercelli. 
Jfott. A. Zeno a Lettcrc. 107-1750. contain 
many notices of the literary history of his time. 


- BACHI, P. Scelta di prose italiane. Camb., 

1828. 12. 

- FABHRUCCI, F. Tesoretto d autori classici ital- 

iani. 2a ed. Berlino, 1865. 8. 

- GRKSWELL, W. P. See Hintory. 

- NANXUCCI, V. Manuale della letternturn del 

lo sec. della ling. ital. 2aed. Fir., 1850-58. 
2 v. 12. 

ITALY (Literature) 


ITALY (Literature) 

- PROSE italiane. Milano, Soc. Tip. da Class. 

Ital^ 1808-09. 3 T. 8. 

- RACCOLTA di prose ital. Milano, Soc. Tip. de 

Chut. Ital^ 1808-09. 3 T. 8. 

- BcmirroRi class iuvl. Set Pol. econ. (p. 1549). 

See alto Florence (Literature). 

Jfote. The Library ha* eparate works by Albert!, 
L. B.; Boccaccio, Q. ; Boccalini, T. ; Casa, G. 
delta ; Cautiglione, B. ; Curci, C. M. ; Danti, A. ; 
_ Davanzati, B. ; Oioberti, V. ; Giusti, G. ; 
Gravina, G. V. ; Gnarini, B. ; Guicciardinl. F. ; 
Leopardi, O.; Ma.bil. L.; Macchiavelli, N.; 
Malvezzi, V.; Manzoni, A.; Mecastaslo, P.; 
PandoLftni. A.; Parini, O. : Pindemonte, I.; 
Poggio Bracciolini, O.K.; Redi, F. ; Rossi, Q, ; 
Sannazaro, O.; Soderini, G. V. ; Speroni, 8.; 
Taaao, T. ; Vettcri. P. 

Ballad t. 

- GIRONI, R. Raccolta di lirici ital. Milano, 

Soc. Tip. de Class. Ital., 1808. 8*. 

- GBEOORIO, R. di. Ital. Lieder dcs llohcnstau- 

fischen Hofes in Sicilien. Stuttg., 1843. 8. 

- MARCOALDI, O. Canti populari iiiediti umbri, 

liguri, piceui, piemonteai, latini. Geneva, 
1855. 12. 

- RATIIERV, E. J. B. Les chants populairea de 1 Italle 

moderue. (In Revue d. D. Mondes, mars 18*5i) 

- TOMM.VSEO, N. Canti populari toscani, corsi, 

illirici, greci. Venezia, 1841-42. 4 T. 8. 
See alto Florence ; Tuscany. 


See Bern bo, P. ; Bert awi, O. ; Bruno, O. : 
Croce. G. C.; Boni, A. F.; Leopardi, G.; Bal- 
riaU, L. ; - Taaso. T. 

Drama. (Bibliography.} 

- FIRRARIO, G. Catalogo raglonato di coiumedie rnstl- 

cale. (/n Teatro Hal. ant., T. 10. 1812.) 

Drama. (Hintory.) 

- ARTF.AOA, S. Rivoluzioni del teatro musicale 

ital. 2 a ed. Venezia, 1785. 3 T. 8. 

- KBERT, A. Die altesten ital. Mysterien. (In Jahr- 

bach fUr roman. Lit., v. 5. 1844.) 

See alto Revue d. D. Moodes, table gvn., p. 425. 
Drama. (Collection*.) 

- BACHT, P. Teatro scelto ital. Camb., 1829. 12. 

- ITALIAN comedies. N. Y. and Phila., 1849. 8. 

- RACCOLTA di tragedie scritte nel secolo xvin. 

Milano, Soc. Class. Ital., 1825. 2 v. 8. 

- TEATRO ital. antico. Milano, Soc. Tip. de Class. 

/to/., 1808-12. 10 v. 8. 

J/ole. The Library has also plays by. Alfleri, V. ; 
ArioRto, L. ; Baldwin, G. ; Bianchi, A. ; Bon- 
arelli, C. G. de ; Bruno, O.; Casti, G. B.; Fi- 
orillo, 8. ; Firenzuola, A. ; Foscolo, U. ; Gen- 
oino, G. ; Giraud, G. ; Goldoni, C. ; Gozzi. C. ; 
Ouarini, O. B. ; Maechiavelli, N. ; Manzoni, A. ; 
Metastaslo, P. ; Miani. V. : Monti, V. ; Niccc- 
llni, G. B .: Nota, A. ; Pellico, 8. ; Pindemonte, 
I. ; Polidori, G. ; Romani, F. ; Salviati, L. ; 
Speroni. 8. ; Tasso, T. ; Ventignano, delta Valle, 
duca di ; Zeno, A. 


p. 053, 054. 

fiction. (Bibliography.) 

- GAMBA, B. Delle novelle ital. in prosa biblio 

grafia. 2a ed. Firenze, 1835. 8. 

- MELZI, G. Bibliografia dei romanzi e poemi 

romanzeschi d Italia. Milano, 1829. 8. 
(Vol. 4 of Ferrario, G. Storia.) 

- - Same. 2a ed. Milano, 1838. 8. 

fiction . ( Collection *.) 

- BROXFERIO, A. Tradizioni italiani. Torino, 

1847-50. 4 v. 8. 

- GKKKNE, N. Tales and sketches ; tr. Boston, 

1843. 12". 

RACCOLTA di novelle ital. Milano, Soc. 

Class. Ital^ 1804-10. 3 T. 8. 

ROSCOE, T. Ital. novelists. Lond.,1825. 4v. 8. 

Ifote. The Library has also works by Azeglio, M. d ; 

Balbo, C. ; Bandello, M. ; Boccaccio, G.; 
Boccalini. T. ; Canto, C. ; Carcano, G. ; Castifj- 
lione, B. ; Firenzuola, A. ; Gallenga, A. ; Gari 
baldi, G. ; Giovanni jlorentino ; Giraldi, G. B. ; 
Gozzi. C. : Grossi. T. ; Gaerrazzi, F. I). ; Levati, 
A. ; Maleapini, C. ; Manzoni, A. ; Rosini. G. ; 
Sacchetti. F. ; Setiman, Z. : Soave, F. ; Usiglio, 
A. ; Verri. A. See alto FERRARIO under Poetry, 

ffurnor, Burlet juts, Travesties, etc. 
See Bnd, F. ; Croce, G. C. ; Lalll, G. B. ; 
Lippi, L. ; Loredano, G. F. ; Paid, L. 


DATI. C. R.. ed. Lettere. (In hie Prose fior., pt. 5, 

v. 1. 1T54.) 

FABKONI, A. Lettere inedite diuominiillustri. 

Firenze, 1773-75. 2 T. V. 

RACCOLTA di prose e lettere scritte nel secolo 

xviii., v. 2, 3 : Lettere familiari, v. 1, 2. Mi 
lano, Soc. Tip. de Class. Ital., 1830. 2 v. 8. 
See alo Ariosto, L. ; Balbo, C. ; Bembo, P. ; 
Bianconi, G. L. ; Boccaccio, G. ; Caro, A. ; Casa, 
G. della; Chiabrera, G.; Costantini, G. A.; 
Dante Alighieri; Foscolo, U.; Gabrielli, A.; 
Gioberti, V.; Giasti, G.; Gaicciardini, F. ; Lo 
redano, G. F.; Maechiavelli, N". : Manutio, P. ; 
Manzoni, A. ; Parini. G. ; Redi, F. ; Speroni, 8. ; 

Tasro, T.; Zeno, A. 


DATI, C. R., ed. Orazlone. (In his Prose fior., pt. 1, 

v. 1-5; 2, T. 6; 8, v. 1. 1751-54.) 

See Badoaro, P. ; Casa, G. della; Sal via ti- 
L.; Speroni, 8. 


Note. The Italian periodicals in the Library, in - 
eluding- newspapers, are: 
Annnario bibllografico italiano. a. 1863, 64. Torino, 

1864-65. 2 v. 8*. 
Archivio storico italiano. 3 ser. and app. Firenze, 

1842-74. 63 v. V. 

Indice. Firenze, 1857-74. 2 v. 8*. 
Galleria di Minerva, m. Venetla. 1696-97. 2 v. f. 
Giornali arcadico dt sclenze, lettere ed. arti. q., b.m. 

Gen. 1819-apr. 1868. Roma, 1819-71. 212 v. 8*. 
Giornale do letteratl d ltalia. q. Venezia, 1710-33. 38 v. 

in 42. 12. 
Giornale generate delta bibliografia italiana. m. 1861- 

65. Firenze, 1861-65. 5 v. 8. 
Giornale storico dcgli archivi toscani. q. Gen. 1857 - 

marzo!86i Firenze. 1857-62. 6 v. 8". 
Memorie romane dl antichita e di belle arti. a.? Vol. 1- 

3. Roma, v. 4, Peaaro, 1824-27. 4 v. 8. 
Kazione, La. d. Firenze. 1861-64. 8v. f*. 
Opinione, L*. d. 1861-71. Torioo, 1861-65, Firenze, 
11 v. 1866-71. r. 

49- a., annually; b.m., bi-monthly; d., daily; 
q., quarterly; m., monthly. 

Poetry. (History.) 

CRESCIMBEXI, G.M. Istoria della volgar poesia. 

Impress. 3a accresc. Venez., 1731, 30. 6 v. 4. 

FERRARIO, G. Storia ed analisi degli romanzi 

di cavalleria e dei poemi romanzeschi. Mi 
lano, 1828-29. 4 v. 8. 

GCASTI, C. I priml poetl ital. nuovamente scopertl. 

(fn Archivio etor. ital., ser. 3. v. 7, pt. 1. 1SOS.) 

MACAULAY, T. B. Criticism on the principal Ital. wri 

ters, Dante, Petrarch. (In Ms Miscel. v. 1. I860.) 

MF.I.ZI. G. Ste fiction. 

MERAIN, J. B. Origine de la poesie ital. (In Serieys, 

A. Bibl. acad., v.9. 1811.) 

MURATORI, L. A. Delia perfetta poesia itnl. ; 

con. annot. [di] Salvini. Ven., 1724. 2 v. 4. 

De rhytmica veterum poi si et origine Ital. poeseos. 

(In Ms Antlq. Ital., v. 3. 1740.) 

PAXIZZI, A. Essay on the romantic narrative poetry 

of the Italians. (In Bojardo, M. M. Orlando. IS- Vt.) 

RASKE, F. L. von. Zur Gesehichte der it;il. I oesie. 

(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 183-i. H. 2.) 

See also Poets laureate ; Piedmont; aluo 
Revue d. D. Monde*, table gen., p. 452. 

ITALY (Literature) 


ITALY (Registers) 

Pot try. (Collection*.) 

- FF.RRARIO, O. Poesie pastoral! e rustical!. 

Milano, Soc. Tip. de Class. Hal., 1808. 8. 

- GIRONI, R. Raccolta di lirici. Mil., 1808. 8. 

- HUNT, J. H. L. Stories from Italian poets. 

New York, 1846. 12. 

- POEMATA Italorura qul sec, xvi. Lat. scrip*. SM 

Latin literature (Modem). 

- POESIE di diversi autori. Londra, 1782. 12. 

- POETI e poctesse ital. contcmporanei. Parigi, 

1843. 8. 

- ROSSETTI, D. O. Early Italian poets, from 

Ciullo d Alcamo to Dante. Lond., 1861. 8". 

- SAOOIO di rime di diversi autori dal xiv. fino al 

xviii. sec. Firenze, 1825. 8. 

- TEUCCHI, F. Poesie ital. inedite, infino al sec. 

XTII. Prato, 1846-47. 4 v. 8. 

Se alto Venice. 

2fote. The Library has also worka by Achillini, C. ; 
" AUmanni, L. ; Alfleri. V. ; Alviso. Q. ; Ari- 
oto, L. ; Bada, O. : Bartolomei, O. ; Bembo, F. ; 

Benivieni, O. : Berni, F. ; Boccaccio, O. ; Bo- 
Jardo, M. M.; Buonarroti, M. A. ; Burchiello, D.; 

Caravia, A. ; Caro, A. ; Casti. O. B. ; Caatig- 
lione, B. ; Chiabrera, G. ; Cino da Pintoja G. de 
B. ; Cordara, G. C. ; Corteae, G. C. ; Dante AH- 
ghieri ; Filicaia, V. da; Firenzuola, A.; Fo- 
lengo, T.; Fortigaerra, N. ; Francesco d J Asisi, 
St.; Genoino, G.; Giraud, G. ; Giusti, G.; 
Gozzi. C. ; Guarini. B. ; Jacopone da Torfi, B. ; 
Lalli, G. B. ; Lanotte. G. ; Latini, B. ; Leopardi, 
G. ; Lippi, L. ; Lodovici, F. ; Maffei, F. ; 
Manzont, A. ; Marino, G. B. ; Maaini, V. ; Meli, 
G. : Menzini, B. ; Metaataaio, P. ; Molza, F. M. ; 

Pananti, F. ; Pancetti, C. ; Parini, G. ; Pa 
terae, L. ; Petrarca, F. ; Petroni, 8. E. ; Pinde- 
monte, I. ; Poerio, A. : Poggiolini, R. ; Poliziano, 
A. A. : Preti, G. ; Pulci, L. ; Redi, H. ; Rosa, 
8. ; Rucellai, G. ; Saccenti, G. 8. ; Sacchetti, 
F. ; Sunnazaro, G. ; Savonarola, I. ; Sega, G. ; 
. Silva, L. ; Strozzi, G. ; Tansillo, L. ; Taaao, 
B. ; Tasao, T. ; Tassoni, A. ; Tonunaseo, N. ; 
Trisaino, G. G.: Ubrti, F. degli; Valvassone, 
E. de; Vico, G. B.; Zappi, G. B. F. and F. M. : 

and some other writers whoso works may be found 
la the present list of books about Italy (pp. 1640-50). 


RACCOLTA di poesie satiriche. MUano, Soc. Tip. 

de Class. Ital., 1808. 8". 
See also Menzini, B. 


- VALENTIN, L. Voyage medical en Italic, 1820. 

Nancy, 1822. 8. 

Hints and Money. 

CORDERO DI 8. QLTXTTNO, G. Sopra argomenti spet- 

tnnti a rnonete conlate in Italia net sec. xiv. e XVII. 
(In Turin. Ac. d. Set. Mem., ser. 2, v. 10. 1849.) 


delta zecca in Italia nel scroll x. e XI. (In Turin. 
Ac. d. Sci. Mem., v. 33. 1829.) GAZZERA.C. Int. 
atle zecche e ad alcune rare moneta degli antichl 
di marchesiCeva, d incisa, e del carretto. (In v. 37.) 


- BEYLE, M. H. Present state of music in Italy. (In 

his Vies de Haydn, etc. 1854; and Eng. 1818.) 
See also Opera; alto Malibran, J/m. ; Pales- 

trina, G. ; Rossini ; alto Dramu (Iliitory), p. 1548. 
Note. For articles on Italian music and musicians in 

the Revue d. D. Mondca tee iu Table gen., p. 453. 



Belnamen der Stadte Italiens. (In Jahrbuch filr 
rom. und eng. Lit., v. 9. 1868.) See alto Tuscany. 

National character and social life. 

ALLOM, T. Character and costume in Italy ; 

[with descr.] by E. Reeve. Lond., [184-]. f". 

BARETTI, G. Account of the manners and 

customs of Italy. London, 1768. 2 v. 8. 

- DENINA, G. M.C. Essai sur les traces nncicn. 

du caractcre des Ital. mod., des Sioilieus, dcs 
Sardes, et des Corses. Paris, 1807. 8. 
Note. From Berlin. Ac. d. WUs. Abh., 1705. 

- RITCHIE, A. C. M. Italian life and legends. 

New York, 1870. 12. 

- TURN-BULL, R. Genius of Italy ; sketches of 

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Note. The -Cursory view Is a trans, of ch. 1, 2 of this, 
and the State of the finances Is a trans, of ch. 3 and the 
appendix, which were also pub. as *Etat des finances . 
Jt ole. See the title Coop d ceil . 

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Sum of perfection. Invention of verity or perfec 
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?arcd, occasioned by a pamphlet of J. London, 
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clones quo coinetio A. Jackson contra C. ilabana 
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of J. to the. odlce of President. New York, 
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8*. (B1099) 

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HISTORY of the case between Oun. J. und CUy. Bait., 

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IMPARTIAL history of [his] llfu and services, n.t.p. 

[18.] 8 . (B 1105, C 265) 

LAW and the facU; case of the six militiamen and J. n 

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(B 1435) 

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8". (B1219) 

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REVIEW of the battle of the Horse-Shoe and of tho 

facts relating to the killing of sixteen Indians by the 
orders of J. n.p., [182*]. 8. (B 1494) 

REVIEW of the veto; examination of the President s 

message and objections to the bill to modify the act 
rechartering the bank of the United States. [Wash. ? 
1832?] 8. (B1541) 

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Wash., 1844. 8. (B 1119) 

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Nat. portr. gal., v. 1. 1837.) 

To the people of the U.S.; address against the re 

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48, geol. survey of the V. U. mineral land* in Michi 
gan. (In Smithsonian Inst. Report, 1S*>4.) 




Description of the tin veins of Jackson, N. H. Re 

marks on zinc, lead, and coppr ores of New linrnp- 
hirc. (//i ABSOC. of Anter. Geol. K ports, 1S3.) 

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Geological structure of Kcweonaw Point. On the 

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On the geology, mineralogy, and mines of Lake Su 
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Analysis of red marl of Springfield, Maes. An 
cient pot-holes In rocks. Artificial minerals from 
an iron furnace in Boston. Penn. Description and 
analysis of allanite from Franklin, X. J. Descrip 
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On the history and uses of chemistry. (In Amer. 

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and Alger, F. Remarks on the mineralogy 

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1847. 8*. (B 1566, 1736) 

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J. s claims to the discovery of the inhalation of sul 
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- Memorial to the trustees of the Mass. Gen. Hospital 

in behalf of J. Boston, 1849. 8. (B 1556) 

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Reps, of the U. S., vindicating the rights of J. to 
the discovery of the anaesthetic effects of ether. 
[Wash.,] 1852. 8. (B 1566) 

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London. 1684. f. (A 55) 

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six churches, upon request of Rev. E. Jackson, pas 
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of a true penitent exemplified in the case of E. J. 
New Haven, ISOfl. 8. (B 469, 1393) 

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of Newton, 1639-1800. Boston, 1854. 12. 

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people; review of the late correspondence relating 
to the rejection of the Brit, minister. New York, 
1810. 8T. (B437) 

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Wash., 1810. 8. (B 437) 

HANSON, A. C. Reflections upon the correspondence 

between Smith and J. Ball., 1810. S. (B437, 1490) 

IMPORTANT stale paper*; corres>p. betw. tin- l?rit. min. 

Inters and Mr. Smith. [Host.. 1SO-J.] S. (B474, 1490) 

NEW crisis; by an old Whig; fjcsp. the dismission 

ofJ.]. N. Y..lSlrt. S. (B437) 

Qt lNCY. J. Speech on tho resolutions approving the 

conduct of the executive in refusing to receive any 
further communication from J. Bull., 1810. 8*. 

RF..VAKKN on the documents accompanying the late 

message of Pres. Madison, n.p., 8. (B 437) 

VACGIIAN, B. Ten hints to wise men; cone, the dis 

pute in the dismission of Jackson, n.t.p. [1810.] S. 

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ANSWER to his Letter to deists . (In Supernatural* 


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. (B life, 1778) 

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Martial law; what is it? and who can declare it? 

Phlla., 186.!. 8". (B 1724) 
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3 v. f. 

Content*. Vol. 1. The eternal truth of Scripture and 
Christian belief. How far tho ministry of men is nec 
essary for planting true Christian faith, and retaining 
the unity of it planted. The blasphemous positions of 
Jesuites and other later Romanists cone, the authority 
of their Church. Of justifying faith, or faith by which 
the junt do live. Of the original of unbelief and mis 
belief, or mis-perswasion cone, tho verity, unity, and at 
tributes of the Deity. 2. Treatise of the divine essence 
and attributes ; added, A treatise with several sermons 
cone, the signs of the times. Christ s answer to 8t. 
John s questions ; an Introd. to a following treatise of 
the knowledge of Christ and Illm crucified. The hu 
miliation of the Son of God, etc. Consecration of the 
Son of God in His everlasting priesthood. 3. Treatise 
of Christ s exercising His everlasting priesthood. Of 
Christ s session at the right hand of God. The holy 
catholick faith and church; adj., A treatise of Christian 
obedience, being part of his twelfth book, which makes 
his commentary on the creed compleat. 
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(A 60) 




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8. (B1457) 

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Appendix to the modern justice: cont. the particular 

business of the quarter sessions. In the Savoy 
[London,] 1718. 8". (B 351) 

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Kon. Marie Antoinette. (In HistorischeaTaschcn- 
buch. 1838.) Die Frauen in der fninzo*. Revo 
lution, (/n 1840.) Goethe s Mutter. (/ 144.) 

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and consumption of the precious metals. 
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Pamphleteer. 1S17 ; v. 10 of B 838) Report resp. 
the agriculture and trade in corn in Rome of the 
states of Northern Europe. (In v. 29 of B 838) 

2d report on the agriculture and corn of the 

continental states of Europe. n.p. t 1828. f". 

Tracts rel. to the corn trade and corn luws. 

London, 1828. 8. 

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rerum in Basilica bibliothecse Christian! v. 

Hafnia?. Hafniae, 1696. f. 

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A ote. Ir Ir Bd. 2e Ahth., h. von F. Koppen: 
4r BJ. 3e Abtli. - 6r IW., hrsg. von F. Roth. 

Coittfitlt. Vol. 1. Allwills Briefsammlung. Send- 
schreihen an Erhard O**. Zufiillige Erglessungen 
eines einsamen Denkcrs. Anekdote. Swifts Be- 
trachtung Ober einen Bescnstiel, und wie ie ent.-tanden 
1st. Briefe. 2. Kinleitung in des Verffissers siinil- 
liche philosophischeSHiriflen. David Humeiila-r den 
Glauben, oiler Idealii-mus und Healismus; ein Ges- 
prach. Ueber den transscendentnlcn Idealismtis. 
Ueber die Unzertrennlic-hkeit des Bcgriffes der Frey- 
heit und Vorschung vom dem BegrifTe der Vcrnunft. 
Etwns, das Li-sslrtg gosngt hat; ein Commontnr zu den 
Keisen der I iibnte. Ueber das Buch : Des lettres de 
cachet , und einc Beurthellung desselhcn. Einlge 
Bctracbtungen Uber den frommen Betrug und Ubereinc 
Vcrnunft welchenicht die Vcrnunft ist, an J. G. Selilos- 
*er. Briefe. 3. Briefe an Fidite. Uchcr das Un- 
ternehmen des Kriticismus, die Vernunft zu Verslnndc 
zu brinijen. Ueber einc Weissagung LichteiibergV. 
Von den gottlichcn Dlngcn und ibrer ODcnbnrung. 
Briefe. 4. 1. Uebcr die Lehre des Spinoza, in Brit-fen 
an Ilerrn Moses Mendelssohn. Lettre il Mr. Ilemster- 
huis Fen fr. et en allemnndel. An Mendelssohn Uber 
de*clben mir rugeschikte Krinnerungen. 4. 2. Boy- 
lagen zu den Briefcn Ober die Lehrc des Spinoza. 
Wider Mendelssohns lioschuldigungeti in desju-n Sclirio- 
ben an die Freundc LcsKlngs. 4. 3. Briefwechsel init 
J. G. Hamaiin, hrsg. von. F. Roth. 5. Woldemnr. 
6. Uebcr gelehrtc Gesellochaften, Ihren Geist und 
Zweck. An Schlosser flbcr desscn Fortsetr.nnic tle 
plntonischen Gastmales. Vorrode zu cini-m tlbcrflii*- 
sigen Taachcnbuche fUr das Jahr 1800. Fllegendc 
ISIUtter. Betrachtung Qber die von Ilerrn Herder 
In seiner Abhandlung vom Ursprung der Spracho. 
vorgelegte gcnetische Erkliirung der thit;riechen Kunst- 
fertigkeltcn und Kunsttriebe. Briefe Uber die R- 
cherches philoit. sur Ics Egyptiens et les Chinois par M. 
de PHUW . Einc politische lihapsodie. Noc-h eir.e 
politic-lie Rhapsodic, worin sich verxchiedene l lairi:i 
beflnden. betitelt K Ist nlcht recht und es Ist nielit 
klug. Ueber Rccht und Gewalt, odcr phlloaophisclu! 
Erwiigung elnes Aufsatzes von dem Herrn llofrath 
Wleland, Qber das gotlliche Recht der Obrigkeit. 
Alexis, o<ler von dem goldcnen Weltnlter. 

Briefwechscl. (In Herder, J. G. von. Au Herders 

Nachlass. v. 2. 1857.) 

From the Flying leaves. Learned societies. (/; 

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den gottliohen Dingen, /.*.w., des Herrn. F. H. Jac- 

. obi. (In hit Samnit. Werke, le Abth. 8r Bd. 1861.) 

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tie VEffxi*. ile 1>*67. RnpporU. v. 8.) 
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A. Fr. com. Or., v. 5. 1857.) 
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terb., v. 19. 1830.) 

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Worcester. 1795. 12". (B 667) 

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ing the history of Jacobinism. London, 
1797-98. 4 v. 8. 

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8. (A 48) 

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chester in 1694. Manches., 1853. 4. (Chct- 
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ANATOMY of a Jacobite-Tory; a dialogue between a 

Whig and a Tory [on] the act for recognizing Wil 
liam and Mary. London, 16UO. 4. (B 4) 

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REFLECTIONS upon a form of prayer act forth for the 

Jacobites of the Church of England. London, 16 JO. 
4". (B4) 

Set alto Boyd, W., Earl of JCilmartiock; 
Preston, Battle of. 

Jacobites hopes reviv d 1 y our late tumnlts; or. Some re 
marks upon Lesly s -Goo.l old cause , tie., [by B. 
Iloadly]. London, 1710. 8. (B589) 

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oct. I860 -juin 1.--62.) 




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Maryland, and Penn., and the battle of Gettys 
burg. Phila., 1864. 12. 

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panion. Phila M 1807. 12. 

Jacobs. Sre aim Jacob. 

JaeobaeD, Theodore. Elevation for tbe Bank of England. 
[Engraving.] (E 55) 

Elevation of a triangular house. [Engraving.] (E55) 
Jacobson, Israel. Discount prononc6 dnns la synagogue de 

Caaael. 1810, annlv. de la natssance [du] rol do 

Weetphalle ; tr. par C. D. CaMel, 1810. 4 . (A 3) 
Jacobus Aqvrnti*. Chronicon Imnginls mundi. (In Monn- 

menu hist pat., 8cr., v. 3. 1848.) 
Jacobua, rorrf. S. Georgii ad Velum Aurevm. Vita B. 

Petri Coclestini. (/ Acta aanct.. v. 17. 1866.) 
Jacobus </ Vitriaco or Atcontvti*. HUtolrc dea crolsadea 

Jusqu en 1210. (Jn Guizot Col. dea mem., v. 22. 


~ Vi .?: Marias Olgniacensia. (In Acta aanct., v. 25. 


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Viraze. La legende doree ; prec. d une notice 
historique, etc., par P. G. Brunei. Paris, 
1843. 2 v. 12. 

Calendarlum etymologlcitm ex historia Lombnrdlca. 

(/ Schelhorn, J. G. Amoen. lit., v. 11. 1729.) 

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A. Reruro Ital. scr.. v. 9. 1730.) 

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nanld d Andilly, li. Vie* dea saints, v. 1. 1716.) 

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pelline. (Jn Ball, J. Peaks, passes. 2d acr., v. 1. 

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sembly at Exon, upon J. s offering a confession of 
faith, etc. London. 1719. 8. (B 109) 

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sermon* of Nonconformist ministers. 1816.) 

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ness in the common prayer 1 : by W. J. London, 
1717. 8 . (B 100) 

2d letter to Dr. Bias, ocean, by Alterations made In his 

3d ed. of his -Beauty of holiness . London, 1717. 8*. 

Jacometto. See Barbarj, J. de. 

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ejus pulchritudine, etc. De Babylonia clvitate in 
fernal!. (In Ozanam, A. F. Doc. pour eervir a 
Phiat. de Tltalie. 1850.) 

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v. 1. 1848.) 

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v. 1. 1846; and in Rosaetti, D. G. Early Ital. 
poets. 1861.) 

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v. 1. 1846.) 

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2. Momim. Gngorbtntt. (ire^orii VII. reftixtrnni. 




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vlt* AdelbtTtl II. Mo-iintini. Vita Arnold! archicp. 
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tae Baxonis vita Carol! Mugni. Monachus Sangallcnftls 
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jgam itrgfntia. Udalricl Bitbenbergcnsls codex. 
Epifttolro Bambergcnfleft cum alils monument!* pc-nnlxUe. 

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t ndifii in DettUchlaad. Eine antike Dorfgeschicbt*. 
Novi-lletten aus ApuU-jus. Die helicnii<chc Kunst. 
Die Restitution vorlorner Kuiintwerkc filr die Kunst- 
goschichto. Die alte Kunst und die Mode. Die Poly- 
chromic der alien Sculptur. Der A poll von Belvedere. 
IlolWhc Knn*t uinl Poesie unter Augustus. Die 
griech. bemalten Vasen. Cyriarua von Ancona und 
l)(lror. Ooethes Iphigcnla auf Tauris und die atuike 
Trugodie. BildungsBiing elucs dcuuchen Gelchrten 
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1S08.] 8". (B 137, 410) 


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Lima. 1748.) 

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dispute on the case of Olyphant, [1765]. London, 
17M. 8*. (B3n> 

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Att. Proc., 1796.) 

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. (B1530) 

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Papers rel. to affairs of Jamaica, 1866. 

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See olio Port Royal ; West Indies. 
Natural history. 

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house, Mar. 20. Boston, 1853. 8*. (B 1300) 
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i-uiict.. v. 33. 1868.) 

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ryphal gospels. 

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ed. by J. Bruce. London, 18G1. 4. (Cam- 
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I. s rcpublicnUoii, 163:!. (In Owen, C. Tho jure 
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Lond., 1604. London, 1869. 12. (Arber, 
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London, 1757. 4. 

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1816. 12. 

yoU. In his Curiosities of lit., T. 2, Disraeli had given 
the ordinary unfavorable view of James character; the 
present work defends the king. 

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16. London, 1863. 2 v. 8*. 

- Letters and other documents illustrating the 

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the commencement of the Thirty Years War, 
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James i. London, 1828. 4 v. 4". 




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See alio Great Britain (ffittary, p. 1242); Gun 
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Fortune* of .Nigel. 

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life. (In Macpheraon, J. Orig. paper, v. 1. 1775.; 

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maiii*, Apr. 17. London. 10 .i3. 4". (B 1899) 

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. (B679) 

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of the struggle between James n. and Wil 
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of England and its successor; by a true Englinhmuu. 
*.t.p. I IB ] f*. (A 62) 

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reigu of James a. London, 1808. 4". 
Same. (In Carrel, J. B. X. A. History. 1846.) 

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"URBAT considerations [by E. Settle] rel. to the Duke 

of York considered; with answer to [E. K. s] Let 
ter from a gentleman of quality in tne country ou 
the succession . London, lt0. t". (A 52) 

OR. BRITAIN. I arl. Copy of the bill cone, the Duke 

of York ; [the bill of exclusion. Part of some work 
unknown. London, 10.] t". (A 52) 

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services of Charles n. and James n. ; ed. by 
J. Y. Akerman. London, 1851. 4. (Cam- 
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1S04.) . 

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of King James by the people wan according to the 
constitution. 5th ed. London, lij. .;. 4*. (B 23) 

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lt>80. 4*. (B 9) 

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LETTER on the succession. Lonuon, 10/9. f". (A 52) 

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Charles 1. with that of James ll. .NV,- Charles I. 

I AKK, S. Notes upon C. J. Fox s History . (In hit 

Works, v. 4. 182S.) 

PKKEAT papa; reasons why a Popish successor should 
not inherit the crown, n.t.p. !*. (A 52) 

PLEA to the Duke s answers, n.t.p. [166-.] f. (A54) 

PROTESTANT admirer. The; answer to [E. Settle s] 

Vindication of a Popish successor", n.t.p. f. (A 52) 

HANKK, L. Ueber die autobiographischen Aufzeicti- 

uuiigen Konig Jacobs ll. von England. (In hiy 
Eiigi. CK sch., v. 7. 1M>3.) 

RAI.MKU. F. von. Komir Jakob 11. und Anna Hyde. 

(In Hiatorischea T*clienbuch, 1867.) 

REASONS for the tndletnieiit of the Duke of York. 

(In State tracts. ItiVJ.) 

REFLECTIONS on [K. Settle s] Character of a Popish 

successor*, f*. (A 52) 

REFLECTIONS upon King Jaoie declaration dispersed 

by the Jacobite*. London, 16 . 2. 4". (B 4) 

UKVAUKS on Fox s -History of James ll*. London, 

1809. 8". (B 725, 785) 

REMONSTRANCE of good Protestants against deposing 

James ll. London, 16S9. 4. (B5) 

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of Fox. London, 1809. 4. 

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what England may expect from such n, one. Lon 
don, 1681. f. (A 62) 

Character of a Popish successor complcat. London, 

1681. f. (A 52) 

- Great considerations relating to the D. [of York]. 

n.t.n. f*. (A 52) 

- Vindication of the "Character of a Popish successor*. 

London, 16S1. f. (A 52) 

THOROOOD. B. Opinion of the point of succession. 

n.t.p. [1679.] f. (A 52) 

TRUE account of the entertainment of the D. of Y. 

by the artillery men, Oct. 21. [London, 1679.] f. 
(A 54) 

TRVE relation of the conspiracy against the King. 

[London,] 1696. 4". (B 1899) 

Vox patria;: resentments of England against any 

Popish successor. London, 1681. f. (A 52) 

Vox regis. the difference betwixt a King and a tyrant; 

two speeches, 1603, 09. London, 1631. 4. (B 12) 

WELWOOD. J. Answer to King James s Declaration, 

dated May 8. London, 168i. 4. (B 5) 

WORD within doors. A ; or. A reply to A word with 

out doors . .*./>. [168-.] f. (A 54) 

See lo Or. Brit. (History, p. 1242) ; Stuarts. 
James HI., of Unyland, the Pretender. See Stuart, J. F. E. 
James i. of Scotland. Works. Perth, 178G. 12. 

Content*. The King s quair; a poem. Christis Kirk 
of the grcnc. Peblia to the play. The g.-iberlunzic- 
man. The jollie beggar. 

Ballad. (In Lnmby, J. U. Ratls raving. 1870.) 

CAMPBELL,! . (In hit Brit, poets, v. 2. 1819.) 

1RVINU.D. Life of James I. ( In hit Lives of Scottish 

poets, v. 1. 1804.) 

LIFE. (In Soc. of Ancient Scots. Lives, v. 1, pt. 1. 


MEMOIRS relative to the restoration of James i. of Scot 

land. (In Tracts illustrative of the antiquities of 
Scotland. 1836.) 

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Vol. 2, 3. London, 1832-33. 2 v. 16. (Fam. 
lib., v. 30,31.) 

See aim Yonge, C. M. Caged lion (J. s captiv 
ity in England). 

James v., of Scotland. PATEUSOX, J. James v. ; 
or the Gudeman of Ballangcich. Edin., 
1861. 12. 

LIFE. (In Soc. of Ancient Scots. Lives, v. 1, pt. 2. 


See ulio Scott s Lady of the lake. 

James VI., of Scotland. See James I., of England. 

James . Working of the earth-closet system at Baron 
Rothschilds . (In Hitchmau, J. The sewage of 
towns. [18(56.]) 

James, Benjamin. Treatise on the management of 
the teeth. Boston, 1814. 18. 

James, Charles. Regimental companion ; pay, du 
ties, etc., of every officer in the British ser 
vice. London, 1811-13. 4 v. 12. 

James, Charles. Essay on military Uw. See Tytler, A. F. 

James, Charles T. Manufacturing industry. (In Do Bow. 
Ind. res. 8. and W. States, v. 2. 13o2.) 

James, E. Camilio Sivori; a sketch of his life, talent, and 
travels. Ixjndon, 1545. S. (B 1459) 

James, Edwin (P.?). Account of an expedition from 
Pittsburgh to the Kocky Mts., 1819-20, un 
der Maj. S. U. Long. Phila., 1823. 2 v. 8 
and Atlas 4. 

Catalogue of plants col. during a journey to and from 

the Kocky Mu. during the summer of 1820. Re 
marks on the sandstone and FUetz trap formations 
of the western part of the Valley of the Misnissipni. 
(In Amer. Phil. Soc. Trans., n.s., v. 2. 1825.) 

Geological sketches of the MUMissippi Valley. (In 

Acad. of Nat. Sci. Journ.. v. 2. Isl7.) Remarks 
on the lime stones of th-. Mississippi lead mines. 
(In v. 6. 1S25.) 




James, George Payne Rainsford. Agincourt. Lpz., 
Tauchnitz, 1844. 16. 

Arabella Stuart; romance from English hist. 

Lp*., Tauchnitz, 1844. 16. 

Same. New York, 1844. 8*. 

Arrah Neil ; or, Timed of old. Lpz., Tauchnit;, 

1844. 16. 

Same. (In Dublin unlr. mag., T. 22-24. 1*43-44.) 

Beaucharap ; or, The error. Lpz., Tauchnitz, 

1846. 16. 

Blanche of Navarre ; a play. Loud., 1839. 8. 

Same. New York. 1839. 16*. (D 46) 

Castle of Ehrenstem. Lpz., Tauchnitz, 1847. 


Charles Tyrrell. New York. 1839. 2 v. 12. 

The convict. Lpz., Tauchnitz, 1847. 16. 

Dark scenes in history. New York, 1850. 12. 

Darnley; or, The field of the cloth of gold. 

Lpz., Tauchnitz, 1847. 16. 

Desultory man. New York, 1836. 2 v. 12. 

The false heir. Lpz., Taiuhnitz, 1843. 16. 

Same. New York, 1843. 8. 

Forest days. Lpz., Taitchnitz, 1843. 16. 

Same. New York. 1843. 8. 

France in the lives of her great men. Vol. 1 : 

Charlemagne. London, 1832. 8. 

Same. History of Charlemagne. New York, 

[1832 ?]. 18. (Harper s fam. lib., v. 60.) 

The gipsey. Lpz., Tauchnitz, 1847. 16. 

Heidelberg. Lpz., Taushnit:, 1846. 16. 

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Henry of Guise. New York, 1839. 2 v. 12. 

History of Charlemagne. See the title France, above. 

History of chivalry. New York, (18 ]. 18. 

(Harper s fam. lib., v. 20.) 

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The Jacquerie. New York, 1842. 2 v. 12. 

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4 Y. 8*. 

Life of Edward the Black Prince. London, 

1836. 2 v. 8. 

Life of Henry iv. London, 1847. 3 v. 8. 

Life of Richard Cceur de Lion. London, Bohn, 

1854. 2 v. 8*. 

Lire* of foreign statesmen. See Crowe. E. K. 

Morley Ernstein. Lpz., Tauchnits, 1842. 16. 

One in a thousand. Phila., 1836. 2 v. 12. 

Oration in Boston on the Duke of Wellington. 

Boston, 1853. 8. 

Rose D Albret; or, Troublous times. Lpz., 

Tauchnitz, 1844. 16. 

Russell. Lpz., Tauchnitz, 1847. 16. 

Same. New York, 1847. 8. 

Sir Theodore Brou^hton ; or. Laurel water. 

Lpz., Tauchnit:, 1847. 16. 

The smuggler. Lpz., Tauchnits, 1845. 16. 

The stepmother. Lpz., Tauchnit:, 1845. 16. 

String of pearls. New York, 1833. 12. 

Tales of the passions. Phila., 1839. 12. 

The woodman. New York. [1849]. 8. 

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WHIPPLE, E. P. James s novel*. (In hi* Essay*, v. 

1. 1848.) 
James, Henry. Esay on the currency. ( In Pamphleteer, 

1820; v. 17 of B833.) 

James, Col. Sir Henry. 6. 1803. Report on the demolition 
of the revetments of old work* at Sheerneus. 1827. 
(In Or. Brit. Cvrpt of Roy. Engin. Papers, v. 3. 

Sre alv* Great Britain. Ordnance Survey (p. 
1218) for the Domesday book, etc. 

James, Henry, b. 1811. Christianity the logic of 
creatio n. New York, 1857. 12. 
196. (28. 8. 76) 

The church of Christ not an ecclm!atlclra. New 

York, [ISM]. 1-r. (B 1966) 

The secret of Swedenborg; an elucidation of 

his doctrine of the divine natural humanity. 
Boston. 1869. 8. 

Social iBoirtrnnce of our Institutions ; oration, New 

port, July 4. Boston. 1861. 8*. (B 1573) 

Substance and shadow ; morality and religion 

in their relation to life. Boston, 1863. 16*. 
Jam**, Henry, Jr. Poor diehard. (In Atlantic monthly, 

v. It*-*). 1867.) Watch and ward. (In v. 28. 1871.) 
James, J. H. Observations on some of the general 

principles, and on the nature and treatment of 

inflammation. London, 1821. 8". 
James, John. Travels in Sicily, Italy, and France. 

Albany, 1820. 12. 
James, John. History of the worsted manufacture 

inEng. London, 1857. 8. 

Condition of factory operative* of Bradford. (In 

Nat. AMOC. Prom. Soc. SoL Trims.. 1869.) 
James, John Angi ll. Anxious inquirer after sal 
vation. New York, [184-]. 18. 

Address to teacher* [of J Birmingham Sund.Sch. Union, 

Birmingham, March 2a. 1815. New York, 1816. 8*. 
(B 476) 

Christian fellowship ; or, Church member s 

guide ; ed. by J. O. Choules. Bost., 1829. 12. 

Pastoral addresses. First ser. 7th ed. Lon 

don. 1841. 16. 

The plagiary warned, a vindication of the drama, ttc., 

frum the plagiarism* of J. A. .Tame*. 2d ed. (In 
Pamphletaar, isr, ; v. 25 of B 833.) 

Reflection!!. (In Wilkm, M. Flower faded, etc.. 1838.) 

Sermon; Christianity a syitem of love. (In Akers, T. 

P. Col. of sermon*. 1831.) 

Sermons; Nituru and consequence* of Impenitence ; 

influence of memory in Increasing the misery of the 
lost. (In Suddard*, \V. Brit, pulpit, v. 1, 2. 1*37, 

Sunday school teacher s guide. 6th ed. Birm 

ingham, 1817. 18. 

Same, abridged. 4th ed. Phila., Am. S. S. U^ 

1828. 18. 

WRIGHT, H. C. Christian communion with *lave- 

holders; letter* to J. A. James and II. Wardlaw. 
Rochdale, 1846. 12*. (C 257) 

James, John Thomas. The Italian school of paint 
ing. London, 1820. 8. 

Journal of a tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, 

Poland, 1813-14. 3ded. Lond., 1819. 2 v. 8. 

Painting. (In Smedley, E., and ot\rr. Encyc. 

metrop., v. 5. 1845.) 
James, John W.irren. LpRlNO, J. S. (In his Hundred 

Boston orators. 1852. ) 
James, Joseph, and Moore, D. System of exchange, 

India directory for purchasing spices, drugs, 

etc. New York, 1800. 12. 
James, Marian. A lord of creation. (In Littell * living 

age. v. 51. 1856.) 
James, Richard. Iter Lancastrense ; a poem ; el. by 

T. Corser. Manchester, 1845. 4. (Chetham 

Soc., v. 7.) 
James, Robert. Dissertation on fevers ; success of 

the fever powder. 7th eJ. Lond., 1770. 12. 

Medicinal dictionary. Lond., 1743-45. 3 v. f. 
James, Thomas, b. 1571?. d. 1629. Treatise of the 

corruptions of Scripture, councils, and fa 
thers, by prelates, etc^ot the Church of Rome. 
London. 1612. 4. 

NICE lOS, J. P. (In M* Mem., v. 19. 1732; and, fftrm., 

v. 15. 1757.) 

James, Capt. Thomas. Voyage for the discovery of a X. W. 
passage. (In Harris, J. Col. of voy.. v. 1. 170 >; 
v. 2. Ii64; in Coze, D. Col. of voy. 1741 ; m 
Churcuill, O. and .1. Col. of voy., v. 2. 1744; in, 
8m)llett, T. Compend., v. 4. ITort; an I in Run- 
dall. T. Narr. of voy. 1849; Hakluyt Soc., v. 5.) 

James, LieiU. Col. Thomas. Hist, of the Herculean 
Straits, now called Straits of Gibraltar. 
London, 1771. 2 v. 4. 




Junes, Thomas Chalkley. MOKRIfl. C. (In Gross, 8. D. 
Liven of Amer. ptiyniciiin*. 1661.) 

TTCON. J. K. Memoir of J. (In Peon. Hist. Soc. 

Mem., v. 3, pt. 2. ]&;;.) 

Jamee, 5/r Wm., tl. 1*83. DAVJ>PORT, R. A. (In Ml 
Live* of ludiv. 1M1. Fam. lib.. T. 7y.) 

James, Wm., o/ A/ew knell, and Malcolm. J. General view 
of the agriculture of the Co. of Buckingham. Lon 
don. 1794. 4*. (W73) 

General view of the agriculture of the County of Sur 

rey. London, 17W. 4*. (W 75) 

James, Wm., rf. 1827. Full and correct account of 
military occurrences of the late war between 
Gt. Brit, and the U. S. Lond., 1818. 2 T. 8. 

Full and correct account of naval occurrences 

of the late war between Gt. Brit, and the U. S. 
London, 1817. 8 C . 

Inquiry Into the merit* of the principal naval action* 

between Or. Brit, aud the U. 8. Halifax, 1816. 4". 

and Chamier, F. Naval history of Great 

Britain, 1793-1827. New ed. London, 1837. 

Y. 8. 

James, Epistle of. See Bible (p. 290). 
James Montjoy ; or, I ve been thinking; by A. S. 

Roe. New York, 1850. 8. 
James Murray s Royal Asylum for Lunatics near 

Perth. Regulations. Perth, 1858. 8. 

34th, 36th report. Perth, 1861-63. 2 v. 8. 

James Titlbot; [a tul.l. Camb.. 1821. 12. (C 249) 

Same. Boston, 1824. 12*. (C 246) 
James the Fourth ; comedy, tier Greene, R. 
Jameson, A., Principal. Annual examination of the 

scholars at AVyke-Houwe, Sions hill. 1828. 8*. 
(B 926) 

Jameson, Mrs. Anna (Murphy). Characteristics 
of [Shakespeare s] women. London, 1836. 
2 v. 8. 

Commonplace book of thoughts, memories, etc. 

London, 1854. 8. 

Communion of labour. London, 1856. 12. 

Diary of an ennuyee ; [travels in Italy]. Phila., 

1826. 12. 

Handbook to the court* of modern sculpture. (In 

Crystal Palace Co. Fine arts courts, v. 2. 184.) 

Handbook to the public galleries of art in and 

near London. London, 1842. 2 T. 8. 

History of our Lord as exemplified in works of 

art ; completed by Lady Eastlake. London. 
1864. 2 v. 8. 

Introduction und note*. (In Amelia, Prince of Sajc- 

ony. Social life in Germany, v. 1. IMu.) 

Legends of the Madonna. London, 1852. 8. 

Same. Boston, 1864. 32. 

Legends of the monastic orders. Lond., 1850. 8. 

Same. Boston, 1864. 32". 

Memoirs of celebrated female sovereigns. Lon 

don, 1831. 2 v. 12. 

Conknt*. Vol. 1. Semiramis. Cleopatra^ Ze- 
nobia. Joanna I., of Naples. Joanna II., of Naple*. 

Isabella of Castile. Mary, Queen of Scots. Q. Eliz 
abeth. Vol. 2. Christina. Anne, of Gr. Brit. 
Maria Theresa, of Germany. Catherine u. 

Same. New York, njd. 2 v. 16. (Harper s 

fum. lib., v. 33, 34.) 

Memoirs of early Italian painters. New ed., 

with add. matter. London, 1859. 12. 
Conlrnt*. Something about pictures and painter*. 
Cimubue and other*. Giotto and other*. Ghibtrtl. 
Fillppo Lippi. Fra Angvllco da Fiesole. Benozzo 
Gozzoli. Andrea di Castagno. Sandra Boticelii. 
Luca SignoreUi. Pom. dal Ghirlandajo. And. Ver- 
rocchia. Ant. del Pollaluolo. Mantegna. The in 
vention of engraving. The Bellini. Perugino. 
Fr. Frnncia. Fra Bnrtolomeo. Lionardo da Vinci. 

Michael Angelo and oilier*. Andrea del Sarto. 
Raphael. Correggio. Parmfglaiio. Giorgione. Tintoretto. Paul Veronese. Bus.ino. 

Memoirs of the beauties of the court of Charles 

u.; with portraits. Londtm, 1838. 2 v. 8. 

. Vol. 1. Q. Catherine of Bmganza. 
Duchehs of Cleveland. Counters de Gramtnont. 
Counters of Ossory. Lady Denhatn. Nell Gwynn. 
8. Durhesa of Somerset. Duche** of Richmond. 
Mr*. I.awnon. Counters of Chesterfield. Countess 
of KocbeMer. Miss Bagot. Counters of Southerk. 

Mrs. Noll. Lady Bellamys. Counter* of Sunder- 
land. Mrs. Middleton. Countess of Northumber 
land. Duchees of Portsmouth. Duchess of Devon 
shire. Miss Jennlng*. 

Memoirs of the loves of the poets. Boston, 

1833. 2r. 12. 

Conk nt. Vol. 1. A poet s love. Loves of the 
Classic poets. Loves of the Troubadours. Guido 
Cavalcanti and Mandetta. Cino da Pistoja and Sel- 
vaggia. Laura. Laura and Petrarch. Dante and 
Beatrice Portlnari. Chaucer and Phiilippii Picard. 
King James and Lad}- Jane Beaufort. Lorenzo de 
Medici and Lucretla Donati. Fair Geraldine. Ari- 
osto. Ginevra, and Alesrandra Strozzi. Spenser s 
Rosalind; Spenser s Elizabeth. The love of Shake 
speare. Sydney s Stella (Lady Mich). Court and 
age of Elizabeth. Leonora d Kste. Milton and Leo 
nora Buronl. 2. Carew s Cell a. Lucy Saclieverel. 
Waller s Sacharissa. Beauties and poet*, reign of 
Charles I. Ovid and Perilla. Seneca s Paulina. 
Sulpicia. Clotilde de Surville. Vittoria Colonnn. 
Veronica Gambarn. Camilla Valentin). Portia Rota. 

Castlglione. Doctor Donne and his wife. Hab- 
inglon a Castara. The two Znppi. Lyttelton. 

Prince Frederick. Doctor Parnell. Klopstock and 
Meta, Bonnie Jean. Highland Mary. Loves of 
Burns. Monti and his wife. Poets and beauties, 
Charles II. Queen Anne. Swift, Stella, and Vnn- 
ersa. Pope and Martha Blount. Pope and Lady M. 
W. Montagu. Poetical old bachelors. Voltaire and 
Madame du Chatelet. Madame de Gonverne. Ma 
dame d lloudetot. Heroines of modern poetry. 

The Nuremburg madonnas. (In Art journal, v. 4. 


Sacred and legendary art. London, 1848-49. 

2 T. 8. 

Same. Boston, 1865. 2 v. 16. 

Sisters of charity. Catholic and Protestant. 

London, 1855. 12. 

Visits and sketches at home and abroad. New 

York, 1834. 2 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Sketches of art, literature, and 
character. A visit to Hardwicke. A visit to Al- 
thorpe. Sketch of Mr*. Siddons. Sketch of Fanny 
Kemblc. 2. The ftilne one. Ualloran the pedler. 
The Indian mother. A dramatic proverb for little 
actors. The diary of an ennuyec. 

Winter studies and summer rambles in Canada. 

New York, 1839. 2 v. 12. 

HOUSE. R. H. (In hit New Spirit of the age, v. 2. 


MAKTISEAU, H. (In her Biog. sketches. 1S69.) 
Jameson, John Alexander. The Constitutional Con 
vention, its history, powers, and modes of 
proceeding. New York. 1867. 8". 

Jameson, Lawrence? ed. See Edinburgh new phllos. 

Jameson, Robert. Arctic geology. (In Leslie, J., and 
other*. Nnrr. of discovery in the Polar Seas; Har 
per s fani. lib., v. 14.) 

Climate, geology, and mineralogy of India. (In Mur 

ray, H. Brit. India. 18S2.) 

Geology. (In Murray, H. Encycl of ?eog. 1834.) 

Geology of Africa. (In Murray, H. Narr. 1844.) 

System of mineralogy. Edin., 1804-08. 3 v. 8. 

Treatise on the external characters of minerals. 

Edin., 1805. 8. 

Same. 2d ed. Edin., 1816. 8. 

Jameson, R. G. New Zealand, South Australia, 
and New South Wales. London, 1842. 8. 

Jameson, Wm. Roma Racoviana et Racovia Ro- 
mana; i.e., Papistarum et Socinistarum, in 
pluriinis religioiiis su;c capitibus harmonia. 
Edin., 1702. 4. 

Jamev>ne, George. CUNNINGHAM, A. (In hit Lives of 
Brit, painters, v. 4; Harper s furu. lib., v. 66.) 

Jamestown, Ship. FORBES, R. B. Voyage of the 
J. Boston, 1847. 8. 




JamL RCCCKERT. F. Aus Dschaml * Llr>besliedern. (/ 
Zeiucnr. d. D. roorg. Ur., v. 2. 4, 5. 24. 1443-70.) 

Jamieson, Alexander. Dictionary of mechanical 
science, arts, manufactured, etc. London, 
1831. 2 v. 4. 

Grammar of logic and intellectual philosophy. 

N. ilaven, 1822. 12. 

Mechanics for practical men. Load., [1837]. 8. 

Mechanics of fluids. London, 1837. 8. 
Jamiesoa, Rev. John. Antiquity of the earliest 

ScottUh coin* now extant. (In. Roy. Hoc. of Lit. 
Tnui... v. i 1434.) 

The beneficent woman ; sermon, Leltb, Mar. 10. 

Kill n.. 1411. 8*. (B 319) 

Deity of Christ ; in reply to Priestley. Edin., 

1794. 2 v. 8. 

Etymological dictionary of the Scottish lan 

guage ; pref. a diss. on the origin of the lan 
guage. Edin., 1808. 2 T. 4. 

Hermes Scythicus; or, Affinities of the Greek 

and Latin language to the Gothic ; also diss. 
on the proofs of the Scythian origin of the 
Greeks. E.lin., 1814. 8. 

Vltnrted forts of Scotland, (In Roy. Soc. of Lit. 

Trail*., v. I. 1834.) 

GHKGOR, \V. Dialect of Bimffshire ; with a 

glossary of words not in Jamieson s Diction 
ary. London, 1866. 8. 

Jamie8on.tiolH.-rt. Heroic bullads. (/ Weber, II. Illust. 
north. antiquities. 1114.) 

Jamin, Amadis. (lit Annales poet., v. 9. 1*79; Auguia, 
P. K. I oeics franvoi", v. 5. 14J5 , and in Cary, 
H. F. The early French poets. 144fl.) 

Jamin, Jules Culestin. Lc- loin de I uquilibre et du mouve- 
mentdea liquldes duns les corps poreuz. (In Paris. 
Soc. Cmmiqae. Lecuns. 1461.) 

Vegt-utiuii und the atmosphere. (In Smithsonian 

tnst. Report, 1S64.) Photo-chemiUry. (In 1467.) 

Numerous articles.] (In Revue d. L>. Moudua, dec. 

1454 - fev. 1467.) 
Jamison, D. F. Life and times of B. Du Guesclin. 

London, 1864. 2 v. 8. 
Jamiilla, Nicholas de. De rebus gestlsFriderlcl It. ejusque 

ttliorum, 1210-53; ad. Anon. Supplcineutuni. (In 

Muratori, L. A. Her. I till. Her., T. 4. 17*20; and in 

Gravier, U. Kac., v. 16. 1770.) 
Jan Bluutiuk, oder See und Theater; von II. Smidt. 

Berlin, 1864. 2 v. in 1. 8. 
Jancigny, Adolphe Philibert Dubols de. See DuboU de 

Jancigny, A. P. de. 
Jandono. See Gandavo, J. de. 
Jane ; par A. Dumas. Paris, 1862. 18. 
Jane Eyre; by C. Bronte [Xicholls]. N. Y., 1848.8. 

Same. N. Y n 1870. 12. 

Jane Eyre: by J. Brougham. (In Sargent, E. Mod. stand. 

dr., v. 17.) 
Jane Gray ; tragedie ; by Jfme. A. L. de Stael-Holstein. (fn 

A*r Oiuvres, v. 17. 1*41.) 
Jane Seymour. &/ Queen of Henry VIIL. LODGE, E. (fn 

Ai PortraiU, v. 1. 1435.), A. (In her Queens of England, v. 4. 


Jane Shore; tragedy. See Rowe, N". 
Jane Talbot ; by C. B. Brown. Boston, 1827. 12. 

(Vol. 6 of his Novels.) 
Janet, Paul. La crise philosophique, Taine, Rennn, 

Littre, Vacherot. Paris, 1865. 18. (Bibl. 

de philos. contemp.) 

Materialism of the present day; a critique of 

Dr. Buchner s system; tr. by G. Masson. 
London, 1866. 12. 

Rapport sur le concours rel. an Tralte des devoirs de 

Ciceron. (In ParU. Inst. Ac. d. Set. J/or. Mem., 
v. 12. 1465.) 

Various articles.] (fn Revue d. D. Mondes, mars 

1456 - nov. 187 J.) 

Janeway. Jacob J., D D. Duty of the Precbytcrlan Church ; 
di*c. before the Oen. Assembly of the Prc*. Cli. In 
America. 1319. New Brunswick, 14:i6. 8". (B 1330) 

Scriptural doctrioeof the atoiieuieut. Phila., 1835. Itf". 


Janeway, James. Heaven upon earth ; or, The 
best friend in the wont times. Boston, 
1760. 8. 

Invisible realities demonstrated In the life hud death of 

John Janeway. id Amer. ed. Lancaster, 17i 12*. 

Sewiuiiable address to the citizens of London after the 

tire. 16d6; added, Dr. Smollett s account, [and] a 
Relation of the great nre at Uottou, Mar. At, 1740. 
Boston, [1760]. *. (C 44) 

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io flumiiuir 


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f Amnt., 16 .] (E 78, no. 280) Prinripatu* An- 
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T. J. van. 
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See alto Uintory (p. 1063). 


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S ime, abridged, (fn Pinkerton, J. Col. of voy., 

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2fote. There are abstracts of his account In Alge- 
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43- The following are chronologically arranged. 

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JAPAN (Descr.} 


JAPAN (Missions) 

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66]. Ixmdon, 18-59. S. 
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transport between England, France, and 
America, and China and Japan]. London, 
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Kempferanil the Portuguese. London, 1794. (E66) 
JANNSON, J. Nova Japonlee, terras Esonls. ac lnula- 
rurn adjaeentlum descrlptio. [Amt., 16 J (E 78, 
DO. 280) JAPONIA regnum. n.p., (16 J. (E 78, 
no. 278} LAND reyws van Osaccu tot Jedo. 
WATER reyse van Nangnnacqul tot Osacca. n.p., 
[1ft]. (E 78, no. 281) PERFECKTE Kaert van de 
geleeenthcydt des Landta van Jnpun. n.p , [16]. 
(E 78, DO. 279) KECHTE See-Karte von der tJele- 
getihelt detta Landes Japan, n.p., [10]. (E 78, 
no. 279.) 

History and Politics. 

Bibliography. CHABLEVOIX, P. F. X. de. Auteurs 

qui ont ecrit ur 1 hUtolre du J. (In hi* HUt. du 

Japon. v. 6. 1754.) 
ADITIOMS et memolres toochant le Japon. (In Bar 

nard, J. F. Rec. de voy.. v. S. 1716.) 
KA F..MPFEB, E. See Description (p. 1562). 

SS- The following are chronologically arranged. 
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du J., v. 2. 1734.) 
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by way of embassy from the East India Co. 

of the United Provinces to the Emperor of 

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London, 1670. 4. 
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v. 1. 1625; in Harris, J. Col., v. 1. 1705; and 

in Green, J. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1745.) 
ARRIVEE, L . at I entreV ptibllnue dc I limhnMadcur KU 

roy du Jiippon diinn le vllfc- de Home. nov. 1615. 

(7n Ternaux Compans, H. Archive* dea roy.. v. 1. 

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ment du Japon, [1631-38]. f/ M Bernard, J. F. 

Rec. dc voy., r. 3. 1718; in Therenot, M. Rela 
tion*, v. 1. 1099.) 
- Xng. Account of Japan. (In Pinkerton, J. Col. 

ofvoy.. T. 7. 1811.) 
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the affairs in Japan, March, April, 1861 ; 
July - Nov. 1861 ; [1862]. London, 18G1- 
63. 3 v. f. 

Language and Literature. 

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ary ; with an English and Japanese index. 
Shanghai, 1868. 4. 

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anese and English vocabulary. Batavia, 
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(In Paris. Int. Ac. d. Inner. Not., v. 1L 1821.) 

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Landrcsse; prec. d un explication dcs sylla- 
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Supplement, ou remarques tirces de la gram 
maire composee par Oyanguren et tr. par C. 
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an Introd. (In Amer. Orient. Soc.. v. 2. 1851.) 

- Wir.tiAM. 8. W. Note on .Japanese yllbarlea. (In 

Amer. Orient. Boo., v. 2. 1851.) 



morinl; sobre la chrii-tiunldad del Jnpon J n.t.p. 

- Dccori. J. Reminiscence* and Impressions of a visit 

to Rome during the canonization i.f the Japanese 
martyrs. Chlc K o, 1863. 8 . (81604^ 

- PHII.IP iv. of SiHJin. Ordcn para M u.- por [el COI.ROJ.. 

de Indian] se dieaaen los *e*p*f*n* en urd.-n u la 
chrlstinndnd del Jnpon. n.t.p. [le^. .J r. (A b 

- TRIOAULT, N. De Christianis apud Juponios 

triumphis. Monarhii. 1G 23. 4". 

- TBU NFO dr In feen loi rein -* del Jupon, I14-. (fn 

Vega Crpio. L. F. de. Obras no drum. !&*; v. J 
of AriUau. Hibl.) 

See al*o Dei^-ipttOH ( 

JAPAN (Nat. char., etc.) 



National character and social life. 

ECF.RTON, F. Manner* and usages of J. (In hit 

E-says. 1808 ) 

MANNERS and customs of the Japanese in the 

19th cent.; from recent Dutch visitors and 
P. F. von Siebold. London, 1841. 12". 

Same. New York, 1848. 18. (Harper s fam. 

lib., v. 132.) 

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Natural history. 

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tb globe, v. 3. 18UU.) 

See alto Jeddo ; Kuro-Siwo. For a list of ar 
ticles in the Revue d. l>. Monties xre its Table gen., 
p. 464. 

Japan Expedition of the American squadron. S<-r Japan, 
/V*ir. (p. 106-2). and Ilixt. (p. 1563). 

Japanese martyrs. Sre Japan. Jlittioiii (p. 1563). 

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Phila., 1837. 2 v. 12. 

Same. Phila.. njt. 8. 

Same, (fn Marryat, F. Works, v. 10. 1843.) 
Japygia (district of Italy). FERRARI. A. DC* situ Japygiw. 

(hi Grsevius, J. O. Then, anllq. Ital., T. 9, pi. 5. 


Jaqueline, daughter of William VI.. Count of Holland 
and Ilainuult. LOCIIEK, F. FUrstenromantik im 
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35. 2 v. 12. (Lib. ent kn., v. 16, 17.) 

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Humiliating animal*, sheet), cattle, deer, rtc. (v. 3, 4) ; 

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History of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands. 

Boston, 1843. 8. 
_ Some. 3d ed. Honolulu, 1847. 8. 

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and others. Letters rel. to a col. of pictures 

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tone of the Insane Hospital, Northampton, Mass. 

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Comparative liability of mules and females to insanity. 

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Same. [Pages 142-171 of the Amer. journ. of insan 

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vict*. Utica, 1857. 8*. (B 1568) 

Employments for patient* in British lunatic asylums. 

n.p , [18-]. 8 . (B 1568) 

The influence of dl.itanci- from and proximity to an In 

sane hospital on its use by any people; [pp. 209- 
222 of the Bonton med. nnd surg. journal, v. 42, no. 
11, Apr. 17, 1850]. 8". (E 269) 

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stati-*. Phila., 1844. 8. (B 1199) 

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Law of Insanity, and hospitals for the insane in Mass. 

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- Report on insanity and idiocy. See Massachusetts. 
Cuntmionion on l.unai-y. 

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421-441 of the Amer. jouru. of med. scl., ii.s., v. 17. 
Apr. 1849.] 8. (B 1568) 

Sanitary condition of the army of U. 8. [From the 

Atlantic monthly for Oct. 18.] 8*. (B 1566) 

Study of physiology, (/n Amer. last, of Inatr. Lect., 


Supposed Increase of Insanity. [Reprinted from the 

Amer. journ. of Insanity.] 8". (B 1568) 

What shall we do with the insane of the \\Vstern 

country? [Louisville. 1842 ] 12. (B 1189, 1568) 
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to the hist, of the Church ; also an orig. 
harmony of the four Gospels. New York, 
1845. 8". 

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Apr. 9. funeral of Mrs. J. Hart. New York, 1815, 
8 . (B1007) 

Christian unity necessary for the conversion of the 

world; sermon, N. Y., June 26, 18M. New York. 
1837. 8*. (B1330) 

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Dedhftm. June 30, 1821, [with] spp. Boston, 1822. 
8. (B287) 

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America. (In N. Y. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 3. 1821.) 

Other co/ if. (B 567, W 4) 

Method of dally prayer for children previous to con 

firmation. Boston. 1822. 12*. (C 240) 

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ship of St. Paul s Church. Boston, 1825. 8. 

Another copy. (B 271) 

Office of institution as rector of St. Paul s Church, 

Boston, July 7. Boston, 1820. 8*. (B 278) 

Reply to Dr. Milner s End of religious con 

troversy . New York, 1847. 12. 

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in Boston, Jan. 23. Boston. 1822. 8*. (B 287, 1329) 

Unity of the Ch. ; sermon, New York, Oct. 1. before the 

ann. convention of Prot. Kplsc. Ch. In New York. 
New York, 1816. 8. {B 319) 

Want of patronage the cause of the slow progress of 

American literature : [* B K] oratlou, Dec. 6. New 
Haven, 1806. 8*. (B 435) 

CATALOGUE of his library, sold Nov. New 

York, 1851. 8. 
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times of J. New York. 1869. 8. 
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principles and policy of free states. Pittsfield, 

1820. 12. 

Oration, Pittsfleld, before the Washington Benevolent 

Society of Berkshire, July 4. PitUfleld, 1812. 8. (B 
415, 45 7) 

Speech In favor of religious freedom. Boston, 1823. 

8 . (B554) 

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DISSERTATION is medicte de Ictcro flavo cap. I - 

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jaundice, etc. London, 1866. 8. 
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(In Lacrpix, K. . Etudes sur 1 expo*. de 1807.) 
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Tasso, 1 . 

Brief discourse of the assault upon William, Prince of 

Orange, (/n Soraers J. Col. of tract*, v. 1. l*m.) 

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de poetns. 1786.) La Farnalia. Orfi-o. (Vol. 7, 
8. 1.89.) 

Java. Description nnd Tratels. 

TRUE report of voy. to J. by a fleet of 8 ship* of 

Amsterdam. 1598-99. (hi Hakluyt. R. Col. of vi.y., 
v. 6. 1812; and in Selection of curious voy. 1812.) 

JAVA (History) 



SCOT, E. Descrtp. of J.. tie. 1602-05. (In Harris, 

J. Com pleat col. of voy., v. 1. 17u.">.) 

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Col. of voy., 1703 ; and in Green, J. Col. of voy., 
Y. 1. b. 3. 1746.) 

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v. 2. l iv; and. ns/.. Travel*, v. 2. 17.; 

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kerton. J. Col. of voy., v. 11. 1812.) 

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auctions of the Dutch Trading Company, 
[1856] ; by Multatuli ; tr. by Baron A. 
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the world, v. 1. 187u.) 

Map. lusulee Java) cum pnrte Insularnm Borneo, 

Sumatra, etc. ./>., f 16- J. (E 78, no. 289) 
See alto Batavia ; Weltevreden. 

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London, 1830. 2 v. 8 and Plates 4. 

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1 hlstoire de* Jnvanais, ft sur 1 epoque de la tondu- 
tion de MadJHpuhil. [IxSWj. (In fans. Inst. Ac. d. 
Inter. Mem., v. 15. 1842.J 

. __ SCOT, E. Discourse of J., 1602-05. (In Purchaa. 
1 ilgrlmi-s, v. 1. 1626.) Attract. (In Greea, J. 
Col. of voy., v. 1. 1745; and in Kerr, It. Col. of 
voy.. v. 8. 1824.) 

BTUTCNO der ritudt Batavia. Belasterung der 8tadt 

BulAvtu von fit-in K.iim-r In Java, [ibiirfj. (In All- 
gemeine Hist., v. lit. litVi.) 

RAFFLES, Mr*. S. Memoir of Sir T. S. Raffles ; 

particularly in the government of Java, 1811- 
16, etc. London, 1830. 4". 

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Java, [1815]. (In Pamphleteer, IS 16; v. 8 of B 838) 

Language and Literature. 

RAFFLES, Sir T. 8. Lang, and lit. ; [with specimens 

lid translation*]. (In hit Hist, of Java, v. 1. 1830.) 
See alto Bible (p. 2*3). 

Natural history. 

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London, 1824. 4 U . 

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1825. 4. 

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khired, ou Llvre de reiurnello raison. (In Paris. 

Inst. Ac. d. In-n-r. Mem., v. . 1831.) 
Jaworski, Jukob. 1 rzypoinuienia Ukraliiokle. [Paryi,] 

1846. 8*. (E 83) 
Jaxley and it* neighborhood. (In Dublin unlv. mag., v. 

63-64. 1864.) 
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sisters, [M. Banyer and J.]. N. Y., 18-58. 8. 
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de Richelieu. Paris, 1816. 2 v. 8. 

Di scours. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. J r. Rec. de disc., 


Jay, Sir Jwues, Jf.D. Letter to the governors of the Coll., 
of X. Y.. resp. the collection in 17B2, 63, for the col 
leges of 1 hita. and N. Y. ; [with] llie letters of B. 
Trvcothick und [J.]. Loud., 1771. 8". (B739, W 31) 

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of Gr. Brit., 1774. (In Moore, F. Amer. eloq., v. 1. 

Letter rrl. to the Brothertown ludians. (In Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Col., v. . 17yy.) 

Letters between Jay and Link-page. New York, 1786. 

8*. (A 27, B 1731) 

Treaty between hi* Britannic Majesty and the U. 8. 

Ste United States. Umale. For diacuvniou* on 
the treaty are United States, foliticg. 1795. 
See alia Federalist, The. 

COBBETT, W. A little plain English, on the treaty 

with [Ur. Brit.], uud the conduct of the president 
rel. thereto. Lon.lon. 17j. !S J . JB 625) 
Same. Phila., 17tt5. 8". (B 2504, W 28) 

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Jimices, v. 1. 18o4.) 

H., J. John Jay. (/ Longacre, J. B., and Herring, 

J. Nat. portr. gil., v. 2. 1836.) 

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York. 1861.) 

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T. !. 1*40.) 

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tices. 1864.) 

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dress at Mt. Kisco, N. Y., July 4. London, 
1861. 8. 

Same. New York, 1861. 12. (B 1573) 

Progress and reulu of emancipation in the English 

W.Indies; lecture. New York, 184:2. 8. (B 1188) 

Statistical view of American agriculture, with 

nuggestions for the schedules of the census in 
1860 ; an address before the Amer. Geog. and 
Statist. Soc., March 18-58. N. Y., 1859. 8. 

Jay, Peter Augustus. Orution before the Washington 
Benev.jJoc., X. Y.,Fcb. 22. X. Y., 1810. 8. (B436) 

Jay, J/r*. W. L. M., p*tu>l. See Woodruff, Jlr*. J. L. M. 

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use of families. Salem, 1822. 12. 

Sermons. Boston, 1805. 8. 

The sacrtMl oracle*. (In Suddards, W. Brit, pulpit, 

v. 1. 1837.) No temple in heaven. (In v. 2. 1S.X>.) 

Short discourses to be read in families. Hart 

ford, 1807. 2 v. (v. 2 w.). 12. 

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tendency of the Amer. Colonization and Anti- 
slavery Society. New York, 1835. 12. 

Indian minions. Letter to the Amer. Tract Soc. 

Letters re*p. a book dropped from the catalogue of 
the Amer. d. 8. Union . (In American shivery In 
connection with Amer. Cbrisllmiity. 1854. C 262) 

Letter to Bp. Hobart, in reply to the pamphlet by him 

to the author, under the signature of Corrector. 
New York, 18-.J3. 8*. (B 339) 

Letter to Bp. Hobart [on] the strictures in his late 

charge to the Convention of New York ; by a Church 
man. New York, 18J. 8". (B 339) 

Ltfeof J. Jay. New York, 1833. 2 v. 8. 

Paul s commission; sermon. July 7, Chestnut College. 

2d ed. London, 1842. 8". (B 1344) 

Prize essay on the institution of the Sabbath ; 

also an essay by S. Nott. Albany, 1827. 8. 

Same. Albany, 18 J7. 8. (W 3) 

Remarks on the character and narrative of Rev. J. 

Clark. Boston, 1821. 8 s . (B570) 

Reply to a second letter from Bp. Hobart, with remarks 

on his hostility to Bible societies. New York, 18iJ. 
8*. (B339) 

Reply to Remarks of M. Stuart on J. Jay and an ex 

amination of his Conscience and the constitution . 
New York. 1850. 8". (B 1477, 1436) 

Reply to Webster, in a letter to W. Nelson. Boston, 

1860. 12. (B1486) 

Sanif. Letter to W. Nelson on Mr. Webster s speech. 

New York. 18:>0. I:!". (C 262) 

Review of the Mexican war. Boston, 18 19. 12. 

Another inj,y. (B 196) 

Table of killed and wounded in the war of 1812. (In 

New York Hist. Soc. Col , ser. 2, v. 2. 1849.) 

View of the action of the Federal Government 

in behalf of slavery. New York, 1839. 12. 

War and peace; evils of the first, and a plan for pre 

serving the last. New York, 1842. 12". (C 183) 

and othrrn. Address to the inhabitant* of New Mexico 

and California on territorial governments and the 
evils of slavery. New York, 1S4 J. 12. (C 262) 

REESE, D. M. Letters to J. ; a reply to his 

Inquiry into Amer. colonization . New 

York, l 835. 12. 

Jay family. llofxJATE. J. B. (In hit Amer. genealogy. 1S48.) 
Jayadeva. Gitn Govinda ; drama lyricum ; recog. 

annot. crit. interpr. Lat. adj. C. Lassen. 

Bonmu a. R., 1836. 4. 

Gitiiifoviiida, ou les chansons de Yuriaveva [{<]. (In 

Serieys, A. Bihl. acml., v. 10. 1811.) 
Jayamangala, Commentary, (In Bhatti-kavya. 1823.) 




Jayn, r>i\vld. Mi-.lii-Hl almanac and guide to health, for 

1863. Phila-, 1H;>3. V. (B 1556; 

Jayne, P. Sermon at Lynn, Dec. 1, 1803. Salem, 1804. 8*. 

Je ful* met farces; folle, pnr U. A. Desaugiers, etc. Kouv. 
id. Paris, 1817. If. ( 36) 

Jeaffreson, John Cordy. Annals of Oxford. Lon 
don, 1871. 2 v. 8. 

Book about lawyers. London, 1867. 2 v. 8. 

Book about the clergy. London, 1870. 2 v. 8. 

Htnchbrook. (In Fraser * mag., v. 51-52. 1856.) 

Life of R. Stephensou ; with descr. chapters on 

his professional works by W. Pole. London, 

1864. 2 v. 8. 

Novels and novelists, Elizabeth to Victoria. 

London, 1858. 2 v. 12. 
Jeake, S.tmuel. SMART, T. W. Biog. sketch of J. (In 

Sussex Archwolog. Soc. Col., v. 13. 1301.) 
Jealous wife. The; comedy, lire Colman, O. 
Jealousy of the dead ; by C. Lozang. (In Roscoe, T. Span. 

novelists, v. 3. 1832.) 
Jeamea s diary ; by W.M.Thackeray. N. Y., 1864. 


Same. (In Ai* MUcel.. T. 2. 1856.) 

Jean or Jehan d Arrat. Tale of Mtlurtloe. See La Cou- 

Jean tU Troye*. Hlstolre de Lours XI roy de France. 1460- 

83. (/it Perrin. Col. des mem., v. 13. 1786; 

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Nott. Vol. 1 contains AbregS de la vie de J. 

Same. (In Mlchand and Poujoulat. Col. des mem., 

v. 18. 1854; and in Petitot. Col. des mem., 2e 
ser., v. 11-16. 1820.) 

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with elementary exercises on the Pestaloz- 
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don. 1787. 3 v. 8. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Memoirs, by J. Disney. Short 
account of theological lectures at Camb., etc. ^Letters 
on si 

2. = 

habita" in~scbola theol. Cantab? Short state of the 
reasons for a late resignation. Answer to the author of 
A letter to J. Jebb with rel. to his sentimenU about 
the unlawfulness of all religious addresses to Christ 
Jesus . Sketch of the plan of the Society for Pro 
moting the Knowledge of the Scriptures. Remarks 
upon the present mode of education In Camb. Propo 
sal for the establishment of public examinations in 
Camb. Address to the members of the senate of 
Camb. Select cases of the paralysis of the lower 
extremities. Address to the freeholders of Middle 
sex Dec. 20, 1779. Letter to Sir R. Bernard. Let 
ters to the- volunteers of Ireland. Thoughts on the 
construction and polity of prisons. 3. Miscellaneous 
papers. Every man his own priest. Academical 
papers. Political papers. 

197. (1. 9- 76.) 

ount of theological lectures at Camb., etc. Letters 
subscription to the liturgy and thirty-nine articles of 

Church of England. Letter to Sir W. Meredith. 

Sermons. Theological propositions. Thesis 

Account of theological lectures now reading ; 

added, New harmony of the Gospels. Cumb., 
1770. 4. 

Same. 2d ed. Camb., 1772. 4. (B 1399) 

Address to the freeholders of Middlesex. 4th ed. cor. 

London, 1782. 8*. (B 750) 

Excellency of the uplrlt of benevolence; sermon before 

the Univ. of Camb., Due. 28, 1772. London, re 
printed. 1782. 12*. (W 44) 

Letter to R. Bernard. 2d ed. London, 1782. 8*. (B 

760, 762, W 35) 

Letter to the volunteers of Ireland on a Parliamentary 

reform. London, 1784. 8. (B 751. W 29) 

Proposal for the establishment of public examinations 

In the Univ. of Camb. London. 1774. 8*. (B 739) 

Remarks upon the present mode of education in the 

Univ. of Cambridge. Camb., 1774. 8*. (B 739) 

Resignation no proof; letter to Mr. Jebb, with remarks 

on his spirit of Protestantism. London, 1776. 8*. 
(B 1379) 

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and Knox, A. Thirty years correspondence ; 

ed. by C. Forster. 2d ed. London, 1836. 
2 T. 8". 

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Jebb, .Si> Joshua. Report on the discipline and 

management of convict prisons. London, 
1851. 8. 

Assistance to discharged prisoners. Convict system 

of England. Objections to Irish convict system as 

reposed for England. Prison discipline. 
tatement of appropriation of the Nightingale fund. 
Warming and ventilation of prisons, etc. (In 
Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1862.) 

The drawbridge on the London and Birmingham R.R. 

at Weedon. (In Or. Brit. Gorp of Roy. Engin. 

Papers, v. 3. 1830.) Theory ana practice of sinking 

artesian wells. (In v. 6. 1842.) Construction of 

prisons. (In v. 7. 1845.) 
Jebb, Richard. General principles of law. (In Encycl. 

metrop., v. 2. 1845.) 
Jebb, Samuel. De vita et rebus gestis Mariae Scot. 

Reg. autores sedecim rec. a S. Jebb. Lon- 

dini, 1725. 2 v. f. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Chambers, D. Tralt6 de la sac. 
cession des femmes aux gouvernemens. Lesley, 
J. De Utulo et jure Princlpls Maria; De rebus 
gestis Scotorura. Buchanan, O. Detectlo Marin. 
Histoire tragiqne de Marie royne d Ecossc. 
Barnestaple, O. Maria Stuarta innocens. Inno 
cence de Marie royne d Ecosse. 2. Cone, G. Vita. 
Causin, N. L hist. de Marie Stuart. Strada, F. De 
Mariae vita et morte. Scott, R. Summarium de morte 
Maria Stuartw. Blackwood, A. Martyre de la royne 
d Ecosse. Herrera, A. de. Historia. Castlenau, M. 
Extrait de [ses] memolres. Laboorenr and Brantome. 
Additions. Mort, la royne d Ecosse. Beaune, 
R. de, Abp. Oraison funebre de la royne d Ecosse. 

De vita et scriptis Ipsius H. llodil. (In Hody, H. 

De Greeds illustrlbus, etc. 1742.) 
Jedburgh Abbey. LIZARS, W. II. (In his Abbeys of 

Tevlotdale. 1832.) 
Jedbnrgh Presbytery. Instructions and warning against 

perjury. Kelso, 1782. 8. (B 256) 
Jeddo. FORTUNE, R. Journey to the capitals of 

Japan and China. London, 1863. 8. 

Map. MAP of Jeddo, by native artists. Printed 

for H. Wood. 1 sheet. 

Je, Rev. Thomas. Practical obs. on the management of 
the poor, and the laws rel. to them. (In Pamphle 
teer, 1817 ; v. 9 of B 838) 

Jeffcock, John Thomas. P. Jeffcock, civil and min 
ing engineer; memoir. London, 1867. 16. 

Jeffcock, Parkin. JEFFCOCK, J. T. Memoir. Lon 
don, 1867. 16. 

Jefferies, . Five several schemes of Christian religion. 
London, 1738. 8 . (B 22) 

Jefferies, Da. Plain narrative of a journey from 
London to Rome. Liverpool, [174-]. 12. 

Jefferies, George, Lord. Roscor., II. Life of G. .Teflerles. 
(In M Lives of British lawyers, T. 1. 1841.) 

Jeffera, Win., c. Tyson, J. Action for crlra. con. New 
York. 1808. 8*. (B 408) 

Jefferson, peud. See Carey, M. 




Jefferson, pteud. To the people. 1830. Sft Richardson, 

J. a. 
Jefferson, Francis, psmd. Brother Jonathan, (fn Imita- 

tiona of eel. authors. 1*44.) 
Jefferson, AVr. John. Funeral oration [on] J. Bennett. (In 

Memorials of J. Bennett. IM;:;.) 
Jefferson, Peter. Map of Virginia and Maryland. 1794. 

tie* Fry. J., anil Jefferson, P. (E 68) 
Jefferson, Thomas. Complete works; ed. by H. 

A. Washington. Wash., 1853-54. 9 v. 8. 
Contfnti. Vol. 1. Autobiog.. with app. Letters 
before his miniion to Europe, 1773-83, while in Europe, 
1784-90. 2. 1784-90. 3. 1784-90. Letters after his 
return to the U. 8. to his death. ITW-isi ij. 4-7. 179O- 
1826. 7. Reports and opinions while Secretary of State. 
8. Inaug. addresses and messages. Replies to public 
addresses. Indian addresses. Miscellaneous. 
Biographical sketches of dictingulshed men. 9. Par 
liamentary manual. The anas. Mi-eel, papers. 

Address to the people with [his] public life. 2d cd. 

Worcester, 1802. 8. (B622) 

Appendix to the Notes on Virginia rel. to the murder 

of Logan s family. Phlla., 1800. 8 . (3 529) 

Correspondence between J. and A. Bishop. (In New 

Haven Col. Hist. Soc. Paper*, v. 1. IS65.) 

Correspondence between J. and J. Monroe. Boston, 

1808. 8*. (B 406) 

Inaugural speeches and messages, with the inaugural 

of J. Madison, 1801. Boston, 1809. 12. (C 103) 

Letters to B. Austin, (/n List, F. Outlines. 1827. 


Manual of parliamentary practice. Concord, 

1823. 16. 

Memoir, correspondence, and miscellanies ; ed. 

by T. J. Randolph. 2d ed. Boston and New 
York, 1830. 4 v. 8. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Memoirs. Correspondence, 1775- 
M. 2. 1786-89. 3. 1789-1803. 4. ltsOO-26. Ana. 

Notes on the state of Virginia. Lend., 1787. 8. 

Same. Boston, 1829. 12. 

Proceedings of the government, in maintaining the 

public right to the beach of the Mi.-., against the 
Intrusion of E. Livingston. N. Y.. 1312. 8". (B442) 

Report of the Secretary on weights, measures, and 

coins. Sre United States, Department of State. 

Report to Congress on the nature of the privileges of 

the commercial intercourse of the U. 8. with foreign 
nations. London, 1794. 8". (B 686) 

Summary view of the rights of British America. Wil- 

liameburg, 1774. 8*. (B 515, 629) 

and Cabell, J. C. Early hist, of the Univ. of 

Virginia. Richmond, 1856. 8. 

BKOUGHAM. n., Ld. (In hit Statesmen of times of 

George in., ser. 3. 1843.) 

CATALOtifE of [his] library to be sold at auction. 

Wash., 1829. 8". (B 1071) 

CATALOGUE of [his] oil paintings. Boston, 

[1833]. 8. 

COLUMBIA, O. Proceedings of U. 8. court, etc.. In tes 

timony of respect for Jefferson nnd Adams; aUo 
disc, by J. Hoge. Columbus, 1826. 12. (C 173) 

CHANCII, W. Examination of the President s reply to 

the New- Haven remonstrance. New York, ISol. 8*. 
(B 535, 620, 934) 

DAN VKKS, J. T. Picture of a republican magis 

trate of the new school ; being a likeness of 
J. New York, 1808. 8. 

- Another copy. (B 406) 

DAVEISS, J.H. View of the President s conduct, cone. 

the conspiracy of 1806. Frankfort, 1807. 8. (B433) 

DOCUMENTS rel. to the presidential election, 1S01; 

cont. a refutation of two passages in the writings of 
T. Jefferson, aspersing the character of J. A. Bay 
ard. Phila., 1831. 8. (B 1717) 

DWIGHT, T. Character of J. Bost., 1839. 12. 

EVANS, T. Series of letters to J. cone, his official 

conduct and principles. Phila., 1802. 8. (B 622, 
2514, W 2) 

EVF.KKTT, A. U. Defence of J. ; address. Weymoutb, 

July 4. Boston, 1836. 8". (B 1114. 1204) 

FEDERALIST. The; cont. strictures upon The preten 

sions of Jefferson examined , by i hocioo. Phila., 
1796. 8". (B 628, 1701) 

Same. Pt. 2. Phila., 1796. 8 s . (B 420) 

G.. II. I), (fn Lougacre, J. B., and Herring, J. Nat. 

portr. gal., v. 2. 1835.) 

JEITKKSON against Madison s war. n.p., [1812]. 8*. 


JONKS. O. A refutation of the charges made by Vert- 

tun against the character of Joues. Winchester, 
[47-]. 8 . (A 27) 

LKE, H.. Observations on the writings of J. 

New York, 1832. 8. 

LEONID AS, ptend. Reply to Brutun s Examination of 

the Preident s annwer to the New Haven remon 
strance. N. Y.,1801. 8* (B620) 

LIVINGSTON. E. Answer to J. s justification of his 

conduct in the case of the New Orleans batture. 
Phila., 1813. 8 . (B 452) 

LYNN. P. Serious considerations on the election of a 

president. N. Y., 1800. 8. (B 401) 

MKMOIRS of J. [New York,] 1809. 2 v. 8. 

NATIONAL utility. In opposition to pollt. controversy ; 

letter from B. Austin to J., Dec. 9, 1815. and J. s 
answer, Jan. 9, 1816. [Boston, 181-.] Broadside. 
(B 1511) 

NEW ENGLAND patriot. The: candid comparison of the 

principles ana conduct of the Washington and Jef 
ferson administrations, etc. Boston, 1810. 8". (B142) 

SANDERSON, J. (In hit Biography of the signers, v. 7. 


PARKER, T. (In hit Hist. Amer. 1870.) 

PIERSON, H. W. Private life of J. N. York, 

1862. 8. 

RANDALL, H. S. Life of J. New York, 1858. 

3 T. 8. 

RANDOLPH, S. N. Domestic life of J. New 

York, 1871. 8. 

RATNER, B. L. Life of Jefferson. Boston, 

1834. 12. 

SMITH, 8. H. Memoir of Jefferson. Wash., 1827. 8". 


SMITH, W. L. Pretensions of J. to the presidency 

examined; and the charges against J. Aduins re 
futed, n.p.. 17. 8*. (B 596) 

TAINE, H. (In hi Nouveaux esoals. 1865.) 

TUCKER, G. Life of Jefferson. Phila., 1837. 

2 v. 8. 

WILSON. J. The He direct ! a refutation of the charges" 

In the proclamation of Pros. J. London, 1807. 8. 

WITT, C. de. Etude histor. sur la democratic 

americaine. Seed. Paris, 1861. 12. 

Kate. Kepub. with add. from the Revue d. D. 
Monde*, 1857-4)0. 

Funeral termon on. 1826. See Sergeant, J. (B 1828) 

ADDRESSES on the death of T. Jefferson.] n.p., 1826, 

27. 8. (B 556) 

2, amfly. Biddle, N., Phila., 1S27; Cashing, C., 
Cambridge, 1828 (al*o B 1206. 1736); Duer, W. A., 
Albany, 1826 (alxo B 1206! ; Everett. E.. Boston, 1826 
(alo B 536, 1730, 1755, 1797); Knapp, 8. L., Boston, 
1826 (alia B 1755) ; Webster, D., Boston, 1826 (alto 
B 1206, 1668, 1730, 1755, 1797) 

For other addresses on his death see Brackenridge, 
H. M., (in hit Speeches on the Jew bill, 1829); 
Forsyth, J., Augusta, 1826 (B 1206); Johnson, W., 
Charleston, 1826 (B 1639); Kirkland, J. T.. (in 
Amer. A cad. Mem., n.s., v. 1. 1833) ; Sprague, J. E., 
Salem, 1826 (B 1206); Sprague, P., Hallowell, 1820 
(B 1206); Stanford, J.. New York, 1826 (B 1097); 
Wirt, W., Washington, 1826 (B 1730, W 12) 

Ste also Dialogue between a southern delegate, 

etc., 1774; United States. President*. Speeches. 

Jefferson College, Canonsburg. Catalogue of the 

officers and students, July. Pittsburgh, [1833]. 8. 


SMITH, J. History of Jefferson Coll., incl. an 

account of the Canonsburg Academy. Pitts- 
burg, 1857. 12. 

Jefferson County Agricultural Soc. Proceedings 
of the 1st fair. Watertown, 1818. 8". (B 357) 

Jeffery, John. Complete collection of sermons and 
tracts. London, 1753. 2 v. (v. 1 w.). 8. 

Jefferya, Nathaniel. Review of the conduct of the Prince 
of Wales in his transactions with J. 3d ed., with 
add. London, [1S06]. 8. (B 713) 

LETTER to J. on his Review of the conduct of the 

Prince of Wales . London, 1800. 8". (B 1415) 

Pnnx>-VEKlTAS, p*fu<l. Diamond cut diamond; oh- 

serv. on A review of the conduct of the Prince of 
Wales ; a review of X. Jefferys as a tradesman, etc. 
Loudon, 1806. 8. (B 713) 




JefferyB, Thomas. American atlas. 29 maps. Lon 
don. 1775. f. 

Same. London, 1778. f. 

Antrim; [map]. London. 1794. (E 67) 

Barbados; [map]. London. 1794. (E 67) 

Coast of West Florida and Louisiana; and peninsula 

and gulf of Florida. London, 1794. (E68) 

Complete pUot for the West Indies, incl. the 

British channel, Bay of Biscay, and all the 
Atlantic islands. London, [17 ?]. f 

Description of the Spanish islands and settle 

ments on the coast of the W.Indies; with 
maps. London, 1762. 4. 

Explanation for tho new map of Nova Scotia and Cape 

Breton, with adjacent parU of New England and 
Canada. London, 1756. 4*. (A 4, 14) 

Gaudaloupe; [map]. London, 1795. (E67) 

Geographical description of Florida. (In Roberts. W 

Account of Florida. 1763.) 

Great probability of a North West passage de 

duced from the letter of Adm. De Fonte. 
London, 1768. 4. 

Jamaica; [map]. London, 1794. (E 67) 

Maps and plans. See Natural and civil history of tho 

French dominions In N. and 8. Amcr. 1760. 

Martlnlco; [map]. London. 1798. (E 67) 

of Brunswlck-Luncburg. Loud. ,1780. (E66) 

New map i 

Kuatan or 

St. Christopher 

Ruatan or Rattan; [map]. 

itophers: [map]. 

Be Loeta; [map]. London, 1794. (67) 

London. 1794. (E 67) 
London, 1794. (E 67) 

Three maps : Copy of part of the Jnpanese map of the 

world; Copy of De LUle * Buache s flclltlous 
map; A large map of Canada extending to the 
Pacific. (In Mueller, 8. Voy. from Asia. 1761.) 

The Virgin Islands; [map]. London, 1797. (E 67) 

West India atlas. London, 1794. f 

West India islands from actual surveys and 

observations, in 17 maps. London, 1775. f. 

The Western coast of Africa; [map]. London, 1789. 


Jeffray, James. Observations, (fn Park, H. Cones of 
the excision of curious joint*. 1806.) 

Jeffrey. See alto Geoffrey ; Oeoffroy ; Oeoffry. 

Jeffrey of Moninouth. Set Oalfridua Jfonumetenii*. 

Jeffrey, Francis, Lord. Contributions to the Edin 
burgh review. Boston, 1856. 8. 

BAOEHOT, W. (In hi* Estimates. 1858.) 

COCKBURN, H., Lord. Life of Lord Jeffrey, 

with a selection from his correspondence 
Edin., 1852. 2 v. 8. 

LETTEK to [him]; by an anti-reformist. Edin.. 1811. 

8 . (B787) 

MILLER, II. (In hit Essays. 1865.) 

SMILES. 8. (fn M* Brief biog. 1861.) 

TUCKEKMAN, U. T. (In hit Biog. essays. 1857.) 

VERIJS, L,pfud. Letter to J. Glasg., 1831. 8". (B933) 
Jeffrey, Uobert. Sermon, Lot s flight from Sodoin. (In 

Fre church pulpit. 1853.) 
Jeffreys, Charles. Van Dieman s Land. London, 

1820. 8. 
Jeffreys, George, Lord Chancellor, d. 1689. WOOL- 

KYCH, H. W. Memoirs of J. Lond., 1827. 8. 

CAMPBELL, J. (In hi* Lives, v. 3. 1845.) 

Lire and character of the late Ld. Chancellor Jef 

feryB. London, 1725. 8*. (B 602) . 

MACAULAY, T. B. (In hit Biog. sketches. 1857.) 
Jeffreys, George, d. 1755. Miscel. in prose and 

verse. London, 1754. 4. 
Jeffreys, Henry. Cases in surgery. Lond., 1820. 8. 

Practical observations on the use of cubebs in 

gonorrhoL-a. London, 1821. 8. 

Jeffreys, Henry, Archdeacon of Bombay. The 
Almighty s everlasting circles. 3d ed. enl. 
London, 1856. 12. 

Religious objection to tetotalism. London, 1840. 8*. 

(B 1280) 

Temperance tract; an appeal, n.t.p. 12". (C 203) 
Jeffreys, Julius. Inquiry into the comparative forces of the 

extensor and flexor muscles, connected with the 
joints of the human body. Lond., 1822. 8. (B 831) 
Jeffries, Benjamin Joy. Enucleation of the eye-ball. (In 
Masa. Mod. Soc. Pub., v. 2, no. 3.) 

Jeffries, David. Treatise on diamonds and pearls. 

London, n.d. 12. 
Jeffries, John, M.D., d. 1819. Narrative of two 

aerial voyages, 1784-85. London, 1786. 4. 

Another copy. (A 18) 

Jeffrie*. John. M.D. Account of tho last Illness of D. Web 
ster, with a description of the post-mortem appear 
ances, etc. Phila.. 1853. 8. (B 1729) 

Address before the Suffolk District Medical Society, 

Apr. 27. Boston, 1850. 8*. (B 1439, 1556) 
Jeffries, Thomas Fayette. Crippled Fayette, of 

Rockingham, detailing his times anfl giving 

his rhymes. Mountain Valley, Va., 1857. 18. 
Jehan de Saintr*. See Tresaan, L. E. de. 
Jehan le Bel. See Le Bel, J. 
Jehanghire. See Jahangueir. 

Jehanne la Pucelle ; par A. Dumas. Paris, 1862. 18*. 
Jehovah. MATHER, 8. Dissertation cone, the name of 

Jehovah. Boston, 1760. 8. (B 249) 

TIIOLUCK, F. A. G. Ueber die Hypothcse des Ur- 

pruiigus des Nnmcns Jehovah aus Aegypten, Pho- 

nlcltMi, oder Indiun. (In hit Venu. Schr, v. 1. 1839.) 
Jelmini Bharata. MOEOLINO, II. F. Is u. 2s Knpitcl dec 

alt-kanareslschcn Jeimlnl Bharuta. (In Zeitschr. 

d. D. morgea. Qes., v. 24. 1870.) 
Jejunum. STJMSO.V, J. Case of mechanical obstruction of 

the J. (In Mass. Med. Soc. Med. comra., T. 6. 

Jekyll, John. Funeral termon on. 1732. See Price, R. 

(C 310) 
Jekyll, Nathaniel. Letter to Sir D. Dunda*. London. 

1810. 8*. (B1678) 
Jelowicki, Alexander. Mojo wspomnienia. Paryz. 

1839. 2 v. 8. 

Kocznlk emigracjl polsklej, plamo polltyco i llteraturze 

narodowej. Paryz, 1836. 8*. (E 84) 

Jel Richard William. Sermon. The danger of relapse. 
(7i Suddards, W. Brit, pulpit, v. 2. 1836.) 

Jelf, Wm. Edward. Grammar of Greek, chiefly 
from Kiihner. Oxford, 1815, 42. 2 v. 8. 
Content*. Vol. 1. Accidence. 2. Syntax. 

Jellett, John Hewitt. Poetry of Sir W. Scott. (/ After 
noon lectures, v. 5. I860.) 

Jellicoe, Anne. Condition of young women employed In 
manufactories In Dublin. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. 
Soc. Sci. Trans., 1861.) Female convict prison at 
Mountjoy. Woman s supervision of woman s In 
dustry, (fn 1862.) 

Jelling. MAUJIUSEN, F., and TIIOMSEX, C. J. Efterrct- 
nlngernm Monumenterne ved Jellinge, 1820-21. (In 
Copenhagen. A". Com. /. Oldt. Obi). Antlq. Ann., 
v. 4, pt. 1. 1823.) 

Jemison, Mary. SHAVER, J. E. Life of J., Deh- 
he-wa-mis. 4th ed. New York, 1856. 12. 

Jemmat, Mrs. Catherine. Miscellanies in prose and 
verse. London, 1776. 4. 

Jemmett, Henry. Letter on the injustice and Impolicy of 
arrest for debt, (fn Pamphleteer, 1826; v. 26 of 

Observations on Rlcardo s Principles of ooconomy and 

taxation . (In Pamphleteer, 1826; v. 27 of B 838) 
Jemmy Dally; or, The little news vender; by J. U. Ingra. 

hum. Boston, 1843. 8. (B 1177) 
Jemshid. HERDCK. J. G. von. Dachcmskjd nach den Sngen 

(it-r Morgenlander. (In AM Siimmt. Werke, v. 26. 


Jena. STAHR, A. W. Weimar und J. Olden 
burg, 1852. 2 v. 8. 

MAYIIF.W, II. Student life at J. (fn hit German life 

and manners. 1864.) 
Jenckea, Thomas Allen. Speech upon the resolution to 

annul the decree of the Supreme Court in the case, 

Ives M. Hazard et al. Prov., 1859. 8. (B 1436) 
Jeney, de. The partisan ; or, the art of making 

war in detachment. London, 1760. 8". 
Jenichen, Balthasar. Lebon und Werkcn. (In Andresen, 

A. Der deuUche Pelntre-Graveur, v. 2. 1867.) 
Jenifer, Daniel. Remarks, opening of the Convention of 

Tobacco-Planters. Wash., 1840. 8". (B 1147) 
Jenings, Kdinund. The candor of II. Laurcns, nianireated 

by his behaviour to J. n.t.p. [17.] 4. (A 26) 

Manifestation* of whatll. Laun-ns falsely denominates 

candor in himself and tricks In J. London, 1783.) 
4 . (A 26) 

LAUKENS, II. True state of the cn*c, by which his 

candor to J. Is manifested, n.p., 1733. 4*. (A 62) 




Jenisch, I). Sklzze von dem Leben tind Charakter Men- 
delseohns. (In Mendelssohn, M. Klelne phllos. 
8chr. 1789.) 

Jsnison, Kobert, Informations rel. to the Popish plott. to 
th llo. of Commons, Nov. 9. Lond., 16SO. f. (A 60) 

Narrative of the depositions of J. ; with evidences 

proving that W. Ireland, executed for high treason, 
was In Lond.. Aug. 19.1678. Lond., 1679. f. (A 63) 

Narrative [on] the Popinb Plot. Loud., 1679. f. (A 49) 
Jenkin, Fleming. The graphic representation of the laws 

of supply and demand, their application to labour. 

(In Grant, Sir A. Recess studies. 1870.) 
Jenkin^Robert. Reasonableness of the Christian 

religion, oth ed. London, 1721. 2 T. 8. 
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C...I f. \ *t T Xf^LTrtOn VVurrlanfl 1 RI17 ft 

Eulogy, funeral of J. McKcen. 
(B 1193, 1320) 

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^ - JL.10X?! AUfeV/ 

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2foU. From Mar. 13 to July 9. 1805, called Port 
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Varieties and modifications of the vncclne pustule oc 

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8 . (B 1457) 
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(B 1457) 

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tween the Old and the New World . London, 1781. 
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vention of portable hot baths. Richmond, 
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1856. 12. 
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8. (B1556) 

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ment and evidence In the 4th report to the Ho. of 
Commons, from the com. on public expenditures. 
London. 1810. 8*. (B 753) 

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many, Hungary. Turkey. Natolia, Syria, and the 
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ace. ad Gnevium super aliquot Diodori Si- 
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London, n d. 8*. (B 53, 580) 

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and on the Internal evidences of Christianity. Bos 
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your bow. (In London stnge. v. 3.) Brairanzn; a 
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4 v. 12. 

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dt\ Peru y proviucla del Cuzco. (In Vedia, b. de. 

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Hallund Suyne. (fit Copenhagen. K. Com./. Old*. 

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J. E. M. Cenac-Moncaut. Paris. 1859. 18*. 
Jerome Puturot & In recherche de la mcilleare des republlque*, 

d une position sociale. See Reyband, M. R. L. 
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thefttre. v. 3. 1785.) 
Jeronimo. PL 1. ( In Dodsley, R. Col., v. 3. 1780; ^- and 

in Scott, Sir W. Anc. Brit, dr., v. 1. 1810.) 
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v. Strehlku. (In Hirsch, T. Script, rer. Pruss., 

v. 1. 1861.) 
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8 v. 8. 

Contfntt. Vol.1. St. Giles and St. James. 2. Men 
of character: Job Pippins, who couldn t help It ; 
Jack Kunnymede. the man of many thanks ; Adam 
Buff, without a shirt ; Matthew Clear, who saw his 
way ; John Applejohn, who meant well ; Chris 
topher Snub, who won born to be hanged ; Barnaby 
Palms, who felt his way ; Creso Quattrlno, who 
died rich . 3. Mr*. Caudle s curtain lectures. The 
story of a feather. The sick giant and the doctor 
dwarf. 4. Cakes anil ale: The lesson of life; Per. 
ditus Mutton, the man that bought a caul ; The mayor 
of Hole-cum-Corner ; Romance of a key -hole; Mr. 
Peppercorn at home ; The preacher parrot; The 
live* of Smith. Brown, Jones, and Robinson : Shak- 
peare at Bank-side; The wine cellar; Kind couln 
Tom; Tlie manager s pig; The tapestry weaver of 
Beauvals; The genteel pigeons; Shakspeare in 
China; The order of poverty; A gossip at Recnl- 
vers; The old man at the gate; Epitaph of Sir 
Hugh Evan*. 5. Punch s letters to his son. Punch s 
complete letter writer. Sketches of the English. 6. 
Amaamadeof money. Chronicles of Clovernook. 7. 
Comedies. Bubbles of the day. Time works wonders. 
The catspaw. Prisoner of war. Retired from 
business. St. Cupid ; or, Dorothy s fortune. 8. Com- 
etlift and drama*. Rent day. Nell Qwynne. The 
housekeeper. The wedding gown. The school 
fellows. Dove in a cage. The paluter of Obent. 
Black ey d Susan ; or, All In the Downs . 

Ambrose Owinnett; a melo drama. Phila., 1833. 24*. 


Same. (In Sargent. E. Mod. stand, dr.. v. 24.) 

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Cats-paw. (lit. Sargent, E. Mod. stand, dr.. v. 11.) 

Drunkard s fate; melo-drama. t.p.w. 24". (D 43) 

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age. v. 4-5. 1845.) 

Remains. See, beloto, JERROLD. 

Rent-day. (In Sargent, E. Mod. stand, dr.. v. 4.) 

8t, Uili-s and St. James. (7/i Littell s living age, v. 4- 

13. 1845-47.) 

Illuminated magazine, illust. by Phiz, etc. 

London, 1845. 4 v. 4. 

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66 ; with trips to Normandy and Brittany. 
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The French under arms ; essays on military 

matters in France. London, 1860. 12. 

The Gavroche party ; literary estimates of po 

litical France. London, 1870. 8*. 

Life and remains of D. Jerrold. London, 

1859. 8". 

Relief of the poor of Part*. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. 

Soc. Sci. Trans.. 1864.) 

Signals of distress in refuges and homes of 

charity, etc. London, 1863. 8. 

Story of the Legion of Honour. London, 

1855. 12. 

Jersey, Isle of. DRYDEX, A. E. Constitution of 
J. ; legislative powers of the crown. Lon 
don, 1854. 8. 

ANSTEO, D. T., and LATHAM, R. O. (fn their Chan 

nel Islands. 1862.) 

GR. BRIT. Commissioners [on] the Civil, Muni 

cipal, and Ecclesiastical Laics of the Island 
of Jersey. Report. London, 1861. f. 

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Jernbbaal justified. See S., R. 
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and WOLCOTT. 8. Topography. (In Smith, W. 

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haupt. und Ober aeinen Terapelbau zu Jerunalem 
ins hesondere. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abb., 

SAKIX^Y, L. F. J. C. de. La nature et I ige respec. des 

apparcils de macpnnerle du Haram-ech-Ch6rif de 
Jerusalem. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inter. Mem., v. 
26. le pt., 1867.) 

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ment of the Christian era. Phila., 1841. 12. (C 273) 

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our Saviour. Miscellanies. The Temple de 
scribed. Map. (In Ai* Works, v. 1. 1684.) 

TRUE site of Calvary; with a restored plan of the 

ancient city of J. (In Museum of classical an 
tiquities. 1855.) 

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EPIPHANII Enaratio urbis wanctw. et Inlerp. F. 
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script., v. 23. 1733.) 

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1836. 18. 




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Conttnts. Vol. L. Llttene apoaiolic* qnibun inetltu- 
tio.conn rinatio, et variu privilfgiu conlineiiturtfocletatia. 
2. Constitution!* el cxamen cum declarationlbus. 3. 
KvtfuliB auctoritato scptimas congregutioms gcneralla 
auctae. 4. Dvcreta congregaUouuni generation). 5. 
Formula) congregatlonum In quaru general! congrega- 
Uonc confvctw et approbate in acxta ct aepllma recog- 
niUe et aucUB. Ratio atque luatitutlo studiorum. 
Inatructlouea ad provioclalea et super-lores atictoritate 
congregation!* vit. K. I . Claudlt Aquaviva? pra-posiil 
gen. iuBiructio pro auperioribua ad augendura conaer- 
vaiidumque apiritum iu Bocietate. & Directorlum in 
exercllla apirilualla 8. P. N. Ignatii. Kxercitia spiritu- 
alia b. P. Ignatii Loyola). Canones congregauooum 
generallum. 7. Compendium privilegiorura et gratia- 
rum. Ordhiatlones pnepoaltorum geti.. communes toll 
ocltttati, auctor. eptimae congregation!* geueralla con 
tracts). C. Aquavivaj prtepos. gen. Industrie pro aupe- 
rloribus ad curundos anlmte niorton. 8, 9. HulUe, de* 
creta, canooea, ordlnatlones, instruct iones, epistolie, etc., 
qua; lusUlutl tiocletatla Jenu impression! AntverpientJ 
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49** The following are chronologically arranged. 

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GktTtEu, J. lUiwfjoc. .:- ^c -mi .-."--: -!j>st : 

dan*? la miBbiuii de Ixnmsn-Uiet \.--.-.>- -v. .;. 
aux pays de.s Jjliaois, 169ii-i4, iiis.3i-. - 
1857. V . 




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des lettres des peres de la Conipagnie dc 
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Controversial icorhs. 
(In favor of the Jetuitt.) 

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hbelles publics centre les Jesuites. t.p.w. 
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n.t.p. [177-.] 8. (C299) 

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(Againut the Jerultt.) 

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Same. (In Pamphleteer, 1815; v. 6 of B 838) 

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practises against the allegeaoce of H. M. (In hit 

practises against 
Postbuma. 1651.) 

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and High-Church, demonstrated by the writings of 
the former [and] practices of the latter. London, 
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10". (C244) 

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radices and impostures of priests and Jesuits In 
ng.; with catalogue of books vented In London by 
them; also. Catalogue of Komiah priests and Jesuits 
now resident in London, (fit Somers, J. Col. of 
tracU, 2d ed., v. 3. 1810.) 

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con consider, int. al risorgimento italiano. 
Bruss. e Liv., 1848. 8. 

- II Gesulla moderno. (In hit Opere, v. 8-12. 1846-48.) 
198. (20. 9. 76.) 

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(In Scotti, Q. C. Monarchlu. 1721.) 

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Chapman s late charge, against the cavil* of n de 
clamatory remarkiT. London, 1747. 4*. (B 1399) 

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reges et principes Christiunos de stratage- 
matis et sophismatis politicis Societatis Jcsu. 
n.p., 1641. 12. 

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banishing priests and Jesuits, n.p., ltj-!4. 4. (D52) 

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See alto Clement xiv.. Pope; Clermont Col 
lege ; Ignazio de Loyola, SI. ; Paraguay. 

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from the common favour voted to Cuthollck*. 1662. 
(In Collection of several treatises, 1648. B92) 

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3d ed. London, 1723. 8, 

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gon, New Mexico, etc. (In United States. War 
I>ep t. Reports of explorations for a R. R. to the 
Pacific, 1853-54. Vol. 1. 1855.) 

Jeaus Christ. 


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JESUS (Bio?.) 


JESUS (Chrlstol., etc.) 

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f> otf. Thin is a truncation of the Lebcu Jesu* pub 
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Christ in art. 
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JESUS (Chronology) 


JESUS (Deity) 


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Deity, Divinity. 

ffittory of tht doctrine. 

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See alto Trinity : Uintory. 

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- Defeuslo tide! Nicoense. Judicium ecclesias do ne 

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Againtt the deity. 

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- Examination of Robinson s Plea for the di 

vinity of Christ". London, 1789. 8. 

- Another copy. (B 271) 

JESUS (Deity) 


JESUS (Passion) 

- Second address to the students of Oxford and 

Camb., rel. to Jesus Christ. Lend., 1790. 8. 
- Another cojiy. (B 239) 

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really the Son of God. 2d Keene ed. Keene, [about 
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t- nipt to n<-?rtaln the character of Christ. Boston, 
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W. (C131) 

See alto Character (p. 1578). 

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Jesus Christ a being distinct. "Worcester, 
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- Another com. (B 205) 

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no other person but the Father of Christ la God. 
[2d ed.] London, 1793. 12*. (C 138) 

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remark* upon his sermon illnst. the human and 
official Inferiority and supreme divinity of Christ . 
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1810. 8. (B 336) 

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ezlstent eternal God: letter o Rev. 8. Spring. 
Boston, 1811. 12*. (C 84, 150. D 63) 

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12. (C61) 

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on the divine sonsblp. Concord, 1810. 8*. (B 336) 
Stt alto Arians ; Logos ; Trinity ; TJni- 
tarlaniim ; alto Imar nation ; Worship. 

Eternal generation. 
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Incarnation, and the Two natures. 

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- Another copy, on large paper. 

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same thine; a disc. Boston, 1856. 8*. (C 205) 

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ft,. (In hi> Loc. theol. 1610.) 

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In Cbrlot. Bait., 1824. 12". (C 222) 
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the place of an human soul In Christ, n.n., 1788. 
8. (8238,2711 

- Sarnf. (In kit Work*, v. 11. 1788.) 

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for the doctrine of the two natures of Christ, n.l.p. 

[Dover, 18.] 12. (C 226, D 62) 
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theol.. v. 8. 1805.) 

Stt alto Deity (pp. 1577. 78); Ptrton (p. 1579). 


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essays on our Lord s own account of his 
person and of the nature of his kingdom. 
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See alto Millenium ; Second Advent. 

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mon. Boston. 1808. 8*. (B 243) 
Ste also Messiah. 


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- Same. t.p. and end te. [16 or 17 .] 
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alone et resnrrectlone, rejrno atqne judlcio. (In 
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JAMES thr Letter. f>*rnd. The Protevnngelion. (In 
Hone, W. Apocryphal New Testament. 18J6.) 
See also Chronology (p. 1577). 


ATTEMPT to illustrate the great subject of the Psalms, 
the suffering* of Christ and the glory that thould 
follow. Boston. 1773. 8. (B 249) 

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duce our Snvlonr n ngory. (In Koyes, G. R. Col. 
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ISIDORIS IIi*paln*i. See yatirily. 

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meditations on the last days of Christ; tr. 
by S.Jackson. Boston, 1856. 12. 

LE BI^VNT, E. Sur les bounraux du Christ. NAC- 
DET. J. Sont-ce des eold:itf> qul ont crucifie C ^lri^t? 
Lcs soldats romaina prenalf nt-lli" une part active 
dans lea supplices? (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inttr. 
Mem., v. 26. 1870.) 


JESUS (Passion) 


JESUS (Miscellaneous) 

P. Two dlserrtatlons. 2*1 : Chrlt In the 
frir.lfii of Gethm-mnnc. Bout., 1810. 8. (B142, 431) 

- THOMKOM, W. Death of Christ. (In hit Aid* to 

flth. 1862.) 

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Christ ; tr. from the German by T. Noethen. 
Boston, 1869. 12. 

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Jeu. (In Grsevius, J. G. Syntagma. ITirJ.) 

- WORCESTER, N. Friendly review of remarkable ex 

tract* rrl. to the suffering* of Christ. Cumb., 1832. 
P. (C226) 

Per ton and offices. 

- BAILLIE, Joanna. View of the tenour of the 

New Testament regarding the nature and dig 
nity of Christ. [Arian.] Lond., 1831. 8. 

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character, etc., of Christ. Canib., Dec. 28. 1794. 
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son and character of Christ. Glasgow, 
1822. 8. 

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Mfllard s late publication , and on his stricture* on 
O. pamphlet on The character of the son of God*. 
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worxhip of God. and of the character ntid offices of 
Christ. 3d t-d. London, 1797. 12. (C 141) 

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1835. 8. 

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lieving the doctrines of Trinitarians cone, 
the person of Christ. Camb. and Boston, 
1833. 12. 

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[upon] the personality of Jesus, n.t.p. 8*. (B 1371) 

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and on the resurrection of the deud through Christ. 
3d ed. Camb., 1767. 8. (B 1371) 

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God. (In hit Work*, v. 6. 1753.) 

- WITATELT, R. See Kingdom (p. 1578). 

Sre alxo Deity (p. 1577); Incarnation \ Name* (p. 
1578) ; Pre-etittence (p. 1579) ; also Logos ; Tran- 


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JEWS (History) 


JEWS (Religion) 

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For the Jewish works in the Hebrew language see 
Hebrew literature (p. 1376); In other language* the 
Library has works by the following Jews: Josephus; 
Lewin, K. D C.; Mendelssohn, M.; Philo 
Judcnis; Raphall, J.; Rothschild. C. and A.; 
Salvador, J.; alia Sippnrim, eine Sammluag,, 
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(p. 1584). 




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Ten tribes. 

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See alto Jews in America. 

199. (25. 9. 76.) 


Miscellaneous works. 

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Set also Bible (llittory); Cabala; Captivity of 
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For novels about the Jews. te Auerbach, B. Dichter 
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etc., for the malntainance of the Protestant profes 
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oct. 1856.) 

Jews in Italy. See Jews in France. 




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Judeo* rm Portugal, (/n Lisbon. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., 
V. 8. 18 i.) 

Jew* in Prussia. HOFFMANN. J. O. Uebenicbt d. bel d. 
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Stnate. a. flb. deren Vc-rtheilung. (In Berlin. Ak. 
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the colonies at the grand Congress at i hiln., s?.-pt . 1, 
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378, W 26) 

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REHA*. J. E. J. et 1 evangile eternel. (In Revce d. 

D. Monde*, JuJI. I860.) 

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CopemTci. (/n Kepler, J. Prodr. dUs. coemog. 1621.) 
Joam de Santiago. Serrnam nas fe*tas da canonizac,ao de 

8. Lois Gonzaga e de B. Kstanislao Kocka, de 

Agosto de 1777. Lisboa, 1728. 4*. (B 1863) 
Joan o/ Arc. See Dare, J. 
Joan (Lut. Joanna or Joannes Anglic**), reputed Pope. AL- 

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(In Byzant. hist. scr., v. 23. 1733.) 

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1730.) ALLACCI, L. Confulatio fabaise de Joanna 
papissa ex monument!* Gnrcis. PALTHENIIS. J. 
P. EpUtola de Joanna papissa; Eputola de Jo 
anna papissa commentitia. (In T. 9. lrJ8.) 

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Portugal glorioso. 1727.) 

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Jeanne de France ; roraan hist. (Vol. 63, 64 of her 
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papers rel. to the negotiations between Eng. 

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Joannes. See alto Giovanni ; Jean ; John. 
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ituiii Capua;. (In Muratori, L,A. Eer. Ital. scr.. 
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y santidad del Blclarense. (In Florez, II. Espana 

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Byzant. hist., T. 33. 1838.) 
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Joanne* Euboicu*. Sermo in infantes ab Herode occisos. 

(In Mai. A. Class, anct.. v. 10. 1838.) 

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Ectensium. (In Muratori, L. A. Rer. Ital. scr., 
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Joanne* Gortunrit. See Joannes a Wo* Gorritnti*. 
Joannes Bitrotolymitanu*. monachu*. Karratio de icono- 

macbls. (In Byzantine hist, scr., T. 16. 1729.) 
Joannes Hierosolymitanus, patriarca. Opera ; fed.] 

per P. Wastelium. Brux., 1643. 2 v. f>. 
Content*. Vol. 1. De inntitutione primorum nionn- 
eborum in lege veteri exortorum et in nova per*everan- 
tlnm; ad Cuprnslum monacbum. Comment, in strat- 
sgemata B. Job. Comment. In evanfr. 8. Mattha-i. 
Frag, perpetni comment, in evang. 8. Marci. Nota- 
bilia frag, comment, in B, Lucas ev. In Lucam per- 
petoi comment, excerpta sive fragmenta mlnora. 
aomiliae. In Joseph, de castitatv. VI. in Job. In 
palmos Davidicos. In diversos psalmos. De tribus 
pueris,etde fomace Babylonica. De Susanna. Dede- 
collatione S. Johannis Bapt. ; de mulierc mnla et bona. 
DevitandU scandalia. De divite et paupere et de elee- 
mosyna facienda. XIT. In Marcum. v. In Lucam. 
in. in Joannem. In laudem cruel*, etdetransgressione 
Adaml. De eucbariatia in encaeniis. In ascensfonem 
Christ!. De Pentecoste. n. de spiritu sancto. De 
Christ! divinltate, et aeterno ejus regno. De fide, et 
lege nature. De ecclesia. In sanctos Petrum ct 
Paulum. In 8. Tliomam apost. In duodecim npo.- 
tolos. In 8. Stepbanum ill. de poeiiitentia. Devani- 
tate hnjug tfecull. De CCPCO et Zacbceo. De paeudo- 
prophctisethaereticis. Tractatus in terrtemotum, et in 
divitem et Lnzarum, atque undo servitua orta sit. 
Bermo dc sancta et conoubstantiali trlnitate. 2. F. P. 
Watelil Vindiciartim libri ni.; quibus Joanui opera 
bactcnus incognita adstruuntar. 

A ote. There is no good reason for ascribing 
any of these work* to Joannes . Smith. 
Joanne* Laudentit. Vita B. Petri Daroiani. tin Acta 
sanct.. v. 6. 1865.) 

VITA. (In Acta nanct., v. 43. 1S6S.) 

Joannes Padotantt*. Libri gecretorum de lapide philopo- 
phorum. (In TriBamosinaB, 8. Aureum vellun. 





Joannes Saret&crienait or 

i.e of 


de dogmata philoaophorum. - be membrls con-plran- 
Ubus. - Vila Anwliul Cantuarlensls. - Vita Stl. Thomrn. 
BRIAL, J. J pe deux ras*. latins oooten. les lettre. 

- (In FarU - 

Joanne* Scohtt Erigena. See Scotu* Erigena. 
Joanne* Afcundut. See Secundus, J N 

VITA, (/n Act* 

Joannes Baptista Jfantuanm. See Baptiita 

Joanne* Bonvisia*. See Giovanni BonvUio 

Joannes Cananus. See Cananas 

Joanne. CaMiann*. S aoo. ifatMla. VITA. </ Acta 

BallLL., V. o-. lnO5.J 

Joanne* Chry*o*tomu*, St. See Chry*o*tomu*, J. 
Joanne* de Deo. St., d. 1550. CASTKO, F. de/ VIU 8. J. 
- GOUYEA. A. Vita 8. J. (In Acta *anct., T. 7. 

IoQ3. ) 

Joanne* Dominica*, St. JOAWWES CAHOI.CS fhrentinui. 

(In Acta sunct., v. 22. 1867.) 
Joanne* Gaalbertu*, St. VITA. (In Acta *ancu, v. 30. 


Joannidea, N. Euper^ptov rf^ EXbrvuuK vo/w/Loywif, 

nripeteia A. A. Zyotra. To>. 1-3. \-A.puev. 

Adm-fri, 1846-47. 3 v. 8. 
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Joa3 de Sao Pedro. SerniaO panegyrlco e historico de 8. 

Jeronymo, SeL 30. 1726. LUboa, 1727. 4*. (B 1893) 
Joa3 Nepomuceno, St. BKKNAKDF.H. J. Sermad de S. 

JoaiJ Nepomuceno. protomartyr do sijrillo. Liaboa. 

1746. 4. (B 1893) 
Job. QUEVEDO VILLEOA, F. de. La conatancla y pa- 

clencia del Santo Job. (/n Mi Obras, v. 10. 1794.) 
Job, Book of. See Bible (p. 278). 
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of Job Ben Solomon uear the G umbra, 1732. (In 

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Jodelet, ou lo mnilrc-vallel; comeillu. Scarron, P. 
Jodelle, Estlrnnc. [Kxtruot*, traimlatloiiH, and nollcci.] 
(In Cary. H.F. Eurly Kr. poct. 1846.) 

NlCCRON. J. P. (In A> Mem., v. 23. 1734.) 
Jodata. KI:STER, . Stir Joduta. Idole do la Saxe et dc la 

Marche. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh.. 1768.) 
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cr., T. 12. 1729; and Niebuhr. ByzanU hlst^ v. 29. 

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De Spartls; ace. De ordlne llbrorum Aristotells. 
(In Greevius, J. Syntagma. 1702.) 

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tie. Madrid, 1808. 8*. (C 87) 

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J. G. Shea : Memoir. Narrative of his captivity 
among the Mohnwks. Account of his escape, from 
the relation of 1642-43. Description of New 
Netherland. His last letters In 1646, from the rela 
tion of 1616-47. Captivity and death of Reno Gou- 
pil. Letters of Gov. Kirfl announcing his death. 
(In New York Hut. Soc. Col., 2d scr., v. 3. 1859.) 

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land, et notice sur R. Goupil. N. Y., 1862. 8. 
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1419. mil den auf Preussen bczilgl. Abschnitten aus 

der Chronik Detraar s von LUbeck. (In Hirsch. T. 

Script, rcr. Pruss., v. 3. 1866.) 
Johanna von Montfaucon. von A. v. Kotzebue. (In AM 

Theater, v. 9. 1840.) 
Johanna. See Joanna. 

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ItaL, v. 1. 1846.) 

Note. Probably by John de Brlenne, K. of Jerusalem. 
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reign of John. (In At* Hist, of Henry n., v. 2. 1790.) 

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(In ArchBologla. v. 22. 1829.) 

See alto Bale, J. Kinge Johan. (In Camden 
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laration for the election of John III. (In nit Prose 
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Chamberlayne, E. Kise and fall. etc. 16.V2.) 

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Sermano das exeqtiias do rey Joao v., 2 de 
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Anstrlada. (In Rosell, C. Poeraus eplcos, v. 2. 
1854; v. 29 of Arfbau. Blbl.) 

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direccion y gobierno de estos rcyno*. (In Val- 
ladares, A. Heman. erud., v. 4. 1787.) Dialog 
obre las operacioncs dc D. Juan. (In v. 5. 1787.) 

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93. (In Camden misc., v. 2. Camden Soc., v. 55. 

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Broooklyn, 1863. 12. 




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Note. Title page and index wanting to T. 2. 3, 5. 
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RAMSSLA, J. W. Visit to Jnmea I. in 1613 by John 

Ernest. (In Rye, W. B. Eng. as seen by foreign- 

ers. 1865.) 
John Frederic the Jfagnaminous. fleeter of Sarony. Le- 

benabeschrelbung. JAGEMANN, C. F. A. (In hit 

Kurzg. Lebenabeschreibung. 1766.) 
John George III. Churfilrst Johann Georg ill. bel dera 

EnUatze von Wlcn im Jahre 16S3. (In Hiato- 

riachea Tasctienbuch. 1S4S.) 
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Univ. Soteria Joh. Georgio quum Silcsiam 

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mum pontiticetu de usu calicia. (In Schelhorn, J. 

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Legislation applied to Infant colonies; a letter to the 

commissioners of the ABSOC. for the British coloni 
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Gold Elsie ; from the German by Mrs. Wister. 

Phila., 1868. 8. 

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rlanlsm exhibited. 1846.) 

Sermon ; The act of creation an emblem of the Christ 

ian s duty. (In Beard, J. R. Sermons. 1832.) 
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of Miss, of the Prot. Episc. Ch. In Amer., Boston, 
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Confirmation, an argument for its authority and use. 

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swers employed in examining patients, with 
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Dlrectiona for an extension of the practice of recover 

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Method of acquiring a full knowledge of the English 

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Life. (In Raymond, II. J. Life of A. Lincoln. 1864; 

ami in hi* Our living representative men. I860.) 




UNITED STATES. 40M Cong. Id *eu. Sup 

plement to the Congressional globe ; cont. 
the proc. of the Senate sitting for the trial of 
J. Wash, 1868. 4. 

Trial of A. J., on impeachment ; [ed. by B. 

P. Poore]. \Vash., 1868. 3 T. 8. 

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schools bill br worked so alo bring the educational 
endowment* witliln reach of all? (In Nat. Assoc. 
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? Mention of Ice. (In Mass. Homceop. Med. Soc. 
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Jiote. The beading of the first chapter and the running 
title, Is Wonder-working providence of Sion a Saviour, 
In New England . 

Same. Wonder-working providence. 1658. (In 

Gorges, F. Araer. painted to the life. 1659.) 

Same. (In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 12, 14, 17, 18. 


Same. With introd. by W. F. Poole. Ando- 

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Sketches in the South of France and the Pyre 

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which give* the personal property and earning* of 
the wife to her husband? (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. 
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Derangements of the liver, internal organs, and 

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Influence of civic life on health and happiness. 

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Influence of tropical climates on Europeans. 

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Morbid sensibility of the stomach and bowels. 

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Nature, cure, and prevention of gout. London, 

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Pilgrimages to the Spas. London, 1841. 8. 

Tour in Ireland. London, 1844. 8. 

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Another copy. (B 1452) 

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Further observations on the medicinal leech. 

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8*. (1895) 
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J. and E. Jones, rel. to the change In her opinions. 

New York, 1817. 8*. (B 538) 
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Johnson, Joseph. See Minet, H. (B 1841) 




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. tween Or. Brit, and the U. S. London, 
[18691. f. 

Memorial to the legislature of Maryland; with app. 

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Remark* on the power of Congress to pass the law of 

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Reply to the review of Judge Advocate Gen. 

Holt of the proceedings in Fitz John Porter s 
case. Bait., 1863. 8. 

Same. Speech before the Brooklyn McClellan Cen 

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the Democracy.) 

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From the ed. of 1612. Ed. by W. Chap- 
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1823. 8 . (B 533) 

Sunday mails ; report. Boat.. 1829. ST. (61374,1814) 

AUTHENTIC biography of J. Boston, 1834. 12. 

WlLSOX.T. (In AM Biog. of Amer. heroes, v. 2. 1819.) 
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Prince of Orange, wan according to the constitution 
London, 1692. 4. (B 7) 

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E*say [on] parliaments at a certainty; or kalends of 

May. London. 1633. 4. (B 1899) 

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KHW. 4*. (B 7) 

Remarks upon Sherlock s Case of the allegiance dne 

to sovereign powers . 2d ed. Lond., 16 .H). 4*. (B7) 
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Ethices elementa; or, First principles of moral phi 
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Letter from Aristocles to Authades on the sovereignty 

of God. Boston, 174.V 8". (C 43. 193) 

Second letter to his dissenting pari<liiuner in answer 

to Some remarks . rtc. t by J. Gf rahatul. Boston, 
1734. 8. (B 130, C 25) 

Sermon, obligations to love and delight lo the public 

worship of God. Stratford, 1744, with prayers, etc. 
Boston. 1746. 8. (B 67, 584) 

GRAHAM, J. Remarks upon f.l. sj Letter from a min 

ister of the Cli. of Eng. to his dissenting parishion 
ers; with a vindication of the Presbyterians, n.p., 
1733. 8*. (C 25) 

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ed. by A. Chalmers. Essay on his life and 

genius, by A. Murphy. Lond., 1806. 12 v. 8*. 

ContrnU. Vol. L Essay. London. The vanity 

of human wishes. Irene. Miscellaneous poems. 4. 

Philological tra<:t*. The plan of an Engli&b dictionary. 

Preface to the English dictionary. Miscel. observa 
tions on the tragedy of Macbeth. Proposals for print- 
Ing the works of Shakespeare. Preface to the works 
of Shakespeare. General observ. on Shakespeare s 
plays. Account of the Harleian library. Essay on 
the origin and importance of fugitive pieces. Account 
of the life of Cellini. View of the controversy between 
Crousaz and Warburton. Preliminary di*c. to the 
London chronicle, 1*57. Inirod. to the World dis 
played. Preface to the Preceptor. Preface to Roll s 
dictionary. Preface to the tr. of Father Loco s voyage. 

Essay on epitaphs. Political ttiuyn. Observations 
on the state of affairs In 1756. Introduction to the Po 
litical state of Great Britain. Mi4c?ll<tH om estayi. 
Review of Memoirs of the court of Augustus . T. 
Blackwell. Review of Four letters from N ewton to 
.Bentley. Review of a Journal of eight days journey 
from Portsmouth to Kingston upon Thames by Mr. 11***. 

Reply to a paper in the Gazetteer. Review of An 
essay on the writings and genius of Pope . Introd. to 
the proc. of the committee for ctoathing French prison, 
ers of war. On the bravery of the English common 
soldiers. Consld. on the plans for the construction of 
Black Friars bridge. Some thoughts on agriculture, 
nc. and mod. Further thoughts on agric. The 
vision of Theodore, the hermit of Teneriffe. 3, Diss. 
upon the Greek comedy; tr. from Brurnoy. Dedica 
tions. Preface to Payne s Tables of interest . 
Johnson s nos. of the Adventurer. Rasselas. 4, 5, 6. 
The rambler. 7. The idler. 8. Preface to an essay 
on Milton s use and imitation of the moderns in his Para 
dise lost. Letter to Mr. Douglas, occas. by his vindi 
cation of Milton ; by W. Lauder. Review of [3. 
Jenyns ] Free enquiry into the nature and origin of 
evil . The fnlne alarm. Thoughts on the late trans 
actions resp. Falkland s Islands. The patriot; ad 
dressed to the electors of Gr. Britain. Taxation no 
tyranny; an answer to the resolutions and address of 
the American Congress. Journey to the Western Isl 
ands of Scotland. !M1. Lives of English poet*. 12. 
Lives of eminent persons: Sarpi ; Boerhaave; 
Blake; Drake; Barretier; Morin; Rurtnan; 
Sydenham ; Cheynel ; Cave; King of Prussia ; 
Browne; Ascliam. Letters. Prayers. 

Account of the Harleian library, (fn Maittaire, M. 

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Considerations on the corn laws, (fn Hamilton, W. 

G. Part, logic. 1808.) 

Debates in Parliament, 1740-43. London, 1787. 

2 v. 8. 

Dictionary of the English language, abstracted 

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Content*. Vol. 1. A grammar. Diet., A - I. 
2. L-Z. 

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Same. [With] a history of the language and 

an Eng. grammar. London, 1786. 2 v. 4. 

Same. Eclin.. 1797. 8. 

Same. [With add.] 9th ed. London, 1805. 

4 v. 8. 

Same. In miniature ; by J. Hamilton. 3d 

Amer. ed. Boston, 1810. 12. 
A ote. See alto Mason, G. Suppl. to .T. s diet., cor 
recting errors and omissions. N. Y., 1S03. 8 ; and 
Latham, R. G. Dictionary founded on that of S. John 
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Life of Cowley. (fn Cowley, A. Works, v. 1. 1809.) 

Life of Milton, with a critical diss. (fn Milton. J 

Paradise lost, v. 1. 1796.) 




Lives of eminent English poets ; with crit. obs. 

Charlestown, 1810. 2 v. 8. 

Coutrnt. Vol. 1. Cowley. Denhnm. Milton. 
Butler. J. Wllroot, Earl of UocheHter. W. Dillon, 
Earl of Kosrommon. (Hw:iy. Waller. Pomfret. 

C Hackvillo. Karl of Dorset. Stepney. J. Philips. 

Wal.h. Dryden. Edm. Smith. Duke. King. 
Sprat. C. Montague, Earl of Halifax. ParnclT. 
Oartb. Howe. AddUon. Hughe*. J. Sheffield, 
Duke of Buckingham. 2. Prior. Congrcve. 
Blackmore. Fenton. Gay. Granville. Yttlden. 
Tickell. Hammond. Somervtlle. Savage. Bwlft. 

Broome. Pope. Chr. Pitt. Thonifon. WatU. 

A. Philip*. West. Collins. Dyer. 8hen*tone. 

Young. Mallet. Akeiuide. Gray. I.y tilt-tun. 

Lives of the English poets ; and a criticism on 

their works. Dublin, 1779. 8. 
Contrntt. Cowley. Waller. Milton. Butler. 
Dryden. Denhani. Sprat. Koscommon. Roch- 
eater. Talden. Otwny. Duke. Dorset. Hall- 
fax. Stepjiey. Walsh. Garth. King. Philip*. 

Smith. Pomfret. Hughes. 

The patriot; addreaaed to the elector* of Or. Britain. 

London, 1774. 8*. (B 681) 

Poem*, (Sn Anderson, R. Brit, poet*, v. 11. 1795; 

Chalmers, A. Eng. poet*. T. 16. 1810; and in 
Campbell, T. Brit, poet*, T. 6. 1819.) 

Poetical work*; with account of [hi*] life. (In, Poet 

ical work* of Smollett, Johnson, and Golilxniith. 

Preface. (In Beach, J. Calm vindication. 1749.) 

Preface*, biographical and critical. (In Chalmers, A. 

EnglUh poU. 1S10.) 

The rambler; [by S. Johnson], In 4 vols. 

No. 1-208, March 1750- March 1752. Lon 
don, 1786. 8. (Harrison s Brit, classics, v. I.) 
Note. No. 30 was by Mia* C. Talbot; no. 97, 
by S. Richardson ; no*. 44 and 100, by E. Carter. 

Same. (In, Chalmers, A. Brit. e**ayiU, v. 19-22. 


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of the Rambler, etc. Lond., 1809-10. 2 v. 12. 

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Same. (In Pelham, W. System of notation. 1808.) 

Remark* on the versification of Milton. (In Milton, 

J. Poeticnl works, v. 1. 1801.) 

Sermon, funeral of Mr*. Taylor. (In Taylor, J. Ser 

mon*. 1792.) 

Taxation no tyranny. London, 1775. 8*. (B 381, 706) 

Same. 3d ed. London, 1775. 8. (B 361, 1719) 

German. Schatzung keine Tirauney, nach der 4n 

Auag. (In Remer, J. A. Amer. Archiv., v. 2. 1777.) 

Thoughts on the transactions resp. the Falk 

land s Islands. 2ded. London, 1771. 8. 
Sre alto Adventurer. 

AHSWEB to [his] Taxation no tyranny . London, 

1775. 8". (b 1719) 

BAILLIE, H. Oberv. on [J. ] Taxation no tyranny . 

(In hie Appendix to a letter to Shebbeare. 1775. 


BDRROWES, R. On the stile of 8. Johnson, No. 1. (In 

Roy. Irish Acad. Tran*., v. 1. 1787.) 

CONSTITUTION defended, and pensioner exposed; in 

remarks on the False alarm. Lond., 1770. 8". (B591) 

DEFENCE of the resolutions and address of the Amer 

ican Congresa; reply to Taxation no tyranny . 
London, 1775. 8. (B 632) 

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ings of S. Johnson. London, 1803. 8. 

NORTHCOTE, T. Reply to Dr. S. Johnson * Taxation 

no tyranny . (In Me Tract* on constit. subject*. 
1775. B 767) 

PAMPHLET, The. entitled Taxation no tyranny con 

sidered. London. [1775], 8. (B 635) 

REMARKS on the Patriot [by 8. Johnson] ; Incl. hints 

reap. American*. London, 1775. 8. (B384) 
RESISTANCE no rebellion; answer to Taxation no 

tyranny . London, 1775. 8. (P 632) 
TYKANNT unmasked ; answer to -Taxation no tyranny . 

London, 1775. 8. (B 363) 

WEBSTER, N. Letter to D. Ramsay [onl errors In 

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tame. Boston, 1807. 3 T. 8. 

- Satnf rd., ipfdmrn pagee with Extracts from trie 

Monthly review . n./>., [1807]. 8*. (B 1468) 

- Same. Incl. A tour to the Hebrides. New 

ed. with add. and notes by J. AY. Croker. 

London, 1831. 5 v. 8*. 
Home. Ed. by J. W. Croker. London, 1848. 

10 v. 16. 
Tour to the Hebrides with J. New York, 

1810. 8. 

BROUGHAM. II., Lord. (In Me Men of letter*, T. 2. 


CARLYLE, T. (In Me Heroe* and hero worship. 1841.) 

- BoawelP* Johnson. (In Ma Crit. essays, v. 3. 1840.) 

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109, 110.) 

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1826; and Biog. memoirs, v. 1. 1834.) 

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J. London, 1785. 16". 
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ancient settlement on Sheepscot River. (In Maine 

Hist. Soc. Col., v. 2. 1847.) 
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Jesus in its pant and present aspects. Boston, 

1868. 12". 
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E. Mod. stand, drama, v. 33.) 
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New York, 1835. 8. (B 1295) 
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York, 1866. 8. 

Houghlte of Prof. Shepard. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., 

v. 6. 1852.) 

Rural economy : Pise building ; Buildings in 

general ; Culture of the vine ; Turnpike 
roads. New Brunswick, 1806. 8. 

Johnson, Jfr. Sarah, Funeral ttnnon on. 1774. Set Jen 
nings, N. (B 1851) 

Johnson, Mrs. Susanna (Willard). Narrative of 
[her] captivity, her sufferings during four 
years with the Indians and French ; with ser 
mon at her funeral, by A. Kneeland. 4th ed. 
Lowell, 1834. 16. 

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New York, 1849. 12. 

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pocmatum delectus ; cum verskme. Etona-, 
1798. 12. 

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Instr. Lcct., 1835.) 

Johnson, W. Education of the reasoning faculties. (In 
Farrar, F. W. Essays on u lib. educ. 1868.) 

Johnson, Walter Rogers. Introduction to Greek ; 
with a key. Boston and Phila., 1829. 12". 

Description of a specimen of engraving by the orijf. 

Inhabitants of N. Amer. ; with a notice of Incident* 
In the history of the early settlers on the went brunch 
of the Susquehanna. (Jn Penn. Hist. Soc, Mini., 
v. 4, pt. 1. 1840.) 

Lecture on the mechanical Industry and Inventive 

genius of America. Jan. 16. Bait., WJ. 8*. (B 1586) 

Linear drawing. (In. Amer. Inst. of Instr. Lcct., 


Observations on the electrical properties of caoutchouc. 

(In Academy of Nat. Sci. Phila. Journ.,v. 6. 183*.) 

Observations on the improvement of seminaries of 

learning In the U. S. Phila., 1825. 8*. (B 552) 

Observations on the relation between rolling and drag 

ging friction. n.t.p. [182.] B . (B 982) 




Recent improvement* In recording magnetic telegraphs. 

(In Amer. Assoc. Proc., v. 1. 1S4V.) Experi 
mental determination* of the vuluca of British 
will American coal*. (In v. -. I860.) Coal forma, 
lion of central North Carolina; Observation* ou 
the gold formation* of Mil., Va., and N. C. ; Sci 
entific Interest of the proposed industrial exhibition 
at London, (In v. 4. 1S.JJ.) 

Report on American coals. Wash., 1844. 8. 

System of natural philosophy on the basis of 

The book of science 1 by J. M. Moffut. 8th 
ed. PhUa., 1842. 12. 

Use of anthracite in the manufacture of iron. 

Boston, 1841. 12. 
Johnson, Win. (Lot. Guilelmu*). Lexicon chymicum. (In 

Mangel, J. J. Biblioth. cbcin., v. 1. 170-2.) 
Johnson, M> Wm M 6. 1715, d. 1774. ACCOUNT of 

conference* and treaties between Sir W. J. and the 

Indian nation* in North America, 1755, 56. London, 

1758. 8. (B 603, 742, 922) 

INDIAN conference* at John*on-IIall, May 1765. (In 

View of the title to Indiana. 1776. B 585. W 84) 

KKTCHLM. W. Sketch of the life of J. (In hit Hist, 

of Buffalo, v. 1. 1864.) 

SIMMS, J. II. Some account of J. (In hit Trappers 

of New York. I860.) 

STOSE, W. L. Life and times of J. Albany, 

1865. 2 v. 8. 
Johnson, Win. Course of experiment* In electricity; with 

lecture* on the nature and propertiea of the electric 

fire. New York. 1765. 8". (C 121) 
Johnson, \Vm., LL.D., b. 1771, d. 1834. Sketches 

of the life and correspondence of Maj. Gen. 

N. Greene. Charlestown, 1822. 2 v. 4". 

Eulogy on T. Jefferson, Aug. 3. Charleston, 1826. 8. 


NugsB Georglcaj; essny to the Literary and Phil. Soc. of 

Charleston, 8. C.. Oct. 14. Charle*., 1815. 4*. (A 65) 

Opinion, arrest of Brit, seaman under Act for refuta 

tion of free persona of colour , ti.t.i/. 1823. 8". (B 

BBXTALA.U, Col. P. Pulaski vindicated from a 
charge in J. s life and corresp. of Greene. 
Bait., 1824. 8. 

- Reply to J. B remarks on an article In the N. Amer. 

review rel. to Count Puluski. Ball., 1826. 8. (B550) 

SPARKS. J. Remark* crit. and hist, in the N. Amer. 

rev. Charleston, 1825. 8. (W 4) 
Johnson, Wm. Cost. Speech ou the rejection of petitions 

for the abolition of slavery, Jan. 25, 27, and 28. 

Wa*h.. 1840. 8. (B 1822) 
Johnson, Win. Lupton. Nature, use, and lawfulness of 

oaths; disc., Oct. 19, 1823. Trenton, 1824. 8*. (W3) 

Another copy. (B1779) 

Sermon : Jesus Christ the only source of rest. (In 

Prot. Episc. pulpit, v. 2. 1832.) 
Johnson, Win. 6umuel. IKVING, J. T. (In hit Discourse. 

1830. B 936) 
Johnson family. HOLGATE, J. B. (In. hit Amer. geneal. 

Johnston, Albert Sydney. SNOW, W. P. (In hit Southern 

generals. 1806.) 

Johnston, Alexander. Some account of the Soc. of the Cin 
cinnati. (In Penn. Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 6. 1858.) 
Johnston, Alexander Keith. Atlas to Alison s 

History of Europe*. Edin. and Lond., 1848. 

obi. 8. 

Atlas of the U. 8., etc. 1857. See Rogers, H. D. 

Dictionary of geography, descriptive, physical, 

etc. London, I860. 8. 

Half crown atlas of British history. London, 

[1871]. 12. 

Index geographicus ; a list of places, with their 

latitudes and longitudes. Edin. and Lond., 
1864. 8. 

Physical atlas ; maps and notes illust. the 

geogr. distribution of natural phenomena ; 
with the co-operation of Sir D. Brewster, J. 
D. Forbes, etc. Edin., 1848. f. 

Physical atlas of natural phenomena. New 

and enl. ed. Edin., 1856. f. 
Content*. Geology and orography: J. P. Nichol, A. 
K. Johnston, Sir R. I. Murchison, E. Forbes, U. D. 

Rogers, J. D. Forbes. Hydrography: A. K. John 
ston, II. D. Rogers, J. Scott Russell. Meteorology and 
magnetism : A. K. Johnston, ,vi> D. Brewster, Col. 
Sabiue. Botany: A. Henfrey. Natural history : A. K. 
Johnston, G. U. Wuterhouso, K. Forbes. Ethnology 
and statistic* : U. Kombst, A. K. Johnston. 

Stanford s library map of Asia. Lond., 1862. f. 
Johnston, Arthur. IValmi Davidici Interpr. notisque Illuat., 

[cum vita Jonslonl a W. Benson], See Bible: 
Psalmt : Lot. (p. 279). 

B., H. Life of J. (In Society of Ancient Scots. 

Lives of Scot, poets, v. 2., pt. 3. 1822.) 

Johnston, Bryce. D.D. General view of the agriculture of 
the Co. of Dumfries. London, 1794. 4". (W 76) 

Johnston, Charles. Travels in Southern Abyssinia. 
London, 1844. 2 v. 8. 

Johnston, Christopher. Diatomaceoua earth from Notting 
ham. Calvert Co., Md. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., 
T. 14. 1861.) 

Johnston, David, D.D. Christians debtors to the heathen 
world: sermon for the benefit of the Edinburgh 
Mins. Soc., July 28. Edin., 17WJ. 8. (B 320) 

Johnston, David Claypole. Scraps for 1830-35, 37. 
Boston, 1830-37. 7 pts. obi. f. 

A otf. For 1837 the title reads Phrenology ex 
emplified . 

Johnston, George, M.D., d. 1855. History of the 
British zoophytes. Edin., 1838. 8. 

Johnson, George, M.D., and Sinclair, E. B. Prac 
tical midwifery. London, 1858. 8. 

Johnston, Henry. Practical observations on urin 
ary gravel and stone; on diseases of the 
bladder and prostrate gland, and on strict 
ures of the urethra. Edin., 1806. 16. 

Johnston, J. W. Speech in the Ho. of Assembly, Mar. 19, 
1850, on resolutions for defining the nature and foun- 
dation of the self-government of Nova Scotia. Hal 
ifax. 1850. 8. (B 1504) 

Johnston, James, Sec. for State of Scotland. Speech, (fa, 
Collection of state tract*, v. 3. 1707.) 

Johnston, James A. Extent and direct cost of the drinking 
system of Scotland. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. 
"Sci. Trans., 1806.) 

Johnston, James F. The suspending power, and the writ 
of habeas corpus. Phila., 1862. 8". (B 1724) 

Johnston, James Finlay Weir. Chemistry of com 
mon life. Edin., 1855. 2 v. 12. 

Lectures on agricultural chemistry and geology. 

Pt. 1 : [lect. 1-8J. New York, 1842. 12. 

Same. Lectures [18] in 4 pts. New York, 

1843. 12. 

Notes on North America. Bost., 1851. 2 v. 12. 

Report on the agricult. capabilities of New 

Brunswick. Fredericton, 1850. 8. 
Johnston, Col. John, U.S. Indian agtnt, b. 1775. Account 
of the present state of Indian tribes inhabiting Ohio. 
(In Amer. Antiq. Soc. Archaeol., v. 1. 1820.) 

State of agriculture in Europe. (In New York State 

Agric. Soc. Trans., v. 9. 1850.) 

Johnston, John, 6. 1806. Spontaneous movements in the 
sandstone strata at Portland, Conn. (In Amer 
Assoc. Proc., v. 8. 1855.) 

Johnston, Joseph Eggleston. SNOW, W. P. (In hit South 
ern generals. 1866.) 

Johnston, Josiati Stoddard. Speech on Foot s resolution 
rel. to public lands. Wash., 1830. 8. (B 1494, 1792) 

Speech on the mission to Panama. Wash., 1826 8" 

(B 1831) 

SKETCH.] (In Longacre, J. B., and Herring, J. Nat, 

portr. gal., v. 1. 183J.) 

Johnston, Robert. History of Scotland during the minor 
ity of James vi. ; tr. by T.Mflddleton]. (In Tracts 
Ulust. antlq. of Scotland. 18^6.) 

Johnston, Robert. Four letters to I. Caughey, on the par 
ticipation of the American Methodist Episc. Ch. in 
the sin of American slavery ; three from K.John 
ston and one from U. Allen. Dubl.. 1841. 12. (C257) 

Johnston, Sarah R. BROCKETT, L. P. (In hit Woman s 
work. 1867.) 

Johnston, Thomas. General view of the agriculture of the 
County of Selkirk. London, 1794. 4". (W 77) 

General view of the agriculture of the County of Twee- 

dale. London, 17<J4. 4. (W 77) 

Johnston, W. K. Report on the preparation of food. (/ 
U. S. Commissioner* for Paris jcpot., 1867. Re 
ports, v. 5.) 




Johnston, Win. A geo-hydrographlc survey of Madeira. 

London. 1791. (E 67) 
Johnston, \Vm. England as it is, political, social, 

and industrial. London, 1851. 2 v. 8. 
Johnstone, Chevalier de. Memoirs of the rebellion, 

1745,46; tr. from the French ms. 2d ed. ; 

with add. notes. London, 1821. 8". 

DAVENPORT, R. A. (In Ms Narr.,v. 2. 1840; T. 75 of 

Kara, lib.) 
Johnstone, Abraham. Address to the people of color; 

with bU dying confession. PhiU., 1TU7. 8*. (B 695) 
Johnstone, Charles. Chrysal ; or, The adventures 

of a guinea. Bait., 1816. 4 v. in 2. 12. 

SCOTT, .Sir \V. (In his Lives of the novelists, T. 1. 

1826; and Blog. mem., T. 1. 1834.) 

Johnstons, Adm. George, Gov. of West Florida. 
Speech on the question of recommitting the address 
declaring Mass. In rebellion; also, two letter* of 
Junlus In favour of the Americans. Loud., [17751. 
8*. (B386) 

Speech upon Lord Harrington s motion. (In Speeches 

in Parliament in favour of the rights of America. 
1775. B360) 

BLAKE, pseud. Remarks on Com. Johns tone s 

account of his engagement with a French 
squadron under Suffrein, April 16, 1781. 
New ed., pref. a letter from Blake, etc. Lon 
don. 1782. 12. 

REED, J. Remarks on GOT. Johnstonc s speech In 

Parl. Phlla., 1779. 8*. (B 417, W 30) 
Johnstone, James, M.I)., b. 1730, d. 1802. Medi 
cal essays. Evesham, 1795. 8. 
Content*. Oangllons-of nerves, their use In the vital 
and other involuntary motions. Pliysiol. and pnlhol. 
obs. on the structure and functions of tin; visceral nerves. 
Case of utigina pectorls, from an unexpected disease of 
heart. Two extraordinary cases of g;ill stones. 
A foetus with Imperfect brain. Appearance of urine 
in putrid diseases. Case of George Lord Lytteltun. 
Account of hepatillM suppurana. Oomery, it. Two 
cases of suppurated liver. Two canes, In a letter to 
Dr. Fothergill. Cases of hydrophobia. Cynanche 
pharyngeu or defect of deglutition, from a straitnlng of 
the tesophugus. Johnstone, John. Essay on mineral 

Johnstone, James and John, engravers. Historical 
and descr, account of Heriot s Hospital. 
Edin., 1827. 8 U . 

Johnatone, AVr. John. Importance of a proper choice of 
company; sermon, Edin., May 22. Edin., 1791. 8*. 

Sermon before the Society in Scotland for Propagating 

Christian Knowledge, May 31. Edin., 1799. 8". (B 
845, 1640) 

Johnstone, John, land surveyor. Account of the 
most approved mode of draining land ; 
according to the system of J. Elkington. 
Edin., 1797. 4. 

Same. London, 1801. 8. 

Johnstone, Mrs. John. Clan-Albin. Edin., 1815. 

4 v. 12". 
Johnstone, John, M.D., d. 1836. Essay on mineral 

poisons. (In Johnatone, J. Med. essays. 1795.) 

Harveian oration and other remains ; [with a 

mem. by S. Butler]. London, 1837. 8. 

Memoir of S. Purr. (In Parr. S. Works, v. 1. 182S.) 

Keply to J. C. Smyth, on the discovery of the 

power of mineral acid gas in contagion. 
London, 1805. 8". 

Johnatone, John B. Ben Bolt. The (tailor of France. 
(lit. Sargent, E. Mod. stand, dr., v. 20.) 

Jack Long; druuna. (No. 100 of De Witt a acting 


Johnstone, Wm. Grosart, and Croall, A. Nature- 
printed British sea- weeds; history of the 
algae of the British Isles. London, 1859-60. 
4 v. 8. 

Joice, John. TRIAL of J. for rape. (In Knowlton, W. E. 
Three trials. 1849. C 253; 

Joignenux, Pierre. L Hgriculture. (In Almanacs. Alma- 
uach de i eucyc. I Xi J.) 

200. (28. 9. 76.) 

Joinery. MOXON, J. Mechanick exercises applied 
to joinery. 2d ed. Lond., 1694. 4. 

Joint-stock companies. BLACKHAM, J., and HICKEY, 
A. Advice to promoters, subscribers, etc., 
of joint-stock and railway companies. Dub 
lin, 1846. 8. 

GREAT BRITAIN. Registrar of Joint Stock Com 

panies. Return of the names, places where 
business is conducted, etc., of all joint stock 
companies (limited) formed since the act 
18/19 Viet. c. 133, etc. Return of joint stock 
banks (limited) formed since the act 21/22 
Viet. c. 91. London, 1862. f. 

HOPE, J. Suggestions as to the establishment of pub 

lic registers of debentures [of] companies. (In Nat. 
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SPEECHES In the llo. of Com. [on] the late mania for 

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yotf. Perrin andPutitot follow the text of DuCnnge; 
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Into and out of the vascular and non-vascular textures 
of the body. 




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Kbit. Jones is one of the characters in Coop 
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thography of Aslatick words In Roman letters. Gods 
of Greece, Italy, and India. Chronology of the Illn. 
dus. Supplement to essay on Indian chronology. 
Koto to Vanslttart * paper on the Afghans being de 
scended from the Jews. Antiquity of Indian zodiac. 

Literature of the Hindus, from the Sanscrit. On 
the second classical book of the Chinese. Lunar year 
of the Hindus. Musical modes of the Hindus. Mys 
tical poetry of the Persian* and Hindus. OIts<6Vliul; 
or. The song of Jayadeva. On the Island of Hinzuan, 
or Johanna. Conversation with Abrnm, an Abyssinian, 
cone, the city of Owender, and sources of the Nile. 
Course of the Nile. On the Indian game of chess. 
An Indian grant of land, found at Tanna. Inscrip 
tions on the staff of Firiiz Shah. The baya; or, In 
dian gross-beak. The pangolin of Bahar. The 
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and other disorders of the blood. 2. Plants of India, 
spikenard of the ancients, etc. Grammar of Persian. 

Poeseos Aslatlcte commentariorum libri stihj. Hmon 
scu mlsccllaneorum liber. 3. Charges to the grand 
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government of Fort William, etc. Institutes of Hindu 
law; or. Ordinances of Menu, according to the gloss of 
Calluca. Mahomcdan law of succession to property of 
intestates. Al sira jlyyah; or. Mohammedan law of 
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law of succession to property at Athens. Fragments 
of Isaeus. Notes and commentary on IK.-IMM. Moal- 
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Efsay on the arts called Imitative. Muse recalled ; an 
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Principles of government. Character of John Ld. 
Ashburton. Ad libortatcm carmen. Lettre a M. 
A... du P.... dans Inqncllc est comprls I Exam. de sa 
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The fatal ring. Hymn to Camdeo. Two hymns to 
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pressing riots. Speech, Muy 28, 1782. Letter, com. 
plan of national defence. 

Description of Asia. Short hUtory of Persia. 

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JJirza. HUt. of Nader Shah. 1773.) 




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welke 1790-1831 in Xoord-Xederland zijn 

uitgekoraen. Oravenh. en Amst., 1832-35. 

2 T. 4. 

Content*. Vol. 1. A. - Overberg. 2. Over- 
berg - Z, en Suppl. 

Aotf. For preceding vol*. *tt Abkoade, J. 
van; for continuation aef Brinkman, C. L. 
Jongh, Jabobus de. Het levenderNc-derl.iiidxche en eenige 

Hoogduitachc Schilders. 17*4. Sff Mander, C. v. 
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efficacy, ttc. New York. 1855. 8". (B 1552) 
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Jongleurs. Set Troaveres. 

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2 v. 8. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Every man In his humor. Every 
man out of hi* humor. Cynthia s revells. Poetaster. 
Sejanus. The fox. Silent woman. The alchymist. 
Catiline. Epigranimes. The, forrest. Enter 

tainments. Panesryre. Masque*. 2. Bartholomew 
fayre. Staple of newcs. The divell an a*st>. 
Horace, hU art of poetrle. English grammar. Tim 
ber, or Discoveries. Marques. Under-wood*. 
Mortimer, his fall. Mngnctick lady. Tale of a tub. 

The sad shepherd. 

Works. London, 1756. 7 v. 8. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Every man In his humour. 
Every m:m out of his humour. Cynthia s revels. 2. 
Poetaster. Si janus, his fall. Volpone; or, The fox. 
Eplcoene; or. The silent woman. 3. The alchymist. 
Catiline, his conspiracy. Bartholomew fair. 4. The 
devil Is an ass. Staple of news. The new inn. The 
magnetic lady. 5. Tnleof a tub. The sail shepherd. 

Mortimers fall. Entertainments. Speeches. 
Masque* at court. 6. Masque* at court. Epigrams. 

The forest. Underwoods. 7. Underwood*. 
Timber, or Discoveries. Horace; or. The art of poetry. 

English grammar. Leges convivales; rules for the 
tavern academy. The case is altered. 

Works ; ed. by W. Gifford. London, 1816. 

9 v. 8. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Memoirs. Every man in his 
humour. 2. Every man out of his humour. Cyn 
thia s revel*. Poetaster. 3. Sejanus. Volpone; or, 
The fox. Eplcoene; or, The silent woman. 4. Al 
chemist. Catiline. Bartholomew fiiir. 5. Devil is 
an ass. Staple of news. The new inn. 6. Mag 
netic lady. Tale of a tub. Sad shepherd. Case is 
altered. Entertainments. 7. Masques at court. 8. 
Masques. Epigrams. Underwood.*. 9. Under 
woods. Translations. Discoveries. English gram 
mar. Jonsonus Virbitis. 

Alchymist. (In Bell s Brit, theatre, v. 1. 1795; 

and in Scott, Sir W. British drama, v. 2. pt. 1. 

Ben Jonson [le serie: Volpone, Epicene, L al- 

chiraiste] ; tr. par E. Lafond ; prec. d une 
notice. Paris, 1863. 8. 

The case I* altered. Poetac ter. Sejanus. The 

sad shepherd. Catiline. The new inn. The al. 
chemist. Volpone. (In. Lamb, C. Specimen of 
dram, poets. 1854.) 

Eastward hoe. Sff Chapman. G. 

Everyman In hi humour. (In Bell s Brit, theatre. 

v. 4. 1797; anil in Scott, Sir W. Brit. dr.. v. 2, 
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ami otfifr*. The widow. (In Scott, Sir W. Anc. 

Brit. dr.. v. 3. 1810.) 

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speare, v. 1. 1849.) 

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(Shakespeare Soc.) 

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tained by Malone, Chalmers, and others of John 
son s enmity towards Shakspeare. London, 1808. 
8". (B788) 

See. for a description and analysis of many of .Ton- 
son s masques. Nichols, J. Progresses of James I. 1882. 
Jonston, Jan. Histoire naturelle des oiseaux ; tr. 

du latin ; augm. Paris, 1773-74. 2 v. f. 
Content*. Vol. 1. HUtoire ties olseatix de la Mena 
gerie du Ri points d apris nature par Robert. 2. Jon 
ston, J. Hlstoire. etc. 

A otf. The plates form a separate volume, with the 
title, -Collection des oiseaux, ett: Paris , n.J. f". 

Historise naturalis de avibus libri vi. Amst., 

1657. f. 

Same. De exanguibus aquaticis libri iv. 

Amst., 1665. f. 

Same. De insectis libri in, de serpentibus et 

draconibus libri n. Amst., 16o7. f. 

Same. De piscibus et cetis libri v. Amst., 

1657. P. 




Same. De quadrupedibus. Amst., 1657. f. 

Same. De Berpentibus libri n. Amst., 1665. f. 

De f i- nils Orieoorum. (In Gronovius, J. The*. Gr. 

antiq., v. T. 16VU.) 

NICEKOM.J. P. (/n hit Mem., T. 41. mo.) 
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rency question. London, 1832. 8. 

Essay on the general principles and present 

practice of banking in England and Scotland. 
6th ed. London, 1827. 8". 

Same, (fn Pamphleteer. 1824; v. 24 of B 838) 
Jopling, Joseph. Designs fur agricultural buildings. Set 

Waistell, C. 
Jordaena. Jakob. MicHiEta, A. (In Mi Hist. d la 

peinlure flamande, T. 7. 1849.) 
JorxLan, Ctunille. A tea commetUtns sur la revolution da 

18 fruct. Paris, an VI [1797]. 8 . (B 731) 


d. D. Monde*, mara 1863; and in hit Nouveaux 

lundia. T. 12. 1871.) 
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Kloge de J. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wise. Abh., 1746.) 
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Jordan, G. W. Examination of the principles of 

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Jordan, Henry. Queensland, principle and operation of 

Its system of emigration, (In Nat. Asaoc. Prom. 

Soc. Sci. Trans., 1863.) 
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bShmischen und dcutschen Sprache. Lpz., 

[1847?]. 16. 
Jordan, John. Serious dangers of foreigners and foreign 

commerce In the Mexican states. Phlla., 1826. 8*. 

(B 1106) 
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Jordan, /fee. Leonard G. Hist, of the 10th Me. battalion. 

(In Gould, J. M. Ilist. of 1st Me. reg. 1871.) 
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Pliila.. 1827. 8. (B 1458) 
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Hist. Soc. Col., v. 1. ISO- ).) 
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Collier, J. P. Illuat. of old Kng. lit., T. 3. 1866.) 
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flood; written in Cornish in 1611; with 

S other pieces in Cornish, and] an Eng. tr. by 
. Keigwin ; ed. by D. Gilbert. London, 
1827. 8. 

Jordan (Rirer). LYNCH, W. F. Expedition to 
the Jordan and the Dead Sea. New ed. 
Phila., 1849. 8. 

MACGREGOB, J. The Rob Roy on the J. ; 

with maps and illust. New York, 1870. 8. 

See ul*o Palestine. 

Jordanes or Jordania. See Jornandes. 
Jordanua, Friar. Mirubilia descripta ; the won 
ders of the East [cir. 1330] ; tr. by II. Yule. 

London, 1863. 8. (Hakluyt Soc., v. 31.) 
Jordanus, A 1 *., d. 1237. VITA. (In Acta sanct., v. 5. 1864.) 
Jorge, Piuheyro. Scrmam. dando a Decs a* grnsas pelo 

nasciinento do principe Bultezur Carlos, 17. Out. 

1629. Coimbrn, 1630. 4. (B 1893) 
Jorio, Andrea de. Indicazione del piu rimarcabile 

in Napoli e contorni. Tavola la. n.p., 

[183-?]. f. 

Plan de Pompeii. [Naples, 1826?] f. 
Jorjani. Zain-ad-din Abu-1-haaan AH, culled. SACV, A. I. 

Definitious; Ouvrnge du Seld Scherif. (In Pari 
Inst. Ac. d. Inter. Not., v. 10. 1818.) 

Jorlin, EtigcibcrU Plant tinctoriae. (In Linnasus, C. 
Aiuoon. acad., v. 5. 1760.) 

Jornandes or Jordanes or Jordan!*, Bp. of Ravenna. De 
Getarum hive Gothorum origiiiv et rebus geatis. (In 
Caosiodonis, M. A. Opcni, v. 1. 1729.) 

Same. [Ace.] Uo rcgnorum et temporum succecslono. 

(In Muratori. Rer. Itnl. nor., v. 1, pt. 1. 1723.) 

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1846; and in nil Kleiner* Schr., v. 3. 1867.) 
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3 v. 8. 

Remarks on ecclesiastical history, with life of 

the author. London, 1805. 3 v. 8. 

Remarks on Spenser s poems. Lond., 1734. 8. 

Remark* on Virgil. (In Virgilim. Ml.cel. Virgil- 

Ian*. 1825.) 

Tracts philological, critical, and miscellaneous. 

London, 1790. 2 v. 8. 
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T. 11 1866.) 
Jo**, Poema de. (In Sanchez, T. A. PocUs, etc. 1864; 

v. 67 of Arlbnu. Bibl.) 
Josef de la* mnjteif *. Kl ; por P. Caldcron dc In BATCH. (In 

Ochoa, K. de. Tes.del teatro cup., v. 3. 1838.) 
Joseph, .St. DcS. J. commenurius. (In Acta snnct., T. 9. 


LIFE. (In Live* of eminent atnts. 1853.) 

VALDIVIELMO. J. dr. Vida y muertn <lc San Jooef. 

e*poaa de nuetr Sefiora. (In Rosell, C. Poem us 
eplcos, v. -L 18a4; v. o/_ Aribnu. Blbl.) 

Joseph, ton Of J<u.ol>. Ioropi rift 

KOI tfovtf roi Iw(Ti|i^. Er McAirn, ***< [1827]. 
24*. (B 940) 

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Joseph ii. t Roman Emperor. J. und Kntharina von 

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yon Arneth. Wien, 1869. 8. 

Letters on various subjects; tr. (In Pamphleteer, 

1822; v. 19 of B 838) 

Maria Theresia und J., ihre Corrcspondenz 

sammt Briefen Joseph s an seinen Brudcr 
Leopold; hrsg. Ton. A. Ton Arneth; 1761- 
80. Wien, 1867-68. 3 T. 8. 

Marie Antoinette, J., und Leopold n. ; ihr 

Briefwechsel ; hrsg. Ton A. Ton Arneth. 
Lpz^ 1866. 8. 

Recueil de lettres originales de J. au gen. 

d Alton, 1787-89. Londres, 1790. 12. 

Another copy (C 105) 

BBOUGIIAM, II., Ld. (fn M Statesmen, ser. 1. 1839.) 

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Joseph n. and his court ; by C. Mundt, tr. by A. 

De V. Chaudron. Mobile, 1864. 4 T. 8. 

Same. New York, 1869. 8. 

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den Mordvernuch gegcn J. am 3 Sept. 1758. (In 

Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1838.) 
Joseph [Bonaparte], King of Spain. Confidential 

correspondence with Napoleon. New York, 

1856. 2 T. 12. 

Memoires et conrespondance politique et mili- 

taire ; pub. par A. Du Casse. Paris, 1853- 
54. 10 T. 8. 

CARSE, L. M., comte de. (In Revue d. D. Mondes, 

oct. 1854.) 

HUGO Jilt, A. Precis des e ve ncmcns gnl ont conduit 

J. sur le trOne d Espagne. (In hi* Mem., v. 2. 1S25.) 
Joseph, E. L. History of Trinidad. Trinidad, 

1840. 12. 
Joseph and his friends ; [by J. H. B. Taylor]. New 

York and Lond., 1871. 12. 

A ote. From Atlantic monthly, v. 25, 26. 1870. 
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5. West Europa bis zum 7n Jahrh. Die Juden im 
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6. Die Juden im Morgcn- und Abendl.inde, Ci5o-lu37. 
Die spanischen Juden unter den Arabern, luO()-li40. 
Die Juden in Frankreich uml in den chri.-tl. Ueiehen 
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unter Ciiristcn und Ileiden Aliens und Afrikas. Die 
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common sense. Scepticism. On the hiotory of phi 
losophy. Faculties of the human soul. 2. Method 
of pmlo*ophieal study. Eclecticism In morals. On 
good and evil. How dogmas come to an end. The 
tiorbonne and the philosophers. Reflections on the 
philosophy of history. Influence of Greece In the de- 
velopement of humanity. On the present state of hu 
manity. Notes. 

LEKOUX, P. De la mutilation d un ecrit pos- 

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mutilation] ; avec uii appendice pour faire 
suite k la Refutation de I eclectisrne . Paris, 
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201. (29. 9. 76.) 

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V. 6. 1860.) Des MMMHIairM Ined. de O. de 
Conches et de N. Trlveth sur In Con*oltlon dc la 
philosophic de Boece. (In Not., v. 20. 2e pt. 186 .) 
Les sources philoKophiqups d-sherusii-sd V Araaury 
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moires pour servlr a I hlst. dc la campjigne do 17W ; 
cont. les operations de 1 armee dc Sumbru-et-Meuse. 
(In Charles Louts, Archduke of Auntria. I rincipcs 
de la strategle. 1840.) 

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Sir G. Snmmers. and Cape Newport, with divers 
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Note. Jan., mars, Juln, sept., oct., dec. 1761, 
juln - dec. 1762 are wanting. 
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1851 - dec. 1853. Paris, 1851-53. 5 v. f. 
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211 v. (wanting 1741-48, sept. 1751, nov. 

1752). 16. 

A ott. After I M the Amsterdam reprint of the Jour 
nal des favan* was combined with the Memoiros de 
Trevoux . For a full history of the Journal nee Hatin, 
. Hist, dc la pre**c, v. 2. 1809. For a criticism tee 
Journal du Journal*. 
Same. Journal des savants, 1791, 1817-19, 

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08. 8. 
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A oU. The author s nnme appeared In bis Sec- 
onde journaliue , published the game year. 
Journal du nord, 1807, 08, 12. n.p., 1807-12. 5 T. 

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Journal from Grand Cairo to Jit. Sinai ; tr. from a 

ms. written by the Prefetto of Egypt ; added, 

Origin of hieroglyphics and Mythology of the 

ancient heathens ; by R. [Clayton]. 2d ed. 

London, 1753. 8. 
Journal general de I irnprimerie et de la librairie. Ste Bib- 

liographie de In France. 
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Cavallos, in the West Indies, under Com. 
Knowles. London, 1744. 8. 




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Note. For preceding vol*. tee Franklin journal, etc. 

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Journal of the medical science*, American. See American 


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Note. For preceding vola. net Moniteur universe!. 

Same. Ed. du soir. 1869. *Paris, 1869. f. 

A ote. For preceding voU. ee Moniteur uui- 
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Journals, ff For the journals of societies *e the names 
of the societies, as Anthropological Society ; So 
ciety of Arts ; Statistical Society. 
For works on journals In general net Periodicals ; 
for the lisU of the journals of particular countries nee 
the name* of the countries, etc., at English periodical lit 
erature (pp. 910-12); France. Prri >di<-al lUmitnre 
(pp. 1006-58); Germany. Period, (p. 1141); Italy. 
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Jfotf L hermite de la Guiane originally appeared In 
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iS JO- -J.) Reponscs. Discount. Klnge de Uog- 
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(Vol. 46, 50 of Aribau. Bibl.) 
Contents. Vol. 1. Disc, prelim. Poeslas. Pe- 
layo, tng. El dellncuente honrado, com. Ctirso do 
humanldades castellamui. Reglamento lltorarlo e in- 
stltuclonal del Colegio de Calatrava, en Salamanca. 
Memoria sobre e<Iucacion pub., con apllc. u las excuelns 
de tilfio*. Bases para la formacion dc un plan do 
Instruc. piib. Instruc. dadii a un jnven teologo. In- 
fonne sobre el estado de la Soe. Medica de Si-villa, y del 
estudio de medicina en su univeritidad. Elogio fiine- 
bru del marques de los Llanos de Alguazaa. Disc, en 
u rccepcion u la II. Acad. dc la Hist. Disc, en sti 
entrada a la Acad. Espailola. Disc, en la 8oc. de 
Amigos del PHIS de Astiiria*, sobre lu nccfsldad dc cul- 
tivar en el principndo el estudio dc las clcnclas niitu- 
rales. Fullcltacion de la R. Acad. Espnfi. al Sr. D. 
Carlos ill con tnntivo del nacimiento de los infantes don 
Carlo* y don Felipe. Felicltacion de la R. Sou. Econ. 
dc Madrid a Carlos ill con motivo del doble desposorlo 
de los infantes de Espaiia, con los de Portugal. Disc, 
sobre el lenguajc y estllo propios dc un dicuionario geo- 
gnitko. Elogio de Carlos ill. en la R. 8oc. Econ. do 
Madrid. Oracion Inang. a la apertnra del R. Inst. As- 
turlano. Disc, sobre el estudio de la geografia his- 
torica, pron. en el Inst. de Gijon. Oracion sobre la 
nccesidad de unir el estudio de la litcratura al de las 
cieticias. Oracion sobre el esludio de las ciencias nat- 
u rales. Apunt. sobro el dialecto de Astiirla*. Elo 
gio de la* bellas artes, en la Acad. de San Fernando. 
in forme sobre la publ. de los monumeiitosdc Granada y 
Cordoba. Informe sobm la materia del anterior. 
Elogio de D. V. Rodriguez, en la Soe. Econ. de Madrid. 

Curta al redactor del Diario de Madrid, con motivo 
de las funciones hcchas en los desposorioa del 8. D. Fcr- 
nundo VII. hist, artist de arqiiitecturn. 
Introd. & un escrito forense para D. M. Colon. In- 
forme de la real sala de alcaldes sobre indultos generales. 

Plan de unadls. sobre las leyes vinigodas. Consulta 
del Consejo de l:is Ordenes acercu de la jllrisdlcclon 
temporal del mlsmo. Reflex, sobre la legisl.-icion de 
E-<p:in:i en cuanto al uo de las sepultura*. Memoria 
para el arreglo de la policiadc los espcctuculos publicos 
y sobre su origen en Espana. Memoria en defensa de 
la Junta Central. Apendiccs a la Memoria. 2. In- 
formo sobre la extraccion de aceitcs d reinos extranjcros. 

Infonne sobre el estab. de un monte-pio in Scvilla. 
Dictiimen que dio el autor en una Junta formada para el 
examcn del proyecto de un banco nacional, pres. por el 
conde Cabarrus. Disc, sobre el estab. de un monte- 
pio para los nobles de la corte. Informe sobre fo- 
mento de la marina mercante. Disc, en la Soe. Econ. 
de Madrid, 24 die. 1734. Oracion en la Soe. Econ. de 
Madrid, distrib. de premlos. I)i*c. en la Soc. Econ. 
16 jul., 1783, la distrib. dc prcmios de hilados. In 
forme sobre el libre ejercicio de las arteo. Dic. al 
cesar en la prrsidencia de la Soc. Econ. dc Madrid. 
Voto partlc. del autor sohre la introd. y el u*o de mime- 
linos. Apuntes para una mem. que tonia proyectada 
el autor, y no llego d extendarla. Mem. en la Soc. 
Econ. de Madrid, sobre si sc dcbinn 6 no admitir en ell 
las seuoras. Dictnmen sobrc las cauxas de la deoa- 
dencia de las sociedades econom. Informe acerca do 
la venta dc var ias casas dc los rcales honpitales dc Ma 
drid. Inf. sobre un proyecto de fabricaclon de gorros 
tunecinos. Inf. sobru sustitnir un iiuevo met<xlo para 
la hilanzu de se<la. Dictamen sobre embarque de 
paHos extranjeros pnra nuestra rolonlas. Inf. sobrc 
una comunfiia de scguros. Disc, sobrc una compania 




de s^gnros terrcstres y msritimos. In*trnc. i la junta 
special de hacienda. Inf. en el expvdirute de ley 
agraria. Cartai" a varia* personas. Noticia de) li. 
InnT. Astor. Ordinanxa para la er-ciirla de mat.. fi.., 
qiilm.. minor., y nantlcn de Oijon. K. Inot. Astnr. 
Disc. obre el estab. de un jut- z de letran rn Cazalla. 
Inf. sobre el minio asunto. Inf. at Consejo sobre el 
punto del anterior. Inf. sobre In pretension del mar 
que* de Montefuerte al patronato dc unas e*cuela* fun- 
dadas por In aeilora Garayu. Inf. at protomedicato 
obr la certification de praclica de I>. Carlos Ixhor. 
Dlsc.acercade la situacion y division Interior de loshos- 
piclo* con n-ip. a u salubridad. Consulta sobre el 
banto de huevos en Madrid. Disc, a la K. Soc. de 
Amigos del PaU de Asturias cobre los medios de pro- 
mover la felicidad de aquel principado. Disc, con mo- 
tivo de tomar posesion del cargo de director de la Soc. 
Patriot, de Madrid. Inf. sobre carreterasde Asturias. 

Inf. obre el beneficlo del carbon de piedra y utilidad 

de *u eomerclo. Inf. hecho a su majestad sobre un.i 
representacion del director general dc minas. Reflex, 
obre el real decreto de 18 agosto. 1790, y demonstrat-ion 
de la nocesldad de derogarle en la parte que limlta el 
derecho y la libertad de los propietarios en el cultivo de 
la* minaa de carbon de pledra. Informed acerca de 
derecho* particulars en los rios. Notas al apendice 
So de las memorias de arqiilteetura 6 sen a la dcscripcion 
de la lonja de Palrna. Doc. quese citan en el npeudice 
Jo. SeHa* del ms. de la crdnlcix del rcy don Jaime. 
Advert. obre un ms. de J. de Herrara. Extracto de 
I* hist, de la cartujii de Valdemuza. Resefia de la 
junta general del principado de Asturias. .Tufcio crit. 
de la nlst. ant. de Oija. one escribio G. M. Valdea Cor- 
nellana. Expoalclon al mlnUtro dc Indiaa sobre es- 
Ubleciralento de nn consulado en Oijon. Repres. de 
U villa do Qljon para que se propnguo el arbitrlo de 
Tlno y ldra pare fuentes. calles, y plantlos. Repres. 
Al mlnUtro de Marina sobre laa nuevas obraa del puerto 
de Oijon. Repren. & an ronjestad en solicltad de au- 
mento de dotacion para el parroco de la yllla de Oijon. 
Dlctamen acerca de una olicitud de laa comparing de 
eguro* de Barcelona. Inf. nobre el estab. de una 
eompailia de eguron. Inf. Bobre encnbezamlento 
de rentas pub. de Mallora. Manifestacion a la R. 
Acad. e*pan. Bobre cl premlo ofrecldo por csta al com 
petitor de una eiitira contra los malo* pot-taw. Centu 
ra* aobre varla obra literarlaK. Cc-neuraa de obraa 
drmalii-as. Subre las bella* artcs. 

Carta hist.- artist, sobre la Lonja de Mallorca. 

Palma, 1812. 8. 

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Conversion and changes of character. Caauls- 
try. Connection of immorality and Idolatry. 
Tne Old Testament. The quotations from the Old 
Testament In the New. Fragment on the character 
of St. Paul. St. Paul and the twelve. Evils in the 
church of the apostolical atce. The belief In the 
coming of Chriot In the apostolical age. (/n Noyes, 
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tranl<itor. See Plato. 

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S. (B 901) 
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pub. by Me**. C. Barrell and others. Boston, 

1316. 8*. (B455) 
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of J.. executor of the lost will of the late J. Barrel). 

of Charlestown, Aug. 1S16; also. Correspondence 

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f/u Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1861.) 

[Sevfrnl urticlesj (In 187.) 
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esco?. 1850.) 
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i T. r. 

* Relacion historica del viage a la America 

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par E. Mauvillon]. Amst. et Lps., 1752. 

2 T. 4- 

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(B 1458) 

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tory of Guatemala; tr. by J. Baily. London, 
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Jubilee. ORAZIOMI da recitarsi nella visita della tre bnol- 
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/r 940) 

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P. Tenney]. Boston, 1862. 12. 
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Jncnndus, Johann. Sff Giocondo, G. 
Jndwa capta. See Tonua, C. K. 




Judith. PLATMKR, O. H. I>e teptri Judaic! ablation*. 

(In Grasvius, J. O. Synbig. 1702.) 
Jadaisin. if re Jew*. 

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Judas Iscariot. Dr. QuittCET, T. (In Hi* Tbeol. essays, 

T. 1. 1864.) 

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the sutnuhip of J. I. Hnrtford. 1828. 8*. (C 224) 
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tr. Extracts from essays by G. W. Hicks, L. M. Hoi- 
brook, W. B. Morey, Carl Boes, tr.. Novice , 8. C. Gor 
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Granby, with family genealogies by L. M. 
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1854. 12. 
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moval of himself and four other justices from office. 

[New Haven. \ 1804. 8 (B 424) 
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death of J. C., of Bali. Calcutta, 1857. 8". (B 1455) 
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Jndea. S,e Jews ; Palestine. 
Jnden, Pic; von G. E. Lessing. (In hit Siimmt. Schr., 

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London, 1695. 8. 

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Quarles ; ed. by R. Wolfe. Lond., 1807. 12. 

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principles and notions of [Tindal s] Rights 
[of the Chr. Church ]. London, [17]. 8. 

Judgment of love. The. (/n Le- Grand d Aussy, P. Fab 
liaux, V. 3. 1815.) 

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people. 3d ed., with add. Lond., 1710. 8*. (B 590) 

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the goodness of God in dealing with sinful 
churches and nations by judgments. Lon 
don, 1681. 8. 

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1834. 8. 

Judiciary. < Judge*. 

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bath. (In Suddards, W. Brit, pulpit, v. 2. IKM.) 

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memory of the landing of our ancestor*. Boston. 
1803. y. (B 163) 

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Formal and solemn reprimand*. Boston, 1820. 8* 

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Christian baptism; sermon, Calcutta, Sept. 27, 1812. 
Boston, 1817. 8". (B 320) 

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reprimand . Boston. 1820. 8*. (B 522) 

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2T. 12. 

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rester). KENDRICK. A. C. Life and letters 
of J. New York, 1860. 8. 

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[1789]. 8*. (B204) 

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dering the Tc Deum to be sung in all the churches 
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Fly to the Eastern Archipelago, 1842-46. 
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M. A. de. 
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Work*, v. 3. ISoS.) 
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pittrunato e clientela della colonia Giulia Augusta 

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prluc da navlre americaln la Juliana, faite par le 
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de la vertn, et de la gloire de Saint Julieu. (In hit 
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lui CBar to his brother J. Epli>tlc to Themistius. 
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tle to the Emp. Constantly. To the senate and peo 
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The duties of a priest ; from the fragment. The Cte- 
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B. L*e s Parthenla, or the last days of paganism . 
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(E 78, no. SSa) 
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Note. In reply to two articles by G. Pauthier 
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Summary of the principal Chinese treatises 

upon the culture of the mulberry and the 

rearing of silkworms ; tr. from the Chinese 

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Pianti ec. degli edincj della villa suburbana 

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C. de. 

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author [assumed to be Burke]. London, 

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add., correspondence with Wilkes and Wood- 
fall; [ed. by G. Woodfall]. London, 1812. 
3 v. 8. 

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Content*. Vol. 1. The work as orig. pub., with 
notes. 2. Private and mUcel. letters. New essay on 
the authorship. 

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Same. With notes by R. Heron. Boston, 

1804. 2 v. 8. 

Letters. Boston, 1846. 2 v. 12. 

A letter to an hon. Brig. Gen. in Canada, [G. 

Townshend], now first ascribed to Junius; 
added, A refutation by an officer , [written 
by Lord Thurlow ?] ; ed. by N. W. bimons. 
London, 1841. 16. 

Jfote. On the authorship of these two letters tee 
Notes and queries, 3d s., v. 3, p. 122. 




Posthumous works ; pref., an inquiry resp. the 

author; also life of J. U.Tooke. New York, 
1829. 8. 

A ote. The preface Is signed J. F. 

Two letters. (In Johnstone, U. Speech on the ques 

tion, etc. B 386) 

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authorship of Junius disproved. (In Pamphleteer, 
1826; v. 27 of B 838) 

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sionally investigated ; with preface and col 
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1871. 4. 

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and a review of the controversy. London, 
1843. 12. 

JCNICS unmasked; or, Lord Geo. Sackville 

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ft ote. Atribntcd to J. Elwyn, to Jos. Bollea 
Manning, and to Rev. Win. Allen. 

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was Earl Temple. Boston, 1831. 8. 

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cell, letters proved to be spurious. Loudon, 
1833. 8. 

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- Discovery of the author of the letters of Junius, [Dr. 

Francis and hi* son Sir P. Francis]. London, 1813. 
8". (B 690) 

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embracing a life of W. Pitt, Earl of Chatham, 
and [others]. Boston, 1831. 8. 

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The crisis of thu country. Life of II. Clay. Se 
quel to the crisis. 

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loyal address. n.p. t 1770. 8. 

Another copy. (B 458) 

A r ote. According to a ms. note this book is by 
J. Allen . 

Joniu* Atnericaniti, pteud. Political detection ; or. Treach 
ery and tyranny of administration at home and 
abroad. London, 1770. 8. (B 392) 

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death of D. Webster, Oct. 31, 18.V2, by T. Parker. 
Boston and Camb., 1853. 8 . (B 1729) 

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Mem., v. 7. 1729; and Germ., v. 8. 1753.) 

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terus, J. Lampas, v. 4. 1804.) 

De anuis et menslbus. Fastorum liber. (In Grsevius, 

J. O. Thes. antiq. Uom., v. 8. 16U8.) 
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to public liberty; letter to Dr. Campbell. 2d ed. 
London, 184U. 8". (B 1363) 
Janias tracts. See Colton, C. 

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Periac. (In De la Beche, II. T. Selections of geol. 
mem. 1836. B 1199) 

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allcmand. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1785. 4 v. 12". 
Content*. Vol. 1. Leasing, . E. Miss Sarah Samp- 
ton, tragedie; Les Juifi. comedle. Oaertner, K. C. 
La fidelile eprouvee, pastorale. 2. Leasing, G. E. 

L esprlt fort, comedle ; Le trcoor, comcdlc; Gel- 

lert, C. F. Le billet do loterlc. coiuudle. 3. Lessing, 

O. E. L enprit fort, tragcdle; Minna <le Bimiheliu. 

ou le bonheur mllltalre; Le mlno^yne, ou I dinem! 

dcs fcnmn-K. comedle. 4. Oebler. T. P. Thnnion, rol 

d Egypte, drame hero iqiie. Weiss, M. Koineo et 

Julie; tragedie. Cronegk, J. Fr. Codrus, tragedie. 

Junkin, George, D.D. Christianity the patron of 

literature and science; mldros on his Inanir. ns 

Pre. of Washington Coll., Va., Feb. 22. Phlla.. 

1849. 8*. (B 1581) 

Derision of character; the bnccalaurcate In Miami 

Univ.. Aug. 8. Kosvllle. 1844. 8*. (B 1580) 

Inaug. charge by J. M. Porter, and add. of U. Junkin 

at the install, of the faculty In the new coll. ediiieo 
at Easton, Pa., May 1. n.p , 1834. 8*. (B 1578) 

Integrity of our nntlonnl union r. abolitionism. 

Clncln., 1843. 8. (B 1476) 

Vindication, containing a history of the trial 

of A. Barnes, by the 2d Presbytery. Phila., 
1836. 12. 

ADDRESSES on his Inang. as President of Miami Univ. 

Clncin., 1841. 8. (B 1580) 

BARNES, A. Defence before the 2d Presbytery of 

Phlla., In reply to O. Junkin. (In hit Way of sal- 
.vatlon. 1856.) 

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moires. Paris, 1831-35. 18 v. 8. 

Eng. London, 1831-35. 8 v. 8. 

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Jupiter, the god. EMEUIC-DAVIU, T. B. Jupiter; 

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Antiq. 1728.) 

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(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1812-13.) 

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(In hit Lect.,2dser. 1864.) 

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Olympicn, ou 1 art de la sculpture antique, et 
1 hist. de la statuaire en or et en ivoire chcz 
les Grecs et les Remains. Paris, 1815. f. 

See alto Ammon. 

Jupiter, the planet. BOUVARD, A. Tables astro- 
nomiques de Jupiter, pub. par le Bureau des 
Longitudes. Paris, 1821. 4. 

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with construction and use of tables for their 

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oniv. des romans, Nouv., v. 42. 1801.) 
Jura. COURSE de Bale a Bienne par les vallecs du 

Jura. Bale, 1789. 8. 
Jura en Santa Ondca. L.t; von J. E. Hartzenbusch. (In 

hit Obras escog. 1850.) 
Jura populi Anglican!; or. Subject s risrht of petitioning set 

forth. London, 1772. 8. (B 1632) 
Jura und Genfersee ; Novellen von R. Schwcichel. 

Berlin, 1865. 8. 
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Sketches of the last naval war ; tr. by Capt. 

Plunkett. London, 1848. 2 v. 12. 

Various articles.] (In Revue d. D. Mondcs, DOV. 

1843 - dec. 1873.) 

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La Haye, 1686. 8. 

Seasonable advice to all Protestants in Europe for 

uniting against Popish tyranny ; done out of French. 
London, 16S9. 4*. (B 4) 

Sighs of France in slavery; [lt-8th] memorial; done 

out of French. London, 1680-90. 5 pam. 8". (B 8) 
A otf. On the authorship tee Barbier and 
Hoefer s Nouv. biog. gen. 

BAYLE, P. La chlmere dc In cabnle de Rotterdam, 

demontrec p;ir les pretendur s Convlctionx de J. 
.1,11.11.1 <, riorum reserata sen anirna lv. in Keclenia) 
systema. qniliun probatnr J. italutin viam aperire 
unlversisreligionibuH. (In Bayle, P. (Euvres, v. 2. 




JOT in, June*. M.D, Account of success of inoculating 

mull pox iu Gn-at lirii&in. 2d ed. London, \TH. 

*. (B476) 
Jurisprudence. .> < the name* of countries, an England ; 

France ; Germany ; alia Civil law ; Law. 
Jurist, The ; or, Quarterly journal of jurisprudence 

and legislation. Vol. 1-2. London, 1827- 

28. 2 T. 8. 
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do* Inquisitions-Processes und der Gescbwornen- 

Gericble., IV-T. 8*. (E 2) 

- Ueber die Einfilhrung der Geschwornen-Gerlchte in 

England, (/n hi, Abhandl., v. 1. 1846. E 2) 
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juror. London, 1709. 8. 

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don, 18.52. 8. 

OB. BRITAIN. House of Com. Report from the 

elect committee on special and common 
juries. London, 1867. 8. 

G tM>EM ANS. I. Geschicbte der EnUtehung der Jury 

In England. MUnchen, 1S47. 8*. (E 2) 

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of a Juror decided by triors. Boston, 1833. 8*. (B 
1441, 1809) 

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[on] juries. 6th ed. London. 1770. 12. (B 683 j 
* - bame. 7th ed. Londoa, 1771. S*. (C 219) 
, - Same. Lond., 1771, repr. Boston, 1772. tr. (B 616) 

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Pamphleteer, 1815; v. 5 of B 838) 

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EnUtebung der grospeu und kleinen Jury la Eng 
land, liancben, 1848. 8*. (E2) 

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Lps.. 1847. 8*. (E 2) 

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London, 1825. 8. 

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truKt, power, and duty of grand juries. London. 
1766. 8". (B 706) 
Same. New ed. London, 1771. 8. (B 1632) 

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ton, 1852. 8. 

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known in the law of Mn.s. to secure the selection 

of an Impartial jury. Boston, 1824. 8*. (B 1110, 

1756, 1809) 
Jus dlvinum regimlnis ecclesiastic!; or, The divine right of 

Church-government evidenced by the Scriptures. 

London, 1640. 4. (B 13) 
Jus Italicum. SAVICN Y. F. C. von. Ueber das J. I. (In 

Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abb., 1814-15.) 
Jus Latii. See Latinitaa. 
Juslen, Abraham D. Centuria I. pl.intnrum. (In Lin- 

na-oa, C. Amoen. acad., v. 4. 1764.) 
Jussien, Bernard de. Cnroli a Linne ad Beroardum de 

Jussleu ineditae. et inutiirc Bernard! ad Linneeum 

epIstoliB. (In Amer. A cud. Mem., n.s., v. 5, pt. 2. 


COSDORCET, J. A. N. C., mnra. de. Eloge de J. (In 

MX CEuvres. v. 1. 1847.) 
Jusaieu. Joseph dc. CONDORCF.T, J. A. N. C., marq. dc. 

Eloge de J, (In hit Qiuvres, v. 2. 1847.) 
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natural method; tr. by C. A. Alexander. (In 

Smithsonian Inst. Report, 1S6T.) 
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Soc. of Manchester. Mem., v. 12. is-tti.) UAR- 

LAM>, J. Memoir of J. (In v. 16. 1854.) 
Just and inud-t vindication, A, of the proc. of the two lat 

PnrliumenU of Charles n.; [by Sir W. Jones]. 

(In Stat tracts rel. to Charles n. 1639.) 
Jnst namitive of the plot* of the PupiU to cast the odium 

of their treason* [on] Presbyterians, etc. London, 

1679. r. (A 53) 
Juste, Theodore. Lcs fondateurs de la monarchic 

beige; le comic I*e lion. Paris et Brux., 

1867. 8. 

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ses glaciers ; pub. par 8. A. Sexe. Christ 
ian ia, 1870. 4. 

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Chrestomathie. Lpz., 1864. 4. 

Ueber die Urxeit der Indogennanen. (/ Historisches 

Taschcnbuch, 1862.) 

JoBti. Karl. Ueber die Stndien Winckelmann s in seiner 
vorromiachen Zeit. (In Historisches Tascheabuch, 

Justice, Alexander. Treatise of the dominion and 
laws of the sea. t.p.w. London, [1705]. 4. 

Justice. COUSIN, V. Justice et charite. (In Paris. Inst. 
Ac. d. Sci. Xor. Petit* iraiuis, v. 1. 1844; and 
Mem., v. 7. 1860.) 

Justice and necessity of taxing the Amor. Col.; with a 
vindication or the authority of Parliament. Lon 
don, 1766. 8*. (B 375) 

Justice and policy of tho late act of Parliament for the 
government of Quebec; [by Win. Knox]. London, 
1774.8*. (B 359, 751) 

Same. [With an appendix.] Lond., 1774. 8. (B 674) 
Justice and utility of penal laws for the direction of con 
science examined; [by J. Fell]. London, 1774. 8*. 

Justice in all its branches; a col. of rules of Scripture. 

London. 1731. 8. (B 129) 
Justices of the peace. BAYARD, S. Abstract of 

laws of the U. States rel. to justices of the 

peace. New York, 1804. 8. 

BIRD, C. Letters to R. Peel on the effect and object of 

his alteration in the law, with ref. to the extension 
of the jurisdiction of J. of P. (In, Pamphleteer, 
1823; v. 29 of B 838) 

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ers and duties of J. of the P. Deerfield, 
1818. 8. 

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to justices of the peace. 2d ed. Boston, 
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Uarmonla apostollca; doctrina Jacob! de jmtifica- 

tione ex openbus defenditur, consensus P;iuli cum 
Jacobodemonatratur. Examen censure; sive He- 
sponnlo ad animadversiones in Harmonin aponiol- 
Ica . Apologia pro Hartnonia , contra [Tulllum], 
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explained. Boton. 1758. 8*. (C 172) 

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tlfylng fnlth; a reply to tho exceptions of 8. Wil 
liam* against What U Christ to me if Hi- Is not 
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8*. (B34) 

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usually termed the Corpus juris clvllls with the glosses. 

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romucheri Ueiches erhoben wurde. (In Berlin. Ak. 
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AH the commentaries on the Roman law treat 
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ad Grtecos. Oratio ad Greecos. Apologia pro Chrit- 
ianis ad S. P. Q. R. Apologia pro Christian!* n. ad 
Antoninum Plum, Imp. liom. De monurcliia Del. 
Ari.itotelicorurn quorundam dogmatuiu everslo. 
Qunestiones ad GraecoK, cum Graecorum re*ponlone, et 
rexponsionls Illlus confututlone. Appendix a<l Grrecos, 
qua et Ariritotelis et aliorum philosophorum dogmata 
quaedum confutantur. QusBstloiics Grsecanicm ad 
Chritianos de Deo. de resurrcctlone mortuorum. Ad 
quecHtiones Illas responcio Christiana. Ut-sponslo de 
resurreclione mortuorum. Dinlogiis cum Tryphono 
pro ChriKtlfina religione. Eipoitio recte fiilei, eu 
rectm confessionls, de nanrta et constibHtantiiili DeiUills 
trinitate. Quiestionum nive dubltiitlonum CXLVI. so- 
lutio ad Orthodoxos. Epistola ad Diogtielum paraa- 
nctica. Kpistolii ad Zenuin et Serenum ethica. A. 
Leontio Hlerosolymitano et Eutbymlo Zigubetio citala 




toe* e lihro d 8. trlnitate. P. Lanswll) Presbyteri dU- 
ptinrtln nolnruni Cnxaubnni. In Jiitini opora hsec 

Diiot. F. 8ylburi{ii. Annot. ex Perionin et Billio. 
Indict-*. Atbenagor* apologia Tel I,pi;ntlo pro 
Chrintlanin; Kjui>di-ni dr remrrectione mortuorum. 
Theophili Ptitriartha Atttim-heni contra Ohrili:ina- ro- 
HicioiiU cnlumnlntorrs d Autolycum libri trvs. Ta- 
tiani oratlo ad Ors-cos, quod nihll eorum quihus Grtrci 
jrlori.TMtur tudiornm apnd Ipnos nntum, ed omnin a 
barburU inventa *int. Henniae jrfnlilium philocopho- 
rum trrirfo. Annot. II. 8. et C. Gesneri in Atbenago- 
rte spoloyinm. et lib. d n-Mirri-ctione mortuurum. 

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Jew. Discourse and address to the Greeks. On 
lb sole government of God. Fragment* of On the 
resurrection. Other fragments. Martyrdom. 

On primitive Christian worship, (in Tract* for the 

time*, v. 1. 1R40.) 

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In I>ame Eoropa t school . London. [187-1. Id* 

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an Antl-Temperance Soc. Best., 1835. 8*. (B 1768) 
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paa gammel Dansk, mecl latinsk Overs;rttelse 

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See a l*o Persia* Flaccas, A. 
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8chlut>8es auf Sltten-Verfall nus di-r Vi-rmehrung 
der jrerichtlichen Untercuchnniren eoffen juccndllrhe 
Verhrecher. (In Berlin. Ak.d.Wiu. Abh., 1838.) 


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Ho. of Refuge instituted 1824. New York, 
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Jnventns munrti. See Gladstone, W. F.. 

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mens JyolUham. (In Berlin. Ak. d. WUa. Al.h.. 



K.. E. Th*t neither temporallltle* nor tythes in duo to the 

bishop* nor clergy by any gopel rule, n.p., [16]. 

4 . (0 2S4) 
K., F. The prevent great Interval both of king and people. 

*4.p. [Plymouth, 16TW.] f. (A 54) 
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A. K. 
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5am/, without the minntet. [Wanh., 1856.] 8. 

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Schri/trn. Prlncipiorum primorum cognltionis mcla- 
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den Opflmlsmtis. 1759. Die falsche Spitztindiifkell 
der vler sylloglstlschcn Figuren. 1762. Deutllchkclt 
der Urundsiitze der natUrlichcn Theologie und Moral. 
1763. Versuch.den Begriff der negativen Grossen In 
die Weltwulshelt einzufUhren. 1763. Der elnzlg mog- 
llche Beweisgrund zn einer Demonstration des Da*eyn 
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dem Wlnterhalbenjahre. 1765-60. De m until sensibilU 
atque intelligibilis forma et principiis. 1770. K. * und 
Lambert s philos. Briefe. 1765-7U. Was helsst : sich 
Ira Denken orientlren ? 1766. Jacob s PrUfung der 
Mendrlssohu schen Morgenstunden. 1780. L eber cine 
Enltlcckung, nach der alle neuo Kritik der reinen Ver- 
nunft (lurch eine iiltere entbehrllch gemacht werden 
oil. 17 JO. Fortschritte der Metaphyslk sell Leibnitz 
und Wolf. Ucber Philosophic Uberhaupt. 1794. - 
Von elnem neuerdlngs erhobenen vornehmen Ton In der 
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Kritik der rclnen Vernunft. 3. Prolegomena zu clner 
jcclen kUnfligen Metaphysik. Igik. 4. Kritik der 
Urtheilskraft. Beobitchtung Ober das OefUhl der 
Schonen u. Erhabenen. 5. Schriftm titr PhUo*oi>hir 
drr Natnr. Oedanken von der w:ihren Schiitzung der 
lebendigen Kriifte. 1746. Medilationumquarutidam de 
igne succlncta delineatio. 1755. Metapliynlciu cum 
geometria junctaa usus in philosophia natural). 1756. 
Neuer Lehrbegriff der Bewegung und Uuhe. 1758. 
Grunde des Unterschiedes der Ucgendcn im Kaume. 
176S. Metaphysische Anf.tngsgrilnde der Xaturwis- 
setiscliiift. 1786. 6. Schrifltn tur phviinf/ien Vroorti- 
phie. Untcrsuchung der Frage : oh die Erde In ihrer 
Umdrehung um die Achse, elnigu Veriiiidcrung sell den 
ersten /eiten Hires Ursprunges erlitten habc. 1754. 
Ob die Erde veralte ? 1754. Allgemeine Naturge- 
chichte und Theorie des Himmels. 1755. Gesch. und 
Naturbeschrelhnng der merkwilrdlgsten Vorfiille des 
Erdbcbcns. 1756. Betrachtung der seit ciniger Zcit 
wahrifonommenen Erderschiltterungen. 1756. Theorie 
der Winde. 1756. Entwnrf und Ankilndigung eines 
Collcgil der physischen Geographic. 1765. Von den 
verschledenen Uacen der Menschuo. 1775. Bestim. 





mang Jc* Begriflfc elner Muniu-rienrace. 1785. t eber 
dD Uebrauch teleologincher l rinci|iiun in dor I hilon- 
ophie. 178$. Ueber die Vulcune ini Munde. 1780. 
Kinl1u di-g Monde* auf die WiUernng. 17V4. Vor- 
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KanlY. 7. Anthropoloyltch vruktitche tj cArj/Vm. 
Vom ErkeuntnlrMveriiiogen. Vom GtTdbl dor Lust 
nod Cnlul. Vutn Bt-guhrungavcrmiitfrn. Anthrop- 
ologiiH-he Charakterialik. 8. Gruttdlegung cur Meta- 
phyik derSiiten. Kritlk der praktlschen Vernunft. 
9. Metaphyaik d. Sittc-n a. Piidagugik. [oder] Keoliu- 
lehrc, TugfiulU-hre, und Erziehungnlehre. 10. Ke- 
lilfioii la d. Grazed d. bloroen Vernunft, Streitder Fuc- 
Uluiten. 11. 1. Briefe. Krklarunp.-n. Fragmente 
aua si-inem XachlasHe. 2. K/ Biographic turn groeaen 
Thcil*iiacli liainl.-clinftlichen Xitchrichten von F. \V. 
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(B 1105) 

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(B 1878) 

Signs of the times, as denoted by the fulfilment 

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fortunate shepherdess. 1804.) 

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Satnt. (fn Prot. Epuc. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 1. 1851.) 

[lst]-5th narrative of proceedings at Tuniers- 

Hall ; with disputes and speeches between 
K. and other Quakers. Lond.. 1696-1701. 4. 

Supplement to sermons at Saltcrs-HatI against Popery. 

M ed. London, 173.V 8*. (C 245) 

XoU. Signed O. K-h ; by Ki-ith (<l. 17K>)? 

ALLEN, J., and othsrt. Principle* of the Protestant 

religion maintained ng:ilnst the calumnies of K. 
Boston, Itf JO. 12". (C 1, D 8) 

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church, etc. London, 1700. 4. (B257) 

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tion against K. s proceedings, Apr. 2U, 16 J7. (fn hit 
Theolog. works, v. 2. 1721.) 

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Refutation of a dangerous opinion maintained by 

S. Willard . Boston. 1703. 12. (C 1) 
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BERT, J. le R. d . (/n hit CEuvres. v. 6. 1805.) 
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- on eccl. history. 1800. W 71) 

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London, 1816. 2 v. 8. 

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spondence ; with a mem. of Carolina Matilda 
of Denmark and account of the revolution 
in 1772; ed. by Mrs. G. Smyth. London, 
1849. 2 v. 8. 

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[add.]. 2d ed. London, 1820. 8. 

Introduction to the theory and practice of 

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New treatise on the use of the globes, abridged. (/ 

Gay, J. Elements of astronomy. 1832.) 
Keith, Sir Wm. Collection of papers and other 

tracts. London. 1749. 12. 

Cvntfntt. The nature of a publlck spirit. The citl- 
ten ; twenty-Hve disc, on trade, with other practical and 
moral subjects to encourage nnd promote public and 
private virtue. The liberty of the subject In Gr. Brit. 
The education of a young British nobleman. Tho 
office of an ambassador. Present state of the British 
plantations in America with respect to the interest of 
Ur. Brit. Report to thu Lord* Commissioners of Trade 
and Plantations in 1718. The medium of commerce. 
Consequence of the war with Spain, 1740. 

History of the British plantations in America. 

Pt. 1 : Hist, of Virginia. Lond., 1738. 4. 

Bioo. sketch of K. (fn Penn. Hiat. Soc. Mem., T. 1. 


Kelat. MAHSON. C. Account of the Insurrection at Kclat, 
[1839-40]. (fn Ait Narrative of jourueys In Belo- 
chUtan, T. 4. 1844.) 




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Old French language ; from acts of Parlia 
ment, law books, manuscripts, etc. Phila., 
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good sense of ClirUtiuns against the Improper use 
of the term Socluian. 3d ed. London, [18 ]. 12*. 
(C 242) 

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and other parts of Eur6pe ; tr. by J. E. Lee. 
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Abstract of the 6th report of K. on lacustrian settle 

ment*, by A. MorloL (In Smithsonian lost. Re- 

port, 1863.) 
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8lden. C. L esprlt mod. I860.) 
Keller, Cnf-t. Henry. New and correct map of Switzerland. 

(In Ebel, J. G. Atlas to Ebel u traveller s guide 

through Switzerland.) 
Kelley, Air Ed war J. Poems, (/n Aahmole, E. Thcatrum 

cht m. Brit. 1662.) 

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canal \ia the Atrato Valley. Nevr York, 
1859. 8. 

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1825. 12". 

Discoveries, purchases of land, etc., on the IX. W. 

coast; a part of an Investigation of the Amer. title 
to the Oregon Territory, n.p., [183-]. 8*. (B 1600) 

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(In Smithsonian lust. Report. 1863.) 

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before the Llnnaean A soc. of Pennsylvania Coll., 
Bcpt. 18. Gettysburg, 1850. 8*. (B 1579) 

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cavalry engagements atKcIlysville. (In Lee, H. E. 
Report of the Battle of Chancelloreville, 1664.) 

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(A 30) 

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passion illustrated; sermon before the Middlesex 
Lodiff. Frnmingham, June 24. Boston, 1796. 8*. 

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D. D. Hist of Berkshire, v. 2. 1829.) 

Funeral temton on. 1846. See Hopkins, M. (B 1219) 
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Soc. Col., T. 23. 1833.) 

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Contrnit. Vol. 1. Lion Ben. 2. Charlie Bell. 3. 
The ark. 4. The boy farmers. S. Young ship- 
builders. 6. The Hard-Scrabble of Elm Inland. 
Kellogg, Ezra B. War contrary to the Gospel ; sermon be 
fore the Peace Soc. of Windbam Co., Feb. 4. Prov., 
1830. 8. (B1786) 

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by L. Da Vinci, entitled "Herodias". Lon 
don, 1864. 4. 

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Andersonville, Florence, etc. Hartford, 
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In his defence. London, 1723. f*. (A 56) 

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Sot . A selection from papers contributed to 
Owen s weekly chronicle, 1762-66. 

False delicacy. A word to the wise. (In Bell s 

Brit, theatre, v. 30. 1797.) 

French. L* fausse delicatcsse. (In Riccoboni, J/m#. 

M. J. L. de M. CEuvres, v. 6. 1818.) 

Romance of an hour. (In Collection of farces, v. 6. 


School for wive*. (In Bell s Brit, theatre, T. 7. 1797; 

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in London stage, v. 4. [1827.]) 

Kelly, Ret. Hugh. ATKINSON, G. Letter [on] the case of 
K., minister of St. Mary s Ch., convicted of an nl. 
leged assault at the Torquay petty sessions, June 7; 
with correspondence between tne author and tlie 
Torquay magistrates. London, 1852. 8*. (B 1447) 

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pub. in the U. S., Jan. 1861 - Jan. 1866, and 
names of learned societies, etc., -with their 
pub., 1861-66. New York, 1866-71. 2 v. 8. 

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Universallsm ; or, Divine benevolence vindicated in 
the distribution of future rewards and punishments, 
cont. strictures on the writings of U.Bullou. IJ over- 
hill. 1815. 8*. (B 1387, 1849) 

Solemn and important reasons against becoming a 

Universalist. Hnverhill, 1815. 8. (6263,1849,1881) 

BALLOU, H. Divine benevolence ; reply to 

Solemn and important reasons . Haverhill, 
1815. 8. 

- Another copy. (B 263) 

Samf. Salem, 1816. 8". (B 1387) 

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emn and Important reasons ; also, Additional rea 
sons , ttc. Haverhill, 1816. 8*. (B 263) 

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Hamp. Hist. Soc. Col., T. 5. 1837.) 

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nautical astronomy. 2d ed. LoncL, 1801. 8. 

Same. 5th ed. London, 1822. 8. 

Universal cambist. 2d ed. London, 1826. 

2 v. 4. 

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dress at the Free Academy, July 22. New York, 
1851. 8*. (B 1223) 

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European tradition and folk-lore. London, 
1863. 8. 

Additional chapter. (In Keppel, H. Expedition to 

Borneo, v. 2. 1847.) 

History of Russia. London, BoJm, 1854-55. 

2 v. 8. 

History of the House of Austria, 1792-1848, in 

contin. of the hist, by [W.] Coxe ; added, 
Genesis ; or, Details of the late Austrian 
revolution, by [Count HartigJ ; tr. London, 
Bo/in, 1853. 8". 

Narrative of the French Revolution of 1848. 

London, 1848. 8. 

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sion from Rome. Geneva, 1820. 8. 

Remarks on scholastic and academic education ; 

with an architectural detail. Lond., 1821. 4. 

Remarks on Venice. (/ Navagero, A. Funeral ora 

tion, in Pamphleteer, 1818; v. 12 of B 838) 

1st sitting of the committee on the proposed monument 

to Shakspeare. (In Pamphleteer, 1823; T. 22 of 

Kelaey, Eli. Funeral sermon on. 1788. See Lewis, D. W. 

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discussion of the propriety of natives of [Bengal] 

wearing their shoes in gentlemen s houses. Calcutta, 

1802. 8". (B 521) 
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Missouri. Boston, 1863. 12. 
Kelso Abbey. LIZAKS, \V. If. Views and description of 

K. A. (In M Abbeys of Teviotdale. 1832.) 
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net. New York, 1861. 16. 
Kelty, Mrs. Mary Ann. Visiting my relations. 

3d ed. London, 1853. 16. 




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ince of Keinnon, rel. to geology, etc. Cal 
cutta, 183.5. 8". 

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Journal, [in America, 1832-33]. Phila., 1835. 
2 v. 12. 

Francis i.; tragedy. Phil*., 1832. 1ST. (B 1070. D 44) 

Journal of a residence on a Georgian planta 

tion, 1838-39. London, 1863. 8". 

Same. Amer. ed. New York, 1863. 12*. 

Plays. London, 18G3. 8*. 

Contend. An English tragedy. Mary Stuart, from 
Schiller. Mile. <le Belle I*le. from A. Duma*. 

The tar of Seville ; drama. N. Y., 1837. ltf. (D 45) 

Year of consolation. X. York, 1847. 2 T. 12. 

VIEWS of Judge Woodward and Bp. Hopkins on slav- 

ery illuotrated, etc.. from the journal of F. A. Kem 
ble. Phlla., 18*3. S*. (B 1481) 

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Saxonici. London, 1839-48. 6 T. 8*. 

Hone ferales ; or, Studies in the arch?ology of 

the northern nations. London, 1863. 4". 

The Saxons in England, till the Norman con 

quest. London, 1849L 2 v. 8*. 

State papers and correspondence illustrative of 

the state of Europe, 1686-1716. London, 
1857. 8*. 

Kemble, John Philip. Lodoiska; melo-dramatic 
opera. (In London stage, v. 2.) The panel; 
comedy. (/M V. 4.) 

AUTHENTIC narrative of J. P. Kerable a retire 

ment from the stage. London, 1817. 8. 

BOADEN, J. Memoirs of K. Phila., 1825. 2 v. 


LITE of J. P. K. ; [with] stricture* on Mrs. Qallndo s 

letter to Mr*. Siddons. 2ded. London, [181-]. 8*. 

REMARKS on the character of Richard in. a* played 

by Cooke and Kerable. 2d ed. London, [1801]. 8*. 

See o/o Co rent Garden Theatre. 

Kemble, J/r*. Marie Therese (De C;\mp). wife of Charles. 
Day after the wedding. (In Sargent, . Mod. 
stand, dr., v. 5.) 

Kami language. STILSO*, L. Brief notice of the Keml 
language, spoken by a tribe in Arrakim, India. (/ 
Amer. Orient. Soc. Journ., v. 8. ISGtf.) 

Kemlo, Francis. Kcmlo s watch-repairer s hand 
book ; a complete guide to the beginner. 
Boston, 1869. 12. 

Kemp, Edward. How to lay out a garden. 2d ed. 
London. 1858. 8. 

Kemp, James, Bp. Sermon, the manner In which the Gos 
pel wa* established and the Church organized, be 
fore the Gen. Convention of the Prot. Episc. Ch., 
Oct. 31. Phila., 1821. 8*. (W 3) 

Sermon [on] Washington, Feb. 22. Eon ton, [1800]. 8*. 

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AM Live* of the Eng. cardinals, v. 2. IStiS. 5 
Kemp, John, D.D. Address on the situation of 

public affairs. Edin., 1803. 8. (B 627) 

Character of I aul; two dine., May 17, 1801. before the 

correspondent board in London of the Soc. In Scot 
land for Prop. Chris. Knowl. Edin., 1S2. 8". (B 
320. 845) 

Gospel adapted to man ; sermon before the Soc. In 

Scotland for Prop. Christ. Knowl., June 5, with 
Fact* serving to illustrate the character of Th.[IIayl 
late Earl of Kinnoull. Edin., 178S. 8 . (B 858, 1857) 

A ott. The Fact* have a separate title-page. 
- Another copy of the Fact*. Edin., 1788. 8. (C 187) 
Kemp, Wm. Kemp s nine daies wonder ; ed. by 
A.Dyce. London, 1840. 4. (CamdenSoc., 
v. 11.) 

COLLIER, J. P. (In ni Memoirs of the principal 

actors in the plays of Shakespeare. 1845.) 
Kempe, Alfred John. Historical notices of the 
Church of St. Martin-le-Grand, London. 
London, 1825. 8*. 

td. Loscley ms. ; illustrative of English his 

tory, etc., Henry Tin. -James i. London, 
1836. 8*. 

Kemper, Joannes Melchlor. Orntlo de sstatls nostre falls. 
Lugd. Bat., 1816. 8*. (B 357) 

Kempls, Thomas a. See Thomas a Ktmpii. 

Ken, Thomas, Bishop of Bath and H ells. Christian 
year ; or, Hymns and poems for the holy- 
days of the Church. London, 1868. 12. 

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2 T. (Y. 2 w.). P. 

LIFE of K.; by a layman. London, 1851. 8*. 

STRICKLAND. A. (In her Lives of the seven bishops. 


WILLMOTT. R. A. (InMt Lives of the English sacred 

poeu, v. 2. 1839.) 
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Apr. 27. Plymouth. 1825. 8*. (B 1168) 
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gathering of a church and ordination of P. Nurse. 

Boston. 1812. 8*. (B908) 

Discourse, June 14, Interment of S. Dexter. Boston, 

1810. 8*. (872, 909) 

The Inspired Scripture, etc.; sermon. Oct. 23, 1703, 

ordin. of T. M. Harris, Dorcti *icr. Boston, 1794. 
8*. (B 168, 226, 1314) 

Love an essential attribute of Deity ; sermon, Roxbury , 

Nov. 16, 1794. Boston, 1795. 8*. (B 908) 

Religion the only sure basis of free governments: ser 

mon, [election,] May 30. Boston, 1804. 8*. (B 187, 
202, 847, 1830) 

Sermon, Feb. 1 J. [thanksgiving day]. Boston, 1705. 

8*. (B 226, 843. 1876, W 38) 

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1804. 8* (B 1314) 

Sermon. Wc*ton, Jan. 12, R century since the Incor- 

poratlon of the town. Camb.. 1813. 8*. (B 275) 

Steadfast adherence to the oracles of God, etc. ; ser 

mon, ordin. of A. Willinmn. Lexington, Dec. 30, 
1807. Boston, 1808. 8*. (B 209, 864) 

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S. F. B., and othtrt. (B 1503) 

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tract, no. 5, on the public printing. [Wash.,] 1844. 
8. (B1500) 

an<i Stambaugh, S. C. Western Cherokee* ; state 

ment and argument on their claims arising under 
the treaties of 1335-46. Wash.. 1847. 8*. (B 1502) 
See alto Van Buren, M. (KENNY, L.) 

M. Stoke*, W. B., et al. OPINION of the Supreme 

Court of the U. S. n.p., 1845. 8". ( B 1438) 
Kendall, E. Oti*. Longitude of several places In the U. S., 

as deduced from the observations of the solar 

eclipse of Sept. 18. 1838. (In Amer. Phil. Soc. 

Trans., n.s., v. 7. 1841.) 
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papal hierarchy. Boston, 1853. 12*. (C 208) 
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northern parts of the U. S. f 1807-08. New 

York, 1809. 3 v. 8. 

Account of the writing on DIghton Rock. (In Amer. 

Acad. Mem., v. 3. 1809.) 

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chemist ; receipt for Matthew s pill. Lon 
don, [16631. 12. 

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Santa Fe expedition. 6th ed. New York, 
1855. 2 v. 12". 

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by C. Nebel. New York, 1851. f. 

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houses. London, 1847. f. 

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Mass., June 8. Bost., 1813. 8*. (B 962, 1923, 2530) 

Discourse, 50th anniv. of his ordination, Jan. 1. Ply 

mouth, 1850. 8*. (B 1325, 1539) 

Discourse, Plymouth. Feb. 22, death of Washington. 

Boston, 1SOO. 8*. (B 173, E 48) 

Occasional sermon, Ply mouth, interment of E. Spooner. 

Boston. 1818. 8*. (B 320) 

Preparation for war; sermon before the Anc. anil 

Hon. Artillery Co., June 2. Bost., ISoft. 8*. (B 204) 

Sermon before the Soc. for Prop, the (ionpel nmoM[ 

the Indians, Nov. 7, 1811. Boston, 1S12. S-. (B 320) 

Sermon, Dennis, Jan. 2, ordin. of C. Uolmes. Boston, 

1805. 8*. (B 1320) 




Sermon; man s acrountablencM to his Creator and a 

future retribution. (Jn Liberal preacher, v. 1. 1828.) 

Bermon occasioned hy the li>s of the brig Regulator. 

Plymouth, 1838 8". (B 1126) 

-" Sermon, ordtn. of <). Ilayward, Barnstable, NOT. 8, 
1815. Boston, 1816. 8*. (B 1320) 

Sermon. Plymouth, character and blessedness of the 

righteoiiK, Sept. 21. Boston, l&OO. 8*. (B 1168) 

Sermon, Plymouth, Dec. 14, 1800, death of Col. O. 

Watson. Boston. 1801. 8. (B 908, 1007) 

Sermon. Plymouth, Sept. 4. death of D. Tappan. 

Boston, 1803. 8*. (B 203, 282) 

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Gothic architecture. London, 1818. 8. 

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the report of the di*cii*lon at Brunswick, between 
J.Kendall and C.LnFevre. Troy. 1834. 8. (B1358) 

Kendall i expositor. Vol. 3, no. 18: Address to the de 
mocracy of the U. 8. Wash., 1843. 8*. (B 1664) 

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K., by himself. Sded. "NVinsor, l t. t 1850. 24. 

Kendrick, Asahel Clark. Life and letters of Mrs. 
E. C. Judson. New York, 1860. 12". 

Kendrick, Her. Chirk. Sermon. Montpclier. Oct. 8, Ver 
mont election. Montpelier. 1818. 8*. (B 1881) 

Kendrick, Jame*. Edinburgh medical and physical dic 
tionary. 1807. See Morris, K. 

Kenilworth; a novel, by [Sir W. Scott] . Fhiln., 
1821. 2 T. 12. 

Same. (In kit Works, T. 22, 23. 1829-31.) 

Kenilworth Castle. BECK, J. Guide to K. Leam 
ington, n.d. 16. 

- Another copy. (C 276) 

GASCOIGNE.C. Princely pleasures of K. (7n Adlard, 

O. Amye Robsart. 1870.) 

LANF.HAM, R. Letter describing the magnifi 

cent pageants before Queen Elizabeth at K. 
Castle in 1575, with introd. preface and notes. 
Phila., 1822. 12. 

- Stime. (/n Adlard, O. Amye Robrart. 1870.) 

THOMSON, Xr. A. T. K , its heroes and heroines. 

(In krr Rccol , T. 1. 1854.) 

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tures among the Koraks and other tribes in 
Knnitclmtku. New York and London, 
1870. 12. 

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collected during a winter s tour in Egypt and 
Holy Land. London, 1855. 8. 

Kennard, Robert \Vm. Controversial correspond 
ence between P. Maclachlan and K. Lon 
don, 1855. 8. 

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The South after the war. London, 1867. 12. 

Kennebec claims. MASS. Gin. Annrmllt/. Statement of 
the K. claims. Boston. 1786. 8". (B 651) 

Kennebec Indians. HANSON, J. W. Sketch of the Ken 
nebec Indians. (Jn hi* Hint, of Gardiner. 1852.) 

SEWALL, B. Memorial to the Cov. of Mas*, rel. to 

the K. Indians. (In Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 3. 

Kennebec purchase. GARDINER, R. n. History. (In 

Maine Hist. Soc. Col., T. 2. 1S47.) 
Kennebec River. GARDINER. K.H.Vr. Observations on the 

opening and closing of the K. (In Smithsonian 

Inat. Report, 1858.) 

U.S. War I>ij> t. Survey of Kennebec River; letter 

transmitting a report of a survey of the K. Wash., 

18-J7. 8*. (llh Cong. 2d et-ss. Ho. of R. Doc. 103. 


See alto Jones s Eddy on the Kennebec. 
Kennebunkport, Me. BRADBURY, C. History of 

K n 1602-1837. Kennebunk. 1837. 12. 
Kennedy, Archibald. Importance of gaining and 

preserving the friendship of the Indians. 

New York, 175 1. 8. 

Samt. London, 1752. 8. (B 603. 922) 

Serious considerations on the present state of 

affairs of the northern colonies. New York, 
1754. 8. 

Another copy. (B 358) 

Same. London. [1754J. 8*. (B 922) 

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Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans.. 1864.) 

Kennedy, Charles Maleolm. Turks of Constantinople. (In 
Gallon, F. Vacation tourUts, v. 3. 1864.) 

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Gravel. (In Cambridge Univ. Proluslonec. 1829.) 
Carmen Latinum. Stnarii Gr.-cl. (In 16CO. B 

Kennedy, Kdwnrd Shirley. Night adventure on the Brls- 
tenstock. (In Ball, J. Penk, parses. 18M>.) 
Ascent of Pizzo Bertiinn. (In 2d er., v. 1. 1S62.) 

JiTote. The 2d ser. of Peaks, passes, etc., was ed. 
by Kennedy. 

Kennedy, Evory, M.ft. Observations on obstetric 
auscultation ; with app. bv J. Smith. Dub 
lin, 1833. 12. 

On the principles and uses of alliteration Jn poetry. 

(In Afternoon lectures, 3d *er. 1S65.) 
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dr.. v. 10.) 

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the U. 8. Mail well a female of the U. 8. can nmimgu 
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iSrt alto South Kensington. 

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1841. B939) 

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Design*; pub. by Ware, (fn Jones, T. Designs. 1743.) 

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See alo Canterbury ; Cinque Ports ; Eastry ; 
Eltham ; Greenwich ; London ; Maidatone ; 
Ramsgate ; Thanet, Isle of; Tuabridge ; Weald 
of Kent ; Wells. 


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Phila., 1854. 16. 

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addrei of the Fayette Co. Corresponding Corn, on 
the proceedings In the Semite of Ky. against the 
President, Sec. of State, and mem bun of Congress. 
Lexington, F1828]. 8*. (B 1106) 

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Uotialliy of the l w of 1833 prohibiting the Importn. 
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Dioptrice ; s. deraonstrntlo eorum qua? visui ct 

visibilibus propter conspicilla accidunt. 
Epistoloc Galilaei de us qua; post ed. Nuncii 
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amen praefutionis J. Penzc Galli in Optica 
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Dlss. In Nunclum Idrrrum. Narr. dc obiierriitls n 

e quntuor JovU ntfllltlbii*. IVrloeliv ex Introd. 
In Mnrieiii. eiilcilrgium ex trutinltore (i..HI. I. 
Admonltio ad blbliopolas. (In OaliUi. U. Ui>ere. 
T. 6. 1846.) 

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proportione orbium ea-lcstium ; add. et Nar- 
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Pilgrimage of Alured to Jerusalem. lO. .S. Pilgrimage 
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Greenland by Icelanders, 9th cent. Early discovery 
of \Vinlund, or America, by Icelanders, about loOl. 
Travel* of two Mahometans into India and China, 9th 
cent., by Mnsudi. Travel* of liabbi Benjamin from 
Spain to China, 12th cent. Travel* of an Knirli-hman 
In Tartary, 1243. Sketch of the revolution InYartary. 

Travel* of J. de I lano Girpini. 12-16. Travels of 
W. de Rubruquis, nt.out 120.1. Travel* of Haitho, 
Prince of Armenia, 12.V4.. Travel* of M. Panlo into 
China and the East. 1-6 -12.o. Travel* of Oderic of 
Portenau, 1318. Travd* of Sir .1. Mandeville, 132-- . 

Itinerary of Pegoletti, between Aixif and China, 13J5. 

Voyage* of N. and A. Zeno, 13SO. Travels of 

Schildtbergcr, 1394. Travels of ambaconilorn of Shah 
Rokh, Ul .t. Voynge and *hipwrvek of Quirini, 1431. 

Travel* of J. Barbaro, 14;;6. 

2. Early pllgi image* from England to the Holy Land , 
10U7-1107. Discovery of Madeira. Account of the 
discovery and continent of Canary Island*. History of 
the discoveries of the 1 ortnenese along coast of Africa, 
and of discov. and conquests in India, from 1412-1505. 

Summary of discoveries of the world, to K>o-> ; by A. 
Galvano. Journey of A. Contarini, ambassador from 
Venice to Persia, 14i3-76. Voyages of discov. by 1 or- 
tugueite along western coast of Africa, under direction 
of Don Henry. Original journals of voyage* of A. da 
Cada Mosto and P. de Cintra to coast of Africa, 14oo, 
M and afterward*. Continuation of Portuguese dU- 
coverle* on const of Africa, from death of Don Henry to 
the discov. of Cape of Good Hope, 14So. History of 
the discov. and conquest of India by the Portuguese, 
1497-1505, by II. L. de Castaneda. Letters from Lis 
bon, beginning of the 16th cent., reap, the then recent 
discov. of route by sea to India, and the I:uliu trade. 

3. History of discovery of America by Columbus; 
written by his son, F. Columbus. Account of the 
discov. of America by Columbus; by A. d Herrara. 
Voyages of A. Vespucius to the new world. Summary 
of the discoveries and settlements of the Spaniard* In 
the West Indies from death of Colntnbu* to the expedi 
tion ot Hernando Cortes against Mexico. History of 
discovery and conquest of Mexico, written, in 1563, by 
B. Diaz del Castillo. 

4. Contin. of the History, etr. Hist, of the discov 
ery and conquest of Peru by Pizarro; by A. Zarate. 

O. Early history of Peru, after the death of F*. Pizarro 
to the defeat of Gonzalo Pizarro, by A. Zarate. 
Contin. of the history of Peru from 154 J to death of 
Inca Tupac Amaru, extracted from G. la Vega. His 
tory of the discovery and conquest of Chili. Discov 
ery of Florida, and account of ineffectual attempts to 
conquer und fettle the country, by the Spaniard*. 

6. Karly Rnyli*h toyagtH of i/ii<oceri/ Co Ainrica. 
Discovery of Newfoundland by J. and S. Cabot. 1497. 
Discourse by O. Butrigariaa, resp. the discovery of 
America by Sebastian Cabot. Notice cone. Sebastian 
Cubol by Ramusio. Notice resp. the voyage of Sebas 
tian Cnbot N.-\Vest. from Peter Martyr ab Angleria. 
Testimony of F. Lopez de Gomara, cone, discoveries of 
Seb. Cabota. Note rcep. discoveries of S. Cabot, from 
Fabian s Chronicle. Brief notice of discovery of New 
foundland, by R. Thome. Voyage of Sir T. Pert and 
8. Cabot, about 1516, to Brazil, St. Domingo, and Porto 
Rico. Brief note of voyage by T. Tison, to West 
Indies, before 1526. Voyages of J. Cartier to New 
foundland and Canada, 1534, 3d. Discoveries, naviga 
tions, and conquests of Portuguese in India, 1"*J 1 J-1617. 

7. Contin. of transactions of the Portuguese in India. 
1617-40. Voyage* and travels in Egypt, Syria, Arabia. 
Persia, and India, by L. Verthema, 1003. Voyages 
and travels of C. Frederick In India. Early English 
voyages to Guinea and other parts of the west coast of 
Africa. Second voyage of the English to IJarbary, 
1552, by Capt. T. Windham. Voyage to Guinea and 

Benin, 1553, by Capt. Windham and A. A. Pinteado. 

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by Win. Tower son; 1,062. by Win. Rutter ; l.;63 
by R. Baker; l.=,64, by Capt. D. Ciirlet. Voyage to 
Guinea and Cape de Verd Islands. 1566. by G. Feriner. 

Embassy of E. Hogon to Morocco. 1577. Embassy 
of II. Roberta to Morocco, 1585. Voyages to Benin 
1588. 90, by J. Welsh. Voyage of R. Rainolds arid T. 
Dassel to the Rivers Senegal and Gambia, 15 Jl. Gal 
lant escape of the Primrose, from Bilboa in Spain. 15S5. 

Voyage of Sir F. Drake, 15S5, to West Indie*. Cruis 
ing voyage to Azores by Capt. Whlddon, lo8-5, by J. 
Eveihiim. Brief relation of services performed by 
Sir F. Drake, 1587. Account of the expedition of the 
Spanish Armada, 1583. Voyage to the Azores. 158 J, 
by G. Clifford, Earl of Cumberland. Sea Hsjht by ten 
merchant ships of London against twelve Spanish gal- 
lie*, in the Straits, of Gibralter, 24th April, 1500; 

Apr. 15U1. by the Centurion of London against five 
Spanish gallies. Sea light near the Azores, between 
the Revenge, commanded by Sir R. Granvillw. and 15 
Spanish men of war, Aug. l.VJl, by W . Raleigh. Fleet 
of the Indie* expected in Spain, 15 J1. Report of n 
cruizing voyage to the Azores, l.VJl, sent with supplies 
to the Lord T. Howard; written by Capt. R. Flicke. 
Exploits of the English in expedition and cruizing voy 
ages, 1589-92. Cruizing voyage lo the Azores. 15 J^ by 
Sir J. Burrough. Taking of two Spanish ships, l59-_>, 
by Capt. T. White. Destruction of >< great East India 
carak. 1594, written by Capt. N. Downton. List of 
the royal navy of England at the demise of Queen Eliz 
abeth. Early voyage* of the English to Ea.-t Indie*. 
before the establishment of an exclusive company. 




Voyage to Goo, 1579. In the Portuguese fleet, by T. 
Stevens. Journey to India over-land by K. Fitch and 
Others, 1583. Suppl. to journey of Fitch ; eight letters. 

8. Voyage of J. Eldred by sea to Tripoli, in Syria, 
and thence by land and river to Bagdat and lia^ora, 
15&J. First voyajre of the EnglUh to India, 15U1, begun 
by Capt. G. Raymond, and completed by Capt. J. Lan 
caster. Supplementary account of former voyage, by 
J. May. Unfortunate voyage of Capt. B. Wood 
towards East Indies. Voyage of Capt. J. Davis, 
15U8, as pilot to a Dutch ship. Voyage of Win. 
Adams to Japan, 1508. Voyage of 8. de Wert to the 
Strait* of Magellan. Voyage of Sir E. Mtchelburne 
to India, 16i*4. Early voyages of the English to India, 
after the establishment of the E. I. Co. l*t voyage of 
the English E. I. Co., 1601, under Capt. J. Lancaster. 
3d, 1604. II. Middleton. 3d, lW7, Wm. Keeling. 
Account of Java, and of the first factory of the EnglUh, 
Bantam, 1604-05. Narr. of Wm. Hawkins. Obs. of 
Wm. Finch. Voy. of Cupt. D. Middleton, 1607, to 
Bantam. 4lh voyage of E. I. Co. under Capt. A. 
Sharpey, 1608. Voynge of Cupt. It. Rowles. &th 
voyage of E. I. Co., 16 r.t. under Capt. D. Middleton. 
6lh, 1610, Sir H. Middleton. Journal of preceding 
voyage, by N. Downtoa. 7th voyage of E. I. Co., 
1611. under Capt. A. Hippon. Notice* of preceding, 
by P. W. Fieri*. 

0. 8th voyage of E. I. Co.. 1611. under Capt. J. Saris. 

th, 161i. E. Marlowe. 10th, 161:2. T. Best. Obs. 
during preceding voyage, by Mr. Copland, It. Boner, 
N. Whittlngton. lltli voyage of E. I. Co., 1612, In the 
Halom.-in. lith. 1613. Capt. C. Newport. Voyage of 
of Capt. N. Downton to India. 1614. Journey of Mr. 
It. 8t9l and J. Crowther, 1615, 18. Voyage of Capt. 
Vf. Peyton to India, 1615. Notes from the journal of 
K Hawes. Journal of Sir T. Roe, ambassador to the 
Emperor of Hlndoostan. Voyage to India, 1616, by 
K. Terry. Journey of T. Coryat, by land from Jeru 
salem to the court of the Great Mogul. Wrongs done 
the English at Banda, by the Dutch, 1617, IS. Fifth 
voyage of joint-stock by E. I. Co., 1617, under Capt. M. 
Pring. Voyage of the Ann Royal from Surat to 
Moth a. 1618. Journal of a voyage to Sarat and 
Jasques, 16:20. War of Ormus and capture of that 
place by EnglUh and Persians, 16!. Account of the 
massacre of Amboina, 1623. Obscrv. during residence 
in the Island of Chusan, 1701, by J. Cunningaam. 

1O. Enrly ctretimmitlffatioim or. \ i>y<njeit round 
Oie world. Voyage of F. Magellan, lolu- J-J. Voyage 
of Sir F. Drake, round the world. 1577-80. Suppl. to 
same voyage, by N. d.i Silva. 2d suppl., being voyage 
of J. Winter, after parting from Sir V. Drake. Voy 
age of Sir T. Candish round the world, 1586-88. Sec 
ond voyage of Sir T. Candish, 15&)1. Voyage of Capt. 
Davis, after parting from Sir T. Candish. Voyage of 
O. van Noort round the world, 15US-1601, G. Soil- 
bergen, 1614-17, W. C. Schouten and J. Le Ma ire, 
1615-17. Nassau Fleet. 16i-2t>. uuder J. L Hermite, 


11. App. to Shelvocke s voyage*, cont. obs. by Capt. 
Betagh. Voynge round the world, by Commodore 
Rorgewein. 1721-23, Capt. O. Anson, 1740-44. 

la. Voyages for making discover!*-* in the southern 
hemisphere, by Com. Byron. Cap ts. Wallis and Carteret, 
and Lieut. Cook. 1764-70. 

13. CoHtinu<UioH. Abstract of voyage round the 
world, performed by L. dc Bougainville, 1776-78. 

14. Voyage round the world. 1772-75, by J. Cook. 

15. Contiit. Voy. of disc, to the Pacific, to determine 
the position and extent of the west side of N. Am. ; its 
distance from Asia, and the practicability of a northern 
passage to Europe; uuder CapU. Cook, Clerke, and 
Gor, 1776-80. 

16. Cook s voyage contin. Capt. King s Journal of 
transactions. Death of Capt. Cook. Account of 
Capt. Cook s services, and sketch of his character. 

17. Capl. King s journal contin. Trans, during the 
second expedition to the North. App., no. 1 : Byron s 
narrative. App., no. 2: Bulkeley s narrative. 

18. Hist, sketch of the progress of discovery, from 
the earliest record* to the beginning of the 14Hh cent., 
by W. Stevenson. 

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5 T. 8. 

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Special report on saving-bank*. See New York, 
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d e .lre un roi do* remains, faussomcnt imputee 4 
1 empeteur Henri VI. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. 
Abh , 1743.) LA COSDAMINE. C. M. de. Eloge 
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Deux pirates au xvie sieclc ; hist, des Bar- 

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S imr. abridged, (fn Montemont,* A. Blbl., T. 85. 

lifcio. ) 

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Etf TI/V ri Toj. rlt-j KopQ&v, 1814. 16. 

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of Robin Hood and Capt. Kidd; [incl.l A 

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FULL account of the proceedings in rel. to 

Capt. Kidd ; two letters by a person of qual 
ity. London, 1701. 4. 

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and Fletcher, J. C. Brazil and the Brazilians, 

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narrative of the town ; the trial of the sol 
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Scotia during the Revolution; chiefly compiled 
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ulary, (fn Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 6. 1S59.) 

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N. II., with genealogies and the proceedings 
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Boston, 1852. 8. 

Letter, Aug. 27, 1M.>. The last Copham addretw. 

Review of I opham again . (In Popham culony . 

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ystem of medicine; with an especial Ilium, upon 

typhus. Lowell, 1849. 8*. (B 1566) 

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See alo Reins ; Stone. 

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tlnatuum 1 odolhr, Klovlensis. et Braczlavienels ter 
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ConttHt*. L orphclln. Sburrlle* hittoriytiet. La 
mort de Tong-Tcho; episode tire du Sun-kotie-tchl. 
Hint; Id-ton, ou Ln poinliire niystericum;. Tse-hloiifc- 
hiong-li, ou LI-M deu.x peres de scxe different. /Wti> 
chiiiiiivr*. Romance de Mou Lai). Ni-kou-SHC-fan. < n 
La religieuse qul penne an nionde. Kouan-fuu-younn, 
elegie. Le village de Kiang. 

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jubilee. Kpintlx to ponterity. (In Litcbfield Co., 
Conn. Centennial celebration. 18.M.) 

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ter, F. (B 222) 
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Addenda. Dublin, 1862. 4. 

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apostolical commission ; sermon, consecration of 6. 
Seabury. Ix>ndon, 1785. 4. (A 6) 




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(In. Xat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Truns., 1859.) 

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or, Sayings and doings at K. London, 1829. 
2 r. 16. 

-Same. Killarney legends. Newed. London, 

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GUIDE to Cork, Killarney, and the south of 

Ireland. Cork, 1863. 16. 
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congregation of K., 1825-33. Belfast, 1805. 16. 


Killing no murder. 1656. See Allen, W., pevd. (B 681) 
Killinirback, Edward, funeral irrmon on. 1738. See 

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Trans., v. 15. 1828.) 
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ance 8oc. Dedhnm, 1830. 8". (B 1129) 

Female teachers In common schools. (In Amer. lust. 

of Instr. Lect., 1836.) 

Thoughts on Unitarian Christianity: sermon, Sept. 27. 

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disc., Ipswich, dOth anaiv. of his ordination. 
Boston, 1857. 8. 

The last sermon in the ancient meeting house of the 

lt parish, Ipswich. Ftb. 22. Bout., 1846. 8. (B 1840) 

Sermon. Boston, bef. the Mass. Soc. for Prom. Christ. 

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Dedham, 1822. 8. (B 959) 

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Sketch of the ecclesiastical hist, of Ipswich. Haver- 

hill. 1823. 8*. (B 952) 

What dost thou here? sermon, Ipswich, Jan. Ipswich, 

1838. 8*. (B 1295, 1840) 

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col., v. 11. 1872) 

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Chihuahua, Mexico. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., 
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Undercurrents of Wall Street. New York, 

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for Cormontaigne s] system. New issue. 
London, 1861. 8. 

Field works ; with observ. on their construc 

tion and uses. London, 1861. 8. 

Vauban s first system of fortification ; prec. 

by a life of Vaubnn. 3d ed. Lond., 1801. 8. 
Kimherley, K<trl of. See Wodehonse, J. 
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hi* lordship, etc. 1641. (In Somers, J. Col. of 

tracts, v. 4. 1810.) 
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Bible. 1st Amer. ed. Trenton, 1813. 4 v. 8. 
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in the Peninsula, France, and the Nether 
lands, 1809-15. 2d ed. London, 1838. 12. 
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priechischen und deutschen Sprache. Lp/.., 
[1841], 16. 
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v. 2. 1840.) 
Kind, to a fault; an original comedy; by W. Brough. (No. 

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of the brass plates in Kinderhook, 111. n.p., 

[1843]. Broadside. 
Kind-Heart s dream. See Chettle, H. 
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1849. 12. 
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Same. Oct. 5. 1S<>3. London, n.d. 8". (B 1621) 
Saint. Oct. 26, 1803. London, n.d. 8. (B1621) 

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Saint. Nov. 15, 1803. London, n.d. 8*. (B 1621) 

Saint. Nov. 25, 1803. London, n.d. & . (B 1621) 
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the trade and commerce of Gt. Britain and 
Ireland ; published from the originals of 
merchants of London. 2d ed. Lond., 1743. 
3 v. 12. 

French. Le negociant anglois ; trad, libre. 

Amst., 1755. 2 v. 12. 

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Natural history of precious stones and metuls. 

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See United States. 

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young men of Danvers slain In the buttle of Lexing 
ton. "Salem, 1835. 8. (B 1812) 

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constitution of California, May 21. Wash., 1850. 8. 
(B 1504. 1516) 

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Boston, [1850]. 8. (B 1219) 

UMTED STATES. 31< Cony. 1( *e**. Obituary ad 

dresses. Wash., 1850. S". (B1219) 

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Col., v. 10. 18(> J.) 

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prize diss. No. 2, Ji ue 18S6. Boston, 1837. 8". (B 




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(B 1374} 

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3 v. 8. 

Remarks on the signs of the times. London, 

1798. 4. 
Supplement. London, Feb. 1799. 4. 

CATALOGUE of the collection of prints of K- , 

sold 1808 ; [prices in mss. Lond., 1808.1 8. 
King. Jfri. F. E. Beneficial effect- of the ChiUtian temper 

on domestic happiness. 2d d. London. 1807. $ 

(B 1369) 
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cccdingnof the commissioners of suffering loyalist*; 

\n the case of P. Hay. Dublin. [1808]. 8. (B726) 
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King, Dr. H. Geology of Missouri. (/* Amer. Aaaoc. 

Proc.. v. 5. 1831.) 
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poeU. v. 4. 1819.) 
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Argentine Republic. N. Y., 1846. 12. 
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wich Islands. (In Krr, U. Col. of voy., v. 16, 17. 


Joiirtuilit of Govs. Phillip and King since the pub. of 

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Account of the Eng. Colony, rtc., v. 1. 179S.) 

Voyage to the Pacific Ocean. See Cook, J. 

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ter of advice to the Nonconformists . 2d ed. t.r.w. 
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tion, and of the retrovetvion of the gravid uterus. 
n.p., 1818. 8*. (E 59) 

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district of N. Y. Jamaica, L. I.. 1851. 8*. (B 1605) 

Speech on the admission of California, June 4. Wash., 

1830. 8T (B 1516) 

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operation in temperance reform. Albany, 1867. 8*. 
(B 1281) 

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as depositaries on public officers, Sept. 23. Wash., 
1837. 8*. (B 1496) 

Speech on the land bill. Jan. 31. Wash.. 1837. 8*. (B 


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swered. Ex on, 1698. 8". 

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quiry into, the constitution, discipline, etc. 
of the primitive Church. London, 1712. 8. 

Same, abridged. London. 1847. 12. 

King, Peter, 1th Baron King. Life of J. Locke, with 
extracts from his correspondence, etc. Lon 
don, 1829. 4. 

Selection from the speeches and writings of K. 

London. 1844. 8. 

Content*. Memoir by Earl Forteecue. Miscellane 

ous note*. Hints, 1820. Extract of a journal kept 
three or four weeks. The corn laws. Thoughts on 
the effect* of the bank restriction?. Thoughts on the 
catholic question. Speeches. 

Thoughts on the restriction jof payments in 

specie at the banks of England and Ireland. 
London, [18031. 8. 

Same. London, 1804. 8T. (B 721) 

BHOIGHAM, H., Ld. (In. A* Statesmen, ser. 2. 1830.) 
King, Capt . Philip Purkcr. Narrative of a survey 

of the inter- tropical coasts of Australia, 
1818-22. London, 1827. 2 v. 8. 

Same. (In Montemont, A. Bibiloth., T. 21. 1834.) 

and other*. Narrative of the surveying voy 

ages of H. M. &. Adventure and Beagle, 
1826-36. London, 1839. 3 v. in 4. 8. 
Cont,ntx. Vol.1. King. Cttpt. P. P. Proceedings of 

1st ex ied. , 1825-30. 2. an. I A ppendi x . Fi tz-Roy. Cnpt. 

R. Proc. of 2.1 expcd.. 1831-3*. 2 v. 3. Darwin, C. 

Journal and remarks, 1832-36. 

King, Rr*. Richard, Rector of Worthing, ShropiiMrt. b. 
1749, <f. 1810. DUcouree on the Inspiration of the 
Scriptures. London, 1806. 8*. (B267) 

Thanksgiving sermon, recovery of K. George in *t 

Forres, Apr. 23, 178*. London, 17W7. 8*. (B 226) 
King, Richard. Narrative of a journey to the 
shores of the Arctic Ocean in 1833-35, under 
Capt. Bnck. London, 1836. 2 v. 12. 
King, Richard John. Handbook to the cathedrals 

of England. London, 186 1-69. 6 v. 8". 
Cnntenit. Southern tlie. Vol. 1. Winchester. 
Salisbury. Exeter. Well*. 2. Chlcheoter. Can 
terbury. Rochester. Eu-tern die. Oxford. PC. 
terborough. Norwich. Ely. Lincoln. ">fern 
die. Bristol. Gloucester. Hereford. Worcester. 

Llchfield. yortftem (lit. Vol. 1. York. Uipon 
Carlisle. 2. Durham. Chester. Manchester. 

Carlovlngian romance. (In Oxford essays, ISoo.) 
King, Robert, Earl of Kinytton. Antiquities of 

Mexico; fac-similes of anc. Mexican paint 
ings and hieroglyphics, with Monument* of 
New Spain, by Dupaix ; illust. by mss. by 
A. Aglio. London, 1830-48. 9 v. f* 
Content*. Vol.1. Copy of the col. of Mendoza, In 
the Bodleian Lib. - Copy of the Codex Tcllerlano- 
Remenals, In the Royal Lib., Paris. Fac-simile of a 
Mexican hieroglyphic painting, from the col. of Botu- 
rinl. Fac-simlleof nn orig. Mexican painting, In tho 
Bodleian Library. Fac-similc of a Mexican painting 
in the Bodleian Lib. Fac-simile of a Mexican hiero 
glyphic painting, Bodleian Lib. 2. Copy of a Mexi 
can ms., In the library of the Vatican. Fac-simile of 
a Mexican painting given to the Univ. of Oxford by 
Arbp. Laud. Bodleian Lib. Fac-simile of a Mexican 
painting in the Institute at Bologna. Painting In the 
Imperial Lib. at Vienna. Painting* deposited In the 
Royal Library at Berlin by Humboldt, and a bas-rcllcf 
In the Royal Cabinet of Antiques. 3. Painting, In the 
Borglan Museum, at the College of the Propaganda In 
Rome. Painting In the Royal Lib. at Dresden. 
Painting in the possession of M. de Fezewdry, at Pess 
in Hungary. Painting In the library of the Vatican. 
4. Monuments of New Spain, by Dupaix. Speci 
mens of sculpture, In the po*sei<lon of Latour Alfnrd, 
Paris. Specimens of sculpture In the British Museum. 

Plates copied from the Giro del mondo of Gemclll 
Carurl ; with an engraving of a Mexican cycle, from a 

painting formerly in the possession of Boturinl. 

Specimen of Peruvian quipus, with plates representing 
a carved Peruvian box cont. a col. of supposed Peruvian 
quipus. 3. Extralt de Pouvrago de M. de Humboldt 
sur les monuments do PAmeriquc. E*pllcacion dc In 
collection de Mendoza. Explication del Codex Telle* 
riano-Remensls. Codlce mexicntio cho si conservn- 
nella Bibllotcca Vaticana. Vinges de G. Dupaix 
sobre las antlgOcdades mejicnnas y americanas. 
De la rctorlca y fllosofia, moral y telogla, de la gente 
Mexican a, por B. de Sahagun. 6. Appendix : 
Interpretation of the hieroglyphic painting* of the 
collection of Mendoza. Explanation of the hiero- 
glyphicnl paintings of the Codex Tellerinno-Kcmenftlo. 

Translation of the explanation of the Mexican paint 
ings of the Codex Vaticanus. Monument* of New 
Spain, by Dupaix. Notes. 7. Historln unlv. dc las 
cosas dc Nueva Enpuiia. por R. de Sahagun. 8. Stippl. 
notes, contin. of those [in] the 6th vol. Snppl. extracts 
from Spanish authors. Ills tor)- of the >. Amer. In 
dians, their customs, etc.. by J. Adair. Cartas inedl- 
tns de Cortes. 9. Cronica mexicnn.i de F. do Alvarado 
Terozomoc. Historia chichimoca por F. de Alvn Ir- Alva IxtUlxochitl. 

Rltos antlguos. sacriAclos e idolatrlas de IOH Indios 
de la Nueva Espnnu y de su conversion a la. Kc y 
quienes fueron los que primero la predicaron. 

King, Rufus. Letter to Gov. Bnwdoin, on the rcvivaj of 
tho Newfoundland bill, May 18, 1786;. Letter to 1C. 
Gerry, on tho territory of the U. States north w<--t 
of the Ohio, (/n Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc.. ls ( ;f,-7 ) 

Speech on the navigation act. N. Y.. 1818. 8*. (B 456) 

Speech on the navigation act. Remarks on the Mis 

souri bill. (In Moore, F. Amer. eloq., v. 2. 1864.) 

Substance for two speeches on tho Missouri bill. Now 

York. 1819. 8*. (B 527) 

CONSIDERATION In favour of the appointment of R. 

King to the Senate of the U. 8. by M. Van Bunsn. 
n.p., [1819]. 8*. (B533) 

H., -T. Kufn- Klnij. (In Longacre. .T. B.. ami Her 

ring. J. Nat. portr. ir:il., v. :i. l<m.) 

King, Samuel. Hand of tin- L -rd upon the rattle; sermon. 
Northampton, l>tc. 7, 174>. Lond., 1730. 8*. (B 74) 




King, Samuel W., Cot. of R. T. Cowr.r.L. B. Letter to 8. 

W. King. 2d ed. [i rov., 1542.] 8". (A 70) 
King, Hen. Samuel Wm. Italian valleys of the 

Pennine Alp*, tour through the valley of 

northern Piedmont. London, 1858. 8. 
King, T. Lover s quarrels; or." Like master like man ; nn 

interlude, altered from the Mistake of Sir J. Vau- 

burgli. (In London stage, v. :s.) 
King, Thomas Butler. California the wonder of 

the age; report. New York, 18-50. 8. 

Another copy. (B 1600) 

8pct-ch on the bill addit. to the act on treaaury notes, 

Mar. IS, 1840. n.t.ft. 8. (B 1497, 1817) 

WIIECLF.R, II. O. (In hii Hint, ofCongrcs*. v. 2. 1848.) 
King, Keo. Thomas F. The Lord s supper, sermon, Ports- 

mouth, N. H. Portsmouth, 18ii. 8". (C 199) 
King, Thomas II. The study-book of mediieval 

architecture and art. London, 1868. 4 v. 4". 
King, Thomas Starr. Patriotism and other papers. 

Boston, 1864. 12". 

Introd. Biog. sketch by R. Frothlnghatn. 

Patriotism. Washington, or, Greatness. Beauty 
and religion. Great principle* and small duties. 
Plato s view* of immortality. Thought* and thing*. 

True greatness. Indirect influences. Life more 
than meat. Inward resource*. Natural nnd spiritual 
providence. Philosophy and theology. Nature and 
revealed religion. The idea of God and the truths of 
Christianity. The harmony of opposite qualities in 
the Saviour * character and teachings. Chief appeal 
of religion. 

Death of Webster; sermon, Oct. 31. 2J cd. Boston, 

1832. 8*. (B 1726) 

Losses and gains of a church; sermon, death of D. 

Weld. Boston, 1852. 8. (B 1227, 1247) 

The railroad jubilee; two discourses. Boston, ISol. 

9". (B1295) 

Sermon, installation of C. Bradlee, Camb., Dec. 11, 

1864. Boston, 1855. 8 . (B 1320) 

Short review of E. Beecher s Conflict of ages . 

Boston, 1854. 8. 

A ote. From the TJnir. quarterly. Jan. 1854. 

Spiritual Christianity, (fn Pitts Street chapel lec 

tures. 1838.) 

Trinltarianlsm not the doctrine of the New Testament; 

two lecture*, (fn Walker, J. P. New discussion 
of the Trinity. 1S70.) 

White Hills, their legends, landscape, and po 

etry. Boston, 1860. 8. 

Some. Boston, 1871. 8. 

ADAMS, N. God is love; a supplement to Reason 

ableness of future endless punishment ; with a brief 
notice of K. s reply. Boston, 1858. 12". (B 1282) 

BARTOL, C. A. The unspotted life; disc, in memory 

of K , Mar. 6. Boston, 1861. 3*. (B 1540) 

FKOTHINGHAM, R. Tribute to T. S. King. Bos 

ton, 1865. 16. 

I* memoriam. n.p., [1864]. 8*. (B 1639) 

King, W. K. Life of II. R. W. Hill, (fn Hunt, F. Lives 

of Amer. merchants, v. 2. 1858.) 
King, Walter. Farewell discourse, Chelsea. New York, 

1811. 8. (B 1295) 

Two sermons, Apr. 19, public fast, nnd April 23. 

London, 1793. 4". (B 1258) 

and others. Circular letters cont. nn invitation to 

unite in the execution of the humble attempt of 

Pres. Edwards. Concord, 17aS. 8. (B 663, 1359) 
King, William, Capt. Voyage to Bay of Mexico, 15-J2. (fn 

Hakluyt, H. Col. of voy., v. 4. 1811.) 
King, \Vm., Abp. of Dublin, b. 1650, d. 1729. [State 
of the Protestants in Ireland under King 

James, London, 1692.] 8. 

Same. London, 1745. 8*. (B 579) 

Discourse cone, the inventions of men In the worship 

of God. 5th ed. London. 1712. 4. (B 15) 

COLLINS, A. Vindication of the divine attributes; 

remarks on [K. s] Divine predestination . London, 
1710. 8*. (B 33) 

DEFENCE of Dr. Clarke s demonstration of the 

being and attributes of God ; an answer to 
[E. Law s] translation of K. s Origin of 
evil . London, 1732. 8. 

- Second defence. London, n.d. 8. 

KDWARDS.J. Divine perfections vindicated; on [K. s] 

Divine predestination . London, 1710. 8". (C 229j 

EPISTOLA objurgatoria ad K. Londini, 1744. 8". (B 


King, Wm., LL.D., b. 1663, d. 1712. Original 
works; ed. by J. Nichols. London, 177G. 
3 v. 12". 

Content*. Vol. 1. Memoir. Reflections upon Va- 
rilliis s History of herei-y. Animadversions on a pre 
tended Account of Denmark, [liy Vise. K. Molesworih]. 

Dialogues of the dead. Journey to London, 16ns. 

Remarks on the tale of a tub. Letter to the author 
of a book. Battle royal. Adversaria. 2. Trans- 
actioneer. Useful transactions in philosophy and 
othersortsof learning. Vindication of II. Sachevercll. 

"Bisst-t s recantation. Answer to a second scanda 
lous book. Two letters from Tom Boggy to tlio Canon 
of Windsor. Itutinu*. Es*ay on civil government. 

Life of Wm.. Earl of Flanders. Analogy between 
physicians, cooks, and playwrights. 3. Useful mis 
cellanies. Art of cookery. "Art of love. Poems. 

Letter to a friend on love, marriage. rt<-. Pindaric 
ode to the memory of Dr. King. Crapulia. Dedica 
tions. Index. 

Miscellanies in prose and verse. Lond., n.d. 8. 

Content*. Animadversions on a pretended Account of 
Danmark ; [by Molesworlh]. Journey to Lond., 16 J-S. 

The furmetary; a very innocent poem. Two letters 
to C. Boyle. Dialogues of the dead rel. to the present 
controverslc cone, the Epistle of I halaris. Mullej of 
Mountown ; a poem. Orpheus and Euriilice. Answer 
to A letter to the Rev. Dr. South , upon occasion of a 
late book Animadversions upon Dr. Sherlock s book in 
vindication of the Trinity . Reflections upon Varillas, 
his history of heresie os far as relates to English mat 
ters. Dialogue shewing the way to modern preferment. 

Miscellany poems. 

Poems, (fn Anderson, R. Brit, poets, v. 6. 1795; 

Johnson, S. Works, v. 10. ISOti; an</ Ai* English 
poets, v. 1. 1S10; and in Chalmers, A. English 
ports, v. 9. 1810.) 

Useful transactions, cont. a voyage to the Island of 

Caj.tra.ii. London. [1709]. 8*. (B 646) 
King, Wm., LL.D., principal of >Y. Mary s Hall, 
Oxford, b. 1685, d. 1763. Political and liter 
ary anecdotes of his own times ; ed. by P. II. 
Duncan. Boston, 1819. 12". 

King, Wm., M.D. Physiology as connected with educa 
tion. (In Central Soc. of Educ., v. 2. 1833.) 
King, Gen. Wm. Letters to J. Monroe, Pres. of the U. S. 
n.;., 1820. 8. (B 535) 

and Hill, M. L. Remarks upon a pamphlet pub. at 

Bath. rel. to infractions of the laws during em 
bargo, rtc. Bath. 1825. S. (B 534) 

DISCLOSURE, no. 1 ; documents rel. to violations of the 

laws during the commercial restrictions and late war 
with Gr. Brit. Pt. 1. Bath, 1824. S*. (B 1106, 1789) 

VINDICATION of the character of A. Richardson 

against K. Portland, 1822. 8. (B570) 

Funeral di*< ourse on. 1352. See Flake, J. O. (B1246) 
King, Capt. William R. Report of experimental 

and theoretical investigations, relative to the 
quality, etc., of materials for defensive armor. 
Wash., 1870. 4. (U. S. Corps of eiigin. 
Prof, papers, no. 17.) 

King, Wm. Ross. The sportsman and naturalist 
in Canada. London, 1866. 8. 

King, Wm. Rufus, Vice- President of the U. S. 
UNITED STATES. 33rf Cong. 1st sess. OBIT 
UARY addresses on the occasion of the death 
of K., Dec. 8, 1853. Wash., ISoi. 8. 

SKETCHES of the lives of F. Pierce and W. R. K. 

n.t.p. [1852.] 8. (B1506) 
King Alexander, (fn Weber, II. Metrical romances, v. 

1. 1810.) 
King, The, and deserter: by J. Maddox. (fn Sargent, E. 

Mod. stand, dr., v. 3H.) 

King, A. and no king. See Beaumont, P., and Fletcher, J. 
King, The, and the Commons; cavalier and Puritan song. 

See Morley, H. 

King. The, and the miller of Mansfield. See Dodsley, R. 
King, The, and the minister, by M. do los Reyes, (fn Roa- 

coe, T. Spanish novelists, v. 3. 1832.) 
King, The, and the poor northern man ; from theecl. 

of 1640; ed. by J. P. Collier. London, 

1811. 8. (Percy Soc., v. 1.) 
King Arthur. See Arthur. 
King Charles i.; a tragedy. See Harvard, W. M. 




King Charles I. ; an hint. tragedy. Sft Mitford. M. II. 
King Henry IV.. v.. vi., vill. .< Shakespeare, W. 
King Henry v.; u tragedy. Hill. A. 
King Horn, Mith fragments of Floriz Bnd Blaunchc- 

tiur and of The assumption of Our Lady ; 

ed. by J.K. Lumby. Lond., 1866. 8. (Early 

Eng. Text Soc.) 
King Juhn. Str Shakespeare, W. 
King Lear. A> Colman, O. ; Shakespeare, W. 
King of he common* ; a ploy. r White, J. 
King Rene s daughter. Aer Hertz, II. 
King Uichard n.. in. Sre Shakecpeare, W. 
King Willinm and K. Lewis. > K. William. 
King William and Q. Mary conquerors. Lmul.,1693. 4*. (B 7) 
Kuga or Cunegunu. DLtGOML S, J. Vita B. Klngn. (/ 

Acta .,nct.. T. 3-J. 1803.) 

Kingdom of heaven. JOXES, J. II. The kingdom 
of heaven, what [and] where it is. Boston, 
1871. 8. 

Klnghorn, Joseph. Public worship considered. London, 
1800. 12". (C231) 

BALL. K. Reply lo K., a further vindication of free 

communion, (/n kit Work*, v. 1. 1833.) 
Kinglake, Alexander Win. Eothcn ; or, Traces of 
travel brought home from the east. New 
York, 1845. 12". 

The invasion of the Crimea ; its origin and 

progress to the death of Lord Raglan. Lon 
don, 1863-75. 5 v. 8". 

Same. N. York, 1863-75. 3 v. 12. 
Kinglake, Robert. On gout. London, 1804. 8". 

Keply to [Dr. A.] Edlin s two cases of gout ; 

death [from] the use of ice and cold water. 
Taunton, 1804. 8". 

Stricture* of J. Parkinson s Observation* on the nature 

and cure of gout. Taunton, 1807. 8". (B 818) 

Kinglake, Win. Chapman. Byzantium; a poi-ni which ob 
tained the Chancellor s medal, Cambridge, 1830. (/n 
Cambridge Univ. Prolustonet. isoo.) Taking of 
Jerusalem In the tii>i crusade; prize poem, Cam 
bridge, 1832. (In 1832. B1236) 

Kingman, Bradford, llistory of North Bridgewater, 
Mass. Boston, 1866. 8". 

Kingman, John, and othtr*. Exposition of the causes 
which led to the recession from the Meth. Kpis. Ch. 
in Charleston. Charleston, 1834. 8*. (B 1395) 

King*. For works on the conscience, duties, rights, etc., 
of kings tee Monarch* and monarchy. 

Kings. Book of. See Bible (p. 273). 

King s and Queen s College of Physicians in 
Ireland. Transactions. Dublin, 1817-28. 
5 v. 8. 

ConUntn. Vol. 1. Crampton, J. Ulccratlon and 
rupture of the stomach. Stoker, W. Tumors within 
the abdomen. O Brien, J. Suppuration of the liver. 

Black, S. DissectioiM of two habitual drunkards. 

Mills, T. Influence of hepatic disease over the func 
tions of the uterus. Brooke, W. Uydrocephalus 
ucutus in an adult. Reid, li. L se of oxygen gas In 
antrina pet-torts; Nature ami treatment of tetanus. 

Brooke, W. Three cases of meliena in which the oil 
of turpentine was useful. Stoker, W. Dropsy and 
apoplexy . Grattan, K. Chronic rheumatic inflam 
mation cured by bandages. Crampton, J. Hydroce- 
phalic fever. Geoghegan, E. Abscess in the liver; 
Enormous distentiou of the colon. M Loughlin, 1 . E. 
Complicated dropsy and dissection. Percival, E. Ep 
idemic fevers of Dublin. Clarke, J. Registry kept 
in the Dublin lying-in hospital. O Brien, J. Medical 
report of the fever hospital in Cork St. 1H14. Grattan, 
It. Med. report for the same hospital, 1815. 2. Archer, 
N. ParacentesU of the thorax. Stoker, W. Fatal 
constipation of the bowels. Frizell, C. Ruptured 
uterus. Wilniot, S. Unusual termination of psoas 
abscess. Stoker, W. Aponlexia cephalitlca. Car- 
michael, A. Dreaming; Extirpation of a tumor of 
the neck engaging the parotid gland. Nicholl, W. 
Use of turpentine ; Case of angina pectoris. Perci 
val, E. Medullary sarcoma; Cases of inflammation 
and enlargement of the pancreas. Crampton, J. 
Clinical report on dropsies. Black, 8. Cases and dis 
sections illust. of diseases of the brain. O Brien, J. 
Inflammation and abscess of the brain. Grattan, U. 
Inflammation of the car. Carmichael, R. Observa 
tions on varix and venous inflammation; Incurable 
disease of the arm. Barry, ). M. Origin of intestinal 

worms. Stoker, W. Med. report for 1816. O Brien, 
J. 181T. Barker, F. Report rout nn account of the 
progress of the present epidemic. 3. Reid, U. Pa 
thology mid treatment of lc\r founded upon observa 
tions made during the |.ld mlc of the years 1817-1U. 

Harrison, W. Case of liivniorrhnge supposed to be 
from the spleen. Robinson, 8. Eruptive disease*. 
Ireland. R. 8. Idlopathlc tinphyntina. Nicholl, W. 
Affections, of the cranial bruin. Carmichael, R. Am 
putation of the hip Joint ; disc of CYMIUH he liiryngen. 

Pickel*. W. Report of the South Fever Asylum. 
Cork, 1817-19. Grattan, R. Case of ganirrene occa 
sioned by the ue of mercury. Brooke, W. A well- 
marked case of liver- conifh. Nicholl, W. Case of 
erethismal state of the brain; Case of mrlena. 
M Keever. T. Ruptured vagina. Falloon, D. Case 
of heart disease in a patient who had suffered from 
acute rheumatism. Grattan, It. Medical report for 
1819, O Brien. J. 1620. 4. Beatty, J. disc In 
which pregnancy occurred during the existence of a 
tumor In the cavity of the uterus. Pickel*, W. In 
testinal disease. Moriarty, T. Hepatic derangement. 

Beatty, J. Case of asdics in a child. Premature 
labor to which pregnant women arc not {infrequently li 
able, anon. Beatty, J. Affection of the head. 
Sheridan, E. Ha-malcmcsis cured by emetics of Ipe 
cacuanha. Crampton, J. Tinea; Conversion of 
disease. Nicholson, A. J. Separation of the ossa 
p-j uls. Cramp ton, J. Fatal result from men-mi. il 
ointment; Case of chorea. Bryan, D. Case where 
the thoracic and abdominal viscera were found mis 
placed. M Dowell, E. Diseases of the bladder. 
Evauson, II. D. Hydrocephalic fever. Teeling, C. 
Suppression of urine. Clarke, J. Variola after vac. 
dilution; Report of the cow-pock Institution. 1822. 
Picket*. W. Case of a young woman who continues 
to discharge from her stomach a number of Insects. 

Adams, It. Removal of tumors from the neck. 
Ryan. M. Opacity of the cornea and cataract. Bar 
ker, f. Med. and (hem. properties of sulphate of 
mi ina. Carmichael, R. Six cases of tctnnus. 
Crampton, J. Case of poisoning with opium. Graves, 
R. J. Chein. properties of an acid found in the human 
stomach. Creighton, J.. Jr. Use of tartar emetic 
ointment In epilepsy. Ryall, I. Purulent ophthalmia 
of new Infants. Reid, ft. Pathology of epilepsy. 
O Brien, J. Effects of sulphate of quina In typhus. 
Sharkey, P. Diabetes. O Brien, J. Use and advan 
tages of tobacco in the treatment of dysentery. 
Grave*, R. J. Report of the fever lately prevalent in 
Gaiwny and the west of Ireland. 5. Ryall, I. Use 
of nitrate of silver in certain affections of the eye. Os- 
borne, J. Observations on the use of emetics of ipecac- 
uan In menorrluiiria. Cuming, T. Peripncumonlu of 
children. Crampton, J. Case of open foramen ovule 
in an adult. Daly, P. Extirpation of an unusually 
large steatomatous tumor from the neck. Osborne, J. 
Indications afforded by the sensible qualities of plants. 

Townsend, R. Application and utility of the stctho. 
cope. Pickella, W. Sequel of the case of Mary 
Riordan. Wallace, W. Division of the spinal mar 
row- between the third and fourth dorsal vertebra;. 

O Brien. J. Medical report on the epidemic dysen 
tery of 1825. Wallace, W. Dissection of a dislocated 
hip. Reid, C. Clinical observations made during the 
epidemic fever of 1826. Stokes, W. Clinical observa 
tions on phthisis pulmonalls. Mills. T. Inquiry Into 
the nature of hydrocephalua. Jacob, A. Internal in 
flammation of the eye. Ryan, M. Extreme difficulty 
of respiration successfully treated with hydrocyanic 
acid. Townsend, R. Ltility of the stethoscope. 
Thetford, R. A. Indurated enlargement of the uterus. 

O Brien, J. Medical report for 1827. 

Kings and Queens Cos., -V. Y. WALLIXO, II. F. 

Topog. map. New York, 1859. 
King * cabinet opened. Sft Charles f. 
King * Chapel. See Boston, f. cil. Org. (p. 347). 
King s chapel burying ground. See Boston. IH*t. (p. 343?. 
King* Co., A . Y. MOFKAT, II. C. Rise and progress of 

homoeopathy in the county, 1840-63. (In Homoeop. 

Med. Soc. of X. Y. Trans., v. 2. 1864.) 
King** evil. The; choice collection of wonderful miracles. 

n.l.p. [1681.] (A M) 
King s own, The ; [by F. Marryat]. London, 1845. 

King 1 * prerogative. The. and the subject s privileges assorted 

according to law and reason. Lond., 16So. P. (A M) 
King s rival, The. by T.Taylor and C. Reude. (/u Sar 
gent, E. Mod. stand, dr., v. 16.) 

Kingsborougb, Vi*counl. See King, R., Karl of Kingotan. 
Kingsbury, Benjamin Barnes. Oration before the New Ip*. 

wich Appleton Academy. (/ New Ipswich Ap- 

pleton Acad. Oration, etc. 1861.) 




Kingsbury, Ilnrmon. Appeal In bchnlf of the Babbath. 
N. V.. 18W. 4*. (A 61) 

The slavery question nettled, man-stealing legitimate 

ervltaile. eh. X. V.. 186.*, 1-J*. (C 263) 
Kingsbarv. John. Failures In teaching. (In Amr. last. 

of Instr. Lect., ms.) 
Kingsconnell ; a tale ; by Mrs. Gordon. London, 

1850. 3 v. 12. 

Kingsford, Jane, purud. See Barnard, C. 
Kingsley, Charles. Alton Ixicke. New York, 

1850. 12". 

A olt. Reviewed by E. Monti-gut in Revue d. 
D. Monde*, mai 1851. 

At last ; a Christinas in West Indies. London, 

1871. 8. 

Address on education. (Tn Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. 

8ci. Trans.. 18l.) 

Biographical pn-fucc. (In Brooke. II. The fool of 

quality. 1860.) 

David ; four sermons before the Univ. of Cam 

bridge. Camb. and London, 1865. 16. 

Discipline and other sermons. London, 18G8. 


Gliiticus ; or, The wonders of the shore. Bos 

ton, 1855. 8. 

Gospel of the Pentateuch ; a set of parish ser 

mon". London, 1863. 16. 

Herewurd, the last of the English. Boston, 

1866. 12". 

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don. (May 1841.) Speech In behalf or the Ladies 
Sanitary Association, 1839. Great cities, und their In 
fluence for good and evil. On the study of natural 
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Henry Brooke, and The fool of quality*. Pilgrim s 
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Contents. Vol. 1. Marco Polo. Shipwreck of Pel- 
tart. Adventures of Battel. Wandering* of a Cap 
uchin. Carder. Preservation of the -Terra Xova . 
Spitzbergen. D Ermcnonvillc s Acclimatization ad 
venture. The old slave trade. Miles Philips. Suf 
ferings of Rob. Everard. J. Fox. Alvaro Xuuez. 
Foundation of an empire. 
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Westeni wanderings ; a pleasure tour in the 

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Kingston. .V. //. PEARSON. O. Mortality. 1725-1832. (In 

N. H. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 5. 1&J7.) 




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relating to the hitory of K. (/n Ulster Hilt. Soc. 

Col., v. 1. pt. 1. LSiio. ) 
Kingston, ,t i,,,it.,i,it To the public; account of the com- 

petition with tin- Transportation Company. {.n. 

[I * .*.] s. (B1771) 
Kingston Plains, .V. //. Convention of Republicans of 

Rockingham Co.. Sept. 10. 18l:>. I Proceedings, 

peech of K. Harllelt. address, etc. Portsmouth, 

1812.] 8. (B 1491) 

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Emperor of the Hoimius. Cainb. and Lon 
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Probeii seiner Werke.l 2e Auti. Casscl, 
18.)2. 16. 

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Nat. AMOC. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trim*., 1800.) 

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of Liverpool [re*p. his removal from France]. 
3d t-.l. I... n, Ion. ISlii. S". (B 1401) 

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from Beaumont and Fletcher, (fn London stage, 
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prophecies of Daniel and Hoseu, the revela 
tion, and other symbolical passages of the 
Scriptures. Boston, 1814. 8". 

Essay on the Son*hip of Christ ; xvlth remarks on [N". 

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Lawn of the different State* on imprisonment for debt. 

New York. 1842. 8". (B 1546) 

Question* anil answers on the laws of the U. S. rel. to 

crimlnnl offence* HIM! their punishment. New York, 
etc., n.d. 8. (B 1431) 

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Review of the principal events in [her] life ; 

by herself. Boston. 1841. 12. 

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Kinross County, Scot/anil. URE. D. General view of the 

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Ste Fife and Kinross register for 1837. (E 27) 
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(In. Burmann, P. Analccta Belgica. 1772.) 
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and others, Report of the commissioners on 

Mystic River, Boston Harbor, and Dorchester 
Bay, etc., 1854. Boston, 1855. 8". 

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Aug. 15. 1812. Chiciigo. 1844. 8. (B 1602) 
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in the northwest. 2d ed. Chicago, 1857. 8. 
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of expedition against the northern Indians. 

New York, 1859. 12". 
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missions in N. America ; compiled and tr. 

from the letters of the French Jesuits, with 

notes. New York, 1846. 2 pt. 8". 
205. (18. 11. 76.) 

Contrnl*. Pt. 1. Missionary life among the Atumkln, 
172 . . Wandering of Kuther UHNU.., 16S!>-17 iJ. 
Denth of K:ixlei>, 1724. Catherine, the IroqiiolA nalnU 
l. .t-17i:>. Theln>quolmnrt>ri, lfl>8-93 2. Mont- 
culm s expedition to destroy Korl (ieorue, 17. .". Kuther 
ilanst s Journey* throiitfti Illinoin und Michigan, ITTJ. 

Voyage up the Mlnli*iiinpl, 1727. Mi-flonn to tlie 
Arkansas. 1727. The mnsaaere by the Nutchez, 1729. 

The mission to the llliiioin, 1750. 

A few days at Nashotah. Albany, 1849. 8. 
Kip family. HOLUATE. J. B. (/nAi* American genealogy. 


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tary part* of Smith s compleat system of 
opticks. Camb., 1778. 4. 

Certain accusation* brought recently by Irlnh Papixts 

ninst British and Irish ProlcatanU examined. (/H 
Churchman armed, v. 2. 1814.) 

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Cnmb., [17U3]. 8*. (B 1367) 

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ing, mast-making, and rigging of ships. Lon 
don, \Veale, 1863. 12. 

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visional treaty with America and preliminary 
articles of peace with France and Spain. 
London, 1783. 8. 

Othrr ropltt. (B 1705, W 27) 

Addition*. (In Biographia Brltannlcn. 1778-03.) 

AddrcM, Interment of H. i ricc, Apr. 26. London, 1781. 

8 . (W347 

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(In Mass. Hut. Soc. Col., T. 5. 17U8.) 

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tyn, B. 

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among Protestant Dissenters. London, 1786. 8*. 

Sermon, Nov. 20, a day of publirk thanksgiving; with 

a hymn. London, 1750. 8*. (B 1252) 

Sermon [on the importance of religious knowledge, 

Prov. xix. 2]. n.t.ji. 8". (B 128) 

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1803. 8". (B153) 

Same. Boston, 1819. 8. (C 239) 

Vindication of the 1 roK.stant dissenting minister* ap 

plication to Parliament. 2d ed. en I. London, 1773. 
8". (B 907. 1966) 

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Col., v. 4. 1705.) 

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Vindication of dissenting ministers. Glouces 
ter, 1773. 8. 

Other co//<. (B 125. 905) 

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Conn.. 1785-88. Lichfield, 1789. 8". 

Church and state; correspondence between K. and J. 

Lynian. n p., 18o2. 8". (B 402) 
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Observations on the treatment of certain Acvcre forms 

of hemorrholdal excrescence. London, 1817. 8*. 

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London, Kirby commander. London, [ISdjl. 8*. 

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astrology. London, 1687. 4. 
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(In Smithsonian Inst. Kcport, 1S64.) 
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wisdom, and goodness of God mamfoti d in 

the creation of animals. London, l.s. i-i. 2 v. 

8". (Bridgewuter treatises, no. 7.) 

Futina Boreali-Amer. Pt.4: lusecU. See Richardson, 

J. 18:17. 




and Spence, W. Introduction to entomology. 

2<l ed. London, 181R-2G. 4 v. 8". 

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in the possession of Napoleon, now first ren 
dered into English from a German trans, of 
an Egyptian ins. 16th ed. Lond., 1828. 8". 

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IKS) und der deiiuche Nordkevhandel. Hamburg. 
183tf. 8". (B 1145) 

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Komsv, 1646. f. 

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1670. P. 

De Upldo philocophorum. De nlchimln eophlntica. 

An Hiiruin chemieuin fit lieitum. Coin-ectariurn 
antithetic-urn. (// Mangel. Bibl. chem.. v. 1. 1702.) 

Sphinx mystagoga, she Diatribe hieroglyphica. 

Amst.. 1676. f. 

Turris Babel sive Archontologia. Amstel., 

1679. f. 

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der 18-51-00 in deutschen Buchhandel er- 
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der anii-chen VolkubeBchlDuM fiir Methone. (In 
Berlin. Ak. d. Wisa. Abh., 1861.) Studien zur 
GeHchichte grlcchUehrn Alphabet*. (In 1S63.) 
Bemerknngcn zuden Urkunden di-r Schotzmeii tcr 
der underen Goiter . (In 1864.) Ueber die Rede 
vom trierarchlvchen Krauze. (In ISGo.) I eber 
die Uebergaburkunde der SchatzineUter der Athene 
vom Jnhre Ol. 109. 1. (In 1867.) Ueber die Ab- 
fawsungHzeit ilcs Ilerodotifclien Gvacliicbtawerke*. 
(In 1868.) 

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enna. Acad. d. Wisa. Fontcs rerum Au.-tr., 1. 
Abth.,1. Bd. 18o6.) 

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Schelhorn. J. O. Ainten. lit., v. 4. 1730.) 

NICERO.N, J. P. (In hi* Mem., v. 40. 1741.) 
Kird/ali ; powiesc Nnddunajska, pr/ez M. Czav- 

kowski. Paryz i Lipsk, 1839. 2 v. 8. 
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Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., Ib64.) 
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Mem., v. 1. 1808.) 
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practical. Boston, 1857. 12. 

Address to the Ladles Grande Lijrne Min*. Soc. of 

Bot>ton, Nov. 12. Kooton. 1844. 8". (B 1330) 

American chapel In 1 jiii; ; public wor.-hip a universal 

duty; disc. Parln, 1S:>7. 8". (B 1295) 

The church and the college; addrei-n. Newark, X. J., 

Oct. 30. Booton. ISol. 8". (B 1329) 

- Cotinecrated child; sermon, death of J. F. Warren, 
Infant i-on of 8. W. Boston. 185:!. 8. (B 1594) 

Great men are God * i;ift: dine., death of D. Webster, 

Oct. 31. Boston. IS.Vi 8. (B 1726) 

Jcouo the great niixMonnry; nermoti, Beaton, Nov. 13, 

ordin. of S. Woleott. Bo*t. ,!&. S". (B1320) 

Lectures on the parables. New York, 1856. 


Unrivalled glory of the croon; cermon, dedic. of the 

church [of] the Mt. Vernon Cong. Soc. Boston, 

1S44. 8. (B1308) 
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Prom. Usef. Arts in N. Y. Trail*., v. 4. pt. :!.) 
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the country, n.l.f. [17 .] S". (8149,262,964) 

AnnUttr Hlillon. u.t.j.. [17 .] S". (B1384) 

Same. Koman Catholic principles in ref. to God and 

the king. (In Pamphleteer, ISlu; v. 13 of B 833) 

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traffic in mrong drink. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. 
Sci. Train.., 1^6^.) 

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Duke of Burgundy. (Vol. 1, 2) Phila., (v.3) 
London, 1864-68/3 v. 8". 

Kirkbride, Thoma* 8. Report. Ste Penn. Hospital for 

Kirkby, ChriMopher. COMPLF.AT narrative of the dUcov- 
ery of the IVpMi plot by C. Kirkby; with in>wer 
to Uefleetions upon the Earl of l)anby . London, 
1679. r. (A 49) 

Kirkby, John do. Survey of the Co. of York, taken 
by J. de K., commonly called Kirkby s in 
quest; also, Inquisition of knights fees, the 
Nomina villnruni for Yorkshire, etc., by R. II. 
Sknife. Durham, 1867. 8". (Surteea Soc., 
v. 49.) 

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with account of the earliest settlements in 
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. London, 
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review of his pamphlet on the Emancipation 
proclamation*. 2d ed. N. Y., 1863. 8". 
Kirkland, Rm. John Thorn ton. Address at the request of 
the Mann. Char. Fire Soc., May 29. Boston, 1801. 
y. (B669) 

Answer to queries reep. the Indians. Remarks on 

Bailey * letter on the antiquity of America. (In 
Mass,. Hist. Soc. Col., r. 4. 17 ( J5.) Notices of the 
life of Maj. Gen. Betij. Lincoln. (In v. 13. 1815.) 

DUcourne, commemoration of J. Adams and T. Jeffer 

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v. 1. 1S:W.) 

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Boi-ton, 1795. 8". (C 320, 844) 

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1798. 8". (B 908, W 53) 

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Boston, May 27. Boston, 1814. 8". (B 320, 549) 

Sermon. May 9, national fast. Boston, 1798. 8". (B 

170, 852, 856, 908) 

Sermon, Tnunton. Jan. 15. ordination of J. Pipon. 

Camb., ISW). 8. (B 908, 1313) 

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CATALOGM: of [hi] library gold 1828. Boston, 1828. 

8". (B1617) 

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QriNCY, J. Biot;. notice. (In hi* Hist, of the Boston 

Athtnteum. 1851.) 

fnn-rnl uttmon on. 1S40. Sf Palfrey. J. G. (B 

1219. 1654); Parkman, F. (B Ilb3. 1822); 

Young, A. (B 1163. 1219, 1654. 1822, 1963) 
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K. Boston, 1847. 16". (Sparks s Amer. 

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1774. 8. 

Inquiry into the present state of medical sur 

gery". London, 1783-86. 2 v. 8". 

Appendix ; [ed.J by J. Kiikland. London, 

1813. 8. 




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lessons in geometry, algebra, and trigonom 
etry. London, ll ealt, 18.52. 16. 

Kirkpatric k. .Tame*. A. Pupil exeerplu Latino reddidlt K. 
> Pope. A. 

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Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans.. 1807.) 

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umliT restraint. (In Mat. ASJOC. Prom. Soc. Sci. 
Trans., ISdO.) 

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Phila., 1867. 12. 

Menu distances of llio periodic comet, (fn Amer. 

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(In \. 15. 18t>7.) 
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Mem., v. 41. 1740.) 
Kinten (Lnt. Kiratenius), Peter. NH-KKON, J. P. (In hit 

Mem., v. 41. 1740.) 

Klrtlaod, .1. P. dexes and habits of some of the acephal 
ous bivalve inollusca. (In Amer. Assoc. 1 roc., 

v. 6. 1851.) 
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